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Where can I find tome of Men, Silence, Orator, Adventure?

I need someone who knows an alternative to the "Dream of a Flying Castle" portal. I hate going through that place. If possible, I need a place where I can get get it much easier than that damn portal

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It's working pretty well, the strategy of yours D_GamerChef, but I'd like to keep this question open for anyone else who might have other suggestions. But your suggestion DID help and it's giving me an easier time. Thanks!

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Vinderex answered:

A level 1 Iai Strike build I've found works very well in this dungeon too. It takes care of the regular enemies very quickly. The silver bell matches will still feel like normal matches since the Level Gap booster accessory won't take effect, but they too can go fast if you use a bravery increasing summon like Bahamut or PuPu

In case you haven't already heard of it, here's the accessories for a level 1 Iai Strike build.
Safety Bit
Smiting Soul
Near Loss
Level 1-9
Level Gap >= 80 (90 isn't a good idea because it doesn't work against enemies that are right at level 90, which I've found to be annoyingly common. Pretty sure there are a few here too, but don't remember exactly)
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D_GamerChef answered:

I'm afraid to inform you that the said portal is the only way you could get those random tomes with ease..unless you can obtain that certain accessories via battlegen, but it would be a pain and time consuming..if your having a hard time just deploy one character on the scenario 000 and create your own original deploying one character means that you would only get to fight one of your copies in that portal..hope this helps you..
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Omega123sks answered:

Well once you have one of each, you could create a ghost that carries all of them, and try battlegem-ing them. I can post a glitch Grabranth which cannot attack you directly except during a chase later, which you can attack relentessly without annoyance.
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mr_ry answered:

Level Gap can only be used by level 1 character
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Magitek1101 answered:

If you want the tomes then just do what i do and make a friend card holding the tome you most desire, equip back to the wall to it, take off all abilities except 1 hp attack because you ave to have 1 and because its farming. then export it. go to communications and import it at the import friend card.

now go and choose a character to fight your card, go to a non- used set and equip drop rate accessories, luck increase accessories, and a nice heiki equipment set is nice to. it gives full ex at b/g of battle.

warning- if you put to many tomes on you probaly wont get the tome you are after at the moment.
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