Famous Quotes

Geralt: Life treating you all right?
Thaler: Meh, bit like a potato beetle: I keep quiet, stay out of trouble, and live on f***in' potatoes.

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Sigi Reuven: Geralt, how can I put this delicately... Bollocks. If you thought I'd fall for that tale you just pulled out of your arse, you don't know me one bit.
Geralt: All right, I lied... But only partly.
Sigi Reuven: Heard of beasts that are half-lion, half-eagle, maidens who are half-fish... But you'll never convince me there's such a thing as a half-truth.

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Connection to Other Media

In Novigrad's "Fists of Fury" quest, Geralt can do bare-knuckle fights against area strongmen, including Georgius Georg and a Durden the Tailor. They reference fighters Gorgeous George and Tyler Durden, from the movies Snatch and Fight Club, respectively.

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