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______ _         _     _ _         _____  __   _____    
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| | | |_ ___ ___ _  __| |_  __ _  | |/' |`| | `' / /'(_)
| | | | / __/ __| |/ _` | |/ _` | |  /| | | |   / /     
| |/ /| \__ \__ \ | (_| | | (_| | \ |_/ /_| |_./ /___ _ 
|___/ |_|___/___/_|\__,_|_|\__,_|  \___/ \___/\_____/(_)
______                 _           _            ______ _             _ 
|  _  \               | |         (_)           |  ___(_)           | |
| | | |_   _  ___   __| | ___  ___ _ _ __ ___   | |_   _ _ __   __ _| |
| | | | | | |/ _ \ / _` |/ _ \/ __| | '_ ` _ \  |  _| | | '_ \ / _` | |
| |/ /| |_| | (_) | (_| |  __/ (__| | | | | | | | |   | | | | | (_| | |
|___/  \__,_|\___/ \__,_|\___|\___|_|_| |_| |_| \_|   |_|_| |_|\__,_|_|
______          _                    ______ _      _             
|  ___|        | |                   |  ___(_)    (_)            
| |_ __ _ _ __ | |_ __ _ ___ _   _   | |_   _ _ __ _  ___  _ __  
|  _/ _` | '_ \| __/ _` / __| | | |  |  _| | | '__| |/ _ \| '_ \ 
| || (_| | | | | || (_| \__ \ |_| |  | |   | | |  | | (_) | | | |
\_| \__,_|_| |_|\__\__,_|___/\__, |  \_|   |_|_|  |_|\___/|_| |_|
                              __/ |                             
______ ___  _____ _____ 
|  ___/ _ \|  _  /  ___|
| |_ / /_\ \ | | \ `--. 
|  _||  _  | | | |`--. \
| |  | | | \ \/' /\__/ /
\_|  \_| |_/\_/\_\____/ 

|  Written by: b0untyhunter270     |
| |
Version 1.1
Table of Contents
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I.Introduction [INT]
II.Why Firion? [WFI]
III.Bravery Attacks [BA]
   1.Ground Bravery Attacks
   2.Aerial Bravery Attacks
IV.HP Attacks [HA]
  1.Ground HP Attacks
  2.Aerial HP Attacks
V.Firion Setups [FIS]
VI.EX Mode/ EX Burst [EX]
VII. Firion Quotes [FIQ]
VIII.Character Matchups
 1.Lightning [LIGH]
 2.Vaan [VA]
 3.Laguna Loire [LA]
 4.Yuna [YU]
 5.Kain Highwind [KAI]
 6.Tifa Lockhart [TIF]
 7.Warrior of Light [WOL]
 8.Garland [GAR]
 9.Firion [FIR]
10.The Emperor [EMP]
11.Onion Knight [OK]
12.Cloud of Darkness [COD]
13.Cecil Harvey [CEC]
14.Golbez [GOL]
15.Bartz Klauser [BAR]
16.ExDeath [EXD]
17.Terra Branford [TER]
18.Kefka Palazzo [KEF]
19.Cloud Strife [CLO]
20.Sephiroth [SEP]
21.Squall Leonhart [SQU]
22.Ultimecia [ULT]
23.Zidane Tribal [ZID]
24.Kuja [KUJ]
25.Tidus [TID]
26.Jecht [JEC]
27.Shantotto [SHA]
28.Gabranth [GAB]
29.Prishe [PRI]
30.Gilgamesh [GIL]
31.Chaos [CHA]
32.Feral Chaos [FER]
VIII.Contacting Me [CME]
IX.Credits & Special Thanks [CST]

I.Introduction [INT]

Hello, everyone! I am b0untyhunter270 from GAMEFAQS. If you want to know, my
name is Marc, but I don't think anybody cares xD! This is my first guide so
I'm sorry if I make any mistakes in the guide. I have made this guide about
Firion to help players understand and play Firion's playstyle better. Let us
see some of his pros and cons.

-Very powerful on the ground
-His attacks hit the enemy many times
-Some of his attacks pass through walls(ex. Lord of Arms and Rope Knife)
-EX Mode will heal most/all of Firion's HP
-Has a very bad aerial game
-Very hard to use in areas with less ground

Now we have finished reading his pros and cons, let us see his in-game
description and story.

Dissidia 012 Profile

A virtuous youth who seeks to end conflict. He uses the nostalgic phrase,
"Wild Rose" as a source of motivation.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Firion fights as a warrior of Cosmos seriously, having taken to heart the
message that he fights for the sake of this world.

The "wild rose" which he carries with him was left by his side when he awoke
at the start of the thirteenth cycle. Golbez had left this bloom by his side,
and had begun to conspire with Cosmos, hoping that it would revive Firion's

The attachment he shows towards the flower is not because he has a fondness of
flowers, but rather out of the feeling that its name is strongly connected
to his past. Though he has yet to remember, the name of this bloom holds a
strong meaning in his past.

In fact, "wild rose" is not the name of the flower Firion possesses, but
rather the name someone casually suggested. Despite this fact, it is commonly
called the "wild rose" by most, including Firion, after its name has been
mistaken by all those who wield it.

Final Fantasy II
Firion was born in Salamand and was taken in by his adopted family after his'
parents' death. After his home is burned down and his adoptive parents
murdered by the Palmecian Army, he is critically wounded by several black
knights while fleeing Fynn. Upon awakening, he finds himself in the remote
rebel stronghold of Altair, where he reunites with his close friends Maria and
Guy. Upon realizing that Leon had been seperated from them, Firion, Maria and
Guy ask Princess Hilda if they could join the rebel army, since they have
nothing left to return to.

Hilda refuses to let them in because of their young age, but allows them to
refuge from the empire so they can wait for Maria's brother, Leon, to find if
he survived. Instead of waiting, Firion, Maria and Guy go to Fynn to find Leon
themselves. They find Scott, Hilda's groom to be, mortally wounded in the
secret room of Fynn's tavern. He gives a ring to Firion to give to Hilda.
Scott tells Firion to tell Hilda of his love for her and his regret that he
will not see her again, then rethinks the request. Impressed by their
accomplished infiltration of Fynn, Hilda lets Firion and his friends join the
Wild Rose Rebellion against the empire.

Hilda gives the party their first mission, to locate mythril, a powerful metal
needed to create weapons. The White Mage, Minwu, accompanies the party to
Salamand. The town of Salamand is currently under the Empire's control, and
the men of town are forced to mine Mythril. A town native named Josef informs
them  of the townspeople's plight, but is unwilling to help, as his daughter
Nelly is also a captive. The party head to the mines, where they rescue the
prisoners, along with Nelly after defeating the Imperial Officer. They return
to Altair soon after with the Mythril.

Firion leads a team of town of Basfk to stop the large airship, Dreadnought,
from being completed. The party is too late and the Dreadnought is finished
and attacks several towns. His party then retrieves the Goddess Bell needed to
open the gates of Kashuan Keep, where Sunfire needed to stop the Dreadnought
is located. Josef helps them get the bell by giving them his snowcraft and
defeating the Adamantoise that guards it. After fighting Borghen, Josef
sacrifices himself to rescue the party from a large boulder. After collecting
the Sunfire, the party, along with Prince Gordon, witness Cid's airship being
captured, where Hilda and Cid traveled to Kashuan. They rescue her from the
Dreadnought and then destroy the engine, but not before Maria recognizes the
Dark Knight of the empire is Leon.

Soon after the King of Fynn orders from his death bed that Firion's group
contacts the Dragoons of Deist. Firion heads to Poft in search of a ship,
along with Maria and Guy, and recruits a pirate named Leila, who offers to aid
the party by bringing them to Deist so that she and her crew could rob them.
Once at sea, her crew attacks the party and loses. Leila gives herself up and
Firion allows her to join them. 

At Deist, the party only find a mother and son in Deist, as everyone else has
been wiped out, save for one Wyvern. The party places the last Wyvern's egg in
a pool in the depths of Deist Cavern. After returning to Altair, they discover
Hilda has been acting oddly and is eating mice. Firion enters her room alone,
where she attempts to seduce him. The rest of the party bursts into the room
just as she reveals her true form as a Lamia Queen. 

After defeating the Lamia, Firion and his group head to the Palamecian
Coliseum, where Hilda is being held captive. After rescuing Hilda, Firion,
Maria, Leila and Guy participate in an attack upon Fynn, where they infiltrate
the castle and kill the Imperial Commander, restoring the kingdom of Fynn.

Firion travels to Mysidia to locate Minwu. After finding he traveled to the
Mysidian Tower, the resting place of the mighty Ultima Tome, Firion and his
friends search for the Crystal Rod, a relic used as the key to the tower,
which lies in the Mysidia Cave. However, in order to explore deep into the
cavern, he needs a White and a Black Mask. After finding these artifacts on
Fynn Castle and the distant Tropical Island, respectively, Firion heads to the
Mysidia Cave and obtains the key to the Mysidian Tower. 

However, when approaching the island where the Tower is located, Firion, Maria
and Guy are swallowed by Leviathan. The party manages to escape from its
bowels with the help of the last remaining Dragoon, Ricard Highwind. Finally,
at the top of the Mysidian Tower, they witness Minwu sacrificing himself to
acquire the Ultima Tome for the party. 

After retuning to Fynn, they discover that a Cyclone that has been summoned by
the Emperor is destroying towns. Firion leads a team into the Cyclone with the
help of the newborn Wyvern and defeats the Emperor. 

A celebration held for the Empire's defeat is halted by the announcement that
the Dark Knight Leon has taken the throne after the Emperor's defeat. The
party enters the castle using the recently deceased Cid's airship and
confronts the power-hungry Leon. 

In the middle of a confrontation with Leon, the Emperor returns from the dead,
revealing his plan to destroy the world. Ricard holds him off while Firion,
Leon, and the rest of the party escape. Upon arriving in Fynn, Hilda agrees to
let Leon join the Rebel Army and tells Firion to keep an eye on him.

The last battle takes place in Pandaemonium at the end of the final dungeon,
the Jade Passage. When the Emperor was killed the second time, Leon leaves the
party because of what he did with the empire, but Firion tells him that when
he is ready to come back, he will be happily welcomed back again.

II.Why Firion? [WIF]
Firion needs to be on the ground most of the time, because his aerial bravery
attacks are only good for mind games and interrupting slow attacks like
Sephiroth's Black Materia and The Emperor's Starfall, and when they block it,
use Shield Bash to hit your opponent. Remember to use both ground and aerial
attacks to keep the pressure on your opponent. Basically, Firion can destroy
opponents on the ground, but he can't do that in the air, because opponents
will always find a way to destroy Firion in the air.

III.Bravery Attacks [BA]
These are Firion's bravery attack. The ground attacks consists of physical
attacks while his aerial attacks consists of magic attacks and one physical

|Ground Bravery Attacks|

Rope Knife
Startup: 13F
Description: [Mid] Throw lightning knife. Good versus any height, long
Effects: chase, wall rush, absorb
Review: This is Firion's basic mid-range attack. It has long duration, so it
takes a lot of bravery. After the lightning attack, you can choose to do four
things; press O to punch the enemy, press ^+O to slash with your sword then
press O again to fire an arrow, press V+O to do an attack with the lance(this
can be done even if Rope Knife misses), or press [] to use Double Trouble. It
chains to Double Trouble B.

Reel Axe
Startup: 30F
Description: [Long] Throw axe straight ahead at high speed.
Effects: chase, wall rush, absorb
Review: This is Firion's basic long-range attack. If the axe connects, it
comes back for a second strike, then you can choose to do four things, just
like Rope Knife. It chains to Double Trouble C.

Lance Combo
Startup: 9F
Description: [Close] Quick upward swing with lance. Slightly draws foe near.
Effects: chase, wall rush, absorb
Review: This is Firion's second close-range attack. First, Firion will take
his lance then spin it to pull the enemy closer to you. After the atack, you
can choose to do four things, just like Rope Knife and Reel Axe. It chains to
Double Trouble A.

Swordslash (ground)
Startup: 7F
Description: [Close] Quick sword slash. Short reach, but quick strike.
Effects: chase
Review: This is Firion's fastest bravery attack, but it has the shortest range
of Firion's attacks. It only does one attack where Firion slashes upward with
his sword, then it will cause a chase.This is useful when you want to send the
enemy far away from you to get an EX Core or do a magic attack.

|Aerial Bravery Attacks| 

Magic Arts: Frost
Startup: 13F
Description: Magic combo starting w/ Blizzard. Can swap spell from second
Effects: chase, wall rush
Review: This is a magic attack starting with Blizzard. You can press ^+O after
the first shot to launch a fire attack, V+O to summon lightning bolts around
your enemy, or O to launch a ball of ice again. Same goes after the second
shot. Magic Arts: Frost is mainly used for interrupting slow attacks on close
range because it only has short range.

Magic Arts: Flame
Startup: 13F
Description: Magic combo starting with Fire. Can swap spell from second shot.
Effects: chase, wall rush
Review: This is a magic attack starting with Fire. You can also press O for
Blizzard, ^+O for Fire, or V+O for Bolt. Magic Arts: Flame is mainly used with
Shield Bash because it has long range so when the enemy blocks it, it gets
deflected for you to Shield Bash. It also has slow speed for you to easily
know when to Shield Bash. Basically, this attack needs to blocked because it
can hardly hit the opponent and you need to have Shield Bash equipped to
attack your opponent after they block it.

Magic Arts: Bolt
Startup: 13F
Description: Magic combo starting with Thunder. Can swap spell from second
Effects: chase, wall rush
Review: This is a magic attack starting with Thunder. You can also press O for
Blizzard, ^+O for Fire, or V+O for Bolt. Magic Arts: Bolt is just like
Blizzard, they're both used for interrupting attacks, but Bolt interrupts
attacks from afar.

Swordslash (midair)
Startup: 7F
Description: [Close] Slash in midair. Short reach, but quick strike.
Effects: wall rush
Review: This is just like the ground version, so no need to explain this.

IV. HP Attacks [HA]
These are Firion's HP attacks. They can be easy to hit with but some of them
needs proper timing to hit.

|Ground HP Attacks|

Shield Bash
Startup: 5F
Description: [Block] Create shield of light. HP attack on successful block.
Effects: block
Review: This attack isn't exactly an attack. It needs to block something to
activate the HP attack. The attack executed depends on the distance between
you and the opponent. In close range, Firion will throw a volley of knives/
daggers and in mid or long range, Firion will summon a large Fire then a large
ball of ice then a cloumn of lightning will follow the enemy. This attack is
best used with Magic Arts: Flame.

Lord of Arms
Startup: 26F
Description: [Mid] Use all weapons. Extremely accurate.
Effects: wall rush
Review: This attack is just like Feral Chaos's Via Dolorosa except a bit
shorter. First, Firion will send all of his weapons in the sky then send them
down. If the opponent dodges the first wave, Firion will track the opponent
then send another longer wave.

Straightarrow (ground)
Startup: 31F-56F
Description: [Long] Fire arrow of light. Charge to adjust timing.
Effects: wall rush
Review: This attack can be hard to hit with, so you you need to time it
properly. First, trick your opponent to dodge then fire the Straightarrow.

|Aerial HP Attacks|

Startup: 32F
Description: [Mid] Use all weapons. Steals bravery, then HP attacks.
Effects: wall rush
Review:This attack can also be hard to hit with, so only use it when your
opponent's cornered into a wall. This attack can also pass through walls.

Startup: 31F-56F
Description: [Long] Fire arrow of light. Charge to adjust timing.
Effects: wall rush
Review: This is just like the ground version, so no need to explain this.

V.Firion Setups [FIS]
You can send me an e-mail to post your build here. My e-mail is b0untyhunter

EX Build

Ragnarok/Wild Rose
Grand Helm

Hyper Ring
Muscle Belt
Pearl Necklace
Dragonfly Orb
Angel's Bell
Silver Hourglass
Close To You
Center of the World
EX Mode
Pre-Assist Attack

This is a standard EX build. It gets you into EX Mode quickly and more often.
You can equip the Wild Rose if you want that Extra HP to BRV so you can gain
a lot of bravery since you'll be in EX Mode a lot more often.

Assist Build

Weapon w/ Seal of Lufenia
Hero's Shield
Helm w/ Seal of Lufenia
Armor w/ Seal of Lufenia

Hyper Ring
Muscle Belt
Battle Gem
A Comrade's Vow
EX Breaker
Badge of Trust
Fiery Spirit
Together As One
Battle Ring
Side by Side

A standard Assist build. It gives you plenty of initial assist. Using this
build will give opportunities to start Assist combos a lot.

My Build

Bravery Attacks
Land Abilities
O- Rope Knife
      v>>>Double Trouble B
^+O- Lance Combo
       v>>>Double Trouble A
V+O- Reel Axe
       v>>>Double Trouble C
Aerial Abilities
O- Magic Arts: Frost
^+O- Magic Arts: Flame
v+O- Magic Arts: Bolt
HP Attacks
Land Abilities
[]- Shield Bash
^+[]- Lord of Arms
v+[]- Straightarrow (ground)
Aerial Abilities
[]- Weaponmaster
^+[]- None
v+[]- Straightarrow (midair)

Basic Abilities
Ground Evasion
Midair Evasion
Ground Block
Midair Block
Aerial Recovery
Controlled Recovery
Omni Air Dash+
Omni Ground Dash+
Speed Boost

Always Target Indicator
EX Core Lock On
Assist Lock On

Sneak Attack
EX Critical Boost

Lufenian Gun
Adamant Shield
Lufenian Cap
Lufenian Chestplate

Pearl Necklace
Smiting Soul
Large Gap in HP
Empty Assist Gauge
Attacking Bravery(you)
Pre-EX Revenge(you)
After Summon(opponent)


This is my build. It helps Firion go into EX Mode a bit faster. Smiting Soul
helps to break the opponent to have a chance to win at the most crucial times.

VI.EX Mode/EX Burst [EX]
Firion's EX Mode is "Blood Weapon Equipped!"
Firion will get the abilities listed below:
Regen- Vigor and stamina increase, restoring HP little by little.
Critical Boost- Further increases critical rate.
Blood Weapon- Recovers HP equal to the amount of damage dealt.

EX Burst- Fervid Blazer

VII.Firion Quotes [FIQ]
|Encounter Quotes|
"I'll give it all I have!"
"Think of this as training."
"I will defeat you!"
"I'll seize victory!"
"I won't run or hide!"(when opponent is stronger)
"I'm fired up!"(when opponent is stronger)
"Nothing's impossible..."(when HP is low)
"I won't let go of my dream!"(when HP is low)
"Let's do this!"
"My mind's made up."
"I cant lose this battle!"(when fighting in a tournament battle)
"Ok, let's keep this up!"(when fighting a second opponent in a tournament
"I'll take anybody on!"(when fighting in a round-robin battle)
"This... is a challenge."(when last to fight in around-robin battle)
|Firion vs. Character|
"I'll fight to protect my dream!"-Warrior of Light
"You should know the emptiness of battle."-Garland
"A good chance to know myself."-Firion
"I will never bow down to you!"-The Emperor
"I hope you find your true self."-Onion Knight
"Gotta chase away the dark cloud!"-Cloud of Darkness
"Don't hold back on me."-Cecil
"So you can't compromise, huh?"-Kain
"I will not give up hope!"-Golbez
"Would you fight seriously?"-Bartz
"Do you know the pain of losing someone dear?"-ExDeath
"I'll send you back to the Rift."-Gilgamesh
"Sorry, I won't hold back."-Terra
"What comes about from destruction?"-Kefka
"That sword's important to you, huh?"-Cloud
"Can't have doubts in a fight!"-Tifa
"Didn't you once have a dream?"-Sephiroth
"I'll fight to protect my friends!"-Squall
"Can I regain my memory through fighting?"-Laguna
"Is this the power of a witch?"-Ultimecia
"You can't go stealing hearts."-Zidane
"Can't you believe in anything?"-Kuja
"Come on, give me your best shot!"-Tidus
"Keep going, no matter what you face."-Yuna
"I'll match your fists with my arsenal!"-Jecht
"Magic is but a weapon, too."-Shantotto
"You're gonna fight bare-handed?"-Prishe
"Hope you to fly the skies someday."-Vaan
"Reclaim what you've lost!"-Gabranth
"See if I'm worth your trust."-Lightning
"I'll fight you to the end!"-Chaos
"With hope in my heart, I will not lose!"-Feral Chaos

VIII.Character Matchups
Here are tips on how the characters attack and their EX Abilities so you can
defeat them yourself. Enjoy!

1.Lightning [LIGH]
Lightning is fairly easy to defeat. The only thing you have to watch out for
is Launch because it chains to Flourish of Steel. Razor Gale requires a
forward dodge, Crushing Blow is easy to dodge and Thunderfall is also easy to
dodge. Every move in Ravager is easy to dodge. Make sure you stop her from
using Cure or Cura with Reel Axe. In EX Mode, she gets Omega Weapon to break
you more easily and Grav-con Unit to prevent wall rush.

2.Vaan [VA]
Both of you have somthing in common, you both use a lot of weapons. Not much
to say about him, because all of his attacks are easy to dodge. Inferno is
easy to dodge, Torrent only requires a side doge, and Cataclysm requires a
side dodge, too. The only thing that you need to watch out for is Windburst,
because Vaan might trick you into dodging into it by using Torrent. His
switch attacks might be slow, but they are very powerful. The non-switch
attacks are fast, but weak. Take advantage of the startup time of switch
attacks and use Rope Knife or Reel Axe. In EX Mode, he gets Free Switch which
allows him to disarm himself to use switch bravery attacks repeatedly without
using any other attack, and Zodiak which increases his attack power.

3.Laguna Loire [LA]
Laguna uses a variety of guns to keep you away from him so be careful. 
Ricochet Shot is very strong as it spreads when it hits the stage, Homing
Bazooka is strong but fairly easy to dodge, and he'll only use Sticky Bomb 
after you use a HP attack. Everything else is very easy to dodge. Use Reel 
Axe because most of the time he's far away from you. In EX Mode, he gets A
Faerie's Miracle which allows to him attack without any openings.

4.Yuna [YU]
Yuna summons Aeons to use as attacks. All of her attacks are very easy to
dodge. Energy Ray travels forward and has god vertical range, and Mega Flare
has a long duration so it's possible for her to break you while using Mega
Flare. Also use Reel Axe for this one. In EX Mode, she gets Double Summons
which allows her to get more hits with one bravery attack.

5.Kain Highwind [KAI]
Kain inflicts a lot of wall rush, just like Cloud. His bravery attacks are
very predictable, so it's easy to Shield Bash it. Rising Drive and Sky Rave
are no threat to you as you will be on the ground most of the time. Gungnir
is easy to dodge and so is Dragon's Fang. He has no branching attacks so
battling with Kain should be easy. In EX Mode, he gets Lancet which is just
like your Blood Weapon, except Lancet is an attack and it is the only attack
of Kain which is like a Blood Weapon.

6.Tifa Lockhart [TIF]
Tifa uses feints so she can hit with HP attacks easily if you don't pay
attention. Try to predict when she will use feints so you can dodge her
attacks. Waterkick chains to Somersault so be careful. She may pose a threat
if you aren't familiar with her feints. In EX Mode, she gets Premium Heart
where she will deal more damage depending on how full is the EX Gauge.

7.Warrior of Light [WOL]
Warrior of Light is a well-balanced character. He strikes faster than Zidane
in the air, the only downside is his bravery attacks have a small hitbox.
Be careful when he's in the air because you might not see him using Shield
Strike which can chain into Bitter End. Don't go into the air when he's also
in the air because he's gonna kick the crap out of you. He doesn't have a lot
of HP attacks so it should be easy when he's on the ground. In EX Mode, he
gets Mirror Attack which blocks weak magic attacks, Protect which raises Wol's
defense and Light's Blessing where swords of light appear while doing a combo.

8.Garland [GAR]
Garland has very slow attacks but they are very powerful. Always watch out for
Bardiche because it can take a lot of bravery. When his sword glows red, don't
ever try to block because he will inflict Defense Crush and destroy you. It's
a good idea to dodge some of his attacks rather than blocking or using Shield
Bash on him. Use your Magic Arts: Flame then Shield Bash it. In EX Mode, he
gets Indomitable Resolve where he won't flinch or stagger when you attack him.

9.Firion [FIR]
Wow, a mirror match. No need to explain this as you will be battling yourself.

10.The Emperor [EMP]
The Emperor uses traps and magic, so expect him to be far away, always setting
up traps, then uses Starfall to lure you into his trap. Don't get scared cuz
his traps can be dashed through. Fairly easy to defeat. In EX Mode, he gets
Blood Magic which is just like your Blood Weapon.

11. Onion Knight [OK]
Onion Knight is fast and annoying. He can avoid your attacks just by running.
Watch out for Multi-Hit and Turbo-Hit because they chain into Swordshower and
Guiding Swipe respectively. Watch out for Blizzard and Thunder,too because 
they chain into Quake and Flare respectively. Basically, you have to avoid all
of his attacks chain into HP attacks. His HP attacks often miss, so you only
need to worry about his bravery attacks. In EX Mode, he gets Dual Wield which
changes him into a ninja when performing a physical attack and Sage's Wisdom
which changes him into a sage when performing a magical attack.

12.Cloud of Darkness [COD]
She can also pose a threat when she has accessories or summons that boost her
bravery recovery because if she does have one she'll attack nonstop until you
die. [Anti-air] Particle Beam and [Feint] Particle Beam are very hard to dodge
because they are very fast. In EX Mode, she gets Null Particle Beam which is
just like Laguna's A Faerie's Miracle.

13.Cecil Harvey [CEC]
Cecil's attacks are very easy to dodge. Dark Cannon, Valiant Blow and Shadow
Lance are very easy to see so you can block or Shield Bash it. Radiant Wings
and Sacred Cross are very easy to dodge. The only thing you need to watch out
for is Searchlight cuz if it hits and he uses Paladin Force, Paladin Force can
hit you no matter how far Cecil is from you. In EX Mode, he gets Proteus which
allows him to change jobs without attacking, and Inner Strength which
increases his attack power by 1.5.

14.Golbez [GOL]
Golbez can be a pain in the ass, cuz he uses a lot of close-mid range attacks,
and most of them chain into Cosmic Ray. These are Rising Wave, Glare Hand,
Gravity System, and Float System. Sector Ray can hit you if you dodge too
early and Genesis Rock can get you if you get too close. In EX Mode, he gets
Black Fang which can break you instantly so be careful.

15.Bartz Klauser [BAR]
Bartz is very easy to defeat. He stole attacks from other warriors. Slide
Shooter came from Tidus' Full Slide and Kain's Celestial Shooter. That is all
I want to put here cuz he stole a lot of attacks from his companions. In EX
Mode, he gets Goblin Punch which is the fastest attack in the game. It starts
instantly and has no end lag time so be careful.

16.ExDeath [EXD]
ExDeath is very defensive and can block anything thanks to his Omniblock. A
good ExDeath player will always wait for an attack then block it then uses a
counter. If you aren't used to battling ExDeath expect this to be a long
fight. In EX Mode, he gets Speed Guard which decreases the time necessary to
block an attack and counterattack chance increases.

17.Terra Branford [TER]
Terra is easy to defeat because you can reflect most of her attacks back at
her and since she uses magic, you'll always have the time to Shield Bash. You
can even reflect Meltdown with Weaponmaster. In EX Mode, she gets Glide which
allows her to glide and Chainspell which allows her to do her spells twice in
a row.

18.Kefka Palazzo [KEF]
Kefka is the mad mage. All of his attacks are meant to confuse the enemy and
get hit. He also uses magic so you can Shield Bash it, but Waggle-Wobbly
Firaga sometimes hits from behind so you won't be able to block it. In EX
Mode, he gets Glide which allows him to glide and Exhilarating Magic which
makes his spells a lot more confusing because it makes his spells more

19.Cloud Strife [CLO]
Cloud is slow and predictable when attacking so you will be able to Shield
Bash easily. if it hits it can take a lot of your bravery so be careful. Sonic
Break chains into Finishing Touch and Slashing Blow chains into Omnislash Ver.
5. Always be careful as Cloud can break you if he hits you in constant
succession. In EX Mode, he gets Ultima Weapon (CRUSH) which allows him to
inflict defense crush even with bravery attacks, and Ultima Weapon (ATK) which
makes his attacks stronger the more HP he has.

20.Sephiroth [SEP]
Sephiroth has a really long katana so he can hit you from mid-range. Sudden
Cruelty and Reaper takes a lot of your bravery especially when he delays it.
Use Lord of Arms after you dodge backwards when he uses Reaper. In EX Mode, he
gets Glide which allows him to glide, and Heartless Angel which reduces your
bravery to 1 when he completes it.

21.Squall Leonhart [SQU]
Squall is like both of Cloud and Sephiroth. He has strong attacks like Cloud
and he can give you a lot of hits in one attack just like Sephiroth. Beat Fang
and Solid Barrel can take a lot of your bravery. Squall often uses Thunder
Barret to start a combo. In EX Mode, he gets LionHeart (RANGE) which increases
his range and Lionheart (HIT) which increases the hits in a bravery attack.

22.Ultimecia [ULT]
Ultimecia is very easy to defeat. Her bravery and HP attacks are easy to
dodge. She can hardly hit with HP attacks without assists. In EX Mode, she
gets Time Crush which freezes time, stopping you from moving/attacking, but it
takes a long time to cast.

23.Zidane Tribal [ZID]
Zidane is your opposite. He is good on the air, while you are good on the
ground. Zidane can overwhelm you when you are battling with him in the air.
Never go in the air in this battle. Only go into the air when he's far away
and only go in the air to cast a spell, nothing else. In EX Mode, he gets 
Aerial Jump which allows him to jump 10 times and he can repeat that just by
dodging, and Dodge Jump which grants invincibility between touching the ground
leaping into the air.

24.Kuja [KUJ]
Kuja is a mage version of Zidane. They are both great in the air. Kuja is the
only character who can glide outside of EX Mode. Seraphic Star is very easy to
dodge and so is Force Symphony. Flare Star can catch you off-guard when you're
not paying attention. In EX Mode, he gets Hyper Glide which makes him maintain
his altitude longer than normal glide and Auto Magic which casts Holy and
Flare while he is moving.

25.Tidus [TID]
Tidus is the person who uses the dodge-and-counter technique in battle. If you
see him use a dodge attack be sure to block or Shield Bash it as it chains to
Quick Hit. In EX Mode, he gets Mirror Dash which deflects weak magic attacks,
Caladbolg (ATK) which is like Cloud's Ultima Weapon (ATK) and Caladbolg
(DODGE) which increases the period of invincibility between dodging and

26.Jecht [JEC]
Jecht is like Squall, they both combo really good. Watch out for Jecht Rush
and Jecht Stream because he can chain them into Jecht Blade, Triumphant Grasp,
and Ultimate Jecht Shot. Don't try to Shield Bash cuz he'll inflict defense
crush if he charged it. In EX Mode, he gets  Full Combo which allows him to do
the attack combo even if the first hit misses.

27.Shantotto [SHA]
Shantotto's attacks are very easy to dodge. Bio can suck your bravery so don't
use a HP attack when Bio hit you because this will cause a bravery break. All
of her other bravery attacks are really useless so she has no way of getting
any bravery. In EX Mode, she gets Manafont which restores her bravery back to
base bravery instantly.

28.Gabranth [GAB]
Gabranth can't deal damage outside of EX Mode except by chase attacks, but
none of his attacks cause chases. In EX Mode, he gets a lot stronger and
faster thanks to Stray's Tenacity and Jamming prevents you from gaining stage
bravery after inflicting EX Break on him.

29.Prishe [PRI]
Prishe uses a lot of different combos and they take a lot of your bravery.
Some of her HP attacks are hard to dodge especially when you're cornered like
Nullifying Dropkick. In EX Mode, she gets Hundred Fists which allows her to
chain 3 weapon skills and increases her movement speed.

30.Gilgamesh [GIL]
Gilgamesh has a large moveset of attacks and some of them are weird like
Rocket Punch where Gilgamesh shoots a lot of boxing gloves with rockets on 
them. In EX Mode, he gets Octo-Break where he gets weapons in each of his 8 

31.Chaos [CHA]
In my opinion, Chaos is more annoying than Feral Chaos. It's because his
attacks are a lot harder to dodge. I will explain how to avoid each attack.
>Condemn-Dodge with a backstep!
>Divine Punishment-Dodge those balls, wait for the swords, then dodge!
>Soul of Oblivion-You can't avoid this unless you're out of range.
>Demonsdance-Dodge everything!
>Scarlet Rain-Dodge, block, then dodge!
>Brink of Delusion-Dodge everything!
>Utter Chaos-Dodge left/right, jump into the air, then go somewhere where
there ain't any flames!
Note: I just got this from the Battle Tips. You can view it too if you got
all of the crystals.

32.Feral Chaos [FER]
This guy is really annoying. His attacks can be hard to dodge, but Firion can
destroy him with ease. To beat him, spam Lord of Arms then dodge cancel then 
Lord of Arms and so on. Never use Shield Bash as Feral Chaos' attacks can't be
blocked except for Spew where Feral Chaos summons fire under you.

Ok, that's it for the character matchups! They were very hard to write, so
just send me an e-mail if something's wrong with it.

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