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Stuck in my career?

Said yes to shoot after a bad game. Goal is to shoot 20 quality shots in a row. Can't figure out how to shoot a single one after shooting from everywhere on the court. Please help don't want to have to start all over cause it won't let me skip it


theblackmamba8 answered:

You don't have to shoot a different place every time, you can repeat from one area as long as its not a layup
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laserscope answered:

Alright I finally figured out a way to get past this, but it sucks. Know that I play as a center with horrendous mid-range, but it still got me by.

1) Only fadeaway jump shots count.
2) Shot timing has to be D+ to count.
3) ANY miss on ANY shot (yes layups) still count against.

So even on fadeaways that I make, if the timing was too low it doesn't count for. It probably took me about 100 shots (and lots of prayers on the near misses) before it got up to 20.

Good luck?
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jeremy_w24 answered:

Isn't this the mode where it shows you where your hot spots on the court are? You should try getting excellent releases from those spots.
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