Question from amyrose9000

Digging up the past trophy?

I got the collectables for the throphy but I didnt get the surpise ending nor the trophy. Did I do something wrong?!

DonJohn80 asked for clarification:

Did you do it all on the same playthrough? Once you do it all on the same playthrough you should get a special ending. I think it dings off then.


BoomBosstick answered:

I would have to say just go through it again. I am not sure if the game glitched on you or if you may have simply missed one. I can not say that all of them uncover trinckets, because I have only completed it once. I plan to play through again to get the Mysteries trophy after I get the final ending I have not unlocked. Once I do this I will keep track of how many I dug up so that I can report back with how many there are.
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MelodicMizery answered:

I know this question is 10 months old but the answer "just do it all over again" was weak and stupid and a waste of time.

now, for the real answer since macheese mo couldnt answer it above. were you killed at the end fight? because if you get killed before you hit anne you get no trophy ending. i think you have to hit her then decide to execute or spare her then get the ending. i think
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