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Open Questions

Item Location Help Answers
How can I find the final strike equipment easily? 0
Where can I find an Ice Lance in the Labyrinth? 0
%100 Item break protection? 3
3rd Alternative Costumes? 1
Any tips on getting excalibur 2? 2
Artefact? 2
Artifact renaming didnt give me abilities??? 4
Auto crossbow? 3
Battle ring? 1
Best set of armour for onion knight? 2
Can anyone give me a link? 1
Can we keep prizes from the labyrinth? 1
Cant find firion in the museum character files? 2
Dangerously Lucky??? 2
Delight of conflict, sorrow of conflict? 2
Earthbreaker, Maximilian, and Excalibur II? 2
Easy KP bonus? 5
Electrum in the shop? 1
Friend Card help please? 1
Get smiting soul? 3
Gil Farming? 3
Gilgamesh and Ultima Summons? 6
Horror's Dream? Elixirs? Mog's Amulet? 3
How can I find a Chocobo Wing? 5
How can i get Gear Collection? 2
How can i get trade compartments? 3
How can i have the gilgamesh summonstone? 5
How can I use electrum? 2
How do I get Large Gap in Bravery? 2
How do I get the sonic knuckles? 2
How do I obtain Player Icon 240? 1
How do I unlock Level 90 - 100 Items in the Shop? 2
How do you get colored gems to drop? 2
How do you keep Labyrinth prizes? 2
How to battlegen the tomes and elixirs on ghost card? 2
How to get more kp? 1
How to get the ghost card No. 1 Moogle? 2
How to I get Firion's exclusive weapon? 1
How to obtain Feral Chaos' Accessories? 2
I have an artifact that says luk +30 but when I equip it, it only gives me luk + 1, is this a glitch? 1
I need some EUR friend card for materials and drops? 1
I really can't understand Artifact drops. Can anyone explain plz? 4
I sold a few artifacts for gil, how do i craft new ones? It says it uses an equipment as a base. where do i start? 2
If I buy/trade an item in the labyrinth, do I keep it? 1
If i make multiple prologous accounts can i transfer all the accounts items to one duodecim save? 1
If I played the first game does the mognet give me the same icons first? 1
Import Item? 1
Is it possible to make artifacts solo (without exchanging friend cards with other players)? 1
Item obtaining? 1
Kain equipment ? 3
Life of the Planet?? 2
Low Battlegen Rates? 1
Manual Magic pot? 5
Megaelixirs in Cornelia Moogle shop? 3
Mognet player icons? 2
Moogle shops in scenario 000? 3
Pebble? 3
Player icon 187? 1
Someone please teach me how to get the best drop rate ability on artifacts? 2
Summonstone help please? 2
The ultimate exclusive weapons? 2
Using alt costumes in story mode? 6
Weapons? 2
What and where can i find this summon? 3
What are all exclusive weapons for prishe? 1
What are the best accessories to get lightning to 99.9 percent? 1
What are the Friend cards used for? 1
What are the items required to make eternal discord? 1
What are the names of the exclusive items of lightning?what do you need in order to make it? 2
What does dismay shock do? 1
What Is needed for the super rocket set? 1
What is Tidus' lvl 100 exclusive weapon? 1
What would be a good offensive build for Bartz or a general one for everybody? 1
When will diamond ring become available to my shop? 2
Where are the Break HP Limit accessories? 2
Where can I buy / find the summonstone for gilgamesh? 1
Where can I find (all the sets)? 1
Where can I find (all the tomes)? 5
Where can I find (Diamond Ring)? 1
Where can I find (Havoc Soul, puppeteers wheel,Soul of Destroyer & Soul of Sovereign accesrories )? 3
Where can I find (KH DLC costumes)? 2
Where can I find (Large Gap in HP)? 1
Where can I find (missing summons)? 1
Where can I find (noah's lute and whisperweed)? 2
Where can I find a full allure honey weapon equipment? 1
Where can I find acrane incense valor incense? 1
Where can I find Darksteel Ingot? 3
Where can I find each characters exclusive weapon? 3
Where can I find Endless discord? 2
Where can i find Giant's battlegen? 1
Where can I find growth Egg,or how do I make it? 3
Where can I find Gulg steel? 1
Where can I find high elixir and tome of.....(many)? 1
Where can I find item:Tome of Lies? 1
Where can I find ivory choker? 1
Where can I find KP Bonuses? 2
Where can I find kp gambler? 2
Where can I find Megaelixirs? 3
Where can I find MIDGAR FLOWER? 5
Where can I find more booster acc? 1
Where can I find Perpetual Discord? 1
Where can I find pf getiing ult wpn mats? 1
Where can I find rosetta stone in the treasure chest? 1
Where can I find scarletite and electrum? 8
Where can I find silver statue, gold statue? 2
Where can I find smiting soul in the treasure chest? 1
Where can I find some Hi-Elixirs? 2
Where can I find Survival Knife ? 2
Where can I find the Edgar Friend Card? 1
Where can i find the elixirs and stuffs? 2
Where can I find the exclusive item like stretch boxers,true past? 2
Where can i find the items required for their final weapons? 2
Where can I find the last item at the PP catalog?? 1
Where can I find TOME OF FARPLANE? 1
Where can I find Unknown's Bone ? 1
Where can i find?? 3
Where the best accessory for mateus? 2
Where to get elixirs? 2
Who is the best character to utilize the Booster Accessory "Damage time > 5 Sec"? 3
WyrmHero Blade / Dangerously Lucky? 3
Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Any way to restart a battle in the story mode? 1
Are "rabid" chaos' abilities really that big and you cant exceed more than 510 cp??? 2
Best assist team-ups? 2
Combo with Jecht and Cloud of Darkness? 2
DLC special effects? 4
EX revenge And staggering opponent? 2
Ex-Centric + Force to Courage? 1
Ex-Mode type gabranth and level 100 equips? 3
Feint? 5
Gaining easy KP? 2
Good character builds? Accessories and equipment for them? Abilities? 2
Growth eggs and experience? 1
How can i play Labyrinth? 1
How do i make a lai strike set for any of my characters? 2
How do i use EX-Revenge? 4
Iai strike? 2
Normal block vs Precision Block? 2
PP Farming? Answers pls! 1
Shilly-Shally accomplishment 053? 2
Some Essential Accomplishments? 2
Speed Boost Effects? 1
Tifa's skill? 3
What are the best builds for each of the characters? 1
What is all Prishe Double Skillchains? 2
What is the best ability set up for Feral Chaos? 3
What is the best strategy for beating the final crater? 1
What is the best strategy for EXP, AP, PP, Gil & KP Farming? 2
What is the best strategy for getting a lot of gil? 8
What is the best strategy for gigamesh's ex mode? 5
What is the best team for beat final feral chaos? 11
What is the best team to clear all of enemy in edge of discord? 1
when i fight tifa(CPU) she performs a teleport move before executing her baver or HP attack. How do i do that? 2
Which is the hardest "mode"? 2
Why is Gabranth's EX charge fall so quickly after going into EX mode? 5
Technical Help Answers
Data install = save data corruption? 0
Ad hoc help? 1
Can DLC be shared by copying raw data from the Memory Stick? 2
Can someone help with freezing problems? 7
Can you do wireless with eur ver and usa????? 1
Cant use accessories in time attack? 1
Damn? 1
DLC issues? 3
DLC new game? 1
DLC problems? 1
Does this work on psp 1000 gen-d3 and or psp 2000 gen-c? 3
EUR version & USA version not connecting (AD HOC). WHY? 4
Gabranth ex burst? 2
How can i add other music to dissidia? 1
How can I open the Collection at the Main Menu?? 1
How come i cant access the Museum? 2
How do i unlock character files? 1
How do you actually use created rule sets in 000? 1
I can't seem to use my old dissidia save files on the new dissidia & they are both the USA editions? 7
Not Transferring my data? 3
Outfits? 4
Play plan I Nevered understand it why? 2
Reports? 2
Save data problem? 2
Save Game Files don't work, why? 2
Screenshot problem? 1
The EUR savedatas don't work on PSP 5.00 m33-6? 5
Time Travel? 1
Transferring game data...? 2
Where can I find a download link for the dlc? 1
Where i can see Theter video 009 and 010? 1
Why can't I equip my accesories and other equipment? 2
Why can't I transfer my game? 9
Why do the EUR savedatas in this site show up as corrupted? 2
Why does my downloaded save file wont read when im trying to load the game? 1
Why does my story mode always glitch during battles? 2
Why does the game cannot progress to Report 2? 1
Why does the game cannot progress to the next? 1
Why does the xlink keep telling me "You are unreached"? 1
Why doesn't my Tifa/Squall DLC code work? 3
Why doesn't the save file from this site give out Aeris?? 5
Whydoes the PSN Download never complete? 1
Other Help Answers
Anyone have EU Tome Farming friend card here? 0
Are saved labyrinth items permanent? 0
Accessories help? 1
Add-on Content? 3
ANY way to get a code generator for costumes and such? 1
Anyone know of any info for a 3rd game? 7
Are assist characters effected by their normal-play character level? 1
Aya Brea code? 2
Aya Brea costume? 1
Can anyone make this cwcheat? 1
Can i do Data transfer for Dissidia? 3
Can I listen to "The Troops' Advance" during a battle? 3
Can i transfer equipment from the original game? 1
Can someone explain to me the rules? 3
can someone post a 100% NA save file that works for umd? 2
Can someone tell me how to unlock the party battle classes? 1
Can someone upload Prologus file? 5
Can somoene upload a us save data not hacked? 2
Can you load your EUR save file from NA version? 3
Can't unlock Laguna's museum entry? 2
Cecil DLC? 2
Cecil's classic outfit? 1
Chaos's ex-burst? 1
Character help? 3
Cheat Codes? 1
Cloud costume code? 2
Cloud"s KH costume? 1
Completing the summon compendium list? 2
Coping saved dissidia 1 files? 1
Costume Question? 2
costume Save file please? 1
Difference between Dissidia and Dissidia 012? 1
Difficulty lvl and short summon animations? 2
Dissidia 012 demo??? 1
Dissidia 12 2 in 1? 2
Dissidia demo??? 1
Dissidia Museum Record Transfer? 1
DLC codes? 4
DLC in Legacy edition? 2
DLC in PSN? 2
DLC skins? 1
DLC voucher expiration? 3
DLC's? 2
Do party members get AP? 1
Does anyone else have it???? 2
Does playtime carry over into DDFF from Prologus? 2
Does US PSN Prologus work with the EU/UK version of Dissidia Duodecim?? 2
Does yuna have other forms? (like gunner) 4
Downloadable Content? 1
English/Chinese/Kor(NPHH00293) save file request? 2
Euro saved data? 2
Ex mode opinoin? 1
Game save question? 1
Good sephiroth accessory build? 1
Help please? 2
Help!?! 1
Hey I need Help? 1
How accessable is the Japanese version ? 1
How can i complete the character list....? 3
How can i make Feral Chaos to Level 130 on Quick Battle? 3
How can I play online? 1
How can I unlock the new alternate stages??? 2
How can you get the legacy edition? 1
How do gain ex for chaos level 100 ? 1
How do i add dlc saves from this site to my game? 1
How do I clear my party data? 1
How do I level up the Chaos characters? 2
How do i rank up my character? 2
how do i unlock Scenario 000? 1
How do I unlock the locked area in the first Gateway in Scenario 000? 1
How do you get the alternate costume to the game? 2
How do you tranfer data other than in a new game? 1
How do you unlock Confessions of the Creator? 6
How does battlegen work?? 2
How to access mog web?? 1
How to get cloud's alternate costume?(advent children) 1
How to get this ablity for WoL? 1
How to master Kain? 1
How to unlock these Movies? 1
How to use CW cheat ??? 1
How to use lighting's EX burst? 3
I cant transfer data from demo? 3
I preordered my game, but I didn't get Cloud's Kingdom Hearts outfit. Can I still get it? 1
If dissidia 012 is a prequel then where the evil cloud and others? 2
Is it possible to share custom-made quests to other players? 1
Is it possible? 2
Is there a guide that contains where and how to obtain items for trade? 1
Is there a way to turn the KP line on or off? 1
Is there any logic to the skills from the "Powers of the Dead"? 0
Is this game out in Toronto? 2
Is this game worth money playing online? 1
Issue with saving abilities?? 1
Item drop prob/ ghost? 2
Items that are always being removed? 2
Jecht Block + precision Block = Super Jecht Block? 1
Jecht build? 1
Just want your opinion ? 1
KH costume?. 1
Kinds of Yuna's aeons??? 2
Labrynth? 3
Legacy Edition Costume?... 1
Leveling Up? 1
Missable player icons? 3
Mognet Question help? 1
Moogle Cutscene Appearances? 1
Music in Scenario 000? 1
My playstation store doesnt have the demo? 3
Na save data??? 3
No mog web? 2
On Prologous can you play as other characters? 1
Onion Knight: Power/Magic Up? 1
Opinions about Vaan? 3
Party Question? 1
Pass me Some US Saved Game. ?? 2
Play against original DFF? 1
Portrait expicate or not? 1
Pre-Order Gamestop mistake >_>? 1
Prologus Aeris and Tifa Enforcer outfit conflict with one another, why is that? 1
Prologus Data Transfer failing?? 2
Purchasing Duodecim Prologue ? 1
Quests??? 1
Realese date in PSN? 1
Redemption Codes? 1
Region and PSP Bundle codes? 1
Report 20 problem in Dissidia 012: Duodecim FF? 2
Report Cut Scenes? 2
Report problem? 1
Save conversion from ULES to UCAS? 1
Should I get this game or Monster Hunter Freedom Unite? 1
Some scenario??? 1
Soooo this ability for F. chaos? 1
Special cards? 3
Squall? 4
Story mode help!?! 2
Suggestions for New characters Ever? 8
The character manual messages? 1
The demo? 2
The game doesnt detect my save data.....what wrong??? 1
Things on friend card? 1
Thinking about buying this for my does it look compared to psp and how do controls compare to psp? 1
Tifa DLC? 1
Tifa, Cloud, Couples? 2
V.s computer ? 2
Vaan? 1
What about the rating? 1
What are the little golden ovals/dots beside the timer in Gabranth and Vaan's EX bursts? 3
What are the moogle for in some of the stills of scenes in the theater? 2
What bartz moves were removed? 4
What happen with these character? 4
What is the better version for this game The US version or The EUROPE version? 2
What is the difference between this characters...? 4
What is the usual Drop Rate for Artifacts? 1
What kind of place does the land of discord have? 2
What kinds of new rare items does dissidia 12 have? 1
What will hapend if....? 3
Where can i find Cornelia castle? 1
Where is MogWeb? 1
Who is your favorite character? >:D 3
Why can't I use Aerith anymore? 1
Why can't my level 100 tifa fill her ex-gauge? 1
Why does my Dissidia keep staying in a white and blank screen after finishing the Land Of Discord? 1
Why i cant play the save data ? 3
Will their be a "Leon" costume from Kingdom Heart series for Squall? 5

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