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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Best characters to use to defeat Feral Chaos? 1
Best Equipment and accessories for Kuja vs Feral Chaos? 6
Desperado/Feral Chaos? 2
Did anyone tried defeating the Chaos from the beginning of the game? 6
Ex-death v.s. Emperor and Sephiroth? 1
Feral Chaos Question? 6
Feral Chaos!?! 11
Feral Chaos??!! 3
Have I bitten off more than I can chew? 1
Help! I didn't get feral chaos for tutorial! WHY? 4
How can i fight against myself? 1
How do clear all enemy in dreams of flying castle? 3
How do I beat Chaos in Main Scenario 000? 1
How do I beat Desperado Chaos? 12
How do I beat Feral Chaos alone? 6
How do I beat Feral Chaos in the 000 storyline?? 2
How do I beat Feral Chaos in the start? 2
How do I beat Feral chaos? 22
How do I beat final faeral chaos? 3
How do I beat Kefka in 013? 3
How do I beat Laguna? 4
How do I beat the final Feral Chaos? 3
How do I beat Warrior of Light w/ Lightning? 6
How do I effectively dodge cloud's meteorain? 3
How do I Find Feral Chaos On Chapter 000? 5
How do I use feral chaos regnum dei?? 4
How do I verse a lvl 100 opponent? 1
How do you get more CP for Feral chaos? 4
How many times do I have to fight Feral Chaos? 1
Is really impossible? 5
Is regular Chaos still in this game? 2
Team Attacks? 2
What are Feral Chaos's attacks? 1
What do you get? 2
What happens when i defeat feral chaos? 2
What is a good stategy for deafeting feral chaos with the party i have? 1
What is the best character and best abilities for beat feral chaos manikin ? 1
What is the full roster? *spoiler* 1
What is the greatest equpiment and accesories for clear edge of madness? 2
Who is the best character? 6
Who is the boss of the Land of the Stolen Crown? What's the best way to beat this boss? 13

Item Location Help Answers
Accessory of Gabranth? 2
Alernate way of obtaining Diamond? 1
Are there any ghost passwords just like Dissidia 1? 11
Artifact help? 2
Assist guage empty accesory? 1
Battlegen Ghost battles? 2
Battlegening the Color Gems? 1
BEST ARMOR SET for WOL, Cloud and Zidane? 1
Best Lufenian Combination? 1
Can anybody give me a ghost password for dissidia 012 US? 1
Can anyone help with electrum? 12
Can Anyone? 1
Can I Lose Labyrinth Equipment? 1
Can someone tell me what the materials needed to make the Excalibur? 3
Can you battlegen Lores from friend cards? 1
Can you use Aerith if you didn't play Prologus? 3
Can't we just buy Electrum?. 3
Can't we just share codes for Clouds KH1 costume??? 3
Charaters??? 7
Cloud kh? 1
Cloud's ULTIMATE weapon? 2
Combat helpful?: growth eggs 2
CPU level +100? 3
Diamond set, diamond necklace and diamond stud? 2
Dissidia 012 Duodecim - Kazekiri for Heaven's Cloud? 1
Do treasure chests in gates respawn? 1
Does Soundwave ever become purchaseable? 2
Easy Kp? 2
Elixir Farming? 12
Elixir help, please!? 1
Elixirs help!!? 1
Equipment Combinations? 1
Feral Chaos Item Recipe Guide? 1
Final Strike, or Ancient Weapon? 1
Friend Card Battlegen? 1
Getting more Dusty Elixirs and these other items? 1
Getting the color gems? 1
Ghost battlegen symbol? 1
Giant's Desire? 2
Gilgamesh battlegen?? 2
Have some items been removed? 2
Help with Maximillian? 2
How can I get "Onion" to appear in the shop? 2
How can I get as much as KP easily ? 5
How can I get sephiroth, Tifa, Prishe, Tidus, Kain, Light, Cecil's Exclusive weapon? ? 1
How can i obtain DLC costumes for my characters ? 2
How come the Elixirs that sell at the start don't show up once a day? 1
How do I get a Lucky Charm? 1
How do I get Fenrir? 2
How do I get Ultima Weapon? 3
How do i make the lustrous shield? 1
How do I obtain the Level Gap 90 > and weaponless/armorless/gloveless/hatless acessories? 3
How do I unlock Desperado Chaos? 3
How do you get lvl 100 weapons and armor? 1
How do you get lvl 100 weapons? 2
How exactly do Machines affect accessories? 1
How exactly do you unlock the "simultaneous" scenes in the theather? 2
How to battlegen LV accessories? 1
How to obtain Ultima weapon, Excalibur, Genji set and Lufenia set? 1
HPUP accessories? 2
I cannot shop for the Final Decision accessory? 1
I have questions about item drops? 1
I have some quetions about Sunrise? 1
Imp's Blessing set? 1
Is it possible to buy KP multiplier and KP Gambler in moogles? 2
Is there a list? 1
Is there a second accesory that increases cp like disidia 1? 1
Is there a weapon that gives you a damage of 9999 at the start of battle? 6
Is there an Exaclibur II ? 4
Is there any cwcheat in English that you can play with the normal Chaos (not feral chaos)? 1
Item group abilities? 2
ITEM Help Please? 1
KP Farming? 2
KP/Gil Farming? 10
Lufenian equipment? 3
Most KP in a single gateway? 4
Multiple Booster Accessory? 1
Nameless equipment? 1
Obtainable Costumes? 5
Prishe's battlegen? 1
Prologus' achievements? 2
Question about the museum(?) 3
Scarletite and elixirs? 12
Shop @99%, Help? 2
Smiting SOul? 1
Summon Stone & Build Help? 1
The Nameless Warrior??? 6
To make fenrir, i need buster sword . can anyone tell me where can I find buster Sword??? 4
Tome of the orator? 3
Tome Problem? 1
Transfering data demo? 2
Transfering data? 2
True Past? 1
Unlock Aeris? 5
Using 2 KP Gambler's? 1
What are the ultimate weapons for ... ? 3
What can I do with a pink tail? 2
What do i get for completing labrynth 100%? 2
What does aerith do? 1
What does it mean by Complete Report 08 (2) (and Report 08 (6))? 2
What does the bronze, silver, and gold angels do? 1
What does the Chainsaw do? 2
What does the Regen effect do? 1
What Equipment? 1
What is good Iai build?? 1
What is the best way to get Hi-elixir fast? 1
What is the best way to get megalixir? 1
What is the bonus for transferring over data? 2
What is the easiest way of getting tomes? 1
What is the name of tifa's lvl 100 exclusive weapon? 1
What is the quickest way? 2
What is training ring for? 2
What items does Cloud need to wear in order to reach 10k hp? (No hp boost from acc. pls) 1
What&where is the Lore and more ?? 2
What's the most efficient way to collect Hi-Elixirs?? 3
When do I unlock new combo for Kain? 2
Where are the Elixirs!? 1
Where can I can find a accessory that help the emperor attacks? 2
Where can I find "Hatless,Gloveless and armorless"? 2
Where can I find (+50k Hp)? 8
Where can I find (Aries Recipe)? 1
Where can I find (ghost)? 1
Where can I find (Multipliers)? 1
Where can I find ? 1
Where can I find a Level Gap 80? 1
Where can I find all the reports? 3
Where can I find an accessory that increases drop rate? 1
Where can I find Barbut? 1
Where can I find Black flan membrane? 1
Where can I find Bracer? 1
Where can I find Chocobo cologne? 2
Where can I find Cockatrice Feather? 1
Where can I find dragon seal? 2
Where can I find Dragon's tear and Mystile?? 1
Where can I find Dusty Elixirs, Electrums, and a Scarletite? 6
Where can I find Electrum? 1
Where can I find eletrum? 1
Where can I find elixer in arcade? 2
Where can I find exclusive weapons? 2
Where can I find Gold? 1
Where can I find Hecatoncheir< gilgamesh, Ultima weapon, and omega summon stone? 1
Where can I find Hero's Essence? 2
Where can I find Hi-elixirs? 2
Where can I find higher lvl equipment? 1
Where can I find ingredients to make character's (eg. Cloud Squall Firion etc) weapon?)? 3
Where can I find Lai Strike? 1
Where can I find lvl 100 multiplier? 2
Where can I find Megalixirs? 3
Where can I find Mythril? 1
Where can I find or open to create the platinum helmet? 1
Where can I find puppeterres wheel? 3
Where can I find Remaining Icon? 3
Where can I find Rosetta stone? (please answer) 2
Where can I find Samurai soul? 1
Where can I find Samurai Spirit? 1
Where can I find Scarletite & Electrum? 1
Where can I find SHINRYU SUMMON. or complete my summonstone? 1
Where can I find Shinryu Verus and Omega Weapon Summonstone and What the meaning of CW cheat ?? 1
Where can I find Spirit Stanchion? 1
Where can I find the "Tears"? 1
Where can I find the Allure of Honey Armor Set? 1
Where can I find the Chocobo summon? 9
Where can I find the iai strike build, non-hacked accessories? 1
Where can I find the items for Beckoning Cat? 1
Where can I find the items to make Dangerously Lucky? 3
Where can I find the Moogle Icon(Dissidia)? 1
Where can I find the ultima weapon(sword)? 1
Where can I find these accesories? 1
Where can I find these Set items? 1
Where can I find this "secret shop" in Scenario 000? 1
Where can I find Tome of Adventure? 2
Where can I find Tome of Lies? 2
Where can I find tome of Men, Silence, Orator, Adventure? 5
Where can I find Tome of Orator? 1
Where can I find wakening darkness? 1
Where can I find weakening Darkness? 1
Where can I find wishperweed? 2
Where can I find Xande's Hatred and Insences?and many more 1
Where can I find/buy barbut? 1
Where can I find/buy summonstone Pupu(?)? 4
Where can I find? 1
Where can I get stronger weapons? 2
Where can I obtain all Lv. 100 Weapons? 1
Where can South lufanian gateway)? 1
Where do I find Gilgamesh summon? 3
Where do you find the Empyrean Rod? 5
Where in the Labyrinth is the King of Tragedy set? 1
Where is the Mourned Moogle? 2
Where's my bonus? 5
Where/How can I acquire "Final Strike"? 1
Where/How can I find a Pink Tail? 2
Why aren't my KP Bonuses working? 1
Why can't I find the "Final Strike" weapon? 1
Why won't it show up ? 2

Other Help Answers
(Like gernet or vivi?)Any There Any Charters From FF9? and if there are so how does someone get them? 5
4 Player battle??? 1
About DLC codes? 1
Acomplishment 083 - Spend at least 100000 gil on trade goods after material cost.? 1
All costumes???? 2
Any have PP store translation guide? 1
Any schedule for US DLC ? 2
Any solid date set for Duodecim Prologus in NA? 2
Anyone??? 2
Are DLC costumes account-locked? 1
Are there any huge Final Fantasy spoilers? 1
Are there more characters playable here?? 1
Are there some moves that Players don't have access to? 1
Asking this will be stupid but someone got a tifa costume that doesn't need? 1
Aya Brea and Cecils son? 1
Battlegen, Tomes and Omega Stages? 2
Battlegen? 1
Best ex build accessory setup? 1
Bonuses? 1
Can Anyone Give Me A US Save File? D: 1
Can original rules be applied in Confessions of the Creator? 1
Can some one help with the posted saves? 1
Can somebody explain to me Labrynth? 1
Can someone give a list of the Extra Abilities? 1
Can someone let me download his N.a. aya brea outfit plz? 1
Can this game connect with another region's version? 1
Can you get Cloud (Kingdom Hearts Form) when you download the game? 3
Can you go online in Dissidia 2? 1
Can you still get tifa dcl from amazon? 1
Can you still transfer your "Dissidia Final Fantasy" save game even if you decline? 1
Can your enemy have Aeris as an assist? 2
Cantata Mortis & God in Fire? 1
Changing opponent's appearance? 1
Changing outifts while in Story Mode? 1
Chaos/Chaoses? 1
Cloud kingdom hearts??? 3
Cloud's KH Costume? 1
costume in NA? 5
CWCheats not working....? 3
Desperado chaos? 1
didnt play the first. What do i need for dissidia two? 1
Difference between Dissidia and Dissidia 012? 1
Dissida 012? 1
Dissidia 1 character level? 1
Dissidia duodecim features help!!? 4
Dissidia VS Dissidia 012? 1
DLC activation? 3
DLC and Prologus? 7
Dlc for North America? 1
DLC help? 1
Do dlc's install on ur umd so u can delete to make room for more? 1
Do You Need One Code For KH Gear Cloud? 1
Does all the characters on this game have combos? 3
Does anybody know how I can get the "Leon" costume for Squall? I would really like that. 1
Does anyone have a 6.60 save file 100% completed? 1
Does anyone have and extra costume of lightning? 4
Does anyone know if there are secret passwords to input to unlock secret items like in the first Dissidia? 2
Does anyone want this? 1
Does yuna get more moves after mega flare? 2
Duel Colosseum? 1
Encounter quotes? 1
English version? 1
Eow do i get unlimited Dusty Elixirs Eixir hi-Elixirs Megalixirs? 2
EU duodecim?.. 1
Finalfantasy VII zack in here? 3
Friend Card extraction? 1
Getting more KP? 1
Gilgamesh, Prishe, Phantom train and stuff? 1
Gilgamesh? 1
Guide for making a Sephiroth iai strike? 2
Help wit friends card? 1
How big is Prologus? 2
How can i buy my DLC costumesfor my characters? 1
How can i make saved replays to a video? 1
How can you wear alternate outfits in story mode? 1
How come my Zidane don't have Meo twister? 1
How do i break the 9999 HP cap? 1
How do I customize my Friend Card? 1
How do I get Assisst Charge? 1
How do i make ghost cards that i can fight? 1
How Do i train easier without CHEATS? 1
How do i unlock Gilgamesh in the PP catalogue? 2
How do I unlock the jobs in quick party mode? 1
How do I unlock the Secret Voices? 1
How do I use dlc in dissidia 012? 1
How do u change characters? 1
How do you access the Jukebox? 1
How do you get crazy high health? 1
How do you import/export friend cards into different slots? 2
How do you unlock the PP catalogue? 4
How does forced combo works? 1
How get the code to unlock Tifa enforcer? Because i per-order. I need the for her. amazon code? 3
How good is this game? 1
How many hours of gameplay does 012 offer? 1
How much does Prologus cost on PSN? 1
How to download this game? 1
How to gain a lot of kp point at 1 time? 2
How to get a lot of AP for this character? 1
How to get a lot of pp ( Like 3000 pp at 1 time)? 1
How to get a move called sword shower from onion knight? And how to unlock quake too 1
How to get Chain Striker Accomplishment and what is better-Lufenian Axe or Excalibur,and also,how to get Guilding Light? 1
how to get ETERNAL DISCORD? 1
How to get the reports battle? 1
How to Locate the SECRET MOOGLE SHOP on the LAND OF DISCORD??? 1
How to move ( go futher ) in story? 1
How to move up and down with Omni Air Dash? 1
How to play as Warriors of Chaos in the Main storyline? 1
How to unlock cloud skill Omnislash version 5? 1
How would I make a custom battle? PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION 1
I actually have two questions? 1
I chose not to import my DFF file. Can I choose to import it later on? 1
If Docidium and Prologus are Latin then Dissdia is....? 2
If i buy the umd game on March 22 u.s., will i be missing out on anything? 1
If this has the story and characters of the first game...? 1
Incredibly annoying!! + some armor questions? 3
Is Auto EX Command of any REAL use? 3
Is Feral Chaos worth it? 2
Is it possible for alt outfits from Japan to work on the NA release? 5
Is it possible for the English Characters to speak Japanese? 1
Is it possible to beat her? 2
Is it possible to buy the Legacy edition and get the PSN code and use it with a NA PSN Account? 1
Is it possible to create an original rule? 3
Is it possible to merge two save files into one save file? 1
Is Kain voiced by Dan Green? 2
Is Lightning Good?? 1
Is the Aya Brea costume for Lightning available in the US? 1
Is there another way to get the Lores beside getting 500000 gil? 1
Is there any possible way to have Round Ribbon automatically selected for quick battle party mode? 1
Is there any saves for the bonus costumes? the website there on to? 1
Is this game just Dissidia 1.5 with new Charaters? 1
Is this game worth buying? 1
Is this game worth getting? 1
Is this the same game just with more charcacters? 1
Just asking? 3
Just beat Main Scenario 013, now what? 2
KH Cloud Costume? 1
Labyrinth? 2
Laguna? 1
Legacy Edition? 2
Level altering? 1
Lighting and tifa? 1
Lightning problem(?) 1
Lvl 100 equipment and hunting for ingrediants help!!? 1
Main scenario 000 worth buying? 2
main scenario 013 HELP!!!??? 1
Main Senerino 000 trouble? 1
Midgar flower? 4
Missing Cutscenes? 1
Missing theater mode scenes? 1
Mognet Friend cards? 2
Music Identity? 1
Need to know...? 1
Need to play prologus for Aerith? 4
New dissidia title? 1
OK so? 1
Only the "main" characters in this game? Why? 2
Other EX mode exclusive attacks? 1
Playing Feral chaos- Bravery depletion? 1
PlayStation Store? 2
PP catalog? 3
Precision block/dodge?? 3
Prishe Character Help? 1
Prishe's SkillChains? 1
Prologue/Prologus Accomplishments? 1
Prologus Battle Tutorial Question? 1
Prologus data and keeping Aerith? 1
Scenario 013 vs. Dissidia 1 save file? 2
Secret voice? 1
Secret Voices? 1
Shadow Bringer help? 1
Should I get this game? 1
Sub scenario??? 2
Teleporting? 1
The Omega Stages? 1
Transferring KP to Gil, best way to do this is...? 1
Unlocking Aerith? 3
US version??? 1
Using onmi ground dash+? 1
Warior of Light's The Nameless Warior costume? 1
We can't keep all Labyrinth Items ? 1
What 's the best way for (Gil farm)? 2
What ability will you equip to enable male characters wear the Allure of Honey set? 1
What are the DLC's / unlockables on this game? 1
What are the Omega Stages? 1
What are the white spheres in story mode? 2
What day is the shop 10 % off? 2
What does chocobo cologne and midgar flower do? 1
What does Precision Block and Dodge do ? 1
What does the yellow / orange square mean next to an abiliity? 2
What happens if you kill Feral Chaos? 3
What happens when all your characters die? 1
What is Luk (Luck I gues) good for ? 2
What is the true limit on Multiplier Boosts? 1
What rewards can I get from Prologus that I can't get in Dissidia? 1
What? 1
When do specific battle intro messages occur? 1
When do you get to play as someone else? 2
When I try to transfer a save data, why does it say there corrupt data? 6
Wher do i find kp bonus ? aslo can find a (kp bonus fram?) 1
Where can find a save of Tifas bonus outfit. Also thee others bonus a save of them? 1
Where can i get promyvion shard? 1
Where do i put Aerith's Data in the mem? 2
Where to input code? 1
Who is A. V. Kennedy? 1
Will copying a save post from a playstation 3 work or does it always corrupt the save data? 1
Will I have enough space on my memory card? 2
Will the villians have their own story or is it still only the heroes? 1
Will there be any DLC? 3
Would someone be able to post a save? 5
Yuna's secret voice? 1

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