Kain Highwind by 3R9Sasuke

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           Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy
	Kain Highwind Character Guide by 3R9Sasuke
Table of Contents:
Section 1. Introduction
	[Int1] : About me.
	[Int2] : About Kain.

Section 2. Moves.
	[Mov1] : Movelist
	[Mov2] : Move Description

Section 3. Playing as Kain.
	[Pla1] : Important.
	[Pla2] : EX Mode Usage.
	[Pla3] : Comboes.
	[Pla4] : Builds

Section 4. Character Guides.
	[Cha1] : Lightning
	[Cha2] : Vaan
	[Cha3] : Laguna
	[Cha4] : Yuna
	[Cha5] : Tifa
	[Cha6] : Warrior of Light
	[Cha7] : Firion
	[Cha8] : Onion Knight
	[Cha9] : Cecil
	[Ch10] : Bartz
	[Ch11] : Terra
	[Ch12] : Cloud
	[Ch13] : Squall
	[Ch14] : Zidane
	[Ch15] : Tidus
	[Ch16] : Garland
	[Ch17] : Emperor
	[Ch18] : Cloud of Darkness
	[Ch19] : Golbez
	[Ch20] : Exdeath
	[Ch21] : Kefka
	[Ch22] : Sephiroth
	[Ch23] : Ultimecia
	[Ch24] : Kuja
	[Ch25] : Jecht
	[Ch26] : Shantotto
	[Ch27] : Gabranth
	[Ch28] : Prishe
	[Ch29] : Gilgamesh
	[Ch30] : Feral Chaos

Section 5. Other things.
	[Oth1] : FAQ
	[Oth2] : Contact information
	[Oth3] : History
	[Oth4] : Credits
				Section 1

[Int1] Author Introduction

What's up? I'm 3R9Sasuke (no comments on name please). This is my Username on
GameFAQs but I'm also known as X-Burner21 on Xlink Kai and DissidiaForums. I
live in a country which most of you have never heard of, St. Lucia. I won't 
lie, Kain isn't my first choice of character. It's Firion. HOWEVER, in my 
mains (Party) he has a solid spot so I think it's all good. I have done a few
PvPs, though I'm yet to do it on Xlink. I do use him often and train
frequently with him. Also, this is my first FAQ/Character guide so please bear
 with me.

[Int2] Character Introduction

Kain is one of the new playable characters in Dissidia 012: Duodecim. He is 
on Cosmos' side. In Final Fantasy IV, he is a Dragoon in service of Baron.
A good friend on Cecil.

*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_* Spoilers *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*

In Final Fantasy IV, he starts out good and goes with Cecil on a mission to 
Mist. However, once they reach Mist a package they were carrying opens and
turns out to be a bomb, which burns the town. A summoner attacks them, 
creating a mountain and seperating him from Cecil. Later, he is seen again
but this time allied with the evil Golbez and is part of him plot to steal 
the crystals. He joins the party on occasions, but ends up being controlled
by Golbez and betrays the team. This has earned him the fan badge of 

In Dissidia 012: Duodecim he meets with Golbez, who tells him the truth 
about the cycle. However, Cecil arrives and attacks Golbez which results
in him teleporting away. With new knowledge, Kain speaks with Warrior of
Light and tells him what he was told. The two decide on a plan to take out
all the other Cosmos Warriors, that way they won't get killed by the 
endless horde of Manikins and permanently lost. The two start the plan, 
with Kain starting with Bartz. Lightning sees and fights him but he flees.
He then meets Firion who he then takes out. Exdeath, who knows the he is 
defeating the Cosmos warriors appears and asks about the others, but he
refuses. Exdeath summons some manikins which Kain defeats. The next one to
go is Zidane. After doing that, he helps Tifa after he fight with Ultimecia.
ultimecia then tells of his actions, which cause Kain to take Zidane and
escape. Tifa finds him, tired and uses her last potion on him. After some
convincing, he tells Tifa about the cycle. She tells him to trust her, 
despite Kain's warning that survival was not assured. They reunite with 
the other new characters later and head off to stop the Manikins. On 
their way, Exdeath and Golbez to tell them that because of Kain's plan,
the Manikins are not there and he figures out that they are going after
an undefended Cosmos. He tells the others to go ahead and that he would
handle the two. Exdeath summons more Manikins, but Kain beats them and him.
Golbez thanks Kain for doing what he did, for it allowed the cycle to end.
He also warns Kain that if he goes, he will not survive but Kain goes 
anyway. They fight the Manikins, somehow managing to seal the entry to the
Rift but die in the process. 

*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*Spoilers End*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*

				Section 2

[Mov1] Movelist.

|           Move            | Level Learned |  AP  | CP Normal  |  CP Mastered |
|Spiral Blow                |       1       |  100 |    30      |      15      |
|Cyclone (Ground)	    |	    1	    |  90  |    30	|	15     |
|Lance Burst		    |	    19	    |  100 |	30	|	15     |
|Lance Barrage		    |	    1	    |  100 | 	30	|	15     |
|Crashing Dive		    |	    1	    |  100 |	30	|	15     |
|Celestial Shooter	    |	    13	    |  100 |	30	|	15     |
|Cyclone (Aerial) 	    |	    27 	    |  90  |	30	|	15     |
|Jump			    |	    1	    | 130  |	40	|	20     |
|Dragon's Fang (Ground)	    |	    23	    | 130  |	30	|	15     |
|Gungnir		    |	    1	    | 130  |	30	|	15     |
|Rising Drive		    |	   36	    | 130  |	30	|	15     |
|Sky Rave		    |	    8	    | 130  |	30	|	15     |
|Dragon's Fang (Aerial)     |	   31	    | 130  |	30	|	15     |

I left out Basic abilites because every character gets them at the same time.

[Mov2] Move Description.

	Spiral Blow:
	Kain leaps forward, spinning as he hits them with his lance. Slow
	start but strong.

	Rating: 5/10
	Reasoning: I personally don't like slow moves. However, this is a
		  good move for starting a combo or starting the fight in
		  your favour since he ends up in the air afterwards.

	Cyclone(both ground and aerial):
	Kain floats, spinning his lance vertically. This causes a green 
	ball of wind to shoot out. Medium speed, slight homing.

	Rating: 4/10
	Reasoning: I just have this for trolling. I don't honestly plan on
		  using it in a fight, but do if I need to keep an opponent
		  on the move of stop a Snoze and Lose, I use it. It does 
		  have it's uses for some people though.

	Lance Burst:
	Kain lunges forward, his lance piercing the opponent. if it hits, 
	he sticks the lance into the ground which he then uses to swing into
	a kick which launches you into the air. Chase.

	Rating: 8/10
	Reasoning: One of my favourite attacks as Kain. It's fast, does good 
		  damage and leads to a chase (or just in the air if you 
		  don't like those.)

	Lance Barrage:
	Kain swings his lance, slashing twice at the opponent. Then, depending
	on the direction being pressed, he does one of two things. No button:
	wall rush. Up/Down: Chase.

	Rating: 7/10
	Reasoning: Slightly fast and gives you some choice. Plus, good way to 
		  set up an Assist Combo. 

	Crashing Dive:
	Holding the lance up he does a roll, doing down and into the opponent.
	Again, depending on the direction you're pressing, it does something
	difference. Down: he spins, stabbing them before smashing them onto
	the ground (wall rush). Up: Knocks away into chase.

	Rating: 6/10
	Reasoning: Not the fastest move, but good enough. Does good damage and
		  the wall rush is nice. Score isn't higher because of 
		  distancing and startup time.

	Celestial Shooter:
	Holding the lance horizontally, he moves upward, slashing the enemy.
	Down: Slashes away enemy (chase). Up: twirls with lance, slashing enemy
	before thrusting the lance and slamming them upwards (Wall Rush).

	Rating: 7/10
	Reasoning: Good damage, great for comboes (discussed later) and good 
		  startup. However, don't expect to hit everytime.

HP Attacks:
	Good Old Jump! Anyone whose played a FF after III should know what to expect.
	Kain kneels, before leaping into the air. In the air, he flips over, holding
	the lance facing down and landing on the opponent. Tracks and Wall rush.
	Has Three levels, each dependant on how long you hold Square. Level one is 
	least controllable and shortest. Level two is medium height, but easy to 
	dodge out of. Level Three has the highest jump and most movement. You can 
	tell by level by the the energy emited from his body and around his feet.

	Rating: 8.5/10
	Reasoning: Quick and can be used as a dodge. Also, the near unstoppable 
		  wall rush is a plus. If the person moves off the land you can 
		  still hit. Also, if the person is above you when you're 
		  jumping or below you when landing, they will get caught in
		  the attack recieve additional bravery damage.

	Dragon's Fang (Ground and Aerial):
	He spins the lance around him, before thrusting it at the opponent. Wall
	Rush and tracking.
	Rating: 7/10
	Reasoning: On it's own, you won't hit. This is like Kain's version of 
		  Cecil's 'Paladin Force'. Odds are, unless they're doing a bad
		  dodge you won't hit. BUT, in a combo, this is a very good
		  However, it's a tad slow (well, not for HP attacks).

	Pulling his lance back, he throws it at the opponent. If it catches them
	they are flung across the stage, recieving bravery damage. VERY long 
	damage period and Wall Rush.

	Rating: 8/10
	Reasoning: Yes, it's good. On big stages, this attack is known for
		  breaking opponents. Plus, most times it ends in Wall Rush.
 		  Important note though. On Lightning's stage 'Orphan's Cradle',
		  this move will almost certainly end without the opponent 
		  taking damage if you do it too high.

	Sky Rave:
	He shoots down with his lance, stabbing the opponent before spinning
	down. Does more damage as he goes down and Wall Rush.

	Rating 7.5/10
	Reasoning: A good downward attack. Faster than other HP attacks, it also
		  has Kain's signature of bravery damaging HP attacks. Doing 
		  this in the dreaded Planet's Core or Edge of Madness is going
		  to be damaging.

	Rising Drive:
	He flips up, spinning his lance as he hits the opponent up with every
	spin. Does more damage as he goes up and slams upward for Wall Rush.

	Rating: 7.5/10
	Reasoning: Really the same as Sky Rave. However, might be exchanged for
		  Dragon's Fang.

				Section 3
				Playing as Kain

[Pla1] : Important things to understand.

When playing as Kain, you will need to get some things through your thick skull.

He is described by the game as a Tactical Striker. After reading someone saying,
'What is he, a cross between Languna and Tidus? Tactical Gunner and Spry 
Striker. Lame description Square Enix!!' I think there is something that needs
to be said. He is a Tactical Striker. Kain's aerial attacks have ranges which
can be a bit tricky at times, so you need to think. You can't just charge in,
lance swinging. You're going to lose. Even once you get the hang, if you still
don't rely on some form of Tactics you are STILL going to lose. I once did that
and got roflstomped. Didn't even touch the guy. So, think. Don't be afraid to
distance yourself.

Also, as expected you're going to be in the air a lot. That being said, don't
be afraid to go to the ground. 

Finally, Kain has an ability. After knocking the opponent away, you can press
Triangle instead of X (for chase) to rush towards your opponent. Don't be shy,
use it. There will be times where I can come in handy, though you can use it 
to dash right passed your opponent, so be warned.

[Pla2] : EX Mode Usage.

EX Mode : Holy Strength.
Ability: Lancet. R + []
EX Burst: Dragoon's Pride.

Kain's EX mode is his late Final Fantasy IV: The After Years attire. He loses
his headgear and his armor turns light blue and white.
The most notable thing of his EX mode, aside from the sparkles and hair, is the
new HP attack. Lancet. Think of it as a Blood Weapon. If it hits, you gain HP 
equal to the damage done.
His EX burst is simply button mashing. When it starts, you are shown one button,
then when the bar reaches 1/3, it changes. Then, when it reaches 2/3 it changes
again. If done correctly he jumps up, high enough for the two moons (A FF IV
reference) to be visible. He lands on the opponent, stabbing them before
jumping off.

Ok, now for the discussion.

Kain's EX mode is not Bartz'. Unlike in Bartz' EX Mode, you can't expect to go 
around throwing R + [] attacks. Though it's quick, it's not that quick. Do it
once and miss and odds are, you won't hit unless you set it up. That being said,
it still isn't impossible. NOTE: PvP, not PC. PC WILL dodge at higher levels 
unless you set it up. Especially over lvl 100s.

EX Mode or EX Revenge?

Ex Mode if you can get a Lancet. In all honestly, unless you need it for HP 
recovery or are trying to avoid a Last Chance I'd say EX Revenge. Why? 
Because it's eaier to get hits in, especially if you have an opponent who likes
to run around the place. Of course, it's all up to you. If you could use a 
confidence boost of EX Mode, go for it. If the opponent is close to breaking
and hits you with a damaging HP attack, EX Revenge. After all, situation is

[Pla3] : Comboes.

First off, the comboes I'm going to talk about will involve Assists a lot. My
assist of choice with Kain is Cecil. He's good for Kain, mostly because he 
holds the person in mid air, giving you a chance to hit them in your own attack.

Now, the thing about these comboes is that it's all about timing. Some of them
will seem possible but barely out of reach. That's understandable. Many of them
actually rely on the opponent as much as you. Also, there's no dodge cancelling
or anything like that.

Kain ONLY comboes.

	1. Cyclone -> Celestial Shooter 
	Directions: Cyclone, when hit opponent flies over you. Jump and use
		   Celestial Shooter. Opponent needs to recover while mid air
		   for second attack to hit.

	2. Cyclone -> Jump
	Directions: As Cyclone hits, start charging the jump. You should aim to
		   hit the person on your way up, that way they'll be caught. 
		   If you wait for when you're going down, odds are you'll miss.
	3. Lance burst -> triangle -> Celestial Shooter 
	Directions: As the Lance burst hits, go all the way with it. Once Kain
		   kicks them into the air, ignore the prompt for chase and
		   immediately press Triangle. Don't wait to reach directly in
		   front of the person to do Celestial Shooter. There's 
		   actually more to the combo. Add traiange(don't hold) ->
		   Celestial Shooter -> Sky Rave. I haven't done the last part
		   myself (got rusty) but I've been told it works.

	1. Lance Barrage (Wall Rush)-> triangle -> Dragon's Fang.
	Directions: Rather Simple. Only thing is if no Wall rush, No Dragon's
		   Fang. It is Completely dodgable with the Wall Rush.

	2. Celestial Shooter (Wall Rush)-> Sky Rave
	Directions: This one is tricky. Mostly because you need to wait for a
		   the slightest moment afterwards and then do Sky Rave. If 
		   done too fast, the person remains on the ceiling, too slow
	 	   and they dodge.

Assist Required (Cecil preferably) comboes:

	1. Spiral Blow (Wall Rush) -> Brave Assist -> Triangle -> Dragon's Fang
	Directions: Wall Rush is NECESSARY. Without it, they'll just dodge the
		   assist. For this one, it can be anyone. They just need to 
		   stall for you to reach.
	2. Cyclone -> Celestial Shooter (Dodged)-> Assist -> Celestial Shooter
	Directions: The Assist is mainly if your Celestial Shooter is dodged.
		   That way, you can hit with the second one. However, if the
		   first hits you can still continue the combo if you get a
		   wall rush.

	1. Lance Burst (First TWo hits) -> Assist -> HP attack.
	Directions: You CAN Wall Rush. However, you don't need to. To get the 
		   Assist in, press L + () when the first hit connects. The 
		   HP attack doesn't matter, unless your assist knocked them 

	2. Celestial Shooter -> Assist -> Crashing Dive -> Dragon's Fang
	Directions: Wall Rush needed. The only tricky thing is the 
		   Dragon's Fang. The person may dodge. 

	3. Crashing Dive -> HP Assist.
	Directions: Easy. Just need to time to right.

[Pla3] : Builds

Due to Kain's style, there are a couple builds which work magically with

I'm leaving out most Basic accesories. Except for those which are NEEDED, they
really are up to you. What I use may not be what you use.

1. Damage/Bravery Biulding.

Since most of his HP attacks deal damage as they go (and good damage at
that), this build will be very effective.

Abilites: Equip Machines

Weapon: Highwind
Shield: Chainsaw
Helm: Drill
Armor: Auto Crossbow

Hyper Ring: Damage +5%
Muscle Belt: Physical Damage +7%
Zephyr Cloak/Power Ring: BRV boost on dodge +2%/ Damage +3%

Pre-EX Mode: 1.4
Large Gap in HP: 1.5
Pre-EX Revenge: 1.3
Aerial: 1.5
Empty EX Guage: 1.5

Sturm and Drang: Physical Damage +3%
		 Wall Rush Damage +40%
		 Chase BRV Damage +7%
Force to Courage: EX Core and EX Force to BRV

Notes: This one is solely for BRV and doing a lot of damage. How much is 
      alot? 22 normal for Gungnir. 35 normal for Rising drive. Imagine a
      stage like The Rift or another long and tall stage. However, this 
      one doesn't have any EX to save you, but Assist is still an 

If you want EX, you'll have to change a couple Boosters.

2. Wall Rush.

Everything, and yes EVERYTHING (... Cyclone not included) does Wall Rush.
That being said, both Bravery and HP Wall rush are essential to breaking
and knocking your opponent's HP to 0.

Abilites: Hoplite's Gear

Weapon: EarthBreaker
Shield: Unimportant
Helm: Unimportant
Armor: Unimportant

Muscle Belt : Physical Damage +7%
BOOSTER : Wall Rush BRV damage +40%
SNIPER EYE : Wall Rush HP damage +10%

Large Gap in HP: 1.5
After Summon: 1.3
Pre-Ex Revenge/Mode: 1.3
Areial: 1.5
Opp HP < 50%: 1.4

Sturm and Drang: Physical Damage +3%
		 Wall Rush BRV Damage +40%
		 Chase BRV Damage +7%
Beserker Ring: Wall Rush Damage + 10%

Notes: The main part of this one is the EarthBreaker, Sniper Eye and
      accessories. True, you won't see damage like original Dissidia but 
      you'll still get an increase. All boosters, Wall Rush = 41%

If I find any more that I find to be worthwhile, I'll add them to it.

				Section 4
				Character Guides

Personally, I would have preferred to leave this part out. But, since the
GameFAQS staff are the ones running this, it's not up to me. The reason is I
don't believe in this kind of thing. There is no 1 specific way a character
plays, so there's no real strategy or tactic that can work against someone.
Plus, people can just change from offensive playing to defensive when they see
they're losing. But, gotta do what you gotta do. I guess... Just give you
basic info. Something that will help you no matter how they play.

[Cha1] Lightning

She's very versitle, so this is a hard one. The main things to look out for
is her Crushing Blow and Lightning Strike. If you try to hover over her,
you may get caught in one of those. Her Thundaga is of little real threat, 
since most of your HP attacks will either knock her without you having to be 
there or take you away from it. Try luring her into the air, preferably in 
Commando mode. 

[Cha2] Vaan

Be careful around his HP attacks. As much as it may seem, you will not start
before Inferno so get out of the way. His different weapons really make it 
hard to do this. Celestial Shooter and Crashing Dive are your friends.

[Cha3] Laguna

The Sticky bomb could be a problem. If it hits, it could knock you out of a
combo and give him chance to strike. Keep to the air. Most of Laguna's best
attacks are on the ground and the air one's are easier to dodge. If he uses
Ragnarok Buster, either use an Assist or wait til it's almost finished and
use Sky Rave.

[Cha4] Yuna

Start on the ground and take it to the skies. Her ground bravery attacks are
easier to see and slower, so you have a higher chance of hitting/not getting
hit. You may want to land a could times (or come close to the ground if you
use Aerial booster) so that you won't get caught by Shiva. Also, if in the
air and she is on the ground try to keep a good distance, maybe a little out
of her reach. Hellfire and be swift and painful if you don't see it coming.
Her Thor's Hammer is also something to look out for. It has a suction effect
so just back off, don't try a Celestial Shooter or Crashing Dive.

[Cha5] Tifa

Be very careful of her feints. It's easy to get caught in a trap by one. I
recommend staying level with her. If she's on the ground, go there. It she's
in the air, go. Lance Barrage and Lance burst are your friends, since she
can't Falcon Dive or Dolphin...whatever. Aside from her HP attacks, Rolling
Blaze in particular, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Too much.

[Cha6] Warrior of Light

A rounded Character. The most troublesome part of him is his shield attacks.
They can hit you even if you're behind him, especially over head so dodge back
and attack. Best to block but that doesn't always come to mind. If he used
Crossover/Ascension, BLOCK. The only way to dodge is to go into the air but
blocking it is best. Finally, be careful of dashing towards him. Shield of 
Light can block your dash and hit is you aren't careful.

[Cha7] Firion

One of my other characters, but unimportant details. Firion is a bit of a
tricky person to fight. In all honesty, this really depends on who/what is 
playing. This is because Shield Bash timing is very important on this.
If the person's timing isn't good, rush up and keep above Rope Knife Level
and attack. If good, stay on the ground, block and attack. Rope Knife isn't
unblockable anymore so no problem. If he enters the air... Free game. Rush,
attack, pound, anything. Just beware of his sword attack. It's fast and slams
you to the ground.

[Cha8] Onion Knight

A fast little guy. Be careful after doing Jump, Rising Drive and Sky Rave.
He's known for breaking you quickly afterwards. Of course, you could just 
break him before you do an HP attack. The good thing about him however is 
that he's easy to hit. A simple block or dodge and you're in. Just know 
if you get hit, odds are you're gonna take HP Damage.

[Cha9] Cecil

Dark Knight's problems are Shadowbringer and Dark Flame. Shadowbringer is a
dash hazard. Easily hits if you dash to him so be a bit warned. It can also
hit if you're too low. Dark Flame is a bit quick and if you're above him 
and too close you're going to get hit. Paladin is a bit more tricky. 
Searchlight is a big problem, since it has a far reach and can move with you.
Also, he can move during the Searchlight and attack you. When he's in
Dark Knight, stay in the air and keep a bit of distance if you're not
attacking. Keep a good bit of distance on Paladin and becare of how you

[Ch10] Bartz

The mime has a few new moves. Most are a bit slow so you should be able to 
dodge/block. The main problem is Hellfire. That is, outside of EX Mode. In
EX Mode, run. Goblin Punch is a deadly thing and all it has to do is hit once
to mess up an entire fight. It's fast and damaging so be warned. Apart from 
that you may want to keep in the air. Staying in the air will encourage him
to go to the air and then to use Holy. That is what you're waiting for. Hit
him then.

[Ch11] Terra

She was once a heavy contender. Not so much anymore. That doesn't mean you
should loosen up. Keep aerial. The most important thing is vertical distance.
Terra's attacks lack that so if you can entain it, you'll be alright. Except 
for Tornado. That's the only problem with this strategy. Watch
out for Meltdown. That doucheblast can be really deadly, especially as it
can curl around things and come back to hit you. Her EX Mode can be a 
problem though. Doublecasting can throw timing off easily and holy combo 
comes out faster.

[Ch12] Cloud

Cloud's semi-slow, cept for Double Cut, so do as you wish. Just remember one
important fact. Do not dodge over Slasing Blow. You will get hit. It may work
sometimes but better safe than sorry. He has aerial vertical attacks so keep
a little distance to avoid being caught by it. His EX Mode means dodge only.
If the game reaches the ground, keep out of his range. Cross Slash covers
insane amounts of distance so keep a look out for that. Meteor Rain can also
be a slight problem but simple dodges in one direction (left, right) solve

[Ch13] Squall

Squall has a wonderful bravery game. That's bad for you. He's fast and can 
cover distance with his attacks. Keep back a bit, keeping in the air. 
Be prepared to guard at any chance you get because you'll need it. His HP
attacks could be better. Rough Divide can be dodged and you can attack 
immediately after. The Cirlce attacks (Fated/Aerial) have suction so dodge

[Ch14] Zidane

Monkey boy can be troublesome. He has a new bravery attack which is 
unblockable and can continue to anything he wants it to. That being said,
you should always keep a good distance. He is also an air player so keep it
there. Fighting him on the ground can be tedious. Grand Lethal is a big 
problem. It has really strong homing so be careful when dodging it. Free
Energy had a range nerf so you'll have to be in his face for it to hit. It
is faster now though.

[Ch15] Tidus

This kid can be a slipery one. His attacks have little difference in air
to ground so keep airborne for this one. The main thing is to block. Most
of his attacks start with a dodge so you can't run in lance swinging. You'll
have to stop, wait, maybe trick them into dodging and counter. Just be 
careful about his dodging attacks. They can move and their altitute can
change so it can be a bit challenging to dodge. Try going back, not to the

[Ch16] Garland

His attacks are kinda slow and have a cooldown after, so it's your game.
Keep in the air, dodge his attacks and Celestial Shooter. A range to be
is close enough for the Chain Bump but too far for Round Edge. That's
hard to dodge or block on moment's notice so it won't make the fight
any easier on your part.

[Ch17] Emperor

This one is a bit easier to do. He's a still character, so he's easier to
get a hit on. Don't be afraid, rush him. Most of his attacks can be dashed
through. Keep the fight airborne, attacking from above. His flare may be an
issue, so be on alert.

[Ch18] Cloud of Darkness

The tentacles can be tricky, so jump to the skies as soon as possible. Keep
above her, as this limits the range of her moves. Keep a little distance so
that her attacks don't automatically hit you and you have enough time to 
dodge. Her Fullside and 0-Form are the problem HP attacks. For fullside,
if you want to rush you have to start the moment she does. If not, get close,
dodge and then attack. Back out for the 0-Form.

[Ch19] Golbez

A worthy opponent. Known for giving trouble, he's someone you'll want to have
full advantage of when fighting. keep in the air, the higher the better. His
ground attacks are too much trouble to deal with. You range should be far 
so the Float and Gravity attacks can't make a clean hit. Like that, Celestial
Shooter and Crashing Dive should be easier to connect with. When he uses his 
new HP attack 'Pulse!! Activate!!', wait for the pulse, then dodge. Dodge too
soon and you're going to get hit.

[Ch20] Exdeath

Could be problematic. If the blocks are used well, you'll be in a world of
hurt. Keep in the air, but this time try a couple games. Keep out of hitting
range, but attack. Try to get them to time a block wrong, then use that to 
strike. Most of his HP attacks take time, but be warned, he can stop them with
a block. His sword bravery attack can be trouble, so wait til he moves to 
dodge. Either then or after the sword swings all the way around. It depends 
more on your timing.

[Ch21] Kefka

For a clown, he can be no laughing matter when he makes up his mind. His 
magic is strong and ranged, so keep middle distance. His blizzara (?) should
always be blocked and please remember that you can't dash through it. Use the
magic attacks that can be dashed through to your advantage and plough through
them and hit him. Dodge anything else. Havoc Wing is a serious problem. When
fighting Kefka, never let your back hit the wall, never get caught in a 
corner. When dodging it, never go left or right. Always back. If you want to
go forward, wait until be moves. As soon as he leaps up, start. You may have
to practice a couple times, but you'll get it. Once you do, you now have a
new chance to strike.

[Ch22] Sephiroth

His sword attacks should be blocked. Their range is further than yours so 
keeping distance may only hurt you. Rush in, ready to block or dodge at a 
moment's notice. For best odds, fight in the air but stay below him. That
gives his attacks less of a chance of hitting you. Shadow Flare isn't a 
problem, just rush him when he does it. Hell's Gate can be a tricky thing
to dodge, so back. If you're on the ground when he does it, get airborne.

[Ch23] Ultimecia

Get close, but not too close. Most of her attacks can be dashed through,
but going too close leaves you open for her more devastating attacks. The
fight would best done in mid-air, relying on Celestial Shooter for hits.
Being below her allows you to avoid her sword attacks and a sudden 
Apocolypse. Dodge the Apocolypse when you see the symbol below you. After
hitting her with a Sky Rave or Rising Drive, MOVE. She'll start firing and
you'll have to either be a good blocker or just lucky.

[Ch24] Kuja

Monkey... person number two. He's a bit of a challenge. Get close, since 
distance will only favour him. Best to fight at an angle, so that he'll
have to move to hit you with his bravery attacks and give you time to see
and dodge. He is a floater, so he can move when doing HP attacks. Be careful
that he doesn't lead you into an attack by floating near it.

[Ch25] Jecht

Be careful of this one. His 'close range' attacks can be charged and cover
a lot of distance. Wait until he moves to try and hit. Aside from that, he
also has Jecht Block, which can be a pain. Keep far enough distance that his
non-charged can't hit, then strike. Try not to attack out of the blue, cause
that gives Jecht block a chance to work.

[Ch26] Shantotto

Can be an easy fight. She is if not the, one of the stillest characters in
the game. Get close but stay out of stun's reach. Once she does an HP attack,
dodge and attack. Try not to dodge forward, as attacks like Aero and Water
can still hit. Block any Bio you see. Her attacks get bigger with more 
bravery she has, so be careful. 

[Ch27] Gabranth

He's the EXecutioner. Out of Ex mode, rush him and attack. How doesn't really
matter but all you need to do is be close. This will help stop him from
charging his guage. But, that won't be enough. He'll enter Ex eventually, so
be careful then. Keep distance. EX mode will end so better to ride it out.
His attack ranges are long, so keep a look out. More importantly, if in the
air, stay leveled with him. His rising/decending attack is a killer and can
travel a considerable distance. Innocence shouldn't be a problem if you keep
you distance. Dodge to the sides, one for each slash, and you should be fine.
Don't panic and dodge like a madman. 

[Ch28] Prishe

Fighting Prishe from below would be best. Then her Uppercut won't be able to
hit. Most of her moves are blockable but look out for those that aren't.
Keep a little distance and you should be alright. Her other air HP attack is 
a simple dodge over. Then you can Crashing Dive.

[Ch29] Gilgamesh

This is the real trickster. His weapon's change and so does his range. Keeping
the fight on the ground would be good for a while, since his ground attacks
are easier to read. His jump is a copycat, but comes a little faster than
yours and does HP damage on contact, so you can't use an assist or EX revenge
to get out of it. Don't keep too close to him and if the fight reaches in the
air, angle. Good for below so that a Hurricane won't hit.

[Ch30] Feral Chaos

This is an air fight. Only go on the ground to do a jump. Try your best to 
keep above him at all times, his air game isn't as good as yours and many of
his attacks won't be able to hit you. That doesn't mean he won't. Stay a
decend distance when no attacking and try to be on the look out. Via Dolorose
is a problem for you, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

If you think that all I've typed is crap and you know better strategies, let
me know. I'll add it to the guide and give you credit.

				Section 5
				Other Things

[Oth1] FAQ

Q. Can you Dodge out of Jump?
A. Yes. At the peak of the jump, before Kain begins his decent you can 
   dodge out.

Q. How do I use Triangle dash effectively?
A. It's used to pressure or Follow up. Instead of chasing, it use it to
   gain distance on your opponent and strike again. Best used with an
   assist or in a combo.

Q. Is Kain worth an EX Build.
A. Personally, no. I don't see too much in his EX Mode. Assist build
   is more worth while to me.

Q. Is Ground Dash worth while?
A. Well, not really. If you're used to it, use it but you shouldn't 
   need to hug the ground too much.


[Oth2] Contact information

If you want to ask me something, suggest something or point out an error
or way I can improve, send me a PM on the site. If you don't trust the 
PM system or just don't believe that I'll read it (hey, some people don't)
you can also email. It's (copy and paste time!) smartboykixoff@hotmail.com
or 3R9Sasuke@gmail.com. The gmail one is at your own risk. I don't check
it often, so don't expect it to work automatically.

[Oth3] History
Version 1: Completed apart from Builds and Movelist. Rejected. 
Version 1.1: Added Builds and Movelist. Rejected. 80 character margin.
Version 1.2: Fixed margin. Rejected again. Lack of content.
Version 1.5: Added Character guides. -.-
Version 1.6: Added FAQ and Comboes.

[Oth4] Credits.

I'd like to that Square Enix for making the game.
Final Fantasy Wiki for helping with names and story.
Thanks to Soki_25 for pointing some stuff out and helping with Terra.
Also, thanks to Onion Knight for the Combo.

And that's all folks!