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Farron greatsword or wolfs knight greatsword? 5
What is the best weapon to infuse with magic or best int scaling weapon in dark souls 3? 5
How to use gestures in Dark Souls III? 2
Would a Heavy infused Butcher's Knife be any good? 1
Dark sigils carry over to ng+? 2
It was an ACCIDENT!? 3
How to trigger dancer of the boreal valley? 1
Where is the new hot pvp spot? 1
Where do I go after fighting the Boss in Anor Londo? 2
Gear for sorcery build? 3
Recent Questions Answers
High Wall of Lothric Dragon Farming? 1
No summons at Pontiff? 0
Looking to trade for proof of concords kept? 0
Butcher Knife vs Old Wolf Greatsword? (PvE Mainly) 0
Which is the current meta build ? 0
What should I infuse my Dark Sword with? 1
Is it possible to cosplay as Havel, without having to having to fat-roll? 0
Help with Vertebra Shackles? 1
Anyone available to help me blast through the bosses again to reach Ashes of Ariandel? 1
Can I buff the Firelink Greatsword without the attack? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Not seeing any summoning signs, and I'm in cinder mode, anyone can help? 3
What is the best build/ weapon for pve? 1
Why Can't join my friend anymore? 1
Phantoms are being sent home immediately after being summoned.? 1
Update 1.04 not downloaded but ps4 says it's updated to newest version. How do I download the new update? 1
New model ps4 loud fan and this game? 2
Need help with a battlemage build? 1
Dark Souls difficulty? 2
Why can't I play online? 2
Anyone with an interesting build for a pure caster? 1

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