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How do I solve the test of wits in the trial of sages? on puzzle 2

How do I solve the test of wits in the trial of sages? Puzzle 2


AZorro007 answered:

The posted FAQ/Walkthrough by Johnathon 'Zy' Sawyer / Absolute Steve discusses how to solve this puzzle in detail - complete with diagrams!

From the "The Temple of Trials" section of that FAQ (Search on [WLK-2.4] )

"The second puzzle requires you to move the blocks, making them blend in the
overall picture. From left to right, the first block needs to be placed in the
center of the figure's 'mouth', the next block's proper location is the left-to-
center part of the right eye, the third block should be moved to the right part
of the mouth, the fourth block fits the left eye (its right side), and the last
block fits the left part of the face's mouth."
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