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What happens when... (Spoliers)?

If and I say IF ... i get max social link with Junko and obtain all the movie clips as stated in the IF-Novel? Will I be able to watch a special cutscene\dialogue? Nothing?

Then ... what happens when you get the item number 92? Do i get a cutscene? What happens in that cutsc.? (I still can't find it, how annoying! What is this item?)

Last question ... what does the demo savedata unlocks? The Troll kill movie? I got it by clearing the game with the eng patch haha! ... or should I stop laughing and being woried to have not played the demo?

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28jfj answered:

(SPOILER WARNING if you haven't finished the game)

1. DanganRonpa IF tells you to max the free time events with Junko as her events make more sense after having read the novel.
So, no you don't get anything special besides things you normally get in Free-Time.

2. The movie clip that the IF-Novel tells you to see is the one that comes from getting Item No.92 (Escape Switch) it pretty much is a Teaser for the novel and shows the ending for it in which all Students live and escape.

3.The Demo save data gives you Monokuma Medals.
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Atomrabbit answered:

Demo savedata just gives you some monokuma medals I believe.

Item 92 is an Escape switch. If you get it, it lets to purchase a hidden movie from the extras menu, in which everyone escapes.

The IF novel I think is in SDR2. I'm not sure what you're asking in your first question.
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