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Asked: 3 years ago

Horror's Dream? Elixirs? Mog's Amulet?

is there any way to get these?
i need them to create some accessories/weapons

Also i need:
All types of elixir
and tome of lies/silence/mysteries

Thanks for the help!

Additional details - 3 years ago

Is there any other way to get another Mog's Amulet? i traded mine for beckoning cat.

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Elixirs are sold by a 000 moogle shop as a limited item on the 2 days following your bonus day, or through the time attack arcade mode.

Everything else you listed is found in Scenario 000. Search for a topic entitled "Where to find treasure in Scenario 000" on the Dissidia Forums; I made a comprehensive list of where everything is there. GameFAQs Answers doesn't let me put the link directly.

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Oh, and Horror's Dream/Desire/Hope is Prishe's battlegen items. You need to unlock Report #18 (through Scenario 000 dungeon: "Chasm in the Rotting Land") and complete it to unlock Prishe's battlegens.

Mog's Amulet should be a mognet gift, just like in the first game.

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This works like a charm if you already have 1 of what you want. Equip your character with the desired accessory/equipment and set that character as your ghost for your friend card. Export the friend card to your memory stick, the import it and it will show up as a friend whom you can fight and receive drops/battlegen/artifacts from. Also, after importing you can go ahead and delete the exported card from your SAVEDATA folder on the memory stick with no problems. This process is also known as 'duplicating'.

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