Question from DougAndWan

How many Familiars can i catch? And what is the best one?

I wanna know how many is possible to catch!
and what is the best familiar, the most stronger...

Accepted Answer

reks_rikuono answered:

Well you can store up to 400 familiars in the bank thingy. And so far I've found that the Mite you start out with is the strongest (but I haven't caught all that many familiars yet.)
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vayne0 answered:

Little bighorn from old smokey is a good one for Oliver its resistant to melee attacks i have two of them they r kind of hard to catch but worth it you dont need to have 2 though... for Esther always have Drongo on her also gave her Green Buncher from the desert and kept Thumbelemur on her until i got swain in the group then just replaced Thumbelemur with whatever familiar i pick up that is esther's best type and as for swain Thumbelemur should lead completely take out Hurly as he doesn't get a bonus from swain and the last 2 slots i put bonehead the skelly monster from the desert and put anything that went well with swain in the last slot until i could replace it with tin-man a little later on.... i hope this helps
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