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Report Card Skills

Skill Unlock Table

Here is a table of the skill benefits you get from unlocking report card pages.

SP = Max Skill Point + 1 Note that characters may not have all 9 pages.

NumberNamePage 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7
0002Kiyotaka IshimaruSay of AttentionSPPatience of SteelSP
0003Byakuya TogamiCalmlySPInfluential Voice of EnvySPSP
0004Mondo OowadaSPDownshiftUpshiftSP
0005Leon KuwataStrong armSPDynamic Vision
0006Hifumi YamadaCraftworkSPSPDelusionSP
0007YasuhiroZhoukouSPSPCrystal ball fortune-tellingSPSP
0008Sayaka MaizonoVoice of GoldSP
0009Kyouko KirigiriObserving eye*SPRight brain releaseSP
0010Aoi AsahinaRunning*SPSPConcentration of DistinguishedSPAmbidexterity
0011Touko FukawaVocabularySPSPSPSP
0012Sakura OogamiSPBreathing ExercisesSPMeikyoshisuiSP
0013CelesSPSPRaiseSPConcentration of ThreatSP
0014Junko EnoshimaSPTranceCharisma
0015Chihiro FujisakiSPAlgorithmSPCheat Codes
0016*spoiler*Trigger HappySPSP
* In Best version, this skill is replaced with SP (the user gets it by default).

Skill List

Here is a list of the skills and what they do: ND - nonstop debate MTB - machinegun talk battle

  • Max SP +1
    • Maximum skill points: +1. total skill points you can get is 48.
  • Say of Attention
    • Increase influence by 2 hearts
  • Influential Voice of Envy
    • Increase influence by 5 hearts
  • Concentration of Distinguished
    • increase concentration gauge by 2 stars
  • Concentration of Threat
    • increase concentration gauge by 5 stars
  • Zhoukou
    • slightly increase time limit for each phrase
  • Charisma
    • increase influence recovered from influence recovery(after getting correct answers)
  • Calmly
    • Reduce crosshair drift (does not stack with Meikyoshisui)
  • Meikyoshisui
    • Remove cross-hair drift (does not stack with Calmly)
  • Downshift
    • Decrease crosshair speed
  • Upshift
    • Increase crosshair speed
  • Strong arm
    • Increase speed of ammunition
  • Trigger Happy
    • Reduce reload time after shooting an ammunition
  • Crystal ball fortune-telling
    • Limits ammunition to 3 rounds
  • Cheat Codes
    • No time penalty when using silencers(the button that destroy purple words) on assertions(orange words)
  • Algorithm
    • Faster assertion conversion time during ND (convert answers to bullet faster)
  • Dynamic Vision
    • Auto-Aim while concentrating
  • Patience of Steel
    • Takes reduced damage from making a mistake
  • Right brain release
    • concentration gauge goes down slower
  • Delusion
    • cause influence gauge to recover during concentration or fever time
  • Breathing Exercises
    • Concentration Gauge recovers faster.
  • Voice of Gold
    • Increases Damage dealt during MTB.
  • Vocabulary
    • Increases number of bullets by 5 during MTB.
  • Ambidexterity
    • locks 2 assertions with one button press during MTB
  • Craftwork
    • Reloads 2 bullets instead of one
  • Trance
    • Increase Tempo during MTB faster
  • Raise (passive skill)
    • Increases Monokuma Medals acquired.