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Asked: 3 years ago

Enabling Cheats????

I've bought the infinite ammo cheat and I am starting the game over. I go into the pause menu to enable it, but it just says "Off". I've tried hitting every button to make it enabled. What am I doing wrong??

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I should probably include that it works on single player. It's the co-op that I can't get it to work in.

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I play the game recently when just show how great Resistance 3 to friends and I use the two cheat to show all weapon to them. One of them asked if we could play co-op so I started co-op game in new game. It was strange when I saw him using the carbine only to realize the cheat were still on. I check the pause menu and both cheat doesn't appear yet affect both of us. Before we restarted at a checkpoint, I check again and try to scroll down then the cheat could now highlight on/off. With off, weapon now normally obtain as the future weapon disappear until found on later stage.

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I tried putting the cheat on in single player and then going doing co-op, but it still said they weren't on. Is that what you meant?? *bangs head against monitor* So frustrated! Maybe I just can't use infinite ammo in co-op; if not, that's such a let down and it really bums me and my fiance out. T_T

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I try the same method again and it doesn't work. It is either I found a glitch which I am not sure how or the patch remove that glitch. It was during my internet down that I play the game without the latest patch and it happen so when my show the game to my friend. It was really strange when I got to a room filled with ammo in chp 2 that I found advance ammo (I think it was deadeye) ammo and not long after that I found him using a carbine and Auger that he shouldn't have. Now, I just update the game and play online. I check your reply and try again multiple time. Selecting new game, quitting after just start and so on. My only conclusion is the patch remove the glitch or I was lucky to find the glitch. I wonder if there are two separate profiles in the same console with both profile had the cheat unlock could use the cheat, for this I can't answer and hope someone had better luck or answer.

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