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Kriller, Jungleus and T-rex?

Can you only get one kriller because i am trying to fill up the catalogue with every pup,colt and max, and where do you get jungleus and t-rex?


harleyjmw answered:

The first place you get it go back there and enter the tourment
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Eddie_Eagle73 answered:

OK, listen up. On the world map push and hold the selct-button then push UP, RIGHT, DOWN and LEFT.
You have unlocked a place called THE BIG SECRET where you can catch the 6 SECRET invizimals.

Search on GOOGLE for:"T-Rex-trap" or go to the website to get Triceratops and Archaeopteryx.
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Eddie_Eagle73 answered:

For JUNGLEUS you have to PLAY 20 infrastructure games/fights.
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paindu84 answered:

Et pour avoir sanctaris ??? svp
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