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How does this game save? 1
Is it worth Upgrading STRENGTH + SKILLS and weild both Weapons? 10
Are these items used for anything special? (Tear Stone/Gold Pendant) 1
?Bloodborne Game install Incomplete. Cannot load save data. SOLUTION 5
Why won't my room mates beckoning bell work? 6
So since the lamp on Hypogean Gaol is not available, how do I fight the Dark beast Paarl? 4
Level range for co-op? 3
How do you open the gate outside the clinic? 2
Why cant i teleport to Hypogean Gaol? 4
How do I get the make contact gesture? 1
Recent Questions Answers
Game install incomplete. Cannot load save data. ? 1
How does one even beat Ebrietas? 1
Thinking about running 15-50-15 on Burial blade, but unsure? 1
Bloodborne: my save is not showing on the old hunters edition? 0
What are "Arcane" and "Bloodtinge" do for you? 1
How do you get to the Mergo's Loft Middle lamp? 1
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Unresolved Questions Answers
Forbidden Forest lantern bugs? Byrgenwerth lanterns work? 2
Yahar'Gul One Reborn Innaccessable?! 3
Was wondering if anyone was aware of a good list of the NPC's that can be summoned and thier locations? Thanks 3
Why is there absolutely zero detection of a Small Resonant Bell...ever?! 1
Good stats for beast claws? 0
Bloodborne makes my console shut off, help? 1
Should I go for a Skill/Arcane build? 1
Chalice Dungeons Changing? 0
What is a good bloodborne build? 2
Bloodborne patch 1.09 update shuts off ps4? 1

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