Question from ShadowFax_EX

Asked: 3 years ago

Who can I Equip Air Anchor, Chainsaw, Drill and Auto Crossbow to?

Well the main topic says it all, i don't know what playable character I can equip these items to they say they are machine equipment

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From: YonKitoTaoshibe 3 years ago

Technically, both anybody and nobody. Nobody can equip machines naturally, but anybody who uses a Chemist's Lore to obtain the Extra Ability Equip Machines can equip them.
It should be well noted that Machines do not make non-breakable accessories breakable, just breakable accessories more breakable. I find it best to Artifact them, but that's a personal preference.

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What YonKitoTaoshibe said:
You need to trade a Chemist's Lore at the shop for the "Equip Machines" ability.

To unlock Chemist's Lore and the traded ability, you need to complete the story mode at least once through.

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