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PS4's hottest launch title exclusive is without a Killzone: Shadow Fall! This 
FPS takes the Killzone franchise and PlayStation into the eight generation. 
Complete the game to its fullest with this guide.

Killzone: Shadow Fall
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
   Chapter 1: The Father
   Chapter 2: The Shadow
   Chapter 3: The Doctor
   Chapter 4: The Patriot
   Chapter 5: The Helghast
   Chapter 6: The Agent
   Chapter 7: The Handler
   Chapter 8: The Dead
   Chapter 9: The Destroyer
   Chapter 10: The Savior
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The war between the Vektans and the Helghast has come to a close. Now they 
attempt to live in peace in Vekta, with a large wall separating the two 

LS - Move/Sprint
RS - Look/Melee
R1 - Throw explosive
R2 - Fire weapon
L1 - OWL command
L2 - Zoom
Triangle - Switch weapon
O - Crouch/Use
Square - Reload
X - Jump/Climb
D-pad (left) - Adrenaline
D-pad (up) - Objective direction/Objective menu
D-pad (right) - Tactical echo
D-pad (down) - Alternative fire mode
Touchpad (up) - OWL attack mode
Touchpad (right) - OWL zip-line mode
Touchpad (down) - OWL shield mode
Touchpad (left) - OWL stun mode
OPTIONS Button - Options

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2. Walkthrough
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Don't worry about being so insanely short at the start of the game. You're 
just a little kid at this point. Follow your father out of the room and then 
to the balcony. Hop over the railing, and then hop over the next railing. 
Follow him down the stairs.

Quickly move to his position and crouch. Push up next to him to avoid being 
seen by the drones. For the next few pieces of cover, wait for him to call 
you over, then quickly go there. Remember to stay crouched to stay out of 

Continue following your father until the two of you meet up with a Vektan 
soldier. Stay crouched near the cover with them until the patrol of Helghast 
go by. Then follow them to a nearby door. The door is locked on the other 
side, so climb up the rubble and go in through the hole on the roof.

Approach the piece of wood blocking the door and remove it to let them in. 
Follow them outside, and when your father climbs up to the next area, try to 
climb up with him. Watch the scenes, and then the next time that you are 
actually controlling Lucas, press the button that appears on screen to grab 
the gun and shoot the Helghast.

This chapter is designed to teach you the basics of how much of the rest of 
the game is going to play. Armed with only a knife, the first objective is to 
reach the OWL that was dropped nearby. Leave this first room using the 
nearby scaffolding.

There is a radar that can be used by pressing "right" on the d-pad. Hold it in,
but do not hold it so long that the meter overfills. Overfilling the meter 
will cause a sound that will alert guards to your position. This can be used 
to mark nearby enemies, even through walls, so it is extremely helpful in 
this mission.

The first guard that you come across will be below. Simply step off the 
platform and land on the guard for an automatic melee kill. The next area is 
fairly simple; there is a guard behind the double doors, but an air vent to 
your right. Use the air vent to get to the other room without alerting the 
guard, then use the radar to mark him. When his back is turned, melee attack 
him from behind to kill him.

Use the button on the platform to ride it across to the other side. Climb up 
and then use the nearby air vent to bypass the cameras. The next guard you 
kill will also offer the opportunity to throw your knife and kill the other 
guard in the room instantly, so try that cool move out.

With that room cleared, the OWL should be view. Step outside and the OWL will 
activate and kill the two guards. Use the OWL to hack the nearby device, 
and then climb up the cliffside. The OWL has various functions that can be 
designated by swiping on the touchpad in different directions. Right now make 
sure it is set to "Attack" mode, which is accomplished by swiping "up" on the 

Peak over the side of the cliff here to see Helghast guards around an ammo 
supply drop. Send the OWL after them by pointing at them, waiting for the 
"Attack" symbol to light up, and then pressing L1. You may have to send the 
OWL after them a couple of times to get all of them dead.

Now switch to zipline mode by swiping the touchpad to the right. When the 
icon is highlighted, tap L1 to zipline down to the next location. Use the 
zipline to traverse this environment and make your way to the crash site. 
Remember to use "up" on the d-pad to make objective markers appear to better 
find your location. Holding "up" will bring up an entire explanation about 
the current objective.

Upon nearing the crash site, take notice of the different enemies. You can 
ignore them for now and, moving forward toward the flaming wreckage, take a 
left to find a hold in the ground. Climb down the ladder here and go through 
the tunnels to find the survivors of the crash.

Speak with them for a bit, and then backtrack out of the hole. Open fire on 
the Helghast and wipe all of them out. Have the OWL hack the nearby alarm 
system so that no one can call for reinforcements. When the area has been 
cleared out, it's time to assess the situation.

There are three objectives for you that can be tackled in any order. The 
first objective is to place C4 on the remains of the crash to blow it up. The 
second objective is to disable the nearby communications tower, and the third 
objective is to place C4 on the anti-air guns on top of the dam that is in this

Place the C4 on the remains of the ship since it is the closest. Then head 
to the comm tower. There are two computers in the comm tower, one on the 
bottom floor and the other on the top floor. Have the OWL hack these 
computers to disable them.

Zipline back to the ground and make your way to the dam. Climb up the cliff 
here and then place the C4 on the anti-air guns. You should have a height 
advantage on your enemies down there, so killing them should be a snap.

When that's done, regroup with the allies and follow them to the evacuation 
point. Take cover and start shooting the Helghast being dropped by the 
helicopter. Try to kill them before they can rappel down. Hold the position 
and kill the Helghast until the evac arrives, then run there and hop inside to 

At the start of this chapter, you will be in zero gravity. Zero gravity is 
easy enough to traverse. Hold O to descend and hold X to ascend. Make your 
way to the main shaft, and then check out the objective markers. There will 
be one above and one below. Make your way to the one that is below first so 
you can get the generator functional again.

You can choose to go it stealthy, or guns blazing. Either way, there will be 
some explosive spider robots in your future. Pull the capacitors out of the 
walls when you see them and then use them in the empty capacitor slots to 
open doors and continue to the generator room.

The easiest way to do this is to grab one of the capacitors and go across to 
the other side of the room. You'll have to use the little bridges and jump 
across the gaps to do this. Place the capacitor in the slot farthest from 
where you entered. This way it is easier to make your way back across and 
there is less ground to travel.

As you place the capacitors in the slots, the machine will start up and the 
blades will start spinning. If you remove the capacitors from the slots that 
are near the blue laser bridges, then the bridges will disappear, meaning 
that you HAVE to jump across. Getting a running start isn't a bad idea.

Watch the blades and make sure there is a nice window of opportunity to get 
across. Backtrack to the room where you removed the first capacitor and 
order the OWL to hack the control panel here. Now backtrack to the shaft and 
go to the second objective marker.

These rooms require you to continue using the capacitors. Use them to get 
from room to room and to put out the fire blocking the way. Go up the stairs 
and place a capacitor into each of the slots. There is one around the corner 
on a tray if you are missing any and don't feel like backtracking too much.

Make your way to the controls that start sending the ship into the sun. Use 
the OWL to hack the control console, then watch the monitor. Leave the room 
and return to the shaft. Make your way to the room where the doctor was taken, 
and you will find an examination table here.

Try to examine what is underneath, and that will trigger a QTE sequence. 
Complete the QTEs. Then it's time to escape. As you make your way out, you 
will notice a Helghast being burned alive by the sun coming through the 
window. In the next few rooms, avoid the sunlight and also shoot the panels 
off the windows to burn up the Helghast, meaning minimal head-on confrations 
that could cost you an adrenaline pack or two.

Get off the dropship and walk through the security gates. After the explosion, 
start killing all the Helghast and push through the flaming rubble. In the 
next area, watch the ground collapse, which will in turn create a way to the 
lower levels. Go down there, and I highly recommend grabbing a shotgun at 
some point during all of this.

Fight your way through the server rooms and to the security system panel. Have 
the OWL hack it, then return to the surface. Meet up with Sinclair and then 
follow him to the dropship. Get inside the dropship with him, and you'll be 
dropped off at the trainyard.

Navigating through the trainyard is somewhat tricky. Keep an eye on the rails 
and when they flash red, either climb a ladder or get to a different platform. 
Kill your way to the first train. This is where the shotgun comes in handy. 
If you use your radar, you'll notice that the train cars are filled with 
Helghast, in very close quarters. Use the shotgun to kill all of them as you 
make your way to that train's computer system. Have the OWL hack it, then 
exit the train car.

The second train that needs disable is located above you. Use the ladders 
and catwalks to reach it, but be weary of the enemies encountered along the 
way, which will include hostile enemy drones. You might want to stick it out in
the first train and shoot them from the door or windows for the best bet at 
hanging on to you adrenaline packs.

Inside the second train, kill everyone (again, shotgun works best for this) 
and then hack that computer as well. Now as you leave this train, enemies 
equipped with rocket launchers are going to pose a significant threat. Take 
them out first and also send the OWL out to distract the other enemies. Hold a 
position above them and kill them all, then make your way to the third train, 
which is located on the lower tracks. Remember to watch out for the other 
trains that are going to zoom by on the tracks.

Hop through the roof of the third train and kill everyone. Open the door of 
the car and inside will be a ton of bombs. Lucas will automatically get back 
in the dropship. Use the mini-gun to shoot the hooks that are holding the 
train to the tracks.

Next you will be dropped off on the roof of the building where the terrorist 
is assumed to be located. Use the supplies here to replenish your ammo and 
trade out the minigun for a shotgun. Grab the C4 as well, and then smash 
through the glass ceiling, killing the Helghast below.

The situation here is that there are three different rooms and all three of 
hostages. Just fight your way to whichever one you want in any order. Clear the
rooms of Helghast, and then free the hostages inside. When they're all freed, 
chase down the terrorist from room to room, killing the Helghast, and then 
you will find yourself on a rope sticking out of his escape ship.

Use the pistol to kill the enemies that peak their heads out and climb up the 
rope when prompted by pushing the left stick up. Upon reaching the top of 
the rope, be ready for a quick melee-based QTE (click in the right stick).

Upon moving through the checkpoint, follow the instructions to the train. Get 
inside the train and then wait for Lucas to automatically equip the EMP 
device. Use the EMP device when prompted. Then click in the right analog stick 
to perform a melee attack when that button appears on the screen. Leave the 
train afterwards.

The first group of enemies you come across, you have a serious height advantage
over them. So fire at them and send out your drone to attack them as well. 
Then drop down and clear out the stragglers.

Make your way to the first objective, the console. Be careful moving around 
the corners. When you see the console, send the OWL to hack it, then get 
behind cover and kill the enemies. Listen to the audio and then proceed to 
the next objective. Remember that you can keep pressing "up" on the d-pad to 
point out the next objective marker. By the way, I highly recommend snagging a 
shotgun if you find it.

Head to the ventilation grate and pull it off. Crouch and then move along the 
pipes to the next grate. Pull that grate off and then resupply. Move through 
the next grate and then engage the next set of enemies.

Fight your way outside and use the control panels on the cranes to give you 
a better position to zipline to the next area. Kill the enemies, and keep 
pushing forward to the next objective marker. After an explosion, carefully 
move along what remains of the structure until Lucas is cornered.

Follow the voice's instructions. They will tell you exactly how to move to 
avoid being spotted by enemies. In this weakened state, it just takes a single 
shot to put Lucas down. Hide in the containers when prompted, and keep in mind 
that you are completely unarmed and vulnerable at this point in the level.

When you meet up with Echo, follow her closely. She will then connect your 
communication devices so that you can direct each other to do things by 
marking objects in the environment. She will first ask you to mark the 
vent. Look up near the top of the wall next to the big orange electronic sign 
and tap L1 to mark it.

When that's done, a spider-mine will crawl out of the shaft. Aim the cursor at 
this press L1 to hack into it. Use it to get to the other side of the door and 
then pull R2 to blow up the door controls to allow you guys to pass through.

In the next room, do so again by hacking the next mine and moving it underneath
the hole in the wall. Overcharge the controls and go through. Echo will give 
you a pistol and also offer her assistance by letting you mark enemies with 
L1 for her to snipe.

Mark the targets with Echo and also shoot them in the head with the pistol 
when you can. If you are close enough, a silent melee kill will do. You 
aren't as vulnerable now, but you still don't want to be caught because they 
will probably overwhelm you. Be smart with your kills, but as long as no 
other enemies are looking at them when they die, you are probably in good 

The next couple of areas are like that. You'll find a man being harassed by 
soldiers, so kill them and he will offer a weapon to you from inside his 
shipping container and probable home. Grab that and continue to utilize Echo's 
sniping whenever it is possible.

You'll reach a facility with a large attack drone guarding the exit. The 
drone won't do anything until you attack it yourself. So get behind cover to 
the right of the drone and throw an EMP grenade at it. Unload your most 
powerful weapon into it, then get behind cover to reload. Toss another EMP 
grenade at it, shoot, and then just keep repeating this until you're out of 
EMP grenades.

At that point, RUN. There are boxes of EMP grenades all over this place, so 
find some and then continue attacking the drone until it is blows up from 
taking too much damage.

Get to the upper level and wait for the guards to swarm through the door. 
Toss an EMP grenade at their feet and then open fire on them to get rid of 
them without too much trouble. You'll then reach a partly opened gate with a 
spider-mine near it. Hack the spider-man and then crawl under the shutter. 
Make your way to the controls and overcharge them and the shutter will then 
open and you can get through.

Echo will then give you her sniper rifle and your goal is to protect her. Just 
shoot whatever she marks. The targets will be marked with white objective 
markers, just how they look when you marked targets for her to shoot earlier.

Wait for Echo to cause the crates you're standing on to move, then quickly go 
to the open hatch on top. Climb down the ladder and wait for the ATACs to 
fly away. Then move up next to the door and shoot the enemies through the 
space between the bars. Climb up the ladder and as the crate moves forward 
more, shoot the guards that appear on the balconies.

This next area has multiple guards and cameras. Use the spider-mines to 
overcharge the cameras so that you can slowly take out the guards as you move 
forward. You have access to Echo's sniping ability again, so don't be afraid 
to utilize it.

Fight your way to the tower with Echo and then when she gives the orders, 
grab the power cell out of the machine and take it to the designated location. 
A swarm of enemies and multiple attack drones will show up. With the tower 
hacked, you can command the ATACs to fight the other drones, so mark them for 
the ATACs while you stay behind cover and take out the human soldiers. Blow 
up enough of the attack drones and everyone will flee.

This mission begins in SPAAAAAAACE!, wouldn't ya know! While in the gravity 
of space, hold X to rise, O to descend. Click in the left stick for a boost. 
Push "up" on the d-pad right away to see where the objective marker is so you 
can boost your way up over there and move through the hatch.

Use the pipes to descend deeper in the station and have the drone hack the 
various computer terminals along the way. You'll then reach a large hatch that 
you have to jump down, with spinning "blades" of sorts that you can land on 
and subsequently die.

This is extremely tricky, but once you figure out how this thing operates, it's
not so bad. Just zig zag from left and right between the blades. Move to the 
left and to the right to avoid splattering on one of the blades.

When you reach the bottom, you will soon have to fight enemies. Enemies in 
this mission will often use deployable shields as well as shields that cover 
their bodies. To disable the shields, you can swipe the touchpad left, point 
at the enemies, and then press L1 to send the drone over to them to shock their
shields into being useless -- or you can use the rail gun that you are forced 
to have equipped throughout the entirety of the level.

You'll notice that if you try to switch this weapon out for anything else, it 
won't work. It will automatically switch out the weapon you have equipped 
that is not the rail gun. Press "down" on the d-pad to extend the rail gun and 
then hold R2 to charge its blast. If you hold R2 in long enough, this blast 
will short-circuit the shields of the enemies, making them vulnerable. Melee 
attacks will ignore the shields and can still kill enemies quite soundly. So 
if you don't have time to charge your rail gun or use the drone and haven't 
taken too much damage, it's not a bad strategy to straight-up charge an enemy 
and knife them.

As you move into the first open area, there will be boxes that shoot out the 
annoying spider-mines. Send the drone to disable these devices or blow them 
up yourself. They need to be done away with at any cost because they will 
keep you from not only reaching your objectives, but from having a good place 
to retreat to in order to avoid being blown up.

There are two different objectives simultaneously, and both require that you 
use a control panel. The closest one to the entrance you can look through 
the window and send the drone in, but I recommend breaking through the glass 
and using this place to kill the enemies from a distance. There's also a 
collectible dosier in here that makes it worth entering this room while the 
drone is doing the hacking.

The second objective is pretty much the same, but more heavily guarded. Once 
both buttons have been pressed, go to the large open hatch in the middle of the
room. Descend into the area and then have the drone hack into the next door. 

In this next area, walk around in the circle until you find the hand panel to 
extend the bridge. Use it and then toss EMP grenades through the doors that 
the enemies are behind. Kill the enemies and be very careful going through 
the next door as a shotgun-equipped enemy has a tendency to charge up the 
stairs as soon as you step through.

This next large, open room will see the enemies deploy turrets and is hard 
to find decent cover. Stay at the top of the landing and try to pick them off 
from a distance the best you can. Use grenades and the drone a lot as well. 
The drone is particularly effective in taking out the turrets if you are in 
range of using it.

You have to fight your way through a hallway full of enemies equipped with 
shotguns, so I recommend picking up a shotgun for yourself off a dead enemy. 
This hall leads to another area similar to the room that you just cleared, 
so take out the enemies here and then you will find the lab. Enemies will 
come in the room, so shoot out the window and go through to enter space.

Massar will be in a transport that links one part of the station to the other. 
Large groups of drones will attack. Point the cursor at them and tap R2 to 
fire explosives their way. Various other transports will appear on the line 
and block Massar's progress, so blow those up as well so that she can get to 
the other side of the station successfully. As soon as the drones show up, 
turn your full attention to them, however, because the other transports on 
the track do nothing except stop Massar from moving while the drones can 
destroy her transport as well as destroy you.

When that is done, buckle up for one of the most difficult sections in the 
entirety of the game. Lead Massar to the room she needs to be and open it 
using the switch. Go up to the top of the catwalk and gear up because it is 
about to become a very bumpy ride.

Get the "charger" weapon, and then check out the area to the left (when 
facing the ship as it is moving towards your position) and you'll see a 
ladder leading up to a platform. There are laser mines around here, plenty of 
adrenaline kits, a sniper rifle, and more. So the problem definitely isn't 
ammunition or health, but the amount of enemies that show up, many of them 
shielded or with shields, is absolutely insane.

There is a minigun on that platform I mentioned earlier. Use it if you are 
having problems using only the charger. The charger is very helpful in this 
fight because it can be used to disable the shields of enemies and it destroys 
the turrets they drop very quickly.

There will be two intense waves of just foot soldiers, followed by drones and 
a dropship. Ignore the dropship. The drones are what will get you if you aren't
careful enough. Kill them as soon as possible or else they will not only 
kill you but the rest of your team there as well.

When they're dead, an orange objective marker will pop up, leading you to the 
ship's turrets. Get in it and use it to slaughter all the Helghast below as 
they try to retreat.

As you free fall, use the right stick to manipulate your balance and use the 
left stick to steer Lucas. Keep the smoke trails in sight, but avoid falling 
into the tails of the debris that is rocketing to the surface of Helghan.

When you reach the surface, buildings will be collapsing all around Lucas. 
There will be a couple of points where the ground drops significantly. Take 
advantage of these drops to look straight down, then pull up. This is a trick 
used to gain altitude by pilots in planes, and it also works for Lucas. This 
is necessary to get to the landing zone.

In addition to worrying about altitude, buildings are collapsing all over the 
place, so you have to be mindful enough to avoid crashing into those. When you 
get close to the landing zone, there will be two trails of objective markers. 
One trail is highlighted red and the other blue. Take the red trail to land 
safely where you need to be.

Drop through the hole. There is a collectible sitting on the rubble after 
dropping through the first hole. Echo will teach you about the blue anti-
gravity fields on Helghan. Retrieve the power cell and put it in the machine 
as instructed. Then shoot the cell to create an explosion that also creates a 
large beam of blue light. Step into the blue light to ride it to the top.

Maneuver through the rubble until you come across what is called a Scanner. 
This thing is a huge drone that sits in one spot and, true to its name, scans 
the area in a circle. If the Scanner spots you, it will fire a bunch of 
missiles in your general direction, so watch out!

The goal here is to take two power cells, place them into the two different 
generators that are connected to the tubes leading out of the Scanner, and 
then blow them both up to effectively power down the Scanner. Before doing 
any of that, find some good cover in the destroyed building because you'll 
need it shortly.

There are power cells lying on the ground, but if you are having troubles 
finding them, look to the sky. There are worker drones that just constantly 
transport the cells. Shoot one of the drones and they will drop the cell on 
the ground. Then just pick it up and take it to the first generator, but time 
yourself so the Scanner doesn't see you.

Blow up the first power cell, then go back to that cover you were supposed 
to find. After destroying the first generator, the Scanner will send out 
attack drones. Destroy both of them before getting the second power cell and 
using it blow up the second generator, which will in turn allow you to bypass 
the Scanner.

Climb up the stairs behind the machine. On the second landing, there is an 
audio log by the rails. At the top of the stairs there is a narrow space to 
move through. Go through it and then something will start falling at your 
face. Quickly duck to the right to be out of its path and then you are free to 

A spider mine dispenser will be on the wall, so take care of that. You'll then 
find yourself outside, overlooking a strange site. Across the gap is a large 
building that is leaning diagonally. To its left will be one of those walking 
attack drones encountered earlier. In front of this is a Scanner that needs to 
be destroyed in order to safely progress.

Equip the zipline on your drone using the touchpad. Aim it at the slanting 
building and when it is highlighted, use it to get across. Inside the 
building, near the roof, you'll find a rocket launcher that is extremely 
helpful as well as plenty of other ammo. Grab the rocket launcher.

With the rocket launcher in tow, go to the roof. Keep peaking over the side of 
the roof to fire three shots directly into the walking drone. Keep doing this 
until it is destroyed. Then turn your attention to the Scanner. Look straight 
at it, then go to the generator for it to YOUR right. There will be a spider-
mine dispenser here, so dispose of it. Find a power cell, either lying on 
the ground or shot out of the sky, and then blow it up.

Retreat to the roof of the slanted building and use the rocket launcher to 
destroy the flying attack drones that show up. Then turn your attention to the 
other generator, which is also guarded by spider mines. Get rid of the spider 
mines and then destroy that generator as well to completely disable the 
Scanner, allowing your safe passage.

Move through this next building to see Tyran leave in a dropship. In this area,
there will be plenty of ammo for the rocket launcher, TWO walking drones, and a
Scanner to boot. Use a shipping container (there are many open ones around 
here) as cover to blow up the walking attack drones. Then snag a power cell and
use it to destroy the first Scanner generator. Retreat to one of the 
containers, blow up the incoming flying attack drones, and then work on blowing
up the second generator to get rid of yet another Scanner.

Regroup with Echo. Follow her and she will lead you through a series of 
gravitationally challenged set pieces.

Use the zipline to get closer to the base. Zipline to the area with barricades 
and weapons. Melee kill the lone Helghast here and then grab the sniper rifle. 
Use the sniper to destroy the two anti-aircraft guns that are at the front of 
the base. Then pick off all the soldiers.

Your goal here is to set two C4 charges in the designated locations. Make your 
way to the closest one and plant the charge. Then make your way to the second 
charge and plant it. There is an air vent in here, so move through that. You 
will come out to a room full of weapons, most notably a minigun. Grab that 
before continuing.

Wait for Echo to shut down the systems. Protect her with the minigun. When she 
is finished, get rid of any remaining enemies. Then follow her into the next 
area, where the idea is to snag a cargo train as a ride to the next objective. 
There is not a whole lot of opposition here, so just kill everybody and then 
go with Echo to the platform.

Fight your way through the mobs of Helghast to the next objective area. Echo 
will get at the controls, giving you time to prepare. Throw the laser mines 
at the bases of the doors in this room. Use your scanner to detect where the 
enemies are, and keep killing them as they come. There's plenty of ammo in 
here if you need to restock.

Eventually, the first door will need to be closed. Grab some laser mines and 
step outside. Clear out the initial batch of enemies, then toss a bunch of 
laser mines at their door. Send the drone to hack the door so that they can't 
keep using it to get through and kill them as they come to protect the drone 
so that it can finish its hacking. Then return to Echo and continue to defend 
the base from attackers.

Eventually, you will have to do the same thing with another door. This other 
door will include shielded guards, so it's slightly tougher. But on the bright 
side, the panel is clearly visible if you just peak your head out of the door, 
so you can retreat into the building with Echo to hide and rest up if needed.

When Echo is done, it's boss fight time with Tyran. Use the gun you're stuck 
with that disables shields and a ranged machinegun of some sort, preferrably. 
He will be surrounded by hostile drones, but the drone that you want to blow 
up is the one that is powering his shields. Do this and then switch to the 
rail gun. Charge up a shot and blast him to disable his shields. Then open 

He will repeat the attacks with the drones a couple of times before retreating 
to just throw a bunch of spider mines at you. Get a safe distance and shoot 
the hell out of him. He will retreat, so just keep repeating the process. If 
you need health, an adrenaline pack as well as plenty of ammo and grenades can 
be found on the crates here.

Upon defeating him, follow Echo to the dropship and get in with her. When you 
are back in the "space" (sort of) vibe, press up on the d-pad to be led to 
your objective marker. That objective marker makes these zero gravity 
exploration segments infinitely easier and less frustrating.

Remember that you have explosives when in this state that are unlimited. Use 
them to blow up the bridges of enemies and the turrets that will be firing 
at you. The objective marker will lead you to a ventilation grate. Rip it open 
and go through to find yourself at a long hallway with tons of weapons. Equip 
yourself with weapons that you feel most comfortable with before continuing 
through the door.

There will be an absolute mob of enemies on the other side. Kill all of them 
and then head to the next room, which is similarly just full of enemies from 
wall to wall. Fight your way to the northeastern side of the room and kill 
everyone. Go down the stairs to find an adrenaline pack on the ground as well 
as a minigun on the rack.

Grab the minigun and get your back to a wall. Even MORE enemies are going to 
start coming in huge droves. The minigun is invaluable here, as well as having 
a couple adrenaline packs. Try to avoid using your drone too much just in case 
you need it to revive yourself.

After killing an insane amount of Helghast, you'll get a little bit of peace, 
but not a lot of quiet. Go to the elevator and use the panel to ride it to the 
catwalk. Walk down the catwalk and watch the scene and the end credits...

PSYCH! Har har har. You now play as Echo, armed with only a silenced pistol. 
Echo doesn't have a fancy drone like Lucas, but she does have a couple of her 
own tricks and tools of the trade. If you press "left" on the d-pad as Echo, 
you can deploy your very own spider mine! If you press "down" on the d-pad 
when playing as Echo, she will use her cloak to turn invisible.

While invisible, it is still possible for enemies to notice your presence. 
If you are moving too quickly or stand in front of them for too long, they 
will notice the shimmer of your cloak. Anyway, the first enemy is standing 
in the light of a camera. Disable the camera with a spider drone or by shooting
it. Kill him with a melee attack.

Two more enemies are nearby. Kill the one that is facing in your direction 
with a single headshot, then quickly melee kill the other guard before he can 
notice that something is up. Smash through the nearby glass and go through 
the air vent. Go up the stairs and you'll find another guard at his post. Kill 
him and grab the comic book page that was sitting in there with him. You can 
check out the security feed from here if you want, but there's nothing too 
interesting to see here.

Go outside now. There are three objectives that can be tackled in any order. 
For one, you need to disable the security systems, which is objectives B and 
C. For two, you need to get your sniper rifle, which is objective D. Completing
these three objectives will make objective E pop up.

I recommend going for objective C first. Get cloaked and don't bump into any 
of the civilians or guards. If anyone notices you, you will then only have 
three minutes to complete the mission before the target (who I don't want to 
mention by name to avoid spoilers) leaves.

Objective C is easy to get to and not only that, but it is only guarded by one 
guy and the view of him to others is blocked. Sometimes he is standing in 
view, however, but in that case you can simply ignore him, hop the rails, 
use the control panel on the wall, and leave. If he is out of sight but 
standing in front of the control panel, off him in whatever stealthy way that 
you deem necessary.

Now it's time for the sniper rifle, objective D. Go back up the stairs and 
notice that there is a guard standing near your objective with a camera 
right on him. Disable the camera, kill the guard, and then grab the sniper 
rifle. Look down to see a guard standing in the middle of the area. Jump on 
him to melee him and quickly hide in the nearby ventilation shaft.

Wait for your invisibility cloak ability to return, then use it. Move through 
the shafts to find the panel for objective B. Use the control panel and then 
you will be sent to objective E, which is also in this area. Rip the grate off 
the wall that is designated by the objective markers and move over to the 
bent grate that has a perfect view of the target as he is speaking.

Press O to prepare the rifle. Then the game will automatically aim at the 
target. At that point, simply pull R2 whenever you feel the cursor is aimed in 
a good spot on the target to take the shot and take them out.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you complete Killzone: Shadow Fall exclusively for 
PlayStation 4!