Question from Cuizmo

In NBA 2k14 I signed with Adidas, but when I look in the store Adidas shoes aren't free?

Has this happened to anyone else? and is there a way to make them free?

josecuervo9 asked for clarification:

I haven't signed the contract yet but my agent already told me I'll get it. After I sign and they sponsor me, is everything Adidas free at the store in myCareer?


Blackswag619 answered:

No, for some strange reason 2k has made it to where you have to buy your shoes even if you're sponsored. It doesn't make sense to me but I'm sure we arent the only ones this has happened to.
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halbridious answered:

You have to log into that myCareer and use the store in there - they'll be for 0 VC

you can't use the one in the "features" menu off the main menu.

Once you buy them from the myCareer store, you can equip them on any career or in the features menu fitting room.

The reason for this is that your deal is registered to THAT career only, and you could create another career and get jordan or nike instead. But like I said - once you unlock them in that career, they're unlocked universally.
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