Question from DougAndWan

the most Strong Familiars / Hard Bosses ?

What is the 5 most strong familiars
and what is the 5 most hard/fun boss battles

sorry the english

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BM0333 answered:

My 5 Hardest Bosses were as follows:


1. Zodiarch -- mainly because of the damn respawning Satellites that tend to aggro ONLY to the character I'm controlling, but also because if you die you need to go through the first 2 battles with the White Witch all over's a long fight
2. Shadar -- another tough fight with multiple forms, hits hard....tremendously epic battle though!
3. Porco Grosso -- I figured there'd be a boss coming up once I reached Hamelin, but not having storm weapons/spells equipped, I got wiped out my first attempt...hits hard and moves around fast...very resistant to melee
4. Khulan's Nightmare -- the spell "Cruel Rain" leaves poisonous puddles littered across the battlefield, and your AI familiars/characters see no point in avoiding them...tough to manage health in this one, and my initial strategy of spamming "Draw Poison" was quickly abandoned when I realized there was no point to it, as my allies would just get themselves poisoned again
5. Moltaan -- this was mainly difficult because I was adjusting to battle with another teammate (Esther), and my Oliver didn't have any familiars that were water-based (for Moltaan's weakness)....I spent the better part of my initial fight with him trying to heal/revive Esther, but she kept dying and left me with no MP....second attempt I just didn't even bother with her and just concentrated on attacking...fared much better
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kamaly00 answered:

I depends on what your idea of "strong" is but my personal favorites are :

Demoliceros/Catastroceros (third evolution of Dinoceros) The highest "Attack" in the game and pretty good defense as well:

Scrapdragon (third evolution of Sapdragon) is great all around

Tundragorer (third evolution of Mandroga)has very high attack, magic attack, and defense and evasion

Steam/beam man has good defense also as well as lumberwood's third evolution
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