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How do I beat the manikin version of Feral Chaos?

Guys, I need your help! I I just have Cloud in Lv. 100 and when the battle started the HP of Manikin Feral Chaos was 50,000 plus and it's just Lv. 95. How can I beat this thing? He's fast, I was above him waiting and it's HP is 50,000 plus. It'll take hours to beat this thing, especially the real Feral Chaos

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How about Yuna? Mega Flare is useful against Manikin Feral Chaos.

TheAC29 provided additional details:

I've just beaten the Manikin version with 5 Lv. 100 characters, but I need help on beating the real Feral Chaos. I've also seen one video that you can beat Feral Chaos in 30 sec using Yuna in Lv. 1 or Lv. 40 But there are some missing accessories that I needed to beat Feral Chaos. Is there any tips on having alot of KP from negative to positive KP in Scenario 13 and 12?

cybuster100 asked for clarification:

@yangk95 Sephiroth's jump thing is Hell's Gate.


Mildrath5 answered:

you must have 5 characters that you know to play, and that HP has attacks that are difficult to escape.
You must give at least a 15000 of damage with each character, they have to be at level 100. If you can not damage at least 12,000, just stay put to start again, retry.
And evolve in the dungeons, you do not sew the rest of the LV has 100.
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BaerkKonnevala answered:

The manikin can be devastated quickly with Iai Strike. However it might not occur to a person to battlegen the Smiting Soul from one of the mognet friend cards (or the 2 particular friend cards might not be available).

The other method will be HP chipping. Megaflare is an attack that will work well on Yuna. I strongly suggest +%bravery recovery gear since your hp will be landing too close togethor for your bravery to fully recover. Brave -> hp attacks can be used as well but it will probably be best to used ranged typed ones so you don't run the risk of being blocked. Chaos is brutally vulnerable to the emporer's sticky ground crest... you could use it to hold chaos in place for a flare.

It should be noted though that feral chaos has particularly weak aerial fighting ability compared to grind. As long as you dodge away whenever he actually comes up close and use homing hp attacks such as ultima and charged meltdowns/holy -> ultima you could just simply snipe him from above. Also having a flare out as well as some dreary cells to cover for you as you do starfall works for the emporer as well. Being a cowardly hp sniper of some sort will definately work.
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ceph2 answered:

You have a lvl 100 cloud right? I was able to beat him by just using omnislash v5 over and over again. Omnislash v5 will end in a wall rush to the ground. After he recovers from it he will go right into an attack.
Just dodge it and use omnislash agian. It will take time and a lot of luck though but i was able to do it.
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jaac128 answered:

The best way is to have characters that has bravery to hp attack so that you can maximize the bravery damage that is done.
Also attacks that had wall rush and accessories that boost wall rush HP Damage.
I used level 100 characters.
I used Warrior of Light, Firion, Cloud, Onion Knight and Cecil
For Warrior of Light just connect to Rune Saber.
For Firion Rope Knife to Double Trouble.
For Cloud connect to Omnislash v5 or Finishing Touch.
For Onion Knight connect to Swordshower and Guiding Swipe.
For Cecil just use Deathbringer.
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yangk95 answered:

Im not sure if this works for the final chaos but try spamming aerial attacks like:
Kain's jump, sky rend.
Sephiroth's jump thing(forgot the name).
Cloud's meteorain(midair).
Gilgamesh's jump(not as effective as kains).
Tidus's jecht shot.
you know those types of moves.
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SilveRevlis answered:

Believe it or not but i owned him with just squall, i just keep spamming him with blasting zone, i didn't even know it'll work out O_o
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vexenity14 answered:

Sephiroth: Use Octaslash constantly, if the slashes misses use the Dodge cancel
Golbez: Use Nightglow if Chaos comes to close, use Sector Ray if in the air or the Float System into Cosmic Ray
Firion: Spam the Lord of Arms then do a dodge roll, if in the air, use Weaponmaster
Squall: Rough Divide is actually useful in this boss fight, dodge after each try
Yuna: Spam Megaflare
Kuja: Stay on top of Chaos and spam Ultima
Tifa: Use Meteor Strike and charge when necessary
Bartz: Stay at the top of the stage and spam the Holy/ Flare combo
Onion Knight: Spam the Sword Shower or Guiding Swipe then dodge, Rinse and repeat. Wind Shear is also useful
Exdeath: Constant use for Grand Cross and dodge
Emperor: Spam Flare
WoL: Spam Bitter End or Rune Saber when an opening appears
Gabranth: Go into EX Mode and charge in like your life has ne meaning but stay on top
Ulitmecia: Spam Hell's Judgement
Garland: Spam Earthquake and Tsunami when on the ground, Flare and Blaze when in the air
Gilgamesh: Get close and spam Hurricane and Rocket Punch and Jump for a dodge
Prishe: Wait for an opening and use either Banishga or Asuran Fist
Kefka: Spam Havoc Wing and Trine
Cecil: Spam Dark Flame and Saints Fall
Lightning: Lightning Strike, Thunderfall, or Flourish of Steel
Kain: Jump like there's no tomorrow
Laguna: Spam dat Ragnarok Buster and Ragnarok Blade
Cloud of Darkness: Keep mashing down the 0-Form Partical Beam
Jecht: Jecht Beam seems to be affective
Terra: Stay at the top of the stage and keep charging up a Fully-Charged Meltdown, if Chaos is getting in close, use Tornado
Cloud: Meterain seems to be useful and also the infamous Omnislash Version 5
Zidane: Become a Grand Lethal spammer and use your Free Energy
Tidus: Use your skillful reflexes and use the Dodge/Quick Hit or use Energy Rain or Jecht Shot
Shanttoto: Try to use Bind and keep spamming every kind of HP Attack Shanttoto can use
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