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2. WEAPONS  			[002]
7. KILLSTREAKS			[007]


Welcome to my multiplayer guide. I write this guide with the sole purpose of 
providing a way in to what may otherwise seem a very intimidating multiplayer 
experience. Yes it has perks, yes it has killstreaks, but that does not make 
it even remotely similar to other shooters out there. It may seem like it is 
just Call of Duty with alien tech at times (or for that matter, Halo), but it 
is so much more. 

Resistance multiplayer is back baby and it's crazier than ever. In addition 
to bringing back the weapon wheel that lets you hold all of the game's 
weapons at once, you now have 4 ability slots to choose from with a ton of 
variety to be had. I will go through each of the game's 30 abilities and 
10(11) weapons, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each, while 
giving overall ratings for purposes of loose comparison. Just remember that 
in most cases it really does come down to preference and play style, as most 
if not all of the game's abilities can be invaluable if used properly and in 
the right situations. To aid further in choosing, I end each section with a 
brief discussion on what seems the most useful and what tends to dominate in 
play. After all weapons and abilities are accounted for, I wrap up everything 
with loadout suggestions, going through ways to use different weapons and 
abilities together to increase their relative effectiveness. 

Some people claim that having a lot of abilities makes a game easier, makes 
it require less skill. I say that such a game in fact requires more skill, 
since your opponents have the abilities too and you have to be able to deal 
with all the ways they can make use of them. Now clearly everything contained 
here constitutes my personal (and well informed) opinions. I welcome 
disagreement, and will include any well reasoned counter-arguments I receive, 
with credit.  I put an exceedingly large amount of time into this with an eye 
on being as comprehensive as possible, both because I really like the 
Resistance series and to ensure that it truly is useful. I apologize if my 
explanations tend to be long winded, but I wanted to include absolutely 
everything I thought could be helpful. If you feel like you have enough 
familiarity with the game then feel free to skip all the more specific 
explanations and just go to the more general suggestions of Section 8. With 
that, let's dive into one of the most robust, out of control (in a good way) 
multiplayer experiences I have ever come across. 


Note: I did not separately list the upgrades for each weapon as I did for the 
abilities, and here will talk about relevant ones only while generally 
discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. I should probably 
also note that you cannot choose a secondary weapon UNLESS you use Strapped, 
so do keep that in mind when I speak of using secondary weapons.  

Weapon Name: M5A2 Carbine
Available Level: Available initially
Uses and Disadvantages: One of the game's staple weapons, the standard 
Carbine rifle is anything but standard. Once you get it in your hands you 
will quickly see how useful it is in almost any situation that you come upon. 
Sure it may not be the best at long range, but its range is not something to 
scoff at. It has higher damage in comparison to the Bullseye, trading off for 
rate of fire. It is a great weapon to have at all times, its only real 
weaknesses being that it loses out to the shotgun at close range and the 
sniper rifle at long range, but of course you were expecting that. The 
Carbine is after all competent at all ranges, even if not the best at any. 
What makes it really special though are the additions this time around. A 
bayonet attachment at Level 2 makes it do extra damage on melee attacks, 
albeit with a stabbing attack animation. At Level 3 its trump card grenade 
launcher fire three grenades at once, which is good for as much as 50-75% 
damage in a pinch. It is the ultimate trump card. All in all you cannot go 
wrong with the Carbine, there being many reasons why it is the most commonly 
used weapon in the game. It is the absolute definition of a gun that is good 
at everything but not great at anything. 
Overall Rating: 9.25/10

Weapon Name: Bullseye
Available Level: Available initially
Uses and Disadvantages: Like the Carbine, the Bullseye is another staple of 
the Resistance series, and another "standard" rifle that is useful in most 
situations. Its wide bullet spread makes it more useful for close to mid 
range, but you will be surprised how accurate it is at range when using its 
amazing holographic sights, which do not at all block your vision. If you are 
really worried that your enemy may be too far away, you can always hit him 
with a homing tag, causing your bullets to track him (and this time around 
there is no way to shake off the tags). They even added a new on screen leash 
of sorts to let you know when your shots will hit their target. Besides the 
sights and the leash, the Bullseye has been greatly improved by removing the 
shooting delay after firing tags. No longer do you need to worry so much 
about firing them. And they now explode (Level 2) for a little damage as well, 
just another reason to not be shy about firing them. At Level 3 they even can 
tag multiple targets. Finally, you run faster with the Bullseye than with any 
other weapon, great for getting to objectives and for darting in and out of 
enemy fire at close range. Since you can overcome its limited range by 
tagging enemies, the fast moving speed allows the Bullseye to narrowly edge 
out the Carbine to become the game's best overall weapon.  Though keep in 
mind the Carbine does do more damage and so remains an easier gun to use in 
general, which explains why more people will still choose to do so.    
Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Weapon Name: Marksman
Available Level: Available initially
Uses and Disadvantages: I personally love the Marksman, what with it being 
useful at virtually any range. An improved scope at Level 2 makes it capable 
of taking out even snipers, and is actually pretty easy to use even at close 
range. To be fair, the Marksman is kind of like a mid-to-long range version 
of the short-to-mid range carbine, albeit with burst fire. Its burst fire may 
not make it the most useful gun at close range, but Air-Cooled Barrel can 
greatly increase its effectiveness by increasing its firing rate, and 
increased movement speed while aiming makes it possible to use the sights 
even at close range. I would not suggest using it without that ability, since 
you may find its rate of fire lacking otherwise. With it however, you have a 
gun that is more than effective at any range, making it a great choice if you 
want to specialize in a single weapon, rather than using Strapped to carry 
both close and long range weapons at once. As I will emphasize repeatedly, 
Air-Cooled Barrel is the weapon specialist ability, and so what better weapon 
than the Marksman, the only gun that is perfectly capable at any range? This 
combination makes it my personal favorite weapon. Even though overall it may 
not be able to stand up to the Bullseye and Carbine on equal terms, always 
using the sights and darting around can help ensure you stand a chance. 
UPDATE: The secondary fire lays down a mini turret that auto-tracks enemies. 
While I originally overlooked its usefulness, a big thanks to Daniel Hill for 
pointing out that at Level 3 the mini turret becomes more powerful and thus 
much more worth using. He also suggests using Bandolier to carry two mini 
turrets, shooting them right into groups of enemies, and using an Ammo Beacon 
to refill the turrets. Thanks again to Daniel for this strategy. 
Overall Rating: 8.75/10

Weapon Name: Deadeye (sniper rifle)
Available Level: Available initially
Uses and Disadvantages: Oh man, you cannot imagine a sniper rifle being any 
more powerful than this. Not only does it have a surprisingly high rate of 
fire (which should be boosted further with Air-Cooled Barrel) and can 
highlight enemy heads at Level 2, it has a charged shot that shoots through 
anything. That makes it much more than just a sniper rifle, as it can 
actually take out people who think themselves invincible inside their Bubble 
Shields. That's a great bonus to have, particularly because it is already a 
perfectly capable sniper rifle. I shouldn't have to say any more to convince 
people to use it. With the myriad of abilities the game gives you to protect 
yourself while camping (Beacons, Scan Jammer, Turret etc.), sniping is not at 
all a bad idea, and the shoots-through-shields secondary charged shot is 
icing on the cake. 
Overall Rating: 9/10

Weapon Name: Rossmore (shotgun)
Available Level: Available initially
Uses and Disadvantages: If you thought the Resistance series had the 
strongest sniper rifle of any FPS out there, well then you would be right. 
What it also has is the strongest shotgun ever conceived. While the Rossmore 
no longer can fire both barrels for an instant kill at 30 feet like it could 
in Resistance 1, it is still a lot more useful than it reasonably ought to be. 
It has an almost absurd rate of fire, and you can always increase its 
accuracy with Gunslinger and make sure you can get close with Dash/Assassin. 
Oh but that's not what makes it so powerful, not even close. Perhaps in an 
effort to give it a little more effective range, the shotgun now fires a 
grenade, and all its shots set you on fire at Level 2. Let that soak in for a 
minute- a shotgun that fires grenades, grenades that set you on fire (at 
Level 3). That is horrendously powerful, especially since the fire effect 
lingers and continues to do damage. People have figured out how powerful the 
grenade is and now I rarely see a shotgun user who does not start by firing 
it. Will you be the next one?  
Overall Rating: 9/10

Weapon Name: HE .44 Magnum
Available Level: 15
Uses and Disadvantages: Introduced in Resistance 2 as a very useful secondary 
weapon, it doesn't stand up so well as a primary one. It still does very high 
damage just by hitting enemies, and of course can do extra damage by 
detonating the bullets after they are shot. This also makes it good for doing 
damage to a whole group at once. And there always remains its use as a trap, 
wherein we all used to pull it out and fire all the rounds into the ground, 
only to detonate them when an enemy came running around the corner. Now given 
it is effective at almost any range and has a high rate of fire, it really is 
a very good weapon. However, you should not expect to get too many kills with 
it unless you get the drop on enemies or set up traps. If enemies get in your 
face you will find it very difficult to hit them. For that reason it is still 
best as a secondary weapon. I cannot really recommend its use in any other 
manner. It is not a bad weapon, but no one chooses to rely on it, and I very 
rarely see it used at all. If you are going to carry a second weapon, might 
as well carry something more useful.  
Overall Rating: 8/10

Weapon Name: Mutator
Available Level: 20
Uses and Disadvantages: A new weapon for the series, this one is rather hard 
to explain. It fires short range balls that upon killing enemies infects them, 
an effect you have to see for yourself. The enemy will then explode and cause 
damage to other enemies, a nice touch, and at Level 2 it even turns infected 
enemies into super fast living bombs that will turn on their allies. A great 
effect to be sure. You can also shoot a cloud that causes damage to an area, 
great for taking/protecting objectives. Yet as you might expect, the Mutator 
is very difficult to get kills with due to its relatively low clip size and 
very limited range, though it does have a rather high rate of fire. It is 
meant to be more of a novelty than anything else. This is not to say you 
shouldn't try it and see if it works for you, just don't make it your primary 
weapon unless you are just trying to have some fun.  
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Weapon Name: Atomizer
Available Level: 35
Uses and Disadvantages: In the Campaign the secondary fire gravity well was 
the single most powerful weapon in the game, pulling in and crushing even the 
strongest enemies. In multiplayer all it does is zap people close by, making 
it the equivalent of the Marksman's secondary fire orb thing from Resistance 
2. It's pretty useless. The primary fire fares better though, auto-tracking 
enemies at close range and obliterating them, whereas the electricity it 
shoots even partially blinds them as well. It is absolutely unmatched, but 
the fact that it literally can only shoot at very close range makes it very 
difficult to use. I continually see a lot of high level players using it, but 
it is more to just show off than anything else. This thing is tremendously 
powerful however you look at it, but is very limited in effectiveness. You 
might use Strapped to have a sniper rifle for long range then use this when 
you want to charge in, but I still say it is really only for showing off. As 
with all the special weapons, best to stick with something that is not of 
such limited purpose. That being said, it is at least the only special weapon 
actually worth using. 
UPDATE 9/27: I must give an unsolicited acknowledgement to PSN ID 
MinusCelcius, who showed me how incredibly useful the Atomizer becomes when 
used with Assassin. This allows you to get really close to an enemy before 
they take notice of you, and at that point it is too late for them. It is 
unfathomable how good this strategy is, and I intend to use it myself, albeit 
combining it with a sniper rifle as I previously mentioned. Being stealthy 
just got a lot more interesting, and has caused me to add a half point to the 
rating as well. 
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Weapon Name: Wildfire
Available Level: 40
Uses and Disadvantages: What's that, they let you equip a rocket launcher at 
the start? That's ridiculous?or maybe not. As it turns out, the rockets only 
do about 50% damage even upon direct hits, and despite a lock on function you 
can expect to be shot down before you get off that second shot. It is 
undeniably a pass since you run very slow while carrying it. So like all 
special weapons, you can definitely keep it around as a secondary weapon via 
Strapped, but it is the least effective primary weapon you could hope to have. 
You might try the secondary fire in a group, as it rains down rockets, but I 
wouldn't put too much stock in it since even so you don't do much damage. 
Don't see the reason why they included a rocket launcher at all, but at least 
they made it all but worthless. Use it if you can steal one, but don't spend 
too much time trying to find use for it.
Overall Rating: 6/10

Weapon Name: Cryogun
Available Level: 45
Uses and Disadvantages: Finally, we have a gun that turns you into Mr. Frieze. 
Its ice beam slows down enemies, and if hit enough they can be frozen and 
then be shattered via the infinite secondary fire blast or a melee attack. If 
you don't manage to freeze someone though you will not be doing much damage. 
I can only assume it doesn't have much ammo, meaning like all special weapons 
it is hardly something you can rely on as your primary weapon. All in all, I 
have to think that by the time you finally reach Level 45 to unlock it you 
will have long become used to using other weapons and will not give the 
Cryogun a second look. Maybe my opinion will change if I ever get to use it, 
but I doubt it. 
Overall Rating: 7.5/10


Now I should also note that there are a whopping 5 types of grenades 
available. The Shrapnel Grenade and Hedgehog are available at the start, with 
the Smoke Grenade, EMP Grenade, and Molotov unlocked at level 10, 25, and 30 
respectively. Now while those last three might seem useful, and undoubtedly 
they are, it is rarely worth using them over the two standard grenades, and 
people rarely do. The Shrapnel Grenade does a lot of damage and can be rolled 
or bounced behind shields (great way to deal with Allied Shields), and the 
Hedgehog can now be placed as a mine, great for defending a location. 

Perhaps people will eventually become proficient with the Molotov or the EMP 
grenade, which takes out deployables as well as all abilities for a time, but 
I cannot say. In any case they would only be useful for places where enemies 
are gathered. Same goes for the smoke grenade, which I never see anyone use 
ever. Because of this, they would only be used with Grenadier, which lets you 
carry multiple grenades. Otherwise I would say just get good using the 
Hedgehog or Shrapnel since overall they will always be the most useful. Both 
are great at getting kills, and the choice between them is really just one of 
personal preference, with a slight edge to the Hedgehog since it can also be 
a mine. Needless to say, Chimeran weaponry always wins.  


Most games are content with having pretty standard weapons overall, but this 
is not most games. This is an Insomniac game, which means the guns can do 
some crazy things. There are a few cool novelties- the Cryogun can freeze 
enemies and slow them down, the Mutator can turn enemies into infected bombs, 
and that Atomizer shoots arcing lightning. All three are low in damage and 
effective only at close range though, and so really only come into play if 
you can get a group of enemies close together. Which is to say they should 
only be carried if at all as secondary weapons via Strapped. The Magnum is 
kind of cool for setting up traps, but it still best serves the secondary 
weapon status it occupied in Resistance 2. The Wildfire I hardly see the need 
to mention further. The Marksman used to be incredible in Resistance 2, and 
here it is still a fantastic weapon. I sometimes rely on Strapped to carry a 
Carbine/Bullseye for close range along with a Deadeye for long range, but 
lately I simply use the Marksman exclusively, boosting its effectiveness with 
Air-Cooled Barrel. Better to have one weapon that can serve any purpose, and 
only the Marksman can serve that function at any range. 

Getting past the "special" weapons, where things get crazy is in fact with 
the more "standard" weapons, the remaining four weapons (minus the Marksman) 
that you will have available pretty much from the start. The sniper rifle and 
shotgun have exceedingly high rates of fire given they can often kill in one 
shot, and they can be made even better with Air-Cooled Barrel/Gunslinger as 
always. Quite a combination. And the usefulness of the shotgun's grenade that 
sets people on fire (!!) cannot be overstated. The same goes for the sniper 
rifle's single charged shot that shoots through anything, especially when 
people use shields. It even breaks though the humans' Allied Shield, which is 
the basis of why I sometimes like to have it around as a secondary weapon if 
for no other reason. 

The real craziness comes with the two all purpose rifles. The Bullseye lets 
you move and run faster than any other weapon, has a new holographic sight 
that does not block your vision, and its homing tags have been much improved. 
Its only drawback is being weak relative to the Carbine rifle, and most other 
weapons. It makes up for this with an exceedingly high rate of fire and quick 
movement, but it definitely takes some skill to use. The Carbine is the main 
weapon of choice for most anyone, as it does great damage at nearly any range, 
and has the ultimate trump card in the form of a 40mm triple grenade launcher, 
capable of doing 50% damage in a snap. As if that were not enough, it also 
gets a bayonet that does extra melee damage, while its grenade launcher makes 
it the best gun to have in a pinch. It is hands down the easiest weapon to 
use if nothing else.  

Frankly you expect the sniper rifle and shotgun to be powerful in every game, 
though probably not this powerful. Resistance continues its trend of the most 
powerful shotgun in existence by letting it now fire a grenade?a grenade that 
sets you on fire?yeah. Because the shotgun isn't already powerful enough, 
right? What is truly amazing though is that the two all purpose rifles are 
made even more damn powerful than ever. Yet remember that everyone uses them 
and thus knows how to deal with them, and so your "all purpose" weapon isn't 
really as useful as you might want it to be. Perhaps combine it with other 
weapons via Strapped, but mostly it is better to be proficient in a single 
weapon and boost its usefulness with abilities like Gunslinger and Air-Cooled 
Barrel. More on that when we get to the abilities.   


Ability Name: Ammo Beacon
Available Level: Available initially
Description: Creates ring within which all allies will have their ammo slowly 
refilled, while allowing them to fire without reloading; Level 2 makes it 
bigger while also slowly filling secondary ammo and grenades. 
Uses and Disadvantages: Firing without reloading is great for defense; do not 
overlook just how useful that can be. Refilling ammo is the more useful thing 
here however. Since this Beacon also refills grenades and secondary ammo over 
time, a team can provide a constant supply of Hedgehog mines etc. in every 
entrance. Not bad at all. Of course, as with other Beacons it is stationary, 
and so designed to be used for defense or taking objectives. One can get a 
sporadic personal benefit from it in terms of refilling ammo, but better to 
just carry another weapon or pick up a new one on the battlefield if you are 
so worried about running out of ammo. Well unless of course you want to be a 
Team Player and place it where your team can make use of it.  
Overall Rating: 8/10

Name: Bubble Shield
Available Level: Available initially
Description: Deploys a full 360 degrees shield that blocks virtually 
anything; Level 2 makes the shield bigger and stronger. 
Uses and Disadvantages: In Halo you had to pick this up, but here you can use 
it anytime. That makes it seriously powerful, given it can block virtually 
anything. Sure people can run in for melee kills, but combining this with 
Lightning Shield can prevent that. While Auger fire can shoot through it, 
Augers are killstreaks and so not always readily available. Other than melee, 
the only real thing to watch out for is the sniper's secondary fire charged 
shot, which can shoot through anything. Many people are lulled into a sense 
of security while in the shield, and taunt people by standing still, which 
only opens them up to the sniper fire. Still, the shield will almost always 
provide a chance to reload and recharge at the least, so it is great to have 
around. Not to mention how useful it is for capturing objectives, and you can 
expect people to camp points from within their shields. A fun thing to try is 
to put a Decoy inside the shield, and watch as someone charges in for the 
melee kill only to have the Decoy blow up in their face. For lone wolves, the 
Bubble Shield is perhaps the greatest ability imaginable. 
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Ability Name: Spotter
Available Level: 8
Description: While activated, an enemy within your view will be highlighted 
in red and appear on the radar- you can then highlight a new enemy if he dies 
before the time expires; Level 2 lets you highlight two enemies at a time 
instead of one. 
Uses and Disadvantages: Really great in a variety of situations, since an 
enemy once spotted is highlighted in red and on radar, making it that much 
easier to track him even as he retreats. The greatest way to get an edge on 
an enemy is to know exactly where he is even as you chase him around the 
corner. It also tends to spot enemies in the distance that you may not have 
actually seen. Do not underestimate how useful this can be. The weakness here 
is that you can only spot 2 enemies at a time, so you can't exactly point out 
the whole team with it. A Radar Beacon could do that, though only within 
range. Lastly, the 90 XP bonus where someone else kills an enemy you Spotted 
is a great way to build levels, and trust me it will happen often. Like the 
Bubble Shield, it is universally a great ability to have at any time.
Overall Rating: 9/10

Ability Name: Decoy
Available Level: 12
Description: Deploys a stationary dummy projection that also appears on 
radar; Level 2 causes it to explode when enemies come near. 
Uses and Disadvantages: Of questionable usefulness given the decoy is 
stationary, but it can fool people if placed inside a base or a Bubble Shield, 
and then take them out by exploding when they rush in for the melee kill. 
Certainly doesn't hurt that it makes a red dot on the radar, since this can 
cause people to go after it while causing some confusion. A surprising amount 
of uses can be found for it, placing it out in the open or among a group of 
allies to distract enemies and/or make them think your team has more players 
than it actually does. Not the best ability, but fun to play around with. The 
best way to use it seems to be to hide nearby and ambush the enemy as he 
shoots the projection. 
Overall Rating: 7/10

Ability Name: Healing Beacon
Available Level: 18
Description: Creates a ring that slowly heals everyone within it; Level 2 
makes it bigger and last longer.
Uses and Disadvantages: As with all Beacons, it takes a couple seconds to 
activate, meaning it cannot just be pulled out in a pinch (such as with the 
Ring of Life from Resistance 2, my favorite ability ever). So plan to have it 
out before the action starts. One should not discount their usefulness for 
campers/snipers, but they are much more useful when teammates can share in 
the effect.  When placed on an objective point, the Heal Beacon at the least 
can keep the team from being picked off by all the grenades the other team is 
sure to lob at them, though it is far from foolproof. I find greater use for 
the Healing Beacon by just dropping it down anytime I want to hold a position 
(or retreat for that matter), but then that's just me. Lots of uses can be 
found to make this Beacon a lot more useful than it may appear. The only real 
drawback is that you have to consider that it appears on the radar and thus 
if you stand inside it enemies will know where you are. Hence why it is 
better to just place it within a group of allies that can defend it. 
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Ability Name: Radar Beacon
Available Level: 28
Description: Puts all enemies within range on radar; Level 2 increases range 
and also shows the direction in which enemies are facing.  
Uses and Disadvantages: Absolutely essential for holding down a position, its 
lets you see everyone coming in without the need for people outside Spotting 
them. Boosting the normal radar capabilities, it also shows you what 
direction enemies are facing (akin to the radar from Resistance 1). You 
really can't beat that. If no other beacon gets placed at a location, at 
least get out a Radar Beacon. It makes defending so much easier. It can also 
be used to discover campers (like in the training video). The only weakness 
is that with all Beacons it can be destroyed, which happens more often than 
one might think will all the grenades flying around, but this Beacon can 
always be placed out of the way rather than right out in the open. That in 
itself makes it the best Beacon to have. 
Overall Rating: 9/10


Being Support Abilities and all, they appropriately are all unlocked pretty 
early on. Most people will use Bubble Shields, to the extent that sometimes 
it feels like everyone is using them, but that's only because they are the 
most visible of all abilities. All the Beacons are great choices. Ammo and 
healing have obvious uses, and putting enemies on radar is always useful. A 
well coordinated team with multiple beacons in a location is very well 
equipped to take on anything. Keep in mind that all these deployables can be 
destroyed by grenades and bullets (or the rare EMP grenade), so don't place 
them right on the objective. The Radar Beacon certainly doesn't need to even 
be in the same area. The only non-deployable here is Spotter, which is not 
only a great way to keep track of your targets, but also calls for help by 
putting enemies on radar. It is kind of a limited instance of the Radar 
Beacon, acting as a complement by marking enemies at longer range. Since it 
also gives you xp bonuses, it is perfect for gaining levels. I highly 
recommend it, especially for non-objective matches. 


Ability Name: Lightning Shield
Available Level: Available initially
Description: A visible ring appears around you, stunning anyone that tries to 
melee you; Level 2 adds a second ring, protecting you from two melee attacks. 
Uses and Disadvantages: A must for campers/snipers, it helps protect your 
back. Lots of uses to be had here. A good default choice if you don't see the 
need to become proficient with the other Tactical Abilities. Its ability to 
stun enemies doesn't take form very often though, since the Shield itself 
creates a very visible ring around a player that tells everyone not to even 
attempt a melee attack. Nevertheless, the ability to know that no one can 
sneak up on you for an assassination can be invaluable. 
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Ability Name: Doppelganger
Available Level: Available initially
Description: A hologram lingers next to you and mimics your actions, 
flickering when shot; Level 2 makes it last longer and allows it to take more 
damage before flickering. 
Uses and Disadvantages: Its real usefulness is the fact that it makes an 
extra red dot on the radar, but players will quickly learn that two dots 
close together are really only one person. The hologram does have a way of 
moving around you, making it more useful than were it clear that the real 
player was always the guy on the left. Still, it is meant to get you an edge, 
not a free kill.  It is definitely a good way to cause some confusion and 
earn that crucial extra second or two as your would-be opponent wastes time 
shooting the hologram, but just don't expect it to do all the work for you. 
Note that Spotter can see right through it by highlighting the player and 
exposing the hologram, so it is less useful than it might have been otherwise. 
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Ability Name: Dash
Available Level: 22
Description: Quickly jump (not teleport) about 10 meters; Level 2 reduces the 
recharge time. 
Uses and Disadvantages: Initially I thought Dash to be all but useless. Then 
I started using it, and the more I use it the more I am impressed with what 
it can do. You can't exactly jump through walls or anything else in your path, 
though you can cross gaps. Since jumping through open spaces doesn't protect 
you from gunfire, it isn't really the best thing for getting away most of the 
time. So you shouldn't rely on it for running away since the distance is so 
short. On the other hand, it is great for offensive purposes. Expect to see 
tons of people use it with a shotgun to quickly get close enough to blow your 
face off. It is excellent for chasing people, and other than that I 
continuously find new uses for it. Whether it is diving in to turn off the 
countdown at the last second, jumping behind enemy lines and causing mayhem, 
or surprising people when you dive inside their shields, the uses for it are 
seemingly endless. The best part is that it recharges quite quickly at Level 
2, so you get to use it quite often. Experiment for yourself and see how 
great it is. 
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Ability Name: Assassin
Available Level: 32
Description: Silences your weapon so you do not appear on radar when firing 
it; Level 2 disguises you as the other team while also making you appear as 
an ally on the radar.  
Uses and Disadvantages: Disguising oneself as an enemy is as useful as it was 
in Killzone, which is to say useless at close range, especially since player 
crosshairs still turn red when they aim at you. Nevertheless, Assassin does 
solve Killzone's problem by placing you on the radar on an ally, so people 
can no longer so easily see through your disguise by noting your lack of 
presence on the radar. Beyond the disguise, it keeps you off the radar when 
firing regardless, so it can be incredibly useful when used properly. This 
really is the only stealth ability the game provides. It does not protect you 
from being Spotted though, so it is best used with Scan Jammer, which can 
prevent that. The real drawback here is that as a stealth player you cannot 
fight on your team's frontlines, as you will get shot right alongside them. 
But then of course you chose Assassin intending to be a lone wolf, didn't 
Overall Rating: 9/10

Ability Name: Turret
Available Level: 38
Description: A stationary turret tracks and shoots enemies; Level 2 makes it 
stronger while giving it the ability to fire rockets. 
Uses and Disadvantages: These may sound great, but as with every ability they 
are subject to a time limit, meaning they just disappear when the player dies 
(unlike the Beacons) or the ability timer runs out. They can get kills, 
though nowhere near as easily as the turrets in Killzone since they are not 
permanent until destroyed. They just don't last long enough to be worth using 
outside of base defense or camping, and they appear on radar, drawing 
attention and making them easy to avoid. In any case, they really are not 
that hard to destroy, so at best they are a good distraction or a good way to 
set up some extra defense, so long as placed properly. They actually were 
really good in the beta, but seems someone decided they were too good. They 
no longer are that good at all.     
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Ability Name: Thermal Vision
Available Level: 42
Description: Allows you to see enemies through walls; Level 2 will be posted 
when I learn what it is. 
Uses and Disadvantages: Oh man, seeing enemies through walls without needing 
to use the Auger? What can beat that, particularly when rushing a position or 
dealing with campers? Well maybe if you could also shoot them through the 
walls, as only the Auger (and the sniper's secondary fire) can do. This is 
not like it was in Resistance 1, in that you can no longer just switch it on 
and off at any time. Though at least it no longer results in your being 
plastered on the radar. It is a difficult ability to recommend, given that it 
is really only useful for offense and discovering hiding places. If employed 
for defense, one is much better off simply using a Radar Beacon. That being 
said, it is obviously useful. 
Overall Rating: 8/10


This category would be a lot more interesting if the abilities weren't locked 
until such high levels. For some reason this seems to be a bigger problem 
with this category in particular. Essentially you can expect to be stuck with 
Lightning Shield or Doppelganger for a long time, so better get used to them. 
They are both useful, but you should really use the others as you unlock them. 
You get Dash in the middle, and it has nearly endless uses. You'll probably 
become addicted to it by the time you unlock more abilities. Not to say the 
others aren't useful, as Thermal Vision keeps enemies from hiding from you, 
and the Turret is great for a distraction and/or some backup. Assassin is the 
fun one, as it helps keep you from being detected. Combined with Scan Jammer 
it can make you a truly stealthy player, if not necessarily a team player. 
This category seems a particularly volatile one, as you'll find people using 
pretty much all of them.  If not for the short duration they would all be a 
lot more useful. 


Ability Name: Bandolier
Available Level: Available initially
Description: Increase primary fire clip size for all weapons; Level 2 
increases secondary fire clip size.  
Uses and Disadvantages: This is an interesting one. A greater clip size means 
you can fire for longer, though this is really only useful for guns with 
small clip sizes like the shotgun, the Marksman, and the special weapons. The 
real strength is in letting you carry one extra secondary ammo. For certain 
weapons that can be incredibly powerful. Keep in mind though that it's not 
like you start with extra secondary ammo, you are just able to carry it. You 
will still have to get it from dead players or by using an Ammo Beacon. 
Bandolier is really only useful for players employing the Rossmore or 
anything with a useful secondary fire (Carbine, Deadeye, Marksman). Its 
effectiveness rises though when combined with Air-Cooled Barrel, since the 
latter means you go through ammo that much faster. Overall I find it kind of 
useless, since might as well use Gunslinger for quick reloading if you are 
worried about having to reload too much.  
UPDATE: Turns out that Level 2 DOES start you with extra secondary ammo, so 
that alone can make it worth using. Admittedly I never used Bandolier and was 
assuming it still acted like it did in the beta. This doesn't change my 
rating, as I had already rated it rather highly to reflect the fact that 
there are many ways to make use of it that I have not discussed. Thanks to 
Daniel Hill for the tip. 
Overall Rating: 8/10

Ability Name: Leaper Corpse
Available Level: Available initially
Description: Three Leapers burst from your corpse upon dying; Level 2 raises 
this to four Leapers, two of which are now Spitters. 
Uses and Disadvantages: More an annoyance than anything else, you'll be 
surprised how crazy it can get if everyone uses this one. You can bet you'll 
see a ton of people use this because it is frankly kind of funny to cause 
trouble to players after your death. The leapers are actually quite deadly 
and ABSURDLY RELENTLESS, even if they are easy to kill. The thing is, you 
should be more concerned with what you can do while still alive, as you 
shouldn't really care what happens after dying.  The Leapers will get you 
some kills, especially if you charge in and die in a group, but better to 
worry about getting kills while still alive. 
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Ability Name: Gunslinger
Available Level: 19
Description: Increases accuracy when firing from the hip; Level 2 increases 
reloading speed. 
Uses and Disadvantages: Not quite as useful as Steady Aim, meaning it doesn't 
give you free kills, but when coming head to head at close range it can be 
invaluable. However, in a game like this you can usually find the time to aim 
down the sights. It also lets you reload faster, making it the only ability 
with two wholly separate effects. In effect it makes you all around better at 
shooting guns, as your bullets hit a little more often and you can quickly 
pop in a new clip in case they don't and just keep shooting. This is a 
personal favorite of mine, though only because I cannot stand being caught 
dead while I am trying to reload. Best for close range fighting, and for 
shotguns in particular.
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Ability Name: Body Armor
Available Level: 21
Description: Increases health but decreases movement speed; Level 2 negates 
the decrease in movement.
Uses and Disadvantages: Hard to see a real weakness here, assuming you don't 
try to use it without first upgrading it. The real use here comes from being 
able to get up close and personal with a shotgun or other close range weapon, 
providing some extra protection in case you Dash into a bad spot. I suppose 
the only weakness is that your insistence on keeping yourself alive will 
cause you to miss out on many other abilities that could otherwise keep you 
alive by making you more proficient at dispatching foes. If not getting 
continually killed by explosives is what you are worried about, then the 
Hazmat Suit makes for a great alternative. Note Body Armor was a Combat 
Attribute in the beta, but someone wisely realized that being able to have 
both Body Armor and Hazmat Suit would make people invincible. Unless you are 
a shotgunner, you should stick with the latter, though keep in mind it will 
take a very long time to unlock it. In the meantime, this is not such a bad 
choice at all.
Overall Rating: 8/10

Ability Name: Tracker
Available Level: 25
Description: Displays enemy footprints; Level 2 lets you distinguish amongst 
what footprints are fresh as opposed to old. 
Uses and Disadvantages: I'm not sure this does anything to be honest. I've 
used it and I never saw any footprints that I can recall. It might be useful 
for knowing how many enemies are guarding a location, but if you really want 
to track enemies there are better ways to do so, such as using Spotter. For 
camping enemies, you could also just use Thermal Vision. I fail to see why 
they even created this ability, since all it does if anything is distract you 
by making you look at the ground. There is plenty else already going on 
onscreen.  The game claims I killed 30 people I tracked with this ability, 
but never once did I notice any footprints appearing. Pick something else. 
Overall Rating: N/A, as in don't even think about using it.

Ability Name: Vital Signs
Available Level: 31
Description: Shows health of an enemy over their name; Level 2 allows you 
also to see what Tactical Ability they are using. 
Uses and Disadvantages: On the surface it sounds great to see enemy health 
and abilities, but it is hardly necessary since you will just shoot first and 
won't bother to take the time to look. It is made entirely useless because 
the game thankfully shows you the remaining health and abilities of your 
killer upon death. Insomniac apparently thinks it is helpful to know who has 
the lowest health in a group and thus who can be picked off, but I say just 
shoot whoever you can. I suppose it could help see through disguises and 
Doppelgangers, but then Spotter can do the same thing. 
Overall Rating: 5/10

Ability Name: Hazmat Suit
Available Level: 37
Description: Reduces damage from explosions; Level 2 makes you immune being 
set on fire, mutated, or frozen, as well as preventing Magnum rounds and 
Bullseye tags from sticking to you.
Uses and Disadvantages: Talk about ultimate defense, with this you gain added 
defense against most of the game's weapons. It negates the added effects of 
the Mutator, Cryogun and Rossmore, though of course they still do damage 
otherwise. Perhaps even better is that Bullseye users cannot tag you, Magnum 
users (if any) cannot blow you up and Carbine users will find their trump 
card grenade launchers less effective. It seemingly has a way to weaken most 
weapons when used against you, and that's not even mentioning the reduced 
damage from explosions in general. Since grenades will have contributed to 
your death more than 90% of the time, it is an excellent way to save your 
butt over and over again. Witness the power to smite any foe who dares use a 
special weapon against you. Given how many people like to use the 
shotgun/Carbine grenade launchers, that is just another added bonus. The only 
guns it doesn't provide any added protection against are the long range 
weapons and the Atomizer, so you should definitely be a close range fighter 
yourself. Now if only it was unlocked at a lower level.  
Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Ability Name: Demolitions
Available Level: 43
Description: Increases damage for all explosive weapons and grenades; Level 2 
also increases their effective radius.
Uses and Disadvantages: Easy to see the use of this, certainly with the 
prevalence of grenades and the 40mm grenade launcher of the Carbine rifle. 
Grenades already do enough damage as I see it, and this is a way to ensure 
your grenades do get the kill. Expect many people to use this with the 
Carbine's 40mm grenade launcher for even easier kills in a pinch?or maybe not. 
In a sense it allows for some free kills, but then grenades tend to already 
do that on their own, and in the end grenades are only as good as the person 
using them. No one uses this to my knowledge.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Ability Name: Tactician
Available Level: 49
Description: Reduces recharge time of your Tactical Ability; Level 2 also 
increases its duration.
Uses and Disadvantages: So you've unlocked all the Personal Attributes and 
you still don't know what to use? Instead of defaulting to Leaper Corpse like 
so many players, why not try out Tactician? Being able to use your Tactical 
Ability faster and have it last longer is incredibly helpful, making this a 
fantastic choice. Since the biggest and in some case the only real weakness 
of some of the Tactical Abilities is the time limit, Tactician is great for 
anyone looking to rely on and/or get more use out of the many great things 
the various Tactical Abilities can do. Hardly much use with Dash, but with 
everything else it is not a bad choice at all if you ever actually unlock it.  
Overall Rating: 9/10 


Here you unlock some things at least pretty quickly, which can hardly be said 
for some of the other ability groups. At 9 abilities, it also has more 
choices than elsewhere. The initial Bandolier is really quite useless, since 
there is no reason to have a larger clip size if you can otherwise use 
Gunslinger for fast reloading. Leaper Corpse is used by seemingly most people, 
but only because it's the best they have available. Once you unlock 
Gunslinger and Body Armor, which thankfully are at relatively low levels, you 
really should use them instead. The choice there really just depends on 
whether you want to opt for offense or defense, though arguably both are 
offensive abilities. Tracker and Vital Signs can be skipped entirely. 

That leaves the abilities unlocked at high levels, by which time you will 
already be quite comfortable in your choice up to that point. If you do want 
to branch out and try new things, Demolitions is unlikely to be where you 
want to go, since you don't really use enough explosives ever (barring 
combining it with Grenadier) to make it worth having. The Hazmat Suit is 
definitely awesome for reducing damage from explosions, with the added bonus 
of immunity to status effects. It really is a better choice than Body Armor, 
since reduced damage trumps extra health, but of course it takes a lot longer 
to unlock. Lastly we have Tactician, which is great if you like to rely on 
your Tactical Ability, since their short durations make it otherwise 
difficult to rely on them. Give it a shot if you ever unlock it.  


Ability Name: Scan Jammer
Available Level: Available initially
Description: Blocks enemy radar within a short proximity; Level 2 also grants 
immunity to Thermal Vision and Spotter. 
Uses and Disadvantages: Anyone who has played Killzone 3 knows that jamming 
the enemy's radar is not all it is cracked up to be, as all it does is make 
people seek out the cause of the distortion. Its intended stealth function 
gets negated in the process since it basically lets people know you are close. 
Fortunately the limited range of the jamming actually works in your favor, as 
it rarely comes into play and you can benefit instead from immunity to 
detection at Level 2. Nevertheless, it's hard to recommend since there are so 
many better abilities, unless of course you really want to go for stealth. If 
you are going to use it all, use it together with Assassin.  
Overall Rating: 8/10

Ability Name: Scavenger
Available Level: Available initially
Description: Gives health and ammo for walking over dead bodies; Level 2 also 
gives secondary ammo for walking over dead bodies. 
Uses and Disadvantages: Picking up ammo and health from any dead body sounds 
good and all, but it means you have to actually reach the dead bodies, 
something you cannot always do. If you are worried about ammo or health then 
you can use the corresponding Beacon and/or carry extra weapons via Strapped. 
With this being in the same category as Strapped, it is absolutely worthless.  
Overall Rating: N/A, as in don't even think about using it. 

Ability Name: Air-Cooled Barrel
Available Level: 9
Description: Increases rate of fire while aiming down the sights; Level 2 
also increases move speed while aiming down the sights. 
Uses and Disadvantages: Indescribably useful for long range weapons, the 
Marksman and the sniper rifle, and also surprisingly useful for shotguns. For 
everything else it is less useful, but still not bad at all. It isn't the 
rate of fire that helps so much if you are using the Carbine or Bullseye so 
much as it is the increased movement speed, allowing you to use your sights 
for much greater accuracy without becoming a sitting duck. Do not 
underestimate how good that is, particularly since it is precisely moving 
quicker while shooting that made Chimera the stronger race back in the 
original Resistance. 
Overall Rating: 9/10 

Ability Name: Berserker
Available Level: 13
Description: Gain Berserks with one less kill; Level 2 also makes Berserks 
last longer.
Uses and Disadvantages: This in a sense may be the single greatest ability in 
theory, since it lets you get "Berserks" (aka killstreaks) with less kills. 
The shield/cloak you get for 3 kills is unfathomably amazing when it only 
takes 2. And let's not get started on what you get for now only 8 kills. I 
know Call of Duty has this ability (aka Hardline), but Insomniac was insane 
for including it (and some would say they were insane for including 
killstreaks at all). I don't personally ever use it because I greatly prefer 
abilities that boost my effectiveness with weapons. It is unlocked at a low 
level so it is readily available, but nevertheless I don't find many people 
using it. Not as useful in fact as it is in theory I suppose.  
Overall Rating: 8/10

Ability Name: Strapped
Available Level: 14
Description: Start with two weapons; Level 2 lets you start with 3 weapons
Uses and Disadvantages: Perhaps the greatest ability ever, or perhaps not. 
Having multiple starting weapons is absolutely ridiculous given everything 
the weapons in this game can do.  And since you can choose three of them (yes, 
3 of them), it goes beyond shotty-sniper to include an all purpose rifle or a 
special weapon as well. With only shotty-sniper it might not be so worth 
using as opposed to specializing in close or long range by itself, but add in 
a third weapon and it means you can also carry around a special weapon like 
the Mutator or Cryogun for when you just want to have some fun. With so many 
secondary fire and other weapon abilities, Strapped makes you a real 
powerhouse from the onset. Just keep in mind that it may take you a really, 
really long time to upgrade all the weapons you want to use, which hampers 
Strapped's effectiveness more than anything else. 
Overall Rating: 9/10

Ability Name: Grenadier
Available Level: 27
Description: Carry two grenade types; Level 2 lets you carry 3 grenade types. 
Uses and Disadvantages: You can carry one each of three types of grenade, 
which is rather helpful since each type is so very useful. There are better 
choices though, since a good shot does not need to rely on grenades. 
Unfortunately, expect many low level players to do so regardless because 
grenades mean easy kills. Well not that I've seen anyone using it, but then 
most players are not even Level 27, so hard to say how popular it will turn 
out to be. 
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Ability Name: Patience
Available Level: 34
Description: The longer your crosshairs linger over an enemy, the more damage 
you do; Level 2 reduces the amount of time needed to reach maximum damage.
Uses and Disadvantages: This may seem like an ability created for snipers, 
but a sniper usually just wants to get a quick headshot and that's it. In a 
sense it can actually act kind of like stopping power when used with a quick 
firing rifle like the Carbine or Bullseye, allowing you to kill a little 
faster and make up for the otherwise low relative damage of these weapons. It 
is actually a pretty good choice for people using the weapons mentioned, but 
you'll likely do better equipping something else. Indeed, rather than try to 
make your bullets do more damage, just use Air-Cooled Barrel so you can fire 
more of them. 
Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Ability Name: Team Player
Available Level: 39
Description: Increases radius of Support Abilities; Level 2 also increases 
duration of Support Abilities.
Uses and Disadvantages: It increases radius and duration of support abilities, 
making it the parallel to Tactician. Support Abilities however tend to get 
destroyed or not really be needed for a longer duration, so this one is 
questionable in usefulness. To illustrate, your Bubble Shield will either 
save your ass or it won't, and its ability to do will hardly depend on how 
long it lasts. It is useful of course for taking objectives, or better yet if 
you are going to use one of the Support Abilities while camping. Obviously it 
is useless with Spotter, since radius is irrelevant.  
Overall Rating:  8/10


Patience and Scavenger are so limited in effectiveness so as to be all but 
useless. Some people might be nice and pick Team Player, but not many, 
especially given the high level required. People may use Grenadier because 
all they care about is being able to do damage, and many more will wise up 
and realize it is better to have more guns than more grenades. Since Strapped 
lets you be a shotty-sniper and then some, it is really fun to use. Then 
again, if you plan to snipe you should just use Air-Cooled Barrel, and if you 
want to be effective at close and long ranges you can just go in-between with 
the Carbine or Marksman. Strapped is incredible on the surface, but rather 
worthless in practice. Much better to pick one weapon you want and then base 
everything around it. I occasionally use it when I want to sporadically snipe, 
but really it's not too worth using.  

Scan Jammer is really quite good, as it pretty much lets you hide except when 
shooting, but is best avoided if you don't intend to go full stealth with 
Assassin. Berserker is definitely amazing if only because the riot shield 
that humans get for 3 kills is essentially invincible, at least from the 
front. I'm a bit appalled they let them be unlocked (both the shield and 
Berserker) so easily. Those shields do all they can to break the game, and 
the cloak actually isn't bad either. Not to mention turning into a super 
soldier for only 8 kills. Still, anyone confident in their ability to get 
kills will see no need for Berserker and go with something else. It actually 
is very rarely used, though one would be hard-pressed to find any single 
Combat Attribute that is used more often than the others. 


Killstreaks here are known as "berserks", but make no mistake, they are still 
killstreaks. Fortunately though there are only a few, so things don't get too 
out of hand. Then again, these things can be pretty powerful, which is 
fitting given they are rewards for getting kills. I'm only going over them 
here mainly to point out their weaknesses. They pop up at 3/6/9 kills, and 
generally last somewhere around 25 seconds or so. Keep in mind that with 
Berserker equipped, you not only get berserks with one less kill, they also 
last longer. Yeah, I said that ability was really powerful.

We will appropriately start at the top with an ability that is truly over the 
top. At 9 kills you get "mutate" which turns you into a super soldier with an 
unlimited rapid firing grenade launcher. Yes it is every bit as ridiculous as 
it sounds, as the grenade launcher quickly takes out multiple foes with 2-3 
shots. It is however not invincible, since your super armor is only double or 
so normal health and cannot recharge, though if you are still alive when the 
timer runs out you will revert to normal (and be able to recharge health 
again), much as with the other berserks. It is obviously useful only when a 
lot of enemies are already around, since you will hardly have the time to 
seek them out or anything. Just don't be surprised when you do go down. 

Next is temporary use of an unlimited Auger at 6 kills, the only time you get 
to use the Auger since you cannot select it as your starting weapon. It can 
set up shields and see and shoot enemies through anything, and now is better 
than ever since it shoots fairly quickly. It is also quite powerful, taking 
down an enemy in an average of 3-4 shots. Its weaknesses are the short range 
of its scope and how difficult it is to shoot someone actively trying to 
dodge your shots. So timing is everything. Not to mention you have to keep 
obstacles between you and enemies or set up shields, as otherwise you will 
find yourself dead as quickly as ever. Don't get cocky with it.  

Finally we have the 3 kill berserk, the most important since it is the most 
common one you will use. Here we find the one distinction in the game between 
Humans and Chimera, in that they get different 3 kill berserks. Chimera get a 
cloak that makes them invisible except when firing, in which case the cloak 
will flicker. Can be Spotted, but still really useful for sneaking around 
considering they won't see your shotgun until you are right on top of them. 
Tons upon tons of people are invisible shotgunners I assure you. 

Humans arguably get the better deal with the Allied Shield, which blocks all 
damage from the front and sides, including grenades. It is really powerful 
and very hard to deal with. All you can do is hope the player gets cocky and 
exposes his back, though a more common way to deal with it is to drop or fire 
a grenade behind him. Shrapnel Grenades are better for this purpose, since 
they roll after being thrown.  So consider a player using the Shield 
invincible if you don't have an explosive of some sort or the sniper rifle's 
secondary fire that shoots through shields, but remember when you use it that 
it is not as invincible as you might think. Same as with all the berserks, 
you should be very wary of anyone using them, but you should not rely on them 
too much yourself. 


It would be appropriate to briefly summarize everything, and at the risk of 
contradicting myself I will incorporate lessons I continue to learn while 

Beginning with the Support Abilities, I am convinced you really can't go 
wrong with whatever you choose. By default you should stick with Spotter, if 
only because it can get you a lot of extra experience to help unlock more 
abilities. Each of the Beacons is great, even better considering they stick 
around after you die. But you need to note that they all appear on the radar, 
making it considerably harder to stand inside an Ammo or Healing Beacon at 
least since it tells everyone where you are. You shouldn't have the same 
trouble with standing inside of a Bubble Shield, which seem to be the most 
common Support Ability because they are so great for camping an objective 
point, but don't stand there too long unless you have a shotgun or a 
Lightning Shield to protect yourself. The Radar Beacon is incredibly useful 
and you can play around with the Decoy and see if it works for you. Really 
can't go wrong with anything in this slot, though expect to see Spotter and 
Bubble Shield dominate if only because they are the easiest to use.  

Next are the Tactical Abilities, which are unique in that you essentially 
unlock better abilities as you level up. You should get rid of the Lightning 
Shield or Doppelganger as soon as you can; just trust me they are not worth 
using. You'll never have the Lightning Shield active when you really need it, 
and Assassin serves as a much better distraction than the Doppelganger. 
Rather than being two red dots on the radar, it makes you a green dot. 
Nothing better than hiding in plain sight, just be careful how close you get 
to enemies, and consider combining it with a Level 2 Scan Jammer so you don't 
get Spotted. I don't find the Turret very useful since it appears on radar 
and thus can be easily avoided. Not really sure if Thermal Vision is worth 
using, but I'll know if I ever get it. Overall I think Dash to have the most 
uses, but that in no way makes it the best. You'll do just fine with anything 

Moving on to Personal Attributes, there are plenty of great choices. Well 6 
of them, given Tracker, Bandolier and Vital Signs are all but useless. 
Demolitions is nice, but not worth using unless you for some reason 
specialize in explosives. By default most people seem to just go with Leaper 
Corpse, especially together with a shotgun since it means they will usually 
die at close range. If you want to use Body Armor, just don't rely on it to 
keep you alive. Turns out the Hazmat Suit is much more useful if you have it, 
since it not only protects you from being tagged, fire from the shotgun, and 
from special weapons (Mutator and Cryogun though not the Atomizer), it can 
also help keep you from being picked off by the grenades absolutely everyone 
loves using. It makes virtually all weapons weaker against you; talk about 
ultimate defense. I personally like Gunslinger for an edge at close range, 
and it is obviously invaluable for shotgun users. If you don't have use for 
Tactician (which you will never unlock), then Hazmat Suit will surely be your 
best overall choice if you have it. Just don't be one of the zillions of 
players that think it worth using Leaper Corpse. Much better to have 
something that keeps you alive, not something that annoys people after you 

The last ability is the Combat Attribute. Scavenger is entirely worthless, 
and I'm not sure how Patience could possibly be useful since better to use 
Air-Cooled Barrel to fire more bullets than rely on them doing more damage 
over time. If you didn't figure it out, I am a huge fan of Air-Cooled Barrel, 
as it is invaluable for a long range weapon and also comes in handy when you 
inevitably steal a short range weapon. Can't see why anyone would use 
Grenadier since it would be too confusing trying to juggle multiple grenade 
types. The same logic goes for Strapped, since better to just know what 
weapon you are good with, focus on it, and then you can always pick up other 
weapons. Team Player might be nice if you ever get to it, but it seems a hard 
choice since the Support Abilities tend to last long enough as it is. Scan 
Jammer is really going to be useful only when combined with Assassin and 
going for stealth, since otherwise it just doesn't do enough on its own. You 
can bet plenty of people will use Berserker because they have fallen in love 
with the Berserks. I wouldn't suggest using it yourself, and you in any case 
should know how to deal with shields and invisible shotgunners. 

To wrap up, it would be appropriate to combine everything by looking at the 
best abilities to have depending on your play style and choice of weapon. If 
you are a long range player- Deadeye or Marksman- then you will definitely 
want Air-Cooled Barrel, and Spotter to mark your targets. Personal Attribute 
is up to you, and consider a Radar/Healing Beacon and Turret/Lightning Shield 
if you intend to do a lot of camping or just want to protect your back. If 
you are a close range player who always likes to be in the action- Carbine, 
Bullseye, Rossmore or Atomizer- then you will benefit greatly from 
Gunslinger/Body Armor in general, and perhaps even Leaper Corpse if you are 
like me and always charge in headfirst. You could be a weapons specialist 
with Air-Cooled Barrel, though any Combat Attribute will be fine. You'll 
probably want Dash for ensuring you can get in close, though you'll also be 
fine using Assassin or Doppelganger to distract your enemies and gain an edge. 
The close range player's arsenal finishes with Spotter for the person who is 
always in the action, or a Bubble Shield/Radar Beacon for the person who goes 
for objectives.   

Oh one more thing. It makes sense to describe my personal loadout choices. I 
generally like to be a weapons specialist by using both Gunslinger and Air-
Cooled Barrel with a Marksman or a Carbine. Though I can only start with one 
weapon, this ensures that I continue to have an edge with any other weapon I 
pick up. In a game where you can hold all the weapons, it just makes sense to 
play like this. I then round out things with Spotter and Dash for chasing 
down anyone who tries to get away and then some. This is my main loadout, 
consisting entirely of abilities unlocked at low levels as it were. When 
going for objectives I also sometimes go with a stealth loadout, pulling out 
the Assassin/Scan Jammer pair and finishing with Healing Beacon and Hazmat 
Suit for the best possible protection should I get into trouble. This is also 
the essential setup for the always freakishly chaotic Deathmatch.  I have 
tried (and still do try) Strapped at times to ensure I have a sniper rifle 
handy for CTF in particular, but I just feel that it isn't worth using very 

UPDATE 9/27: There now having been enough time for more and more people to 
reach high levels and unlock everything, I have learned a lot. For instance, 
I learned that the sniper's secondary charged shot can take out a turret. I 
have also been forced to reconsider my loadout choices. First, I have decided 
to always use Radar Beacon, as it is incredibly useful no matter when you use 
it, and I really helps the team as well. Second, I have mostly abandoned the 
Marksman, and since I no longer see the need to use Air-Cooled Barrel I 
always go with Strapped and carry a sniper rifle. This means I cannot use 
Scan Jammer to support using Assassin, but I have found it unnecessary since 
no one uses Thermal Vision and you know when you have been Spotted. Third, 
thanks to observing PSN ID MinusCelcius, I have realized the potential to use 
an Atomizer together with Assassin. With the auto-fire, there is hardly a 
need to use Gunslinger anymore. To sum up, my usual class is now Strapped 
with Carbine/Atomizer/Deadeye, Radar Beacon, Assassin, and Hazmat Suit. 
Everything else I have said still stands though, so please feel free to make 
your own class. 

So yeah that's it. There really are endless things these abilities can do, so 
keep experimenting. My PSN ID is Malcontent_Ronin, and I am always actively 
looking for people to play with, though I must admit I don't have much time 
to play lately. I'll be on late, so send me an invite. Thanks for reading and 
have fun playing.


Any questions, inquiries, praise, arguments, proposed additions, or requests 
for advice can be sent to, and I will ensure I get 
back to you. Any questions posed or strategies described to me via e-mail 
will be considered for addition to this guide, with credit given. Thanks for 
reading, and I hope someone can find this guide useful.