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reading this document**

1.0 Introduction
	1.1 Changes from Kenka Banchou 4
2.0 Controls
3.0 Menus
	3.1 Top Level Menus
	3.2 Sub Menus
	3.3 Game Map
4.0 Game System
	4.1 The Menchi Beam
	4.2 Shibu-Shaba Meter
	4.3 Combat System
	4.4 Friend System
	4.5 Territory System
	4.6 Hideout System
	4.7 Being Defeated
	4.8 Part-Time Work
5.0 Item List
	5.1 Shiroku Mart
	5.2 Honke Kamadoya
	5.3 Friz Pizza
	5.4 Gyouza King
6.0 Character Introductions
7.0b Story Summary (finished)

8.0 Side-Stories

9.0 Girl's Side-Quests

10.0 Extra Info

11.0 The End

1.0 Introduction
That's right, the gospel of manliness is back! Kenka Banchou's amazing run on
the PSP ends with this massive entry. Building on the improvements from Kenka
Banchou 4: Ichinen Sensou, and adding a whole lot more, Kenka Banchou 5 proves
to be one of the best titles in the entire series.

Kenka Banchou 5 follows a transfer student destined to become a legend, Naruse
Naoto, as he climbs his way to the top of the fighters in Amihama en-sen. Fans
of Kenka Banchou 4 will be excited to find out that part of Naoto's conquest
includes taking on Kounan High, which has been thrown into chaos by the
disappearance of Kenka Banchou 4's protagonist, Hayami Yuuta.

It turns out my old computer did not crash and die! Warning, for anyone with
a laptop that starts failing them - take out your laptop's battery! It's
usually the first thing in a laptop to die, and leaving it in can cause your
computer to become absolutely useless!

So yes, I retrieved my Kenka Banchou 4 FAQ-style guide and integrated it into
this guide. I only glanced over it for a moment, but can say with relative
authority that it is awful. I cut off the last few chapters of my summary
because they were confusing and contained a massive amount of my own
profanity. Enjoy!

1.1 Changes from Kenka Banchou 4
-Your stamina is now displayed as a number in real-time, so that you can see
exactly how all of your actions affect your lung capacity. This is one of the
best features to grace Kenka Banchou yet.

-Your enemies' conciousness is now displayed as a meter below their health bar.
When the bar is depleted, the enemy will be knocked unconcious, allowing you to
focus on other enemies, or set them up for a big attack. This convention plays
deeply into Kenka Banchou 5's strategy.

-Enemy AI has improved so that even the weakest enemies will use high-priority
moves on you to mess up your combos. At the same time, many enemies are
deliberate about charging their attacks, and are much easier to parry.

-There are only four separate statistics for your character in Kenka Banchou 5:
Physical Strength, Stamina, Spirit, and Luck.

-You can edit all of your character's attack phrases, the longer a phrase is,
the more damage it deals. At the same time, longer phrases will suck away more
of your stamina.

-Phrases you collect from graffitti are used exclusively for Tanka Battles,
which have also undergone a bit of a makeover. Different phrases now have
different effects.

-There are now several clothing shops and hair salons in the game, though many
shops share the same items.

-The different areas of the game are much larger now, closer to the size they
were in Kenka Banchou 1 and 3. Two or three of the maps from Kenka Banchou 4
have even been combined into a single map, all with improved backgrounds.

-The resolution has been changed to accomodate the larger areas. They used lots
of clever tricks to give the game the same graphical quality as Kenka Banchou
4, while at the same time providing larger areas and more detailed backgrounds
without losing a decent framerate.

2.0 Controls
Non-Combat Mode (this is when you haven't started a fight yet)

Analogue Stick: Move your character
D-Pad Up: Target characters
D-Pad Down: Perform a ground attack
D-Pad Left/Right: Rotate the camera left and right

L Trigger: Pick up items/Throw held item/Grab enemies
R Trigger: Menchi Beam (eye laser)
Tap R Trigger: Re-center the camera

X Button: Hold to run
O Button: Jump
Square Button: Normal attack
Triangle Button: Aisatsu (greeting)*

*You can equip several different greeting moves, each of which have a different
special effect. The default effect can be used near 'Territory Leaders' to
call them to follow you. If you already have territory leaders following you,
you can use the default greeting to have them pick up an item you are
targeting. More on this below.

X+O: Squat (charges the kiai/spirit meter)
X+Square: Back Attack
O+Triangle: Super Move (Chou kiai-waza)

Running + L: Dive tackle
Running + Square: Normal Dash Attack
Running + Triangle: Kiai Dash Attack

Jump + Square: Normal Jump Attack
Jump + Triangle: Kiai Jump Attack

Combat Mode (after engaging in battle with one or more enemies)

Analogue Stick: Move your character
D-Pad Up: Target characters
D-Pad Down: Perform a ground attack
D-Pad Left/Right: Rotate the camera left and right

L Trigger: Pick up items/Throw held item/Grab enemies
R Trigger: Block/Parry
Tap R Trigger: Re-center the camera

X Button: Hold to run
O Button: Jump
Square Button: Normal attack
Hold Square: Charge attack (uses spirit meter)
Triangle Button: Kiai attack
Hold Triangle: Charge kiai attack (uses spirit meter)

X+O: Squat (charges the kiai/spirit meter)
X+Square: Back Attack
O+Triangle: Super Move (Chou kiai-waza)

||While Running||
Running + L: Dive tackle
Running + Square: Normal Dash Attack
Running + Triangle: Kiai Dash Attack

||While Jumping||
Jump + Square: Normal Jump Attack
Jump + Triangle: Kiai Jump Attack

||While Targeting An Opponent||
Analogue Stick: Circle the opponent
D-Pad Up: Stop targeting
X + Analogue Stick: Dash forward/back, dodge side to side

||While Grappling an Opponent||
Repeatedly Tap O: Throw the opponent
L Trigger: Let the opponent go
X: Tackle the opponent into a ground mounted position

||While Mounting the Opponent||
L Trigger: Let the opponent go
X: Stand the opponent up into the grappling position
Square: Normal Mounted Attack
Triangle: Kiai Mounted Attack
O/R Trigger: Nothing

||While Grappled by an Opponent||
Repeatedly Tap O: Break free

||While Being Attacked||

L Trigger (just as your opponent is about to land a hit): Counter

||After Being Knocked Down||
Square, Triangle, X, O: Stand Up
Quickly Tap O: Quick recovery (just as you are landing)

3.0 Menus

3.1 Top-Level Menus

Main Menu
Story Mode		ストーリー
Once you select this and choose:
Start a New Save	はじめから
Load a Save			つづきから

You'll be prompted by a screen of characters. Select Naoto on the left
to continue the main story, or select one of the figures on the right
to start or continue a side story.

Part-Time Work 	バイト
More about this in another section. Just remember to save before you
quit back to the main menu.

Data Install 	インストール
Install data to your memory stick to improve loading.

Preview Movies 	映像特典
These are previews for Dangan Ronpa (an offbeat adventure game that I
believe was already released at the time Kenka Banchou 5 came out) and
Gachitora, a Great Teacher Onizuka-esque game about a thuggish teacher that
inspires his students through fighting.

My Room 俺の部屋
*Change Outfit 着替え
See Below

*Technique/Moves Setup 技装備
See Below

*Inventory 持ち物
There are only two options here, expendable items and weapons.
Expendable items in your pockets can be exchanged for items you have stored
at home. Items you obtain while your pockets are full, or those you obtain
through achievements or mini-games will automatically be sent home.
The weapon option will automatically equip you with a weapon that you've
picked up during the course of the game. Just remember that weapons will lower
your shibu/shaba status!

*Teru's Blog テルのブログ
See Below

*Phone a Friend 電話
Call an ally to follow you and help you fight. If an ally dies, you can't call
them again until you return home or to a hideout. If an ally has no signal
next to their name, it means you can't call them at that time (usually for
story reasons). Calling a friend while you already have someone following you
will send your current friend away.

*E-Mail メール
View E-Mails sent by various characters.

*Options オプション
Background Music and Sound Effect volume.
Camera controls カメラ Normal ノーマル Inverted リバース

*Status ステータス
See Below

*Quit 終わる
Return to the main menu. If you want to save your progress, be sure to do
so before going back to the main menu!

*Save セーブ
Save your game.

*Go Out 出かける
Leave your house/hideout/hangout spot.

Hangout Spot たまり場
*Technique/Moves Setup 技装備
See Below

*Teru's Blog テルのブログ
See Below

*Phone a Friend 電話
See Above

*E-Mail メール
View E-Mails sent by various characters.

*Options オプション
Background Music and Sound Effect volume.
Camera controls カメラ Normal ノーマル Inverted リバース

*Status ステータス
See Below

*Quit 終わる
Return to the main menu. If you want to save your progress, be sure to do
so before going back to the main menu!

*Save セーブ
Save your game.

*Go Out 出かける
Leave your house/hideout/hangout spot.

Hideout アジト
I've chosen to call these special hangout spots 'Hideouts', though it
could just as easily mean 'secret base' or 'Batcave'.

*Technique/Moves Setup 技装備
See Below

*Inventory 持ち物
See Above

*Teru's Blog テルのブログ
See Below

*Mini Games ヒマつぶし
Poker			ポーカー
Simple 5-Card Stud

Daifugou		大富豪
Japanese card game akin to Big 2, Tien Len, and President.

Mahjong			麻雀
A famous gambler's game, similar to Gin Rummy but played with tiles.

*Phone a Friend 電話
See Above

*E-Mail メール
View E-Mails sent by various characters.

*Options オプション
Background Music and Sound Effect volume.
Camera controls カメラ Normal ノーマル Inverted リバース

*Furnish	リフォーム
Furnish your hideout with items you collect and buy.

Place Items		グッズ追加
Here you can place items and see the effect they will have on your
ally's stats. This only pertains to allies who belong to that hideout
(for example, Takatsu belongs to the Tsurume Hideout):

Comfort Level		快適度 

Effect on Allies:	マブダチの効果
Battle Experience	ケンカ慣れ
Strength			腕っ筋
Stamina				スタミナ
Willpower/Spirit	根性
Luck				運

Items Placed		置数
(you can place a total of 20 items)

Modify Layout	レイアウト編集
Use this to move items that you've already placed. Press Square to
remove them.

*Status ステータス
See Below

*Quit 終わる
Return to the main menu. If you want to save your progress, be sure to do
so before going back to the main menu!

*Save セーブ
Save your game.

*Go Out 出かける
Leave your house/hideout/hangout spot.

Pause Menu
ステータス			Status

周辺地図				Area Map
You can teleport to any territory that you've conquered by bringing up this
map. It's basically the same as the map that shows up when you press select
during the game.

カメラ				Camera
Take a screenshot of the action!

メール				Mail
Read E-Mails, Teru sends a ton...
E-Mails will be of importance when you're trying to do the girl's side-quests.

アイテム				Items
Use items in your inventory. You can use items at ANY TIME, even when you're
unconscious! Use this to your advantage!

電話					Phone
Call up one of your available friends to be your partner, if the story didn't
already give you a fixed partner. You can call people who have a little phone
signal next to thei name.

テルのブログ			Teru's Blog

指示					Orders
Orders for your partner:

ブチのめせ!!		Knock em' down!
トドメは任せろ!!	Finish them!
家に帰れ!!			Go home! (use this to send your partner away)

オプション			Options

3.2 Sub-Menus

Change Outfit 着替え

Head/Hair 頭
Bald/Skinhead スキンヘッド - Choose this option to go without hair.
When selecting a hairstyle (or an item where your hair is showing),
press Square to change the color of your hair- IF you've unlocked different
hir colors. Different hair colors are collected by taking over every territory
in each district's main station area.

Inner Top インナー
Remove Top 脱ぐ - Choose this option to go shirtless

Outer Top アウター
Remove Top 脱ぐ - Choose this option to go shirtless

Bottom ボトム
Underwear 下着 - Use this to run around in your underwear. For whatever
reason, this game includes a lot of different underwear styles.

Feet 靴
Barefoot 脱ぐ

Accessory 1 アクセサリー1
Accessory 2 アクセサリー2
Remove Accessory 外す- You can only wear two accessories, and only one
of each type of accessory. So you can wear one pair of sunglasses and one
chain, or one chain and one mask, or one pair of glasses and one mask, and
so on. When buying an accessory from a store, make sure to signify which
accessory spot (1 or 2) you want to put that accessory in, otherwise it
will remove whatever you already had equipped in that spot.

Tattoos スキンアート
Remove はがす
Tribal トライバル
Japanese-Style 和彫り

Skin Tone スキンカラー
Regular 戻す
Lighter Skin 美白
Tan 日焼け

Face フェイス
Shaved つるつる
Facial Hair ヒゲ

Technique/Moves Setup 技装備

Technique Setup 技装備
Combo Moves 連続技
Ordinary Attacks 通常技
Kiai Attacks     気合技
Combo moves have now been divided into 7 categories, for ease of browsing.
View all moves	全て
Basic Punches	基本のパンチ
Basic Kicks		基本のキック
Quick Punches	速いパンチ
Quick Kicks		速いキック
Heavy Punches	痛いパンチ
Heavy Kickes	痛いキック
Unorthodox		特殊技

Stance Moves 立ち技
*Refers to moves that are executed while
Jump Moves		ジャンプ技
Jump Kiai Moves	ジャンプ気合技
Dash Moves		ダッシュ技
Dash Kiai Moves	ダッシュ気合技
Grappling Hits	つかみ技
Grappling Kiai	つかみ気合技
Mounted Moves	馬乗り技
Mounted Kiai	馬乗り気合技

Special Moves 特別技
Down Attacks	ダウン技
Back Attacks	背後技
Dive Tackles	タックル
Throws			つかみ投げ
Reverse Throw	羽交い絞め投げ
Super Moves		超気合技

A few special non-attack special moves:
絶対回避 Reverses all of your opponent's attacks for a period of time

RedZone  Increase in attack speed and power, but stamina decreases quickly.

気合の炎 Gives you an unlimited spirit bar for a while, then reduces your
spirit bar to 0.

全力疾走 Increases your movement speed

鶴目の魂 Heals nearby allies.

徒歩暴走 Surrounds you in fire for a moment. Running will cause you to leave
a trail of fire that damages enemies.

Others その他

Spirit/Kiai Bar Charge 	気合をためる
Walking Animation		歩き
Running Animation		走り
Standing Animation		立ち
Waiting Animation		待機
Greeting				アイサツ

As mentioned before, different greetings have different effects:

Raised Hand 手を上げる
Use this near friendly territory leaders to get them to follow you.
When you have territory leaders following you, face an item and use this
greeting to have them pick up the item and return it to your base! This
is a very useful skill to remember. You can also use this to guide your
allies to pick up weapons and items.

Bow お辞儀
Shows respect, this will stop your opponent's menchi beam if they are
targeting you.

Request くれくれ
Certain NPCs and territory leaders will drop items for you, and then

Fakeout Punch 殴るフリ
I don't know what you call this in English, but it's when you pretend you're
going to hit someone, but hold back. Just a threatening posture, and will
cause the more daring NPCs to attack you.

Fakeout Kick 蹴るフリ
Same as above, but with a fake kick.

War Cry 雄たけび
Calls out for territory leaders, allies, and enemies!

Legendary Provocation 伝説の挑発
Bruce Lee's famous shuffle. Nearby enemies will instantly start a fight with
you, and if you win, you can make friends with them. That's right, you'll
never have to do another menchi beam again! Easily the best greeting, besides
the basic one.

*Upon further experimentation, Legendary Provocation seems to alert ALL
enemies present in a given area, so you may end up with a rumble on your
hands. Best if used towards the edge of the map, or somewhere the fight won't
spill out into other areas.

Hype Up 気合だー
Gives you and your allies some random buffs for a moment (I believe they last
15 seconds).

Angry Yell 怒声
Angry Yell 怒声2
Mixed effects. Ordinary people will be shocked and run. Potential enemies
and territory leaders may be shocked, but they may also counter with a menchi

Understanding 話せばわかる
Stops an opponent's menchi beam, may avoid a fight from breaking out.

Prostrate (Dogeza) 土下座
Beg for forgiveness (forced surrender). Comes with a shibu-shabu meter
penalty, as it is decidedly un-cool.
*thanks to GameFAQs user gyrobot for pointing this one out.

*Phrase Edit タンカ設定
This should be self-explanatory, as you can edit the phrases freely. Just
remember that a longer phrase will give you more power, but sap your stamina

*Practice Moves イメージトレーニング
Practice your technique setup against an image of your uncle.

Teru's Blog テルのブログ
Amihama Blog					阿弥浜日記
Teru constantly updates this blog with little posts about current events,
usually involving Naoto.

Ranking							ランキング
This list features every territory leader and major character in the game,
along with their location/affiliation and the fighting move you can obtain
by defeating them. Certain characters only appear during special events, so
you won't necessarily be able to find them all in one play through.
Naoto himself also appears on the list, and you'll climb the ranks as you
defeat other characters.

Achievements/Legends			阿弥浜武勇伝
You are awarded these by completing specific goals, such as conquering all
of the territory in one district, or buying every pair of pants in the game.
When you obtain an achievement, you'll get a special bonus. Sometimes this
bonus is a minor item, but other times it can be major (like a permanent hair
color, or a new move).

Territory (By Area)				縄張り
This shows a map of every area in the game, and which territories you own in
those areas.

'The Exchange Student's' Progress 話題の転校生
This is an itemized list of your total game completion.

Total Completion				全体達成度

Events							全体イベント達成度
Clothing						待っている服
Moves/Techniques				使える技
Graffitti Phrases				覚えたタン語
Weapons							手に入れた武器
Hideout Items					集めた快適グッズ
Territories						獲得した縄張り
Hangout Spots					獲得したたまり場
Defeated Banchous in Arcade		喧嘩番長ACで倒した番長

Defeated Enemies				倒した人数
Friends							ダチの人数
Victories in The Outsider		アウトサイダーで勝利した人数

Hours spent on part-time job 	バイトの総勤務時間
Current hourly wage				現在時給
Raises							昇給した回数

Kenka Tetsudou 99 Rides:
Single 			喧嘩鉄道99シングル
Shortest Ride		最短乗車時間
Pair 			喧嘩鉄道99ペア
Shortest Ride		最短乗車時間
Loop 			喧嘩鉄道99環状線
Ride Time			乗車時間

Status ステータス
Health 			体力
Kiai/Spirit		気合
Otoko no Ki		漢の器

Cash			所持金
# of Friends	ダチの数
Game Completion	ゲーム達成度
Play Time		プレイ時間


Enemies Defeated		倒した数
EXP Level				喧嘩慣れ
Experience Total		場数
EXP until next level	次の喧嘩慣れ上昇まで


Kenka Souls			喧嘩魂
These are  the points you have to spend on stats.

Strength				腕っ筋
Stamina					スタミナ
Willpower/Spirit		根性
Luck					運
These are the four stats. Stamina now increases you health and lung capacity.
Luck increases your chances of scoring critical hits.


Shibu-Shaba Meter		シブシャバ度
This is the infamous status meter that determines how respectable you are.

3.3 Game Map
I'll be saying a lot of names of places in this guide, and you're going
to want to know where on earth those places are. Please refer to this in
case you get confused.

*Just in case you're wondering why the map has all these scribbles and
transparent Japanese writing on it, it's because Teru drew the map for you
on the back of one of his tests. I believe it's a physics test...

At the center of the map you have your uncle's house:

下鶴目駅	Downtown Tsurume Station
Use this to take you to your uncles house where you can save, rest, etc.


鶴目駅・駅前		Tsurume Station
This is where the game begins, anybody looking to mess with Tsurume or
Naoto will usually be around here.
*Shiroku Mart
*Hair Salon
*Clothing Store x2
*Hangout Spot

鶴目森林公園		Tsurume Shinrin (Forest) Park
There are a few significant battles that happen here, but you'll get to
know this as the place where you feed your dog and have 'dates' with Yuka.
*Hangout Spot

鶴目校門			Tsurume High Gate
This is the only area from which you can access Tsurume High. It's also one
of the few early places that has a Honke Kamadoya (bentou shop)
*Honke Kamadoya
*Shiroku Mart
	-Tsurume High
		-Classroom Area


鳴水浜駅・駅前	Narumihama Station
A large area that houses the giant mall, Narvigo.
*Shiroku Mart
*Hair Salon x2
		*Hair Salon
		*Shiroku Mart x2
		*Tanning Salon/Tattoo Parlor
		*Clothing Store x2
		*Hangout Spot x1

コンテナふ頭		Container Port
This is of no real concern during the main game, but the K.M.A. will have
this as their base in TAKE2. You can fight some regular KMA goons here during
the main story.
*Hangout Spot

鳴水浜海岸公園	Narumihama Seaside Park
This place will be important in TAKE2, plus you'll be able to unlock Kenka
Tetsudou 99, the non-stop battle mode here.
*Kenka Tetsudou 99 (unlock in TAKE2)
*Hangout Spot

白金				Shirogane Academy
Rich kid's school. The second chapter of the game centers around this area,
and you'll want to return for Mako's events.

鳴水浜文化ホール	Narumihama Cultural Hall
A fairly important area during TAKE2, and chapter 2 of the main game. Entry
to The Outsider will be here after you've unlocked it.
*THE OUTSIDER (unlock in TAKE2)

関成				KANSEI

関成駅・駅前		Kansei Station
A huge area, and the first place where you can go to a Gyouza King. This
area is ruled by two street gangs.
*Hangout Spot x3
*Clothing Store
*Friz Pizza
*Gyouza King
*Tanning/Tattoo Parlor
*Shiroku Mart
*Hair Salon

再開発エリア		Redevelopment Area
The street gang Paradise's territory. This is the only place from which you
can access their hideout (located at the south end of the map)
*Shiroku Mart
	-Abandoned Building
		*Hideout (Paradise)

関成中央公園		Kansei Central Park
A point of great interest in TAKE2, and a fairly important place in the main
game. You can access the flea market from here and a few other things (see the
extras section for more)
*Tashiro Masayuki (trade chocolate coins)
*Flea Market
*Hangout Spot
*Hideout (TAKE2 only)

中華街			Chinatown
This is where the street gang MUKURO hangs out. It'll be of importance in the
3rd chapter of the main game.
*Clothing Store
*Hangout Spot

中華街・裏路地	Chinatown - Back Alley
There will be a big fight here in the 3rd chapter. This is MUKURO's territory.
*Hideout (MUKURO)


紅北駅・駅前		Kouhoku Station
There's not much in this old town. The one distinguishing feature of this
area is the arcade, where you can play the odd Kenka Banchou 3 game.
*Shiroku Mart
	-Game Center
		*Kenka Banchou 3 AC

紅北商店街		Kouhoku Shopping District
This is where you first meet Chiharu, and where a few of the bigger fights
in Kouhoku happen. This is also another location of Honke Kamadoya
*Clothing Store x2
*Honke Kamadoya
*Hangout Spot

紅北下町			Kouhoku Downtown
Downtown, like Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (AKA River City Ransom)! Right!?
This is where you first have a talk with the banchou of Kouhoku. There's 
nothing of real importance here.
*Hangout Spot

紅北				Kouhoku High School
The old rival school of Kounan. A few big battles take place here.

紅南				KOUNAN

紅南駅・駅前		Kounan Station
This map is huge! It's a combination of a few maps from Kenka Banchou 4
all fit into one space thanks to some clever graphics work. There are many
interesting things of note here.
*Shiroku Mart x2
*Clothing Store
*Gyouza King (w/Tako)
*Hair Salon
	-Rumble Cafe

紅川河川敷		Kougawa Riverbed
There's a major event here towards the end of the game, but not much else.
*Hangout Spot

紅南校門			Kounan High School Gate
This is another huge area, a combination of a few maps from Kenka Banchou 4.
The big showdown with Kounan will happen here.
*Hangout Spot
	-Kounan High Classroom Building
	-Kounan High Rooftop

べに花台団地		Benihana Appartments
Not much more than a map recycled from Kenka Banchou 4. A special Kenka
Banchou 4 character makes a cameo appearance here if you visit it at the
earliest point possible.
*Shiroku Mart
*Hangout Spot

外関				GAIKAN

外関駅・駅前		Gaikan Station
The true enemy's territory! Everything you need to prepare for the final
fight is here, plus this is the only place where you can access the location
of the final fight - the garbage dump (I refer to it as the junkyard).
*Gyouza King
*Honke Kamadoya
*Clothing Store
*Hangout Spot
*Friz Pizza

外関				Gaikan High School
The enemy's high school! There isn't much here, as the final fight takes place
*Hangout Spot

4.0 Game Systems

4.1 The Menchi Beam 		メンチビーム
The menchi beam* and tanka battles** are the Kenka Banchou series' most iconic

*Back before the term 'grill' became slang for mouth (and subsequently, the
metal you put in your mouth), it used to mean, 'a very long hard stare is a
grill' (as immortalized by the late rapper Big L in Ebonics). The Japanese
phrase, メンチを切る 'menchi wo kiru' means the exact same thing, but alas, we
no longer have a special word for that in English- and thus the menchi beam
is doomed to be known as the 'eye laser'.

**Tanka means 'phrase', tanka battles are the smack talk minigames that occur
after two menchi beams meet.

The menchi beam, initiated by holding down the R button while not in combat, is
a way to exert dominance over all the non-player characters. Firing it upon
someone whose name appears in white will usually cause them to run in fear,
leaving money in their wake (taking this tainted money will lower your
shibu/shaba meter). Using it on someone whose name appears in red can have a
number of effects. If your 'otoko no ki' (see below) is too small, they may
just ignore you. If your 'otoko no ki', or overall power is high, they may
instantly submit to you. In most instances, they will fire a menchi beam back,
thus initiating a tanka battle.

When a tanka battle begins, you will be given a choice of four phrases, each
accompanied by a symbol. The phrase/symbol you choose will have a different
effect if you complete the phrase properly:
Orange 攻		You'll gain a temporary attack boost.
Green 防		You'll gain a temoporary defense boost.
Blue 息			You'll gain a temporary stamina boost.
Flame 気		You will recover some of your kiai bar.
White Flag		Any opponents hit with your beam will surrender immediately.
Dollar Bill		Your opponent will drop some money (usually not a lot).
Present Box		Your opponent will drop a random item.

The fourth symbol is always a starburst, which bears no real effects other
than the standard damage of the menchi blast. These phrases are often harder
to complete as well.

After selecting the phrase, it will appear as broken syllables at the bottom
of the screen. Tap the same button you used to select the phrase as the
bits of the phrase reach the left side of the screen. If you complete the
phrase, you win the battle and gain whatever bonus effect you chose. Be
careful, sometimes the phrase appears as clusters of syllables, but other
times it will be broken up into double and even single syllables which will
require some quick tapping.

4.2 Shibu-Shaba Meter		シブシャバ度
The shibu-shaba meter will raise with shibui actions (cool) and shabai
actions (cruel). If you are familiar with Yiddish, shibui is equivalent to
"mensch", while shabai is "unmensch".

Cool actions include:
-Winning tanka battles ('smash talk')
-Defeating enemies
-Forcing surrenders with the menchi beam

Cruel actions include:
-Using weapons
-Damaging private property (usually only cars in this game, destroying
signs, boxes, etc. doesn't seem to have a negative effect anymore)
-Physically hurting civilians (that is, anying whose name appears in white
when you target them)
-Starting fights without the menchi beam

You should usually strive to keep this meter as high as possible, but if you
are purposely attacking people at random, using weapons, and doing other bad
deeds, your status can drop to become the 'shaba king' and 'shaba god' (your
status is indicated by the colored icon in the upper left-hand corner of the
screen). When your status drops to 'shaba god' (this takes a LONG time), you
will no longer be able to recover your low status through normal means. The
only way to recover it in that situation is to throw the cheapest coin into
the fountain at Kansei Central Park.

In previous games, having a bad status would wreck havoc on you: you couldn't
shop at stores, tanka battles would become exponentially harder, and even
peons would disrespect you. The detrimental effects have become less and less
severe as the series continued.

4.3 Combat System			喧嘩技
Like Kenka Banchou 4, you can string together as many as 7 attacks- 4 basic
attacks and 3 kiai attacks. The fourth basic attack is no longer required to
be a finisher, so you have a bit more freedom when creating your combos.

To start a combo, press either the square or triangle button. The square
button corresponds to whatever you set as 'basic attack 1', and the triangle
button corresponds to the move you set as 'kiai attack 1'. After the first
button press, you can continue pressing square (for a total of four times)
and triangle (for a total of three times) until you've used up all the moves
you have set.

The moves will come out in whatever order you set them, for example:
basic attack 1: left jab
basic attack 2: right hook
kiai attack 1 : full power punch

If you press "square, square, triangle", your combo will come out as a jab,
a hook, and then a full power punch. If, however, you press "square, triangle,
square", your combo will come out as a jab, a full power punch, and then a
hook. This second method of input won't be very effective, because your
opponent will probably be knocked away by the full power puch, and your hook
won't connect.

Keep the speed and range of your attacks in mind when creating a combo, you
might want to start with quick attacks like jabs before adding strong punches.
You can also juggle opponents by using an attack that launches them into the
air, and following up with other basic attacks. Timing is very important when
executing more complex combos- don't mash the buttons!!!

As in the other Kenka Banchou games, if you block just as you're about to
receive an attack, you'll parry the opponent and leave them wide open. The
timing of a counter isn't very precise, you can probably get away with
blocking an attack a full second before it hits your character and still
trigger a counter. Even so, if you are uncomfortable with the timing, at
least try to counter your opponent's charged (kiai) attacks. They are very
slow and deliberate, and with a mere tap of the L Trigger you'll be able to
throw them off balance and unleash a big combo.

Countering is a much more effective way to land a combo than simply attacking
and hoping the enemy doesn't block. Just beware of two things: you can be
grabbed while blocking/attempting to counter, and you cannot counter a super
move. If your opponent grabs you, start mashing the O button. If your
opponent starts using a super move, immediately initiate your own (or
run out of the way, if you have time).

|||Enemy Stun|||
In Kenka Banchou 5, it is easy and effective to knock your opponents
unconscious. As you attack the opponent, you'll notice a yellow bar below
their life bar decreasing. When this bar is depleted, your opponent will be
stunned, and will not be able to act until the bar has recharged. Attacking
the opponent while they are stunned will cause the bar to fill quicker.

There are many ways to use an opponent's stunned condition to your advantage:
VS a single enemy:
-Stun the enemy, stand them up, use a powerful combo, repeat.
-Stun the enemy, stand them up, use your super move without having to worry
about them blocking.
-Recover your spirit meter while they recover from being stunned.

VS a group of enemies:
-Stun one enemy, and focus your attacks on the otherx without having to worry
about being ganged up on.
-Stun a group of enemies, and unleash a wide-range special move.

|||Frustration and Rage|||
The main character in Kenka Banchou 5 does not fall unconscious in the same
way every other character does. When you accumulate hits, Naoto will also
accumulate 'frustration', which manifests itself as a white cloud at the
edges of the screen. When his frustration is maxed out, one of the buttons
(square, triangle, X, or O) will appear with a phrase on the screen. Press
that button, and the phrase will start scrolling across the bottom of the
screen very quickly, just as in a 'tanka battle'.

If you complete the phrase, Naoto will enter ぶち切れ, or 'Rage' mode. When
this happens, you'll have an unlimited spirit bar for a moment, and then
drop down to zero. Before you spirit bar disappears completely, your attacks
will become a lot stronger, and you won't be knocked back by enemy attacks.
On the downside, it seems that your ability to track enemies becomes terrible.

Use 'Rage' mode to unleash as many super attacks as you can before it runs
out. (this is sort-of useless with grab+hold special attacks)

If you do not complete the phrase that appears after max frustration, or your
opponent uses a move that skips the phrase altogether, you'll become
completely unconscious for a while. Mashing buttons won't help you recover
when you're in this state, so it's exceptionaly dangerous.

*GameFAQs-user Gyrobot pointed out that Naoto will also take extra damage
during rage mode.

|||Clean Hits|||
Clean hits are ultra-strong attacks that will happen randomly. You can
consider them to be the, 'critical hits' of Kenka Banchou 5. As in Role
Playing Games, you can increase your chances of a critical hit by increasing
your 'Luck' statistic. A critical hit will usually kill a normal enemy, and
deal decent damage to stronger enemies and bosses.

|||General Tips|||
Enemy AI is a bit smarter in Kenka Banchou 5 than in previous entries. Even
the weakest characters are liable to cancel your combos by using quick, weak
attacks. Always expect to get countered when you use a big slow attack.

Any time anyone, either you, an ally, or a boss, uses a super move, they
become invincible until the move's animation is finished. Because of this,
it's a common tactic to use your own super move the instant your opponent
uses theirs. This is a last-resort strategy to use when you have no other
way of dodging the super move (for example, if you are at close range and
they have a grappling-type super move. On the flip side, the AI in Kenka
Banchou 5 has learned to use this tactic as well. Be careful when executing
your own super moves. (fans of the Playstation 2 game 'Urban Reign' will
be very familiar with this tactic)

In this game, when Naoto becomes unconscious, there's little you can do to
have him recover. Be sure to stock up on health items so that your enemies
don't beat you to death if you fall unconscious.

4.4 Friend System		ダチ
If you've played Kenka Banchou 4, you'll remember that Kounan students would
drop their school badges after being defeated, and that you could advance
the story and collect special bonuses by picking up a number of badges. In
Kenka Banchou 5, that system has been replaced by the Friend and Territory

Whenever you defeat an enemy after having initiated a battle properly (using
the menchi beam, you don't need to win the tanka battle, just the fight),
they will stay on the ground and raise a white flag. If you get close to them
and press the R-trigger, you'll make friends with them. After you've made them
your friend, they'll drop some money and walk away. If you've defeated a group
of enemies that are close together, making friends with one of them will get
all of the others to join you as well. Just be sure to make friends with them
before they get up and leave on their own, it's usually best to make friends
the moment they raise their white flag.

For every 10 friends you make, your 'Otoko no Ki' 漢の器 will increase by 1.
This is signified by a picture of a bowl gradually getting bigger... this is
kind of a pun, as 'Otoko no Ki' literally means, 'manliness bowl'. Otoko no
Ki is simply a measure of respect, and its practical purposes are limited.
Having a low Otoko no Ki will cause prospective enemies to ignore you when
you use your menchi beam on them. Build this up early in the game and you'll
never have to worry about it again.

4.5 Territory System	縄張り
In Kenka Banchou 5, each district is divided into several areas, and each
areas is divided into several territories. By pausing the game and checking
the map, or by pressing select twice to expand the map overlay, you can see
where the divisions of each territory are.

By making friends with 'territory leaders', the characters that show up as
yellow dots on the map, you can take control of their territory. The benefits
of doing this are numerous:

-You are required to have a certain amount of territory in each district to
advance the story.

-Once territory leaders become your friends, you can call on them to follow
you and help you fight whenever you are in their area. Simply greet them with
the regular greeting (triangle button)

-The first time you gain every territory in any given area, you'll get an
achievement that comes with a bonus item. The first time you gain every
territory in an entire district, you'll get three bonus points to spend on

-You will be able to teleport to any territory you own by pausing the game
and selecting that territory on the map (doesn't work in certain situations,
like when you're fighting)

-Capturing certain territories will uncover 'hangout spots' (たまり場), which
act as save points and restore your health.

On subsequent plays through the game, you will only need to capture territory
to pass the story checkpoints (usually no more than 16 territories total),
but it is always useful to grab as much territory as you can so that it's
quicker to travel around the large maps later on.

4.6 Hideout System		アジト
At certain points in the game, you'll gain access to 'hideouts', which are
bases for the various schools and gangs. Hideouts are similar to 'hangout
spots', but with a few noticable improvements:

-You can use items you've collected to furnish the hideout. Furnishing a
hideout will grant bonuses to the characters associated with that base (read
the menu translation above for specific details). 

To collect an item (ex. benches, signs, plants- anything you can pick up),
pick it up and carry it all the way back to a base or your home. Alternatively,
you can order your territory leader friends to deliver items to your bases for
you. Simply ask some territory leaders to follow you (triangle button with
standard greeting), and then press triangle while targeting the item you want.
Finally, you can buy items at the free market in Kansei Central Park. See the
last sectin for detials.

-By placing a doghouse in a hideout, you will automatically get the option to
walk your dog anytime you leave that hideout.

-You can play minigames to win chocolate coins, or just for fun. Chocolate
coins can be traded for cash by visiting a certain character in Kansei Central

-By placing a mahjong table in a hideout, you can play mahjong whenever you
visit that hideout. Kounan High's hideout comes with a mahjong table, but you
can find them before that point.

4.7 Being Defeated
If you lose all your health, either by being defeated in battle or being hit
by a car, you will be given two options:

If you choose the option on the left, you will be sent back to your house in
your pajamas and be forced to pay a medical bill. You will lose all of the
clothes and accessories you were wearing when you died, including your
hairstyle. To recover them, you'll have to go to the stores that sell them
and buy them back. This is very annoying if you are trying to get 100% item
completion, so I usually opt to quit the game rather than spend an hour
trying to find out which store sold what I was wearing.

If you do continue the game in this fashion, don't worry about losing special
clothes (such as awards for achievements, or the t-shirts you get after
finishing each girl's storyline). Every time you unlock an item of clothing,
it will show up for sale in a store somewhere. This is why several stores
sell the default clothing you start the game with.

-Don't worry about losing anything else though. Unlike Kenka Banchou 4, the
game won't take away any of your territory (In Kenka Banchou 4, you actually
lost 'school badges', which acted the same way as territory in this game).

If you choose the option on the right, you will lose all of your progress and
return to the title screen. For this reason, be sure to save whenever you can!
There are a ton of save points in this game, nearly one in every single section
of every area, so there's no reason not to save before a big fight, or just
to recover your health when it's low.

4.8 Part-Time Work			アルバイト
When you select this option from t he main menu, you'll be prompted to select
a save file. Choose whatever save you want to earn money for.

You'll face a standard menu where you can check your status, change clothes,
change techniques, etc. Select 出かける (the door) to continue.

ひとりでバイト			Play Alone
ふたりでバイト			Play With a Friend (local wireless)

警備員の制服に着替える		Change into security guard's outfit
このままの服装で行く		Head out in your current clothes

Next you'll be taken to the map where you can select your part-time mission.
The little box on the lower-left will display the location, mission, duration,
and pay rate. You can ignore the rate of pay for the most part, you'll be
making a lot more money than what it says.

不良排除		Kick out the thugs
治安維持		Security enforcement
地域巡回		Neighborhood patrol

X時間	XXXX円			X hours (minutes in-game) XXXX yen

When you select a location, you'll get a repeat of the information from
above. If you select a 'kick out the thugs' mission, you'll see precisely
how many thugs there are:

不良数: x人				# of thugs

You will also see the difficulty of each mission:

難易度: 〜〜〜			Difficulty Level

ムズ過ぎる				Too Hard
かなりムズい				Pretty Hard
けっこうムズい			Reasonably Hard
普通						Average
かなり簡単				Pretty Easy
ちょっと簡単				Quite Easy
けっこう簡単				Fairly Easy
簡単過ぎる				Too Easy

If you select your home, you'll go back to your home screen (REMEMBER TO SAVE,
and then select the quit option to go back to the main menu)

After selecting a mission, you'll be taken to the target location to patrol
the area for thugs. Regardless of the mission, you'll just want to beat up and
arrest as many people as possible. 

Press the 'L' trigger when the enemy is on the ground to make an arrest. You
don't need to deplete their life all the way to arrest them, but that would
ensure 100% success (someone with health left might escape).

After the time runs out, you'll see how much money you made (there will be a
deduction if you were defeated on the job), and then you'll be taken back to
the menu. You can go out as many times as you want, but remember to SAVE when
you're ready to quit. The game will not save for you!

*A few more notes - GameFAQs user gyrobot pointed out that your shibu-shabu
meter is not affected by using weapons during Part Time Work mode, so feel
free to equip weapons as you see fit.

I've also found that you can battle ghosts of Kenka Banchou 4 characters when
you take Part Time Work at Kounan High. Be careful, Kenka Banchou 4's boss,
Akutsu, is very strong!

5.0 Item List

5.1 Shiroku Mart	シロクマート
おにぎり - Recovers a little HP

A ball (or rather, triangle) of rice. The black thing on it is a strip of
seaweed. This game states that they are a popular traditional food!

アメリカンドッグ - American Corn Dog - Recovers a little HP

コロッケパン - Korokke Pan - Recovers a little HP

Korokke is the Japanese cousin of the French croquette.
Pan means bread, from the French 'pain'.

ヤキソバパン - Yakisoba Pan - Recovers a little HP

Yakisoba is a type of special type of noodle, while yaki means fried, and
soba is a type of buckwheat noodle, yakisoba is not fried soba noodles.
It's its own thing.

ミートスパゲティ Meat Spaghetti

Just what it sounds like, and yes, in many convenience stores in Asia you
can get legitimate food, not just potato chips and overpriced hot dogs.

プリン Pudding

コーヒーゼリー Coffee Jelly

イチゴショート Strawberry Shortcake

スタミナンリバース 	Stamina Reverse		
Health Regeneration - 60 seconds

スタミナンリバースSS Stamina Reverse SS 
Health Regeneration - 120 seconds

超気合いドリンク		Super Kiai Drink
Spirit Regeneration - 40 seconds

超気合いドリンクZ	Super Kiai Drink Z
Spirit Regeneration - 80 seconds

攻撃プロテイン-O		Attack Protein O
Attack Boost - 30 seconds

攻撃プロテイン-DX		Attack Protein DX
Attack Boost - 60 seconds

耐久プロテイン-G		Defense Protein G

耐久プロテイン-DX		Defense Protein DX

持久プロテイン-H		Endurance Protein H

持久プロテイン-DX		Endurance Protein DX



犬缶		Dogfood Can
Food for your dog... or you can recover 100 health, at the cost of your

犬一直線 Dog Treat
Food for your dog, or recovers 200 health. This literal name is 'dog line',
and I believe it's supposed to be some kind of jerky. The game says it's
'tasty enough for humans to eat'.

コインチョコ Coin Chocolate
Recover a miniscule amount of health, or trade at the park for real cash.

In many holiday traditions, most notably Hanukkah, it's customary to give
chocolate gelt (money) to children. The chocolate, wrapped stamped foil,
is itself stamped on both sides to look like a real coin. The very fact
that it's being sold in a Japanese corner store in a very Japanese game
should tell you that this is now a world-wide tradition.

小判チョコ   Koban Chocolate
Recover a minor amount of health, or trade at the park for real cash.

A chocolate coin, fashioned after an old Japanese coin, the koban, worth
1 ryo (a pre-Meiji denomination of money).

大判チョコ   Ooban Chocolate
Recover 1000 health, or trade at the park for real cash.

A large chocolate coin, fashioned after the ooban, originally worth 10 ryo.


5.2 Honke Kamadoya		本家かまどや
Honke Kamadoya is a chain of fast-food restaurants that specializes in
take-out bentou. 'Bentou' is a Japanese lunch-box that is partitioned to make
room for a number of different foods. They usually contain a big bed of rice
and several smaller compartments filled with vegetables and tasty meat.

Now, if it weren't already obvious, Honke Kamadoya is a very real place in
Japan, one of the many blatent product-placements in Kenka Banchou 5. To my
delight, a very real Japanese blogger and rap enthusiast, Eitaro, set out
on a mission to review Honke Kamadoya's entire menu. This made it easy for
me to see exactly what was in each of these meals you can buy in the game.
Assuming it's still around by the time you're reading this, check out
Eitaro's blog by searching, "Eitaro x Diversion".

のり弁当 - Nori Bentou
500 Health
170 Spirit
Nori is the dry type of seaweed that is used to wrap up sushi and rice-balls.

のり・メンチカツ弁当 Nori Menchi-katsu Bentou
1080 Health
360 Spirit
Menchi-katsu is a breaded and fried cutlet made from ground meat. The word
'menchi' comes from the word 'mince', like mince-meat. This is not to be
confused with the 'menchi beam' that this game is famous for, which seems
to have derived its name from the word 面, 'men', meaning 'face'.

和風じゃこのり弁当 Japanese-style Jyako Nori Bentou
650 Health
220 Spirit
"Japanese-style" refers to the vegetables and tidbits served with the meal,
typically pickled vegetables, mushrooms, and 'winter cherries' (I've always
called them 'Chinese Lanterns', go look it up to see what I'm talking about).

Jyako are small fish, "lightly killed" as Jeremy Clarkson of the BBC's Top
Gear once noted. They are tiny dried sardines (think really small fish you'd
use as bait, not the things you buy in a tin can) that are seasoned a little.
They use these as a topping for the rice in these bentou boxes.

洋風めんたいこ弁当 - Youshoku Mentaiko Bentou
710 Health
240 Spirit
Youshoku means "Western-style", and refers to the tidbits served with the
meal, in this case some fried meat. "Western-style" is actually a Japanese
variety of cooking that was influenced by Western cuisine. It is uniquely
Japanese, in the same way that fortune cookies are uniquely American.

Mentaiko is decidedly un-Western. It's basically a special type of marinated
pollock roe (fish eggs), often spicy and eaten with rice. In this meal,
it sits atop the bed of rice in the bentou box.

デミグラスハンバーグ弁当 - Demiglace Hamburg Bentou
710 Health
240 Spirit
Demiglace is a flavorful sauce prepared by reducing massive amounts of stock.
In Japan, 'Western-style' cafes will serve this sauce on various dishes to
give them more flavor. Around 2002, there was a soap-opera in Japan called,
"ランチの女王", or "Lunch Queen". It made a big deal out of the special
demiglace sauce a restaurant would prepare for its rice-filled omelets.

Hamburg is like what we call Salisbury Steak in the US. It's just a patty of
ground or minced meat that has been seasoned and usually comes with a special
sauce (in this case, a demiglace). Not my favorite, but VERY typical of 
Asian-style Western food.

カラアゲ弁当 Karaage Bentou
900 Health
300 Spirit
Karaage usually refers to deep-fried pieces of chicken. Often times the
chicken meat has been left on the bone, so don't go chomping down on it!

チキン南蛮弁当 Chicken Nanban Bentou
900 Health
300 Spirit
Very simply, fried chicken with tartare sauce. Way back when, 'nanban' referred
to barbarians, particularly those foreign barbarians that attacked the southern
portion of Japan (hence 'nan', which means 'south'). This dish is a local
specialty of the southern island of Kyushu.

豚しょうが Pork Shouga
940 Health
320 Spirit
Ginger pork, or Pork Shougayaki (shouga meaning ginger), is thin-sliced pork
dipped in a sweet ginger sauce and fried. This is similar to something you
might get from an American Chinese restaurant, though shougayaki itself is

のり・カラ弁当 Nori-Kara Bentou
1100 Health
370 Spirit
The 'kara' here is just a shortened form of 'karaage'. Nori refers to the
sheet of seaweed covering the bed of rice.

カラ・めんたい弁当 Kara-Mentaiko Bentou
1120 Health
380 Spirit
Same as above, but with mentaiko on the rice instead of seaweed.

大関さん弁当 Oozeki-san Bentou
1140 Health
380 Spirit
Sumo-size me! Oozeki is the second highest ranking of Sumo wrestlers, just
behind 'yokozuna'. It's a pretty big deal, and as such, this meal is pretty
big as well. It features several fried meat side-dishes.

焼肉ハンバーグ弁当 Yakiniku Hamburg Bentou
1200 Health
400 Spirit
Yakiniku is barbequed meat, often beef. This bentou box features a lot of

***焼肉エビフライ弁当 Yakiniku Ebi-fry Bentou
1400 Health
470 Spirit
Ebi-fry is fried shrimp. This meal is stuffed with tasy things!

***I believe this is the best value item in the game, as it recovers the
most health of any meal and a large amount of your spirit. Best of all,
it only costs 690 yen! Always stock 8 of these before every boss fight,
they are the best way to stay alive!

親子丼 Oyako-don
820 Health
50 Spirit
Oyako means, 'parent and child' (oya being the parent, ko meaning child).
In oyako-don, the 'parent' is pieces of chicken, while the 'child' is a
chicken egg, slightly cooked and served on top of the chicken and rice.
In the cartoon, Naoki Urasawa's "Monster", the Japanese Dr. Tenma makes this
dish for a group of immigrants to show them what his home country's cuisine
is like. They note, as have I, that this dish's name is absurd.

Don is short for 'donburi', or bowl, and refers to dishes where a bowl is
filled with hot rice, and topped with the rest of the meal. In my opinion,
the is the best value meal you can get at a Japanese restaurant. You get a
ton of rice (more than you would in a bentou box), and usually a hearty
portion of meat, egg, onion, and whatever else they throw in there. I won't
go into the economics of it, but if you have a local Japanese restaurant,
and they don't surve something like oyako-don or katsu-don, they either
consider themselves too fancy, or it's simply a lousy restaurant.

カラマヨ丼 Kara-mayo-don
840 Health
50 Spirit
Kara refers to karaage, and mayo to mayonnaise. Japanese mayonnaise is a bit
different from regular mayonnaise, in that they create an emulsion with rice
vinegar instead of regular vinegar. I'm sure they add something else as well,
because if you're ever had it, you'll know that it's very flavorful. Many
Japanese dishes, snacks, and even certain types of sushi will have this
mayonnaise squirted on top in ribbons. I know this might sound gross to those
who have a limited relationship with mayonnaise, but give it a try if you
ever get the chance.

かつ丼 Katsu-don
1289 Health
70 Spirit
Katsu means 'cutlet', usually referring to a pork cutlet. This is one of my
all-time favorite foods. A big bowl of rice with fried pork, onions, and egg.

ビーフカレー Beef Curry
500 Health
540 Spirit
A big plate with rice on one side and a beef curry on the other. Japanese
curry may look similar to Thai or Indian curries, but tastes much different
and is typically more of a fast food than some type of high cuisine. Japanese
curry is sold in blocks that you can throw in hot water to make a quick meal.

ロースカツカレー Roast Katsu-curry
890 Health
890 Spirit
"Roast" is short for roast beef, usually from the loin.

Katsu-curry is Japanese curry as described above, but with a pork cutlet
on top. Some of my Japanese friends have named this as their favorite Japanese
food, so... take that sushi..

5.3 フリズPIZZA Friz Pizza
Pizza has lost its most useful purpose this time around: to restore massive
amounts of health to your partner. In exchange, pizza now gives you some
temporary stat enhancements. It's still too expensive to bother with, and
the smaller size pizzas just waste your inventory space.

Small Family Pizza
You and Allies recover 200 health

Medium Family Pizza
You and Allies recover 400 health

Large Family Pizza
You and Allies recover 600 health

Extra Large Family Pizza
You and Allies recover 800 health

Small Meat Pizza
You and Allies recover 120 health, strength up for 30 seconds

Medium Meat Pizza
You and Allies recover 170 health, strength up for 40 seconds

Large Meat Pizza
You and Allies recover 270 health, strength up for 70 seconds

Extra Large Meat Pizza
You and Allies recover 320 health, strength up for 90 seconds

Seafood Pizza Small
You and Allies recover 120 health, defense up for 30 seconds

Seafood Pizza Medium
You and Allies recover 170 health, defense up for 40 seconds

Seafood Pizza Large
You and Allies recover 270 health, defense up for 70 seconds

Seafood Pizza Extra Large
You and Allies recover 320 health, defense up for 90 seconds

Garlic Pizza Small
You and Allies recover 120 health, stamina up for 30 seconds

Garlic Pizza Medium
You and Allies recover 170 health, stamina up for 40 seconds

Garlic Pizza Large
You and Allies recover 270 health, stamina up for 70 seconds

Garlic Pizza Extra Large
You and Allies recover 320 health, stamina up for 90 seconds

5.4 餃子の王将 Gyouza King
Gyouza King is another real Japanese restaurant (also featured in Kenka
Banchou 4). Gyouza is Japanese for dumplings, so they serve that and a
bunch of other 'Eastern' standards. The restaurant is actually incorporated
into the story this time, read the Extra Info section to learn more about

Food you buy at Gyouza King will be consumed there, so this is not the place
to go to get portable items. There are a few menu items here that do nothing
but restore your health, despite the fact that you can get your health
restored for free at any hangout spot... It'd be a safe to avoid wasting your
money on those. There are, however, some VERY good things to buy at the
restaurant. They provide a temporary bonus (this effect lasts for a decent
amount of time, you might be able to go for a full chapter without having
it disappear). Always buy one before a big battle!

When you finish a meal at Gyouza King, you'll be teleported outside the
restaurant, so you can't stack effects - you only one bonus at a time.

餃子 Dumplings (single serving)
Standard plate of dumplings. Restores 210 health.

餃子2人前 Dumplings for 2
Restores 420 health (despite what the name would suggest, this does NOT
restore your partner's health)

餃子3人前 Dumplings for 3
Restores 630 health (ripoff!)

焼きめし Yakimeshi
BONUS: Reduces your Spirit Bar consumption by 30% (not worth it..)

Yaki means fried, meshi means rice. That's right, a big plate of fried rice!

焼きそば Yakisoba
BONUS: Increases Attack 5% (not worth it)

A plate of noodles fried with a special special sauce. Tasty stuff, though
be warned - the 'soba' noodles in yakisoba are not the same as the buckwheat
noodles you get when you order just plain 'soba'.

天津飯 Tenshinhan
BONUS: Defense 5% (not worth it, but my long explanation is worth it!)

OK, so you might be familiar with American 'Chinese' food, which is like
fried chicken balls and pork smothered in sweet sauce and cashew chicken...
basically Chinese-style food modified to cater to Western tastes. Well,
tenshinhan (Japanese for Tianjin* Rice) is Japan's attempt at the same sort
of thing. In short, it is a runny omelet with fake crab meat draped over
rice and covered in a sweet sauce. You might be able to find something like
that in Hong Kong, but not mainland China.

*I'll take this time to point out that I've actually been to Tianjin (yeah,
I'm surprised, too), and their rice is nothing like that. They take more
pride in this twisty br... NEVERMIND, not important!

**Fans of the cartoon/comic Dragon Ball may recognize Tenshinhan as the name
of a popular character, Tian Shinhan. In fact, a great number of Dragon Ball
characters are named after foods. Alright, enough about this useless item.

ラーメン Ramen
BONUS: Increases Lung Capacity 15% (not worth it)

A bowl of noodles, usually with some tasy pork and a slice of fish cake. Not
to be confused with instant noodles.

餃子定食 Gyouza Set
Dumplings with some tidbits on the side.
Restores 700 health. Ripoff!

焼めしセット Yakimeshi Set
Fried Rice with some tidbits on the side.
BONUS: Reduces Spirit consumption by 50% (great effect!*)

*Honestly, bosses spam their super moves so much when their health gets low
that this becomes very useful just as a means to counter with your own super

焼きそば定食 Yakisoba Set
Yakisoba with some tidbits on the side.
BONUS: Increases Attack 10% (still not worth it...)

天津飯セット Tenshinhan Set
Tenshinhan with some tidbits on the side.
BONUS: Increases Defense 10% (decent effect, if you really need defense..)

ラーメンセット Ramen Set
Ramen with some tidbits on the side.
BONUS: Increases Lung Capacity by 30% (my favorite, but it's your call)

肉とキャベツのミソ炒め定食 Beef and Cabbage stir-fried with Miso Set
BONUS: Increases Movement Speed

Self-explanatory dish. Miso is an odd-flavored paste made by fermenting
soybeans and some other stuff. You either love it or hate it, no big deal.

ニラレバ定食 Nirareba Set
BONUS: Doubles Effect of Health Recovery Items

Nirareba is liver (reba) and chives (nira). Supposedly this tastes better
than regular liver and onions, but I've never had the pleasure of trying

すぶたセット Subuta
BONUS: Increases Attack 20% (highly recommended, probably the best bonus)

Sweet and Sour Pork. I'm pretty sure you can get this anywhere in America,
no explanation needed.

豚キムチ定食 Kimchi Pork Set
BONUS: Damage Taken While Concussed Reduced 30% (I can see where this would
be useful, but most of the time you will go into "Rage" mode instead of
getting a concussion. Only use this with the side-story characters)

Stir-fried pork and kimchi. Kimchi is a popular korean side-dish of cabbage
that's been pickled in a spicy brine.

6.0 Character Introductions
Naruse Naoto	成瀬直人
The protagonist, transfers to Tsurume High for his final year of High School.
He is blunt, impulsive, and never one to shy from a challenge. His pride and
his friends are the most important things to him.

Tsurume High School		鶴目高校
|||3rd Year Students|||
Takatsu Shougo	高津昇吾
Takatsu has a stylish floppy haircut and wears a distinct white shirt with
teal writing and images.
Takatsu is a bit of a lone wolf, though he's commonly respected and admired
by girls and guys alike. His kind, easygoing nature plays a foil to Naoto's
wreckless behavior, but he's always there for Naoto when he gets himself into
a serious situation. Until Naoto arrives, Takatsu is widely accepted as one of
Tsurume's top fighters.

Shindou Taishi	進藤大志
Shindou has long black hair and wears a collared shirt under his blazer.
Similar in strength, but opposite in personality to Takatsu, Shindou has a
cool, domineering attitude, and plays the villain for the first chapter of the
game. Wakamiya has an awkward man-crush on him.

|||2nd Year Student|||
Yazawa Kouji	矢沢弘二
Yazawa wears an orange sweatshirt instead of a blazer, and has a 
Yazawa is a girl-obsessed goofball, jealous of those more competant than him,
which includes just about everyone. Conversation falls flat nearly every time
he opens his mouth.

|||1st Year Students|||
Wakamiya Tomohiro	若宮友弘
Wakamiya has orange hair and wears a collared shirt under his blazer, similar
to Shindou's.
Wakamiya is a rather gutless kid, and often stands in the shadow of stronger
students. He looks up to anyone who seems strong or cool, and spends the
beginning of the game as Shindou's whipping boy.

Sugawara Masato		菅原雅人
Sugawara wears a knit hat and a red hoodie under his blazer.
Typically more laid back than Wakamiya, Sugawara isn't particularly strong,
but is a loyal friend.

|||Tsurume Baseball Team	 鶴目高校 野球部|||

Kubo Shinya			久保信也
Kubo is a musclebound dude with black hair and a black shirt.
The star pitcher for Tsurume's baseball club, Kubo is a little too loyal to
his teammates. When Kubo has a run-in with the law, he hides to the shadows
to protect their reputation.

Adachi Shun			足立駿
Adachi wears a white collared shirt and has long-ish black hair.
Straight-laced and super serious, Adachi does not deal with thugs and drama
in a sound manner. He has his doubts about having the uncouth Naoto help out
his teammate.

Hamaguchi Souta		浜口宗太
Hamaguchi appears clean cut, with black hair and black wristbands.
Hamaguchi has great respect for Kubo, and is eager to find him when he goes
missing. He is one of the younger students on the baseball team.

Shirogane Academy		白金学院
Utsunomiya Manabu	宇都宮学
Utsunomiya sports hair on the top of his head, but shaved on the sides.
Utsunomiya is arrogant and spoiled rich. He has a hot temper and pays off
thugs to act as his 'friends'. His low intellect and aggressive attitude
stands in contrast to Shirogane's refined and prestigious atmosphere.

Ogata Wataru		緒方渉
Ogata has combed-back reddish hair. He has a less distinctive face than
Ogata is a follower of Utsunomiya, and corrupted by his arrogance. At the
beginning of the game, he proves to be more of a coward than Utsunomiya.

MUKURO			骸 (Skeleton)
Iketani Shingo		池谷慎吾
Iketani wears a camo hoodie and black combat boots.
The 2nd generation head of Mukuro, Iketani is violent and full of pride.
He has poor luck with the ladies, and his failures in courting Akane cause
problems for countless people.

Katagiri Kazuya		片桐一哉
Katagiri dresses like a lounge lizard, and has snake eyes hiding behind
swanky purple shades to match.
Katagiri has the violent and cruel nature of Iketani, but without the air
of insanity. He acts as Iketani's right-hand man in Mukuro, but works just
as easily on his own.

Nagura Yuuki		名倉祐樹
Nagura wears a red sweatshirt with a winged skull on it.
Nagura is the leader of the current generation of Paradise. He is committed
to the gang's code of helping the dazed and confused find shelter from society.
He is an all-around kind person.

Dobashi Katsumi		土橋克己
Dobashi has bright red hair and wears a red tracksuit.
Dobashi is a giant of great strength, but seems fairly dumb. As Paradise has
acted as a great support for him in his time of need, he does everything he
can to defend it and its members. Dobashi speaks with a stutter and is often
seen following Hotta, thus completing the large bumbling sidekick stereotype.

Hotta Shou			堀田翔
Hotta wears shorts and a distinct red hoodie.
A decent, well-adjusted kid who seems to have joined Paradise for its
principals rather than its ongoing turf wars. He is quick to befriend Naoto
after being beaten by him.

Kouhoku High School		紅北高校
Kanou Kenji			加納健二
Kanou looks considerably older than the rest of the Kouhoku students,
probably as a way to show how worn-out he is.
Kanou is the current Banchou of Kouhoku High. By attempting to protect
Kouhoku's future generations, he inadvertantly shattered their pride. He is
now a dejected leader, feeling heavy pressure from the restless juniors.

Uji Yoshiaki		宇治義明
Uji sports a 'punch perm' hairstyle and a white shirt under his school jacket.
Uji is an officer at Kouhoku with his sights set on becoming the school's
banchou. Quite cruel, he's a sore loser but will do whatever he needs to to get
ahead. He hates the other Kouhoku officer in his class, Funaki.

Funaki Kyouichi		船木恭一
Funaki wears a shortened school jacket, making his green undershirt visible.
Another Kouhoku officer, he is displeased with the current state of the rivalry
between Kouhoku and Kounan.

Kurihara Isamu		栗原勇
Kurihara is the youngest student at Kouhoku, he has short black hair.
Nicknamed 'Krillin' by his long-time friend Chiharu, Kurihara is young and
idealistic. He's full of fire, but disenchanted by the attitudes of the older
students. He looks to Naoto to revive Kouhoku's fighting spirit.

Kounan High School		紅南高校
Yagami Shin			八神真
Really thuggish looking guy with a blonde rockabilly pompadour and a long
black jacket.
After the previous leader of Kounan disappeared, Yagami won the battle to
decide the next banchou. He certainly has the strength to rule Kounan, but
not necessarily the leadership skills.

Kawakami Shouji		川上正二
A guy with a brown old-school style pompadour and a flamboyant embroidered
white button up shirt.
Kawakami acts as Yagami's closest advisor and is the voice of reason when
Yagami gets worked up.

Katsuragi Gen		葛城元
A stern young man with long brown hair, wears a purple shirt under his white
collared shirt.
Katsuragi is a top Kounan officer along with Mori and Kawakami.

Mori Keita			森圭太
A tall fellow with red hair and a green shirt under his long black coat.
Mori is a top Kounan officer along with Katsuragi and Kawakami.

Onoda Teppei		小野田哲平
A punk with a two-tone mullet and a pink shirt under his shortened school
Onoda now assumes responsibility for all of Kounan's younger students. He
finds it difficult to follow Yagami's orders because all of his respect lies
with Yuuta, Kounan's former banchou, and Onoda's role model.

Tachibana Shun		立花俊
A young guy with a fancy pink hoodie.
While Kounan students are usually the baddest of the bad, Tachibana has been
able to slip by as a mediocre fighter because of Kouhoku's ceasefire with
Kounan. This left him free to harass whoever he wants with little consequence.

Misawa Seiji		三沢誠司
A tall older student with a close-shaved haircut.
Misawa, once a prospective banchou, is now repeating his third year of school
while he looks for work.

Chiba "Teru" Teruo	千葉照男 "テル"
A goofy looking guy with a poofy light brown haircut and flamboyant purple
shirt. Often wears sunglasses.
Ever the weirdo, Teru now runs a blog on Amihama events in addition to his
regular information broker services. He seems to have gained extra confidence,
having survived the One Year War from the previous game.

Gaikan Industrial High	外関工業高校
Kunii Akira			国井晃
Sports a close-cropped haircut and a flamboyant purple sweatshirt.
A merciless punk, Kunii acts is Gaikan's acting leader.

Akamatsu Ryousuke	赤松涼介
Akamatsu has blonde corn-rows and wears a black short sleeved collar shirt
with what appears to be hanafuda card on it
Akamatsu is second in command at Gaikan, and is often the first to give orders
to the other students. He's supposedly cool and deliberate, but turns into
a monster in battle.

Iidzuka Maki		飯塚真樹
Has long black hair with a bright blonde highlight and black sunglasses. He
looks a lot like Shindou, but rest assured they are different people (though
it is odd that Shindou completely disappears after chapter 1, and then this
guy appears and seems to know Tadatsu well...)

Fukunaga Toshiyuki	福永利之
A smaller punk with brown hair and a green-ish jacket.
A second year student, he's the #1 contender for becoming Gaikan's next

Kishi Koutarou		岸孝太郎
A big guy with a blonde shaved haircut.
Another second year student, he is a rival to Fukunaga.

Oosawa Takeshi		大沢猛
Oosawa sports a brown wolf-styled mullet and an embroidered black varsity

Mutou Hidetaka		武藤秀隆
Mutou has short styled green hair and wears a long white button-up shirt.

Kansei Midnight Army	K.M.A.
Ishimaru Riku		石丸陸
Wears long black hair and a studded black biker's jacket.

Takei Shouhei		武井将平
Takei has long silver hair and embroidered pants.

Oosuga Ryuuzou		大須賀竜蔵
Oosuga has short red hair and wears a black vest.

Kai Shinnosuke		甲斐慎之介
Kai is a fat biker dude with shades.

Heroines				ヒロインたち
Mitarai Mako		御手洗真子
A highschool girl with long brown hair and glasses.
Mako is the stereotypical stuck-up priviledged girl, quick to look down
on less intelligent and lower-class people. She attends Shirogane Academy.

Komine Yuka			小峰由香
A high school girl wearing Tsurume High's blue uniform.
Team manager for Tsurume High's baseball club, Yuka takes kindly to anyone with
a good spirit. She seems to have a crush on Takatsu.

Shimatani Chiharu	島谷千春
A young girl with short brown hair and big earrings.
Chiharu is the signature* country bumpkin who dreams of busting out of her
backwater town. She's pretty self-centered and immature.
*In Japan, and many other countries, there is always a stereotype of rural
teenagers taking trips into big cities like Tokyo and trying to dress trendy
in an attempt to fit in with the locals, only to make a fool of themselves.

Hirota Mai			弘田麻衣
A highschool girl with curly blonde hair.
Mai is the former love interest Kounan's Odona, and an avid stalker of Kounan's
former banchou, Hayami Yuuta (the main character of Kenka Banchou 4). As in
the previous game, Mai acts on her own free will, and seems to be delusional
about how guys feel about her.

Hayasaka Akane		早坂茜
A stylish (?) girl with curly brown hair and a hat.
A girl who works part-time at a clothing shop in Narvigo, she's rather
particular about the guys she dates, and manages to get Tsurume High's
Kubo in trouble.

Kusunoki Kyouko		楠恭子
A woman with long black hair wearing a brown leather jacket.
The former girlfriend of the deceased leader of K.M.A.

7.0a Story Guide
Those of you who read the first version of this guide may remember a long
rant about how my computer died and I lost the guide I did in the same
vein as Kenka Banchou 4. Luckily my computer was fine, and so I've rescued
that guide, though I have a few warnings:
-Several portions of this summary are inaccurate. This game, even more than
the original, was a Japanese-language learning experience for me. I'm not
really doing the game justice, but I'm not saving any whales by NOT posting
this either...
-I never finished the last few chapters, I was getting really tired by that
point (having played through the game nearly three times in a row in one
week). You can use my old summaries to piece together what happens.

Without further ado...

At the local train station, a student is surrounded by his classmates.
They're shocked by the sudden news of his departure, but he insists that
he must take leave of them and go on his own path. As his train arrives,
the student, Naota Naruse, bids the classmates fairwell, and prepares
himself for his new journey.

The game notes that he will be transferring to the big city, Amihama,
which, as of late, is being drawn into chaos. It is said that...

Naoto arrives at Tsurume station, the district where he'll now be
attending school. His uncle, Jyouji, who hasn't seen him since he was 
'a little pisser', greets him. Naoto fails to show his uncle proper respect,
and curses his father, much to the uncle's dismay. The uncle offers to teach
Naoto some proper etiquette, if he so chooses. (this comes in the form of
a tutorial)

When the tutorial is finished, or if you decline, the two return to the
Uncle's home to rest before Naoto's first day at his new school.

Tsurume District, a small town filled with towering appartments that serve
as dorms for commuters. It is home to several parks and green spaces.....
it's where lots of kids go to tsurume high...

It's Naoto's first day of school, but there's one problem... he doesn't know
where his school is. He doesn't even know where HE is. No matter, he finds
a few high school kids nearby and asks them for help. They ignore him, and
you're given a choice:
-Hey, don't ignore me!
-Maybe I should keep my cool..
I should chill out, at least for this first day.

If you take the nice route, the kids will make fun of your polite speech.
One of the students mentions that Naoto must be all confused, because he's
not even wearing the right school uniform. Naoto tries to explain that it's
because he's a transfer student, but they keep making fun of him. One student
mentions that Naoto seems a little small to be talking up to them, which
prompts Naoto to flip out and kick him in the crotch.

Naoto starts screaming, asking them who they think is so small. The student's
friend is freaked out by Naoto's temper, and a fight begins.

[Fight] Defeat the two students

After the fight, the students are all shaken up, mentioning that he was able
to take on both of them at once. They run away, afraid that Naoto is totally
nuts. Naoto yells that they better not forget him, and then mutters to himself
about what a bunch of obnoxious punks they were.

[Move] Head to "Tsurume High"

Naoto arrives at the school, only to find that everyone is wearing a school
jacket! He's a bit annoyed that his uncle didn't say anything about it, and
he's worried he'll stand out.

Inside the school's gates, Naoto figures he should go find the faculty office
to take care of his transfer business. He spots a student and asks him where
the office is. The student comments about how Naoto's not wearing a blazer,
and Naoto explains his situation. The student seems confused, and just motions
off towards the school. Sarcastically, Naoto thanks the student, who tells him
not to mention it. Naoto asks him one more thing, what is the school's
'shimeten'. The student is confused by his question, and just walks off,
saying he's got stuff to do. Naoto is taken aback, starting to believe that
all the students here must be pretty chill and subdued. He wonders if he went
too far with the students back at the train station.

Afterwards, Naoto finishes his business at the school and decides to head

[Move] Go back to Jyouji's place (leave the school grounds)

Out by the side of the school, some students are talking about the first
year students that Naota beat up. When asked what to do, a tall student with
long dark hair (Shindou Taishi) tells a first year (Wakamiya Tomohiro) that
it's his job to clear up the mess. Wakamiya seems hesistant, but Shindou makes
himself clear that it's his duty, and that he expects there to be 'medical
bills'. Wakamiya rushes off in compliance.

[Move] Leave Jyouji's place

Outside, Naoto mulls over still not having a school blazer. He takes a rest
over where he fought the students the other day. A first year student rudely
asks him what he's doing there, which prompts Naota to get aggressive. He
throws an eye laser at the kid, who says that using that glare is grounds to

[Fight] Defeat the student

After the fight, you'll be prompted to press 'L' to make friends with him.
Naoto mentions that the guy is his first friend he's made there. The student
says he can make friends with people he fights, so long as he doesn't 
'surprise attack' them. Naoto adds that even though the guy is his first
friend, he shouldn't get his hopes up or anything. The guy says he had no
great expectations for Naoto, and that there's plenty of fools around that he
can make friends with.

The student spots an older guy and looks surprised. Naoto asks his new friend
who the guy is, and the guy says that he's the one who should be asking that.
He then tells Naoto that the Tsurume Station area is his turf, and they'll
have to fight if he disrespects him. Naoto sarcastically apologizes and a
fight breaks out.

[Fight] Defeat the guy

Afterwards, the guy seems shocked by Naoto's strength. Naoto then introduces
himself: His hobby is getting in people's business, and his special skill is
fighting. He adds that he's an exchange student, and quite lonely. The guy
is not amused, but Naoto explains that he's quick to get in a fight and has
trouble getting along with people. The guy laughs it off and tells Naoto that
he'll teach him a fighting move to commemorate their new friendship.
(You get a new move)

Naoto thanks him, and the guy adds that by making friends with people who hold
territory, he can learn new moves.
(the guy continues to teach you about the territory system, and cedes his
own area to Naoto)

Grabbing Territory:
While traveling about Amihama City, the streets will be littered with random
students and thugs. If someone's name appears in red, you can use your eye
laser to challenge them to a fight*. In most instances, they'll respond and
you'll fight and defeat them. Depending on your influence, they may just give
up right away. In either case, your defeated enemy will have a white flag
above their body. Hit the 'L' button near them to make them your friend.

*Needless to say, they will challenge you to fights as well, especially if
you're just lounging around their territory.

The more friends you make, the higher your 漢の器 (Otoko no Ki) will rise. In
previous games, this acted the same as a 'level' would in RPGs, where you gain
stats and new moves at certain levels. In this game, new moves and stats* are
obtained through a separate system.

*You get stats through experience points, as in previous entries.

Now, if you look at a full area map from the main pause screen (or by pressing
select twice to bring up the full map overlay), you'll notice that certain
areas are red. Those are territories dominated by someone else. When you enter
those territories, you'll notice certain characters are marked by a yellow dot
on the map. Those are the people who own that territory. By making friends
with them, you can gain their territory.

By gaining a territory in this fashion, you'll be able to learn new moves, and
get the ability to instantly transport to that area from the pause screen.
This makes travel on the huge maps more bearable, so grab territory whenever
you can. Also, on occasion, you'll uncover a たまりの場 (hangout spot). 
These are similar to those in Kenka Banchou 4, with the added benefit of
regaining your health any time you use one. For those not familiar with them,
just think of it as a save point.

In addition, the people that owned the territory you just grabbed will stay
on the map, and will follow you if you greet them (press the triangle button
within their range)

If you defeat a territory leader without making friends with him (or if there
are multiple territory leaders and you make friends with some, but not
others), you'll only partially capture the territory. It will turn yellow,
and you'll have to defeat and make friends with the leader again to fully
capture it.


[Goal] Grab a total of 3 spots of territory.

[Move] Head to Taurus Mansion* A

*In Japan, mansion is another name for an appartment building

Out on the street, a couple of students spot Naoto heading towards them. They
decide that he's the guy they're looking for, and seem to have reservations
about attacking him. They finally settle on attacking him head on..

[Fight] Defeat the attackers

After learning Naoto's strength, the students decide to retreat and call
Wakamiya for help. Naoto mentions that they fled just as quick as they
attacked, and that they seem devoid of manners.

[Goal] Grab a total of 5 spots of territory.

[E-Mail] Uncle Jyouji sends you an E-Mail reminding you to make lots of
friends, as it will increase your 'Otoko no Ki'.

[Move] Go to school

Naoto runs into some students, among them those who had attacked him before.
He says he didn't get a chance to introduce himself, and tells them he's
Naoto and they'd best not to forget his name. One of the students (Wakamiya),
tells him they're gonna get 'medical bills' out of him. Naoto is confused,
and thinks they're trying to extort money from him. Wakamiya tells him to
shut up and prepares to fight. 

Naoto asks him if he's ready, and then wants to know what grade he's in. 
Wakamiya, confused, tells him he's a first year student. Naoto is unimpressed,
and asks him to make sure he knows what he's doing picking a fight with him.
Wakamiya is frustrated because Naoto doesn't seem to realize he's outnumbered.
Naoto tells them not to forget the name Naoto Naruse..

[Fight] Defeat Wakamiya

Wakamiya begs for forgiveness, which sickens Naoto. Wakamiya is upset with the
loss, in fear of how Shindou will react. Naoto asks him who Shindou is, but
Wakamiya stays silent. Naoto yells at him, and he apologizes, fleeing and
saying he doesn't want to die. Naoto wonders if everyone there is spineless.

[E-Mail] Uncle Jyouji tells you not to worry about small fry and weaklings,
and that you should aim to make friends with real tough guys.

[Goal] Grab a total of 7 spots of territory in the Tsurume District.

[Move] Move to a different area
note: Entering and leaving a hangout spot counts as moving to a different area

Out in a park, Wakamiya and another 1st year student (Sugawara Masato) are
having a chat. Wakamiya asks for Masato's help with his ordeal. He wonders
if it's too late to switch sides and join Takatsu. Masato calms him down and
assures him that he'll get the situation under control. Wakamiya thanks him
for being a friend, and he suggests they go out and see about 'getting those
medical fees'.

[Move] Head to Tsurume Shinrin Kouen (forest park)

Naoto is enjoying the nice weather in the park and decides to take a nap,
when he notices a little puppy in a cardboard box. He takes pity on it,
seeing it dejected and lonely just like him. He figures it must be hungry
and gets it some food from the convenience store. Naoto then wonders what
he should call the dog (you can name it, the default name is 'Kuma').

Naoto thinks this is a bad place for the dog to stay, and knows he can't
bring the dog to his uncle's place either. He goes to ask the shop owner if
he'll look out for the dog, and he agrees. Naoto takes the dog to meet the
shop owner while a nearby schoolgirl watches them.

[E-Mail] Jyouji explains that you can get your friends (the territory leaders)
to follow you by greeting them with the triangle button.

[Event] In front of Shinrin Kouen corner store
Naoto greets the puppy, and you're given some choices:
-Feed the dog (requires food from a convenience store)
-Take it for a walk

[Move] Go to Taurus Mansion B

Naoto meets Wakamiya out on the street again, who greets him in a fighting
pose, while Sugawara sneaks up behind him with a lead pipe. Naoto is
surprised that he came alone, and Sugawara moves to strike him. Naoto dodges,
shocking Sugawara. He tells them he's gotta teach them some manners.
Sugawara tells him to bring it.

[Fight] Beat Sugawara and Wakamiya

The two students realized they're finished, and Wakamiya apologizes profusely.
He decides that it's finally time to tell Shindou about what happened. Naoto
asks about Shindou once again, and Wakamiya tells him that's who he's getting
his orders from. He says that he's a strong fighter, and that anyone who lays
a hand on his friends will become his enemies. Naoto tells them to take him
to Shindou, as he's tired of dealing with his lackeys. Wakamiya is reluctant,
but Naoto tells him to hurry up and arrange a meeting for them. He agrees,
and Naoto leaves. Wakamiya and Sugawara are afraid that Shindou will be upset
with them taking orders from Naoto.

[E-Mail] Jyouji tells you that you can learn new phrases by using your eye
laser on the graffitti scattered around the city.

[Move] Move to a different area

Out by the school, Sugawara is napping while another student approaches him.
Sugawara addresses him as Yazawa. Yazawa asks him if he's heard the rumor.
Sugawara asks him which rumor, and Yazawa tells him not to play dumb. He
tells him it's about the battle he lost, and instructs Sugawara to follow him.
Sugawara asks if they're going to lunch, and Yazawa tells him that they're
going to go hunt down Naoto. Sugawara doesn't like the idea, but Yazawa is
convinced Naoto is his enemy... plus, they might meet some girls. Sugawara
wonders if that's what he's really interested in.

[E-Mail] Jyouji tells you that if you select longer phrases to accompany
your kiai attacks (this can be set in the hangout spots or at home), you can
do more damage. The downside is that you'll get tired quicker.

[Goal] Secure a total of 10 territories

[Move] Meet Wakamiya at Tsurume Shinrin Kouen

Naoto walks with Wakamiya and asks him what's up with Shindou, and if he's
always been his gofer. Wakamiya is upset that Naoto has made that distinction,
but keeps it to himself. Naoto wonders why Wakamiya hasn't fessed up to
Shindou about Naoto, and he gets defensive, saying Naoto has no right to talk
about Shindou. Naoto presses him, and asks him where Shindou's place is in
the school, and if he's the 'shimeten'. Wakamiya too, is confused as to what
Naoto is referring to. Naoto tells him nevermind, and Wakamiya brightens up
and starts ranting about how cool and strong Shindou is. He also mentions a
student named Takatsu, saying that together, Takatsu and Shindou are the
strongest of the regular Tsurume High students. He says that Shindou is cool
and strong, while Takatsu is kind and disarming. He adds that Shindou and
Takatsu are enemies, so he doesn't usually hang around Takatsu too often. He
says that Sugawara, on the other hand, should know him pretty well.

Naoto cuts the conversation short and says he wants to go meet Shindou now.
Wakamiya is hesitant, but knows he can't avoid it any longer.

[E-Mail] Jyouji mentions you can get a part-time job as a security guard
(this is out in the main menu)

[Move] Go to Taurus Mansion B

Sugawara spots Naoto and Wakamiya, and Wakamiya explains that Naoto wants to
meet with Shindou now. Yazawa interrupts and asks Naoto if he wants to fight
Shindou to impress girls. Naoto says that has nothing to do with it, but
Yazawa continues, and eventually calls Naoto 'little'. Once again, Naoto goes
nuts and attacks. This prompts a proper fight with Yazawa..

[Fight] Defeat Yazawa

After the fight, Naoto continues to beat on Yazawa, still feeling enraged at
the insult. Wakamiya is even more reluctant than ever to introduce Naoto to

[Goal] Secure a total of 12 territories

[Move] Go to a different area

Shindou and his cronies wonder what's up with Wakamiya, and Shindou figures
that he's trying to escape punishment. He asks one of his followers about
Naoto, and he mentions that Naoto has been causing a ruckus near the school.
Shindou says he can't find out about their little hideout spot.

[Goal] Secure a total of 14 territories

[Move] Go to the Tsurume Train Station Area

Naoto arrives at the station, wondering where Wakamiya is, when a group of
thugs assault him. They tell him to go back where he came from, and Naoto
responds that that's no way to greet a new student.

[Fight] Beat the students

Wakamiya and Sugawara spot the students that Naoto just beat up, and Wakamiya
recognizes one of them as his classmate. Naoto spurs him on, and Wakamiya
finally resolves to take him to see Shindou. Naoto is impressed, and says he's
finally acting like a real man.

[Move] Go to Tsurume High

Wakamiya and Naoto approach Shindou, who is surprised to see Wakamiya.
Wakamiya finally stands up to Shindou, but Naoto stops him. Shindou agrees
to take on Naoto, and suggests they move to the park. Shindou leaves for the
park, telling Wakamiya to follow him. Shindou flashes an evil grin. Out in
front of the school, Naoto tells Wakamiya he thinks he's cooler than Shindou,
and Wakamiya thanks him.

[Move] Head to the park

Naoto arrives at the park, only to find that Shindou has brought a ton of
goons along with him. Naoto is disgusted, but says he'll take them all on-
At that moment, Wakamiya, Sugawara, and Yazawa show up to support Naoto.
Finally, Takatsu arrives, and Naoto is surprised to find that Takatsu is
the guy who he asked for help on the first day of school. Shindou shifts
his attention to his enemy, Takatsu, but Naoto reminds Shindou that the 
fight is between the two of them.

[Fight] Defeat Shindou and his cronies

After the fight, Shindou admits his defeat, but Takatsu lords over the
victory. Naoto says he made a mistake, thinking Takatsu was just some normal
guy. He challenges Takatsu, who thinks he must be crazy, 

[Fight] Defeat Takatsu

Naoto is happy with the victory, and gives a proper warm greeting. Takatsu
is blown away, as are the rest of the students.

Some time later, Naoto approaches the gang at their hangout spot. He's finally
dressed in the proper uniform, and asks the guys what they think. Takatsu
disapproves, but tells him he'll show him a decent clothing store. Wakamiya,
on the other hand, says he finally seems like one of them.

You gain Wakamiya, Sugawara, and Yazawa as cell phone contacts, plus you
get the school building hideout*.

*Unlike the たまり場 (hangout spot), an アジト (hideout/base) offers a few more
options, including minigames (Poker and Daifugou, more about that later)
and the option to furnish the area with things you've picked up in the

And so, Naoto has finally broken new ground, yet the true battle has only
(You unlock Takatsu's side story, available after loading a saved game at
the main menu)

CHAPTER 2 - Narumihama

[Move] Go to Tsurume Station

Naoto moves towards the train station when he's stopped by a guy in sunglasses
and a big coat. The guy introduces himself as Chiba Teruo, an information
broker. He says in addition to supplying info about Amihama, he runs a blog
as well, which can be accessed through the pause and home menus (this option
was always there, but it was blocked out before). He asks Naoto for his name,
but Naoto refuses to introduce himself to the weirdo. Teruo already knows his
name, which annoys Naoto. Naoto finally asks Teruo where he can find 
Narumihama, and Teruo gives him a subway map. Naoto leaves, and Teruo is upset
that he wouldn't stop and talk, but he grins and says he'll learn about him
one way or another.

*Chiba Teruo, better known as Teru, was an underling of the main character in
Kenka Banchou 4. In this game, he's created a blog with a number of
interesting features. First is a summary of events, 阿弥浜日記. 

Second, is the Amihama ranking, ランキング, which is similar to the class
roster  from Kenka Banchou 4, except that you can see yourself move up the
ranks.  For those not familiar with the roster, this is where you can change
the names of the other characters in the game.

Third is the Amihama Legend list, 阿弥浜武勇伝, which you may recognize as an
'achievement' system. This is common to most Kenka Banchou games.

Fourth is the territory list, 縄張り, where you can see who owns what territory
in the different areas of the game. Take a peak at that for a little spoiler
of the maps you'll be seeing later in the game.

Finally, there's a general progress list, 話題の転校生 (literally, 
'info about the transfer student').

[Move] Head to Narumihama (by train)

On the way to Narumihama, you'll battle some people on the train until it
arrives at the station.

[E-Mail] Teruo sends you an e-mail notice about his latest article, which is
about you recent escapade at Tsurume High.

[Move] Head to Narumihama (leave the train station)

Narumihama is introduced as Amihama's waterfront area. There's a big shopping
center, container port, and @#R@#$ school

Naoto spots Takatsu, who tells him he's late. Naoto says it was because he
got caught up talking to some weirdo. He says his name was Chiba (Teruo), and
Takatsu recognizes him as a blogger. Naoto asks him where the clothing store
is, and Takatsu motions over to the big shopping mall. He then says Naoto will
have to check it out alone, and leaves.

[E-Mail] Teru sends a message about the ranking on his blog. He says your
ranking increases with your 'otoko no ki' (level).

[Goal] Gain two territories in Narvigo (the mall)

[E-Mail] Jouji sends a note about an urban legend involving the Narumihama
ferry. It's just nonsense.

[Move] Hang out at Narvigo

In the mall, Naoto notices a student with a real mean look on his face
mouthing off to people. When he passes Naoto, he asks him what he's looking
at, and Naoto makes fun of him. The student says Naoto doesn't look like a
Shirogane student, and asks where he's from. With a bit of pride, Naoto says
he's from Tsurume High. The student tells Naoto not to mess with him, because
he's got powerful friends. Naoto is disgusted that the guy would rely on his
friends, and the guy insults Naoto by calling him small, prompting yet another

[Fight] Defeat the Shirogane Student

Naoto continues to shout at the student, who tells him to stop, and then runs
off, calling Naoto an idiot. Naoto screams at him, but he just draws unwanted
attention from the mall shoppers.

[E-Mail] Teru's written another article, this time about your mall fight.

[Goal] Grab a total of 4 areas in Narumihama

[E-Mail] Takatsu tells you to come to a park in Narumihama when you're done

[Move] Meet up with Takatsu next to Narvigo

Takatsu asks Naoto how he liked the stores, and Naoto says he wasn't really
impressed. He does want to know more about the student he fought with, and
Takatsu gives him grief for recklessly picking fights all the time. He says
the guy he beat up is from Shirogane Academy, a school for rich kids and
celebrity-types. Naoto decides to stick around Narumihama and maybe check out
Shirogane. Takatsu says he's going back to hang out with girls, leaving Naoto
shocked. !@#!@#%

[E-Mail] Jyouji says that as your level rises, it will be more important to
make 'true friends'.

[Goal] Grab 6 territories total in Narumihama

[Move] Move to a different area

The student you beat up before (Ogata) is seen with a similarly angry-looking
classmate (Utsunomiya). Utsunomiya is furious that Ogata got in a fight and
lost. Ogata claims it'll be fine because the student was from another school,
but Utsunomiya isn't happy either way. He wants to know more about Naoto, and
Ogata shows him Teruo's blog post about him (the one telling of Naoto's
exploits- dominating Tsurume High as soon as he arrived). Ogata insists that
he shouldn't be a problem, but Utsunomiya is completely unconvinced.

[E-Mail] Takatsu sends a note telling you about the hideout next to the
school (I explained about the hideout/base earlier)

[Goal] Take 8 territories total in Narumihama

[Move] Head to Shirogane Academy

Naoto arrives at Shirogane, fairly impressed. A girl steps out and asks him
politely what she can do for him. Naoto says he just came to see the school
that the punk he beat up was from. The girl is confused, saying that Shirogane
isn't the type of school to house rabblerousers, She politely asks him to
leave, but Naoto says he's not joking and asks if he can take a look around.
The girl then turns serious and says that only people of the finest material
attend the school, and that he looks far too scrappy to be allowed in. Naoto
is a bit annoyed, and says that he's telling the truth- some spoiled punk from
Shirogane picked a fight with him. The girl asks him again to leave, and
Naoto storms off, saying he won't be back. The girl hopes so, but then
Utsunomiya and another student (Gomi Tomoyuki) spot him leaving. Ogata says
he'll find out where Naoto is going, but Utsunomiya says he'll go after him

[Goal] Grab 10 territories total in Narumihama

[E-Mail] Teru has written an article about Naoto's visit to Shirogane

[E-Mail] Sugawara sends you a note reminding you about refurnishing your

[Move] Head to the Narumihama Seaside Park

Naoto is confronted by Utsunomiya, with Ogata in tow. Utsunomiya insults
Naoto, but he shrugs him off, calling him pitiful. Naoto leaves, and
Utsunomiya says he'll regret messing with them. *(^*&

[Goal] Take a total of 12 territories in Narumihama

[E-Mail] Wakamiya explains that furnishing your hideout with 'comfortable
items' will make a difference in your allies' strength.

[Move] Move to a different area

Outside of Narvigo, a flashy looking dude approaches Utsunomiya. Utsunomiya
apologizes for having to ask for his help, and the guy suggests they go into
the mall so Utsunomiya can treat him to something. Utsunomiya seems scared
out of his wits, but complies anyway.

[Move] Return to Tsurume Station

[E-Mail] Wakamiya sends you a message apologizing for a fight he lost against
some strangers at Tsurume Station.

[E-Mail] Teru notifies you of his latest article, which identifies the
guy Utsunomiya was with as a member of the gang Mukuro (skeleton).

At the station, a group of thugs somehow connected to Shirogane assault

[Fight] Defeat the thugs

The thugs are surprised at Naoto's strength, afraid they've got the wrong
guy. Naoto assures them that he's the one they were hunting for.

[Move] Something is going down at Tsurume High

[E-Mail] Teru informs you of his latest article, explaining that the thugs
you just fought were from Mukuro.

Naoto shows up at the hangout and Sugawara tells him something happened to
Wakamiya. Naoto says he knows, and tells them it was his fault. Takatsu
tells him not to worry and says Wakamiya will be fine. Naoto is relieved,
and suggests they head out. Sugawara asks him if he plans to head out to
eat, but Naoto informs him that he means head out to Shirogane. Takatsu
says it's not worth it to go after them, but Naoto pays him no mind.

[Move] Head to Shirogane Academy

[E-Mail] Yazawa sends a message explaining that if you're commanding some
territory guards (they show up as green dots once you take over a territory),
you can tell them to carry stuff for you by aiming towards an item and
pressing triangle. This is a much more efficient method of getting items to
your hideout.

At Shirogane, the girl confronts Naoto once again, saying that she thought
he wasn't coming back. Naoto just asks her where Utsunomiya is, and she
replies that 'birds of a feather really do flock together'. Naoto tells her
to wait in the school and tell Utsunomiya that he's waiting for him. She
agrees, but tells him he better not come back. Naoto begins to leave, and
she mutters under her breath that she doesn't know why such scum is hanging
around her school. Naoto hears her and asks her why she's looking down on
him, when her classmates aren't any better. The girl asks if he's looking for
a fight, and he tells her only an idiot would hit a girl. He tells her to
make sure Utsunomiya gets his message and leaves.

[Goal] Grab 14 territories total in Narumihama

[Move] Wait for Utsunomiya at the Narumihama Cultural Hall

Naoto meets Utsunomiya (with Ogata), who tells Naoto that he has no idea how
powerful he is, and that he should be afraid of his friends. Naoto tells him
that his only trick is intimidation, and that he's a coward for sending people
to attack his buddies. Utsunomiya tells Naoto he has no proof that they were
acting on his orders. Naoto, sickened, begins to leave, but the goons from
Mukuro stop him. Utsunomiya seems proud of himself, and sics the Mukuro
members on Naoto.

[Fight] Take out everyone

The Mukuro thugs run away, while Naoto confronts Utsunomiya. He tells him he's
got his proof now, and asks if Utsunomiya bribed those guys to help him.
Utsunomiya seems shocked, but Naoto tells him that he knew all along. He
admits he may not have brains or class, but he thinks there are more important
things in life. Utsunomiya tells Naoto he doesn't know how hard it is, he says
he's dumb and can't keep up with the expectations of Shirogane. Naoto tells
him he can't be nearly as dumb as he is, and explains that he just transferred
to Tsurume High without knowing anybody there. He invites Utsunomiya to come
hang out with them some time.

[E-Mail] Teru has written another blog post about the big fight.

[Goal] Grab 16 territories total in Narumihama

[Move] Move to a different area

Utsunomiya is confronted by the Mukuro thugs. They want compensation for the
trouble that he put them through, but Utsunomiya stands up to them. They
figure they have no choice but to beat him down for what he's done.

[Goal] Grab 18 territories total in Narumihama

[Move] Head to Narumihama station.

Ogata literally runs into Naoto, begging him for help fighting Mukuro, who
are attacking Utsunomiya.

[Move] Head to Narumihama Seaside Park

[Fight] This is actually more of a rumble than a normal fight, you'll have
to break your way through to Shirogane.

At Shirogane, the girl who was giving Naoto grief is trying to tell the
Mukuro gangsters to leave. They tell her off, and she asks them not to use
such rude language. They assault her, but Naoto arrives just in time.
Despite having just been saved, the girl tells Naoto that he shouldn't have
come back. Naoto is unphased, as he has unfinished business with the Mukuro

[Fight] Yet another rumble, clear out the thugs in Shirogane.

Naoto run the goons out of the school, and apologizes to the regular
Shirogane students. Utsunomiya spots Naoto and asks him why he'd help. Naoto
says that they're friends, after all, which surprises Utsunomiya. You now
get Utsunomiya's contact number, and the Shirogane hideout.

[E-Mail] Utsunomiya reminds you about the Shirogane hangout, to the left
of their school gate.

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about the brawl at Shirogane.

[Move] Head to Narumihama station.

Naoto spots Katagiri (the thug that Utsunomiya hired earlier) bossing around
the Mukuro underlings. Katagiri warns Naoto to watch his step if he comes
around Chinatown. After Katagiri leaves, Naoto mentions he has no idea where
Chinatown is.

[Move] Return to Tsurume District

[E-Mail] Teru has written a blog post saying that a Mukuro officer, Katagiri,
has marked Tsurume as their new enemy.

Back at Tsurume, Teru stops you once again. Naoto is bothered, but is
surprised when he hears that Teru has already found out about his exploits
in Narumihama, Teru tells him that there's nothing that slips by him (a line
he often repeated in Kenka Banchou 4). Naoto mentions that he still doesn't
know where anything is, so he doesn't know how to deal with Mukuro. Teru marks
down another subway station on the map he gave Naoto earlier. Later on, Teru
refers to himself as 'we', and Naoto realizes Teru must be another High School
student. He asks him which school he's from, and Teru is a bit shocked. Teru
tells him that he's from Kounan*, and that the only people who don't know
about them must have been living under a rock. Naoto is a little upset at the
insult, and Teru leaves, satisfied that he's impressed Naoto.

*Kenka Banchou 4 told the story of the 'One Year War' of Kounan High, where a
number of students fought to become the school's banchou.

Afterward, you unlock Utsunomiya's side story.


[Move] Head to Kansei district

[E-Mail] Sugawara tells you there's a 'Flea Market' in Kansei Park where you
can buy stuff for your hideout.

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about how shocked Naoto was when he heard
about Kounan.

[E-Mail] Utsunomiya sends you a message thanking you for the other day, and
asks you to visit him when you get some free time.

[Move] Go to Shirogane

At Shirogane, Naoto is met by the girl who has been cold to him the whole
time. She thanks him for helping them the other day, and introduces herself
as Mitarai Mako. Naoto is a bit confused at her change of heart, and she
says that it would be awful manners not to say thank you. Mako leaves
promptly, and Naoto comments on how odd she is.

Once again, you'll have to face a bunch of thugs on your subway ride to the
new district. Exit the train station to get access to the Kansei area.

Kansei is introduced as Amihama's largest district, filled with huge
buildings, a construction zone, and Chinatown. Naoto is impressed, and heads
out to look for Chinatown.

[Move] Go to Chinatown

As Naoto enters Chinatown, a brute in a black shirt slams into him and keeps
on walking. Naoto yells after him, but the guy just gives him a cold stare
and continues on. Then Naoto hears someone causing a commotion...

[Move] Check out what's going on

A bunch of thugs are going to bust up a guy's arm, and won't hear his plead
for mercy. Naoto arrives just in time to save him, and the guy recognizes him,
much to Naoto's surprise.

[Fight] Defeat the thugs

Naoto realizes the guy he saved (Hamaguchi Souta) is a Tsurume High student.
The guy says he's part of the school's sports program, but Naoto only has
limited knowledge of it. The guy shies from the subject and thanks Naoto again
before he takes his leave. Naoto tells him he can count on him for help any

[Move] Take 2 territories in the Kansei district

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about the Chinatown scuffle

(I recommend taking the Redevelopment Area Entrance (再開発エリア入口)
first, because that will allow you to teleport to the Gyoza King quicker)

[Move] Chill out in Chinatown

Naoto gets a call from Takatsu. Apparently he has a favor to ask Naoto, but
he wants to talk about it in person. Naoto thinks the phone would be fine,
but Takatsu insists he comes back to school.

[Move] Meet Takatsu at Tsurume High

Naoto arrives at the school, and asks Takatsu what he wants. Takatsu says
that it's not a favor for him, but for someone else. At that moment, the guy
Naoto helped in Chinatown shows up, along with a girl (from waaay before when
you first met the dog). Naoto is surprised by the girl, and wonders if she's
Takatsu's girlfriend. She insists she isn't, and so Naoto lends her his ear.
The girl has he reservations about Naoto, but Takatsu assures her he's
alright. Naoto asks her what the trouble is.

The girl says there's a problem with Tsurume's Baseball team captain. Naoto
asks if he's the enemy, and resolves to beat them all down.. but the girl
says he's misunderstood the situation. Takatsu says that the captain hasn't
shown up for school lately, and he's only been seen wandering around the
Kansei area. Hamaguchi (the guy Naoto saved) tells him that the guy he ran
into earlier in Chinatown was the captain, Kubo Shinya. Naoto remembers
(literally...), and Hamaguchi suggests they go to Chinatown and ask some of
the 'ガラ悪い' if they know anything. Naoto is confused by the term, and the
girl says that 'ガラ悪い' are people like him. Takatsu agrees, and Naoto gets
mad, calling him a traitor. They leave the subject for now, and Naoto 
suggests that they head out. (you gain Takatsu's contact after this scene)

*ガラ悪い, supposedly from 柄 (meaning pattern or stock..) and 悪い (bad), means
someone who seems thuggish. Thuggish, ghetto, ghetto fabulous, etc., as
though their 'pattern' (character, family history, social standing, etc.) 
is poor or bad.

[Move] Return to the Kansei district

Naoto arrives at Kansei, perplexed at how he'll find a guy in a city so big.
(The answer: by beating people down)

[Goal] Grab 4 territories total in Kansei district

[Move] Look for Kubo near the station

Naoto spots some thugs going into an alley and follows them. He asks them if
they've seen Kubo, and one of them says he has, and that he's one of his
buddies. Naoto is happy, and asks if he'll tell him where he is, because he
needs to bring him back to school. The guy says he won't, and introduces
himself and his gang as 'Paradise'. He says he has no reason to sell out one
of his friends, and wants to make sure Naoto leaves and doesn't come back...

[Fight] Fight the Paradise members
(The leader, Hotta, will use his super move a lot, don't get caught by it,
even though it will build up your own frustration quicker, you might not
have time to activate buchigire mode)

After destroying Hotta and his Paradise goons, Naoto proclaims Paradise
to be a bunch of weaklings. Hotta tells Naoto that he'll help him find his 
friend the next time he's around. Naoto is satisfied, and then asks to
be a member of Paradise. Hotta is confused, and Naoto tells him not to be-
after all, he'll get a great member for his crappy gang, and Naoto will be
able to find Kubo (win-win situation). Hotta just laughs and calls Naoto a
weirdo. He admits his defeat and introduces himself as Hotta Shou, but says
that it's not his decision who enters Paradise. He agrees to tell Naoto where
Hotta is, and Naoto asks him if he's alright. Hotta says he's fine and tells
Naoto he can find him in the back streets.

[Goal] Grab 6 territories in Kansei district

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about your fight with Paradise

[Move] Head to the 'Redevelopment Area'

Naoto meets up with Kubo, who recognizes him as the exchange student. Naoto
says that since he already knows him, he'll be brief- he wants Kubo to come
back to school because his friends are worried about him. Kubo flat out
refuses, saying he's got nowhere to go back to. Naoto says he'll just have to
force him then.

[Fight] Defeat Kubo
(Kubo will start to run away when his health becomes low. Watch out, he'll
turn around and use his awesome laser-beam pitch super move that will reach
across the screen)

Just as Naoto is about to force Kubo to come back, he's distracted by a phone
call, which allows Kubo to slip away. Apparently the girl wants to talk to
Naoto, so he decides to head back to school.

[Move] Return to Tsurume High

Naoto returns to find the sub-captain of the baseball team, Adachi, has some
problems with using Naoto handling the situation with Kubo. He's worried that
he and the team will be lost without their captain, but Naoto is unconvinced.
He says that they'll always have the rest of Tsurume High to support them.
Naoto then calls on his friends to help him find Kubo again. Takatsu asks the
girl if she's OK with Naoto now that she's seen his good spirit, and she
agrees. @#$%$

[Move] Meet up with you pals at Tsurume Station

Naoto tells everyone about Hotta, the kid from Paradise, and says that he
might be able to help him find Kubo. They all head out to Kansei.

[Goal] Grab a total of 8 territories in Kansei district

[Move] Head to the redevelopment area

Naoto runs into a giant guy who he figures is also from Paradise. He stutters
that he won't let Naoto have Kubo, and that he and his gang should leave
Kansei. Naoto tells him that they are Kubo's friends, and wonders if Hotta
had told the other Paradise members about what happened. The guy says he
knows, but that Kubo doesn't want anything to do with them. He says it's
Paradise's job to protect anyone who comes to them for help. He explains that
back in the day, they helped him when he was in trouble, so works to do the
same. Naoto figures he's a decent person, and the guy introduces himself as
Dobashi Katsumi. Still, Naoto doesn't relent, and warns Dobashi not to
complain if he gets hurt.

[Fight] Defeat the Paradise members

Naoto starts to walk past the defeated Paradise members, but Dobashi holds
him back. Naoto says that he doesn't know what happened with Dobashi in the
past, but he tells him that right now he's trying to help Kubo, not hurt him.
Dobashi lets go of Naoto and tells him to check around the hideout in the
back streets. Naoto thanks him. He says that Paradise is a good group after
all, and tells his underlings to look out for him. To himself, Naoto admits
that he's a little jealous of Kubo, who seems to have taken refuge from

[Goal] Take a total of 10 territories in the Kansei district

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about 'the giant of Paradise' losing to Naoto.

[Move] Head to Paradise's hangout

At the hideout, Naoto meets the leader of Paradise's second generation,
Nagura, who has already heard of Naoto from Hotta. Nagura tells him that 
Paradise (the group) is like a paradise for people who are lost and confused.
Naoto admits that he himself would like to spend all his time with them,
rather than go to school, but quickly changes the subject to Kubo. Nagura
refuses to give him up, and asks if Naoto thinks he can defeat he and his
underlings on their own turf.

[Fight] Defeat the Paradise members
(Watch out, Nagura has a ton of HP, or maybe just really high defense)

Kubo runs in and breaks up the fight, and Naoto tells him that his friends
at school (the first year sports guy and the girl) miss him. At that moment,
Naoto's friends show up, surprised that he's still alive. Naoto suggests
they all have a chat.

Naoto finds out that Kubo had got in a fight with a guy in military fatigues,
despite not knowing who she was. Unfortunately, Kubo ended up getting
arrested, and in order to save face for the baseball club, he disappeared.
Hotta said he looked around for the girl, but couldn't find her. Naoto asks
where the girl is from, and Hotta says she was hanging around Central Park.
Naoto decides to head there next, and tells Kubo not to run away anymore.
Nagura tells Naoto he can come hang out with Paradise anytime, and you gain
access to the Paradise hideout.

[Goal] Grab 12 territories total in the Kansei district

[E-Mail] Teru has written an article on Naoto's triumph over Paradise.

[Move] Go to Kansei Central Park

Naoto arrives at the park, realizes he doesn't know what the girl he's
looking for looks like. He intends to stay out of trouble, but can't help
himself when he sees some thugs harassing someone nearby. He interrupts
and the guy runs away, leaving the thugs to attack Naoto.

[Fight] Defeat the thugs

Naoto tells the thugs to tell him everything they know. They say that a guy
from Mukuro named Iketani has been messing around the park. Naoto asks them
more about him, and they say that he's the leader of Mukuro. They say they
don't know anything else, and Naoto lets them go. Naoto remembers that
Utsunomiya had a connection to Mukuro, and decides to go ask him about it.

[Move] Head to Shirogane Academy

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about Naoto's fight with the thugs

Naoto is greeted at Shirogane and asks to see Utsunomia. Utsunomiya says
that Kubo was lucky that the police arrived, as the heads of Mukuro are
brutally strong. Naoto asks about the girl, saying that she was the cause
of the fight. Utsunomiya says he knows about her, and tells Naoto that she
works at a chain of Bankaji in Narumihama. Apparently Iketani was unsuccesful
with her.

[Move] Head to Bankaji on the 2nd floor of Narvigo

Naoto meets the girl as she's leaving work. She mistakes him for Iketani's
underling, and tells him that no matter how many times they try, she's not
going to go out with him. Naoto straightens things out and asks her if she's
remembers the fight in Kansei's Central Park, where some guy she didn't know
jumped in to help her. The girl remembers, and tries to explain why she didn't
like Kubo, but Naoto says he's not interested. He tells her that his friend
is in trouble, and needs her help. She agrees, and then spots some thugs
who she kicked out of her store earlier. She leaves Naoto to deal with the

[Fight] Defeat the thugs

After winning the fight, the thugs run away, hurling an insult that Naoto
recognizes from before, and he wonders how many more times he's going to
have to hear it. On the upside, he's glad he found the girl.

[Move] Head to the Paradise hideout

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about the 'dangerous girl'

Naoto arrives at the Paradise's abandoned building hangout, only to find that
Kubo has gone to Mukuro. @#$%#^$@#&^@$%&^ Nagura suggests trading his
territory to get Kubo back, worried that they've lost him forever. Naoto isn't
concerned, and says there's nothing they can do but go help Kubo in person.
He tells Nagura to come to Chinatown.

[Move] Go to the back streets of Chinatown

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post hyping up the battle between Paradise and

The two gangs confront one another, and Nagura tells their leader that Kubo
has nothing to do with the fight over their territory. Naoto steps forward
and asks if the guy they are facing is really Iketani. Iketani has no idea
who Naoto is, but Katagiri (the dude Utsunomiya was afraid of earlier) says
he recognizes him as the punk who made a fuss in Narumihama. Naoto says it
was nothing, and then tells Iketani to listen up and listen good- He proceeds
to make a terrible joke about how Iketani was rejected by the girl at the
clothing store. It leaves everyone confused, including the Paradise members.
He then turns control over to Nagura, who is not ammused. Iketani then becomes
furious and screams for his followers to wipe everyone out.

[Fight] Brawl with a bunch of Mukuro members, including Katagiri

Iketani saunters in and confronts Naoto, wanting a one-on-one fight.

[Fight] Defeat Iketani
(Iketani has tons of HP, but you should be able to stun him easily)

Iketani is too injured to even say a word, Nagura thanks Naoto and you gain
the contacts of the three Paradise members, along with the Chinatown
back streets hideout.

[Move] Return to Tsurume High

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about Paradise's victory

Naoto arrives back at school, and Akatsu informs him that Kubo has returned.
The whole gang heads to see him. Naoto says that Kubo has finally come to
school, and Kubo tells him that the girl from the park testified that he
was only trying to help her. Kubo thanks Naoto, and Naoto says that it's
just his habit to butt into other people's business. Wakamiya whispers to
Kubo that Naoto might feel a little awkward getting thanks, and Naoto gets
embarrased. Naoto then motions to Adachi and says he should thank him too,
because he never gave up on him. Kubo says that Adachi was always one of his
closest friends, and apologizes for causing all that trouble. Adachi says
it's OK, and that he was just doing it for the team.

Then the girl thanks Naoto, and asks if it's alright to give him a kiss.
Yazawa is shocked, and Naoto gets all flustered and leaves. Takatsu says he
must be shy after all.


[Move] Return to Tsurume High

[E-Mail] Hotta invites you to hang out in Paradise's hideout, and says to
feel free to call on him, Nagura, or Dobashi whever you feel like it.

Naoto and friends talk about how things have wound down after the big brawl.
Takatsu says that given all that has happened, Naoto's fight with the
Tsurume High people seemed pretty silly. Naoto is offended, and says the
fight wasn't all his own fault, saying he didn't come there with the intention
to fight. Wakamiya mentions that Teru's blog says otherwise.

Yazawa interrupts, and Naoto shouts him down, saying a second year student
should have more manners. Yazawa curses him under his breath, and Naoto tells
him to come say it to his face. Yazawa turns and happily tells Naoto that
someone is waiting for him at the train station. Naoto asks him if it's a
girl, and Yazawa tells him to check it out for himself. Naoto runs off, and
Takatsu asks Yazawa if the visitor is really a girl. Yazawa tells them to
go see for themselves.

[Move] Head to Tsurume Station

[E-Mail] Yuka, the girl who asked for your help with Kubo, sends you a
message saying she'll be in the park, and that you should head there so
she can give you a proper thanks.

[Move] Head to Tsurume Shinrin Park
(there will be a pink heart icon when the girls' events show up)

Naoto meets Yuka in the park, he says he comes there to hang out with the
dog. Yuka says she likes to see the dog because it cheers her up. You
get two options:

-Are you feeling well now?
-What's wrong?

(first option)
Yuka says she's happy, and asks if Naoto is staying in the park. Naoto says
he'll hang out with the dog a little longer, and Yuka tells him he seems
like a kind person. She leaves, and Naoto plays with the dog some more.

[E-Mail] Yuka sends a message saying the convenience store sells dog food
that you can give to the dog.

[E-Mail] Hotta sends a message about tossing coins into the fountain at
Kansei Central Park (there's a machine where you can buy special coins and
toss them into the fountain, if you get it into the center, you'll instantly
make a bunch of friends).

Naoto looks around for the person that wanted to meet him. A young student
greets him, disappointing Naoto as he thought the visiter would be a girl.
The student says that he sent the bearded guy (Yazawa) to go find Naoto.
Naoto curses Yazawa, but the guy apologizes and continues to introduce himself
as Kurihara, a first year student at Kouhoku High. Naoto says he's never heard
of it, and asks what he can do for Kurihara. Kurihara says he read Teru's
blog, and that he wants a fight with Naoto. Naoto seems pleased that he's
gained some notariety, and asks if Kurihara understands how strong he is.
Kurihara insists on a fight, and Naoto oblidges.

[Fight] Defeat Kurihara

After beating Kurihara, Naoto still feels pissed at Yazawa. He's about to
leave, when Kurihara begs Naoto to transfer to Kouhoku High School. Naoto
says that's not possible, and Kurihara asks him to at least come check out
Kouhoku. Naoto agrees, seeing how serious he is, and Kurihara shows him how
to get there.

[Move] Return back to Tsurume High and beat down Yazawa

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about being scouted by the first year from

Sugawara asks Naoto how the girl was, but Naoto just wants to know where
Yazawa went. Wakamiya says he got sick all the sudden and had to leave.
Naoto changes the subject to Kouhoku, saying he wants to check it out.

[Move] Head to Kouhoku district

Kouhoku is introduced as the area in Amihama with the slowest development.
It has been unchanged for many years, and works to preserve old traditions.

Naoto greets Kurihara and seems upset about the rural nature of Kouhoku.
Kurihara explains that it's been that way forever. Naoto asks him what it
was he needed his help with so badly. Kurihara says Naoto will find out
after he meets his banchou.

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about Naoto arriving at Kouhoku

[Move] Head to the Kouhoku market alley

Naoto mentions that the scenery is nostalgic for him, when a girl interrupts,
calling Kurihara 'Kuririn' (Krillin), and asking who the guy he's with is.
Kurihara addresses her as 'Chi-chan', and Naoto breaks into laughter. Kurihara
asks him what's wrong, and Naoto says his nickname, Krillin, is hilarious.
Kurihara gets upset and tells her not to call him that in public, and she
tells him not to call her Chi-chan in public. Naoto can't stop laughing, and
the girl asks if he's an idiot or something. Naoto calms down and introduces
himself, while Kurihara explains that he's made a name for himself in Kansei
and Narumihama. The girl is impressed and knocks Kurihara out of the way,
introducing herself as Shimatani Chiharu. She asks him to hang out and 
introduce her to some other friends, but Kurihara says they don't have time.
Chiharu says there couldn't possibly be anything fun for them to do in the
backwater town, and you get a choice:
-I like the laid back atmosphere
-It is a bit boring here

(second option)
The girl is glad Naoto agrees with her, and Kurihara seems upset that she's
acting so friendly with him. Naoto promises to introduce Chiharu to some of
his friends from Narumihama and Kansei some time. Kurihara says they've got
to get going, and apologizes to Naoto for her interruption. Naoto says it's
no problem, and looks back to see Chiharu upset that they're leaving.

[Move] Go to Kouhoku High

Kurihara is spotted by a classmate named Funaki. Kurihara tells him who
Naoto is, and says he wants to introduce him to Kanou (their leader). Funaki
suspects Kurihara of treason, but Kurihara insists that's not his intention.
Funaki says he doesn't want to know his reason, and tells him to respect the
chain of command (Funaki is a 2nd year student). Naoto says that's no way to
talk to anyone, and Funaki gets mad. He provokes Naoto and they start

[Fight] Defeat Funaki

Naoto decalres that they'll be continuing on now, and Funaki curses Kurihara.

[Move] Head downtown

Naoto and Kurihara approach Kanou, and Kurihara introduces him. Kanou
apologizes to Naoto for having Kurihara bring him all the way out there,
and Naoto tells him it was no big trouble. Kanou says he's sorry all the
same, and Kurihara leaves them to talk.

Kanou continues to apologize for Kurihara's action, and Naoto asks him what
problem he had that Kurihara was so serious about. Kanou asks him if he knows
about their past, and Naoto tells him that he doesn't know much because he
just transferred there.

Kanou explains the long-time rivalry between Kouhoku High and Kounan High.
He says that when he was a first year student, they started to fight
with Kounan again. Unfortunately, Kanou's banchou was defeated by a first
year student at Kounan*. Kouhoku has never been able to defeat Kounan
since. Because the defeat was so humiliating, Kanou decided that once
he became the banchou he would prohibit Kouhoku students from fighting
with Kounan. He says that he set up this rule to protect his followers, but
it only made them lose respect for him.

*This is referring to a sidequest from Kenka Banchou 4, which took place 2
years before this game. In the story, the main character reignites the
rivalry between the two schools, and is forced to face Kouhoku's banchou in
order to put it to rest.

Naoto is upset with Kanou's defeated attitude, and says that he should still
strive to protect Kouhoku's traditions, even though his own leader lost years
ago. Naoto decides to leave, telling Kanou that he needs to shape up, lest his
first year students lose their spirit.

He has Kurihara take him back to the station. Naoto says he understands why
Kurihara is worried. Someone named Tachibana approaches Kurihara on the
street, and asks who he's with. He figures Kurihara had to get Naoto to help
him, since Kouhoku can't win against Kounan. Kurihara gets mad at him, and
Tachibana reminds him what'll happen if he picks a fight. Naoto asks Tachibana
is he's from Kounan, and Tachibana confirms, introducing himself as a first
year from 'the elite school for badasses'. Naoto wonders if Kurihara can't
take on Tachibana himself, but Kurihara reminds Naoto that Kounan students are
protected under Kanou's orders. Tachibana calls him spineless and tells him
to get out of the way. Naoto wonders if Kounan is all that great, but
Kurihara says that Tachibana is the exception, the other students are really

At the station, Naoto says he'll be taking his leave, and Kurihara thanks him
for coming. Naoto tells him to come by Tsurume again some time, and Kurihara
says he will.

[Move] Report back to your friends at Tsurume High

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about the meeting between Kanou and Naoto. He
says he doesn't know what they were talking about because he couldn't get
close enough.

Back at Tsurume High, Naoto's friends ask him how his trip to Kouhoku was.
Naoto says the buildings there were pretty small, but that's not what they
were getting at. Apparently Wakamiya and Sugawara hadn't really been around
Kouhoku before, so Naoto tells them that Kouhoku High's spirits seem pretty
low right now. Takatsu agrees, and says that it seems a second year student
is planning on teaming up with Gaikan High School so they can fight Kounan,
and this is creatin a rift between the different Kouhoku students. Sugawara
is surprised that Takatsu knows so much about them. Takatsu says he's neutral
on the matter, and asks if Naoto did anything severe while he was there.

Naoto admits to having a fight, but insists that it wasn't his fault. His
friends aren't surprised that he got into trouble. They ask if Takatsu knows
anything else, and he says he doesn't. They ask Naoto the same, and Naoto
says he'll go and find out some more.

[Move] Move to a different area

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about the impending storm, and how Naoto has
united the western districts of Amihama.

Out in Kouhoku, Kurihara is confronted by a second-year student, Uji Yoshiaki.
Uji thanks Kurihara for bringing Naoto around, he says that because Naoto
defeated Funaki, Funaki has fallen down the totem pole a bit. Kurihara says
he didn't mean for it to happen, but Uji is fine with it all the same. He
says they just have to finish off Funaki once more, which will ensure that
Kurihara becomes the next banchou. Kurihara refuses, saying that's not
Kouhoku's way. Uji tells him he doesn't need a first year student to preach
to him, saying he doesn't care what's right or wrong. He tells Kurihara to
think it over.

[E-Mail] Kurihara wants to talk, head to Tsurume Shinrin Park

[Move] Talk to Kurihara and Shinrin Park

[E-Mail] Teru Wrote a blog post about how it looks like a war is going to
break out in the eastern area of Amihama.

Naoto meets up with Kurihara, who seems upset with the way Kouhoku has turned
out. Kurihara says they don't have anyone like Naoto, and asks if he'll
challenge Kouhoku in order to purge their current generation. Naoto agrees,
and tells Kurihara he'll officially declare war on Kouhoku.

[Move] Return to the Kouhoku district

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about the third school in the eastern area,
Gaikan Industrial High.

Naoto meets the officers of Kouhoku to deliver his declaration of war. Uji
gets in Naoto's face for suggesting that Kouhoku would lose to Tsurume. Naoto
knocks him into the air, and says that he was speaking directly to Kanou, not
his underlings. Kanou accepts, and Naoto says that'll be all for the day...
adding that next time, there will be no words, only battle.

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about the war between Kouhoku and Tsurume.

[Goal] Take two territories in Kouhoku

[Move] Return to Tsurume High to update your pals

Naoto's friends shocked that he'd declare war on their behalf. Naoto says that
they'll need them as allies some day, but Wakamiya isn't convinced that that's
the best way to go about it. Just then, Yazawa appears, and Naoto is still
furious with him. Yazawa tries to slip away, but Naoto stops him and asks him
why he was messing with him earlier. Yazawa says he was just joking around,
but Naoto says he's completely disappointed in him. He forces Yazawa to come
along to Kouhoku with him.

[Goal] Take 4 territories total in Kouhoku


[E-Mail] Chiharu asks if you remember your promise to introduce her to your
friends. She says she'll be around Kouhoku.

Chiharu meets up with Naoto, and he asks her if she's always this flashy.
She says that the people in her town have no taste, and then asks what Naoto
wants to do. Naoto tells her that unfortunately, he's battling with Kurihara
and company. Chiharu gets up set and calls him a liar, and you get a choice:
-Aren't you being a little selfish?
-Right, sorry
(2nd choice)
Chiharu says Naoto made his commitment to her first, and that fighting
can wait. Naoto gets upset and says that's not hers to decide. Chiharu says
she doesn't have to take his crap and leaves. He tells her he'll call her
when it's over, and she says she doesn't expect as much.


[Move] Move to a different area

In a video arcade, Uji and Funaki are beating on Kurihara, cursing him for
bringing them to war with Tsurume. Funaki asks Uji if he's scared of fighting
them, and Uji responds that Funaki lost his fight with Naoto, so they have
reason to be worried. Funaki insists that war is completely different from a
one-on-one, but Uji says he's fed up with Funaki's competitive attitude. He
mentions that if Naoto wins the war, he'll choose Kouhoku's next banchou.
Kurihara tries to say something, but Uji continues to beat on him.

[Goal] Grab 6 territories total in Kouhoku

[Move] Head to the Pachinko parlor

Naoto meets Funaki again, and this time Funaki has brought several Kouhoku
students with him. Naoto asks if he's afraid of fighting him alone, and Funaki
says that when he becomes head of Kouhoku, he'll team up with Gaikan
Industrial High School, and they'll be an even more powerful force. He says
Naoto must be pissing himself, and Naoto turns furious.

[Fight] Defeat the students

Naoto says it looks like he's won, and that Funaki and his gang must be
pissing themselves. As they run away, Naoto says the victory is just the first
step. His next target is Uji*.

*Naoto refers to him as, 'the guy with the punch-perm', referring to the
tight-curl hairstyle that used to be popular with certain gangsters and thugs.

[Move] Take 8 territories total in Kouhoku

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog article about Funaki's loss

[Move] Head to the assembly hall intersection

Naoto faces off against Uji, saying that once he's through with him, he'll
only have Kurihara left. Uji says Kurihara won't be around any time soon, as
he had to teach him a lesson. Naoto is sickened at the thought of someone
attacking their own schoolmate just so they can get ahead. He calls Uji an
uji-mushi 蛆虫 (maggot), and says he's going to squash him.

[Fight] Defeat the students

Uji is shocked by Naoto's power, and yells for his classmates to retreat to
the school. Naoto says the maggot makes him sick, and then calls Wakamiya
and tells him to gather everyone and meet up at Kouhoku.

[Goal] Take 10 territories total in Kouhoku

[E-Mail] Teru wrote an article about Naoto's victory over Uji

[Move] Head to Kouhoku High

Naoto arrives at Kouhoku High to find Uji and Funaki together with a huge gang
of students. Naoto notices Kanou isn't there, and Uji says that Kanou's time
is over, and his time has begun. Funaki asks what Uji means by 'his' time, and
the two square off. Naoto interrupts them and says they shouldn't be fighting
with each other. At that moment, Wakamiya arrives with backup; Naoto says he
has good timing and orders everyone to attack.

[Fight] Defeat Kouhoku

Naoto proclaims victory, but Kanou interrupts and says it's not over yet.
He says Kouhoku hasn't lost until he has lost. Naoto asks him who he thinks
he is, and Kanou screams that he's the Banchou of Kouhoku, Kanou Kenji. He
challenges Naoto to a one-on-one match, and Naoto accepts.

[Fight] Defeat Kanou

Kanou says that just as he saw Kuroiwa (the Kouhoku banchou from Kenka
Banchou 4) fall, Uji, Funaki, and Kurihara will see him fall. He says he's
been completely defeated, but that he won't let it get him down. Naoto is
glad to see he's finally acting like a real banchou, and says they'll be
allies from then on. Kanou smiles, and then collapses.

Kurihara thanks Naoto, and Naoto tells him it was no problem. You gain
Kurihara, Funaki, and Uji as contacts, and get access to the Kouhoku High
hideout. Naoto begins to leave with his classmates, but they run into
Tachibana on the way. Naoto tells Tachibana that Kounan is their next target.
Tachibana says they'd better watch out, and Naoto tells him that he's heard
Kounan's students are really strong, but his people aren't too shabby either.
Tachibana says they're no match for Kounan and runs off. Yazawa says it seems
like Kounan's students are pretty rough, but Naoto says he has confidence in
Tsurume High. You unlock Kurihara's side story.


[Move] Head to Tsurume High

[E-Mail] Teru has written an article about the battle with Kouhoku

[E-Mail] Kurihara sends you a message thanking you, and asking you to hang
out in Kouhoku some time.


[E-Mail] Chiharu sends you a message telling you to keep your promise to
introduce her to your friends, now that the fighting is over.
[Move] Head to the assembly hall intersection in Kouhoku

Chiharu asks if you'll introduce her to your friends today. You get two
-That's the plan
-Hmm, today's not good

(1st Choice)
Naoto tells her he'll introduce her to his friends in Kansei. Naoto and
Chiharu meet with Hotta, who is with Dobashi. Chiharu introduces herself,
and Hotta asks if she's Naoto's girlfriend. He says no, it's just his friend
from Kouhok- but Chiharu knocks him out of the way, giving her own 
introduction. Apparently she is really sensitive about coming from a
backwater town. Hotta introduces himself, and Dobashi, who seems to be
preoccupied with something in the background. Hotta goes to tell Dobashi to
introduce himself, but Chiharu says she's satisfied for the day, and says
goodbye to Naoto (leaving him stunned).


[E-Mail] Teru writes a blog post about how Tsurume's next target is Kounan

Naoto confronts his classmates, who ask him what was up with his decision to
go after Kounan. Naoto simply says he's heading there now. Wakamiya and
Sugawara back down, saying they're a bit worried. Naoto wonders why they've
become spineless all of the sudden, and says he'll go alone anyway. Takatsu
stops Naoto as he's about to leave, and tells him to understand that not
everyone is just like him. Naoto says he understands, and Takatsu joins him.
Naoto says he wants to talk to the information broker first, and wonders what
happened to him.

Out by the field in Kounan, Teru sneezes. Someone next to him asks him if he
has a cold, and Teru replies that a cute girl must be gossiping about him*,
and adds that it's hard being famous.

*This is an exact repeat of a scene from Kenka Banchou 4, except the main
character, Yuuta, was the one who sneezed. It's a common superstition that
when you sneeze, it means someone is gossiping about you.

[Move] Head to the Kounan district

[E-Mail] Kurihara asks if you know about the Kenka Banchou 3 Arcade game in
the Kouhoku arcade.

Naoto arrives in Kounan, and resolves once again to not get into any random
fights. He asks a nearby girl for directions to Kounan High. Before she can
answer, he overhears Tachibana talking about Kouhoku. Naoto walks over to him
and says he's come, as promised. An older guy who Tachibana is with comes over
to see what's going on. Tachibana says that Naoto is stirring up trouble. The
guy wonders where he's heard that name before, and one of his friends says he
read it on Teru's blog. Tachibana says they should teach him a lesson.

[Fight] Beat up the punks

Naoto tells them to keep it coming, but they disappear before his eyes. He's
surprised that the girl stuck around, wondering why she wasn't scared of the
fighting. She says she's special, and acknowledges his strength. Naoto asks
her about Kounan High again, and she gives him directions (head straight
through the shopping district, down a road, turn right at the family
restaurant, and then take another right..). She turns to leave, and says that
if you make it through Kounan alive, you might meet again.*

*If you played Kenka Banchou 4, you'll recognize that this is Mai, who is now
in high school.

[Goal] Grab 2 territories in the Kounan district

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about Naoto's arrival in Kounan

[Move] Move to a different area 

On the rooftop of Kounan High, the head banchou is chewing out someone named
Onoda. He tells him it's his job to keep his people (Tachibana and his
friends) under control, but Onoda talks back, saying that Kounan High isn't
about keeping calm #%#@^#^. The banchou yells at him for disrespecting his
seniors, but another student, Kawakami, stops him and tells him to calm down.
Kawakami pulls Onoda aside and tells him that they're in a really dangerous
position now because of all the schools that have it out for them. Onoda
wonders if it's his fault that Gaikan is fighting with them, and Kawakami
tells him that Gaikan would have attacked them sooner or later, regardless of
what he did. He says that because of Tsurume and Kouhoku teaming up against
them, they have to be extra cautious, and that's the reason why he needs to
keep his lackeys under control. Onoda says that had Hayami still been there,
things wouldn't be so out of order. Kawakami is a little upset that Onoda
mentioned Hayami, who apparently left without a trace. Onoda says that
Hayami is still his banchou, and leaves. Kawakami is confused about the whole
situation, and decides to consult Misawa for help.*

*It helps to play Kenka Banchou 4 to understand this scene. The banchou of
Kounan is Shin Yagami, a crazed fighter from the previous game. His aide is
Kawakami, one of the main character's original friends. Onoda (who was never
really referred to as Onoda in the original game), is Teppei, who came to
idolize the main character in the first game (he decided to enter Kounan
for that very reason). Hayami Yuuta was the main character, and when you
finished the game, Hayami became the head banchou of Kounan. Misawa was
originally the first in line to become the new banchou, but he was defeated
by Hayami towards the end of the game. For reasons unknown, Hayami has gone
missing from Kounan in this game.

[Goal] Grab 4 territories total in Kounan

[Move] Head to Kounan

Naoto arrives at the Kounan High gate, only to be stopped by Misawa. Misawa
asks him why he's come, and Naoto says he wants to fight, and demand their
leader come out. Misawa tells him that Yagami isn't there, so Naoto suggests
the two of them fight. Misawa tells him he can't, and Naoto seems upset, he
thought had heard that Kounan was full of badasses who would be ready to
fight. Teru shows up and Naoto greets him. Naoto asks why he can't seem to
get a fight at Kounan, and Teru explains that Misawa is job hunting and needs
to prepare for interviews. Misawa leaves, and Naoto sadly turns to Teru and
asks him for a fight. Teru says he won't do it, as he's just an information
broker. Naoto says the trip has been a whole waste of time, and says to
inform him when their banchou gets back. Teru says he will, and Naoto decides
to return home.

[Goal] Grab 6 territories total in Kounan

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about what just happened.

[Move] Head to Mist (the family restaurant in Kounan)

The girl from the subway entrance greets Naoto and says she's surprised he's
still alive. Naoto says he wasn't able to meet with Kounan's leader. She seems
shocked that Naoto came to see Yagami, and Naoto asks her why she knows so
much about Kounan High. She says it's because some she really liked used to
go there, and she used to sneak in* to see him. Naoto says she must really be
fearless. The girl says that unfortunately, the guy she liked quit school
and went overseas**. Naoto says he's tired of talking about mystery guys, and
the girl mentions that Naoto and her 'darling' seem awfully similar. Naoto
says, 'why do you have to say darling?', and the girl says that although they
are similar, their faces are completely different. She finally introduces
herself as Hirota Mai, and Naoto introduces himself. She says she'll remember
him, and bids him fairwell. To himself, Naoto says she really seems to have
a big ego. Nearby, Tachibana says he'll have to report the meeting between
Naoto and Mai to Onoda.***

*It's an all-boys school.

** In Kenka Banchou 4, Hayami Yuuta, the main character, tricked another girl
into thinking he had studied overseas. This may be an allusion to that.

*** This is another scene that you'd need to play the previous game to
understand. The guy she's talking about was the main character from Kenka
Banchou 4, and she says the two people look alike because, technically, you
can change everything about the main character except for their face.
The reason Tachibana wants to report the meeting to Onoda is that in Kenka
Banchou 4, Onoda (Teppei) was very protective of Mai.

[Move] Head to the north entrance of the shopping district

Outside the Gyouza king, a Kounan student greets one of the employees as Tako.
He asks if Tako could talk with him about something, and Tako says that they
can talk when he's on his break. He tells him to enjoy some dumplings for now.
Naoto says the guy looks in high spirits, and wonders if he should graba bite
to eat himself.*

*In Kenka Banchou 4, Tako was sort of a 'Big Brother'-type character, someone
who everyone respects, and goes to for help with personal problems. He worked
in the Gyoza King then as well, though I don't believe it was explicitly
stated in the game itself. In any case, I think they could have developed his
character some more in the original game, but his first appearance was rather

[Move] Head to Tsurume High

Wakamiya and Yazawa are surprised to see Naoto return; they wonder if he's
defeated Kounan High already. Naoto says he told the information broker (Teru)
to pass the word on for him. He says he has to go to his fight now, and leaves
smiling. Wakamiya says that Naoto must have some nerve to walk around happy
all the time, considering the ruckus he's caused. Yazawa agrees, and says he
always looks as though he's going to meet a girlfriend.

At the school gate, Naoto meets who he thinks is Yagami. The guy introduces
himself as Onoda Teppei, a Kounan High second year student. Naoto asks where
Yagami is, and Teppei says his banchou isn't going to show up. He says he
came for a fight, and Naoto tells him that a victory against Onoda isn't the
same as a victory against Kounan, and Onoda says that they can talk after
they fight.

[Fight] Defeat Onoda Teppei

Naoto tells Onoda not to worry about him telling people that this was a
victory against Kounan. Onoda calls him an idiot, but Naoto is unphased, and
tells him to tell Yagami to come face him.

Back at the hangout, Naoto's friends seem surprised that he's in one piece.
(they didn't know he wasn't fighting Yagami) Naoto says he won, of course,
and then receives a call from Kurihara. Kurihara tells him that Kanou wants
to talk to him in person, and Naoto asks how many people he should bring with
him and then hangs up. Kawakami asks him what was going on at Kouhoku, and
Naoto says they have to go there and see.

[Move] Head to Kouhoku High

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about the fight with Onoda

Kanou apologizes for having called on you, and Naoto asks him if he's looking
for a rematch. Kanou says he's saving that for another time, but for now he
says he's received the final notice from Gaikan Industrial High regarding
forming an alliance. Takatsu asks if he's afraid Kouhoku will become a target
if they don't join them. Kanou confirms that to be the case, stating that
the 'alliance' is a pretense for coercion.


Kanou resolves not to agree to Gaikan's alliance.

[Goal] Take a total of 8 territories in Kounan district

[E-Mail] Kurihara wants to talk to you about something. Meet him at Tsurume

[Move] Head to Tsurume Station
(Go to the heart event)
Kurihara came to talk to you about Chiharu, and how she never said thanks for
the other day. Naoto says it's alright, and wonders why she isn't in school
more often. Kurihara explains that she's an only child, so her life is a
little complicated. He regrets not being able to do more for her, and you get
two choices:

-Do you like her?
-Maybe I could protect her...

(Second option)
Kurihara looks surprised, and asks if there's a chance that Naoto likes
Chiharu. Naoto gets embarassed, and Kurihara looks a little worried that Naoto
might be after his girl. He gives up and says it's alright if Naoto goes after


[Move to a different area]

Off in a run-down hideout, a guy in a jacket tells another guy that Kouhoku
declined their offer (this is supposedly Gaikan, the guy sitting down is not
Tachibana, he's just wearing a similar-colored shirt)

[Goal] Grab 10 territories total in Kounan district

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about the impending war

[Move] Meet with Yagami at Kounan High

Naoto catches Onoda at the gate, and makes sure that he told Yagami about the
meeting. Onoda says you can meet him at the riverbed, as they won't get into
trouble if they fight there. Naoto leaves at once.

[Move] Head to the riverbed

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog post about the battle between Yagami and Naoto

Mai meets Naoto on the street, and Naoto tells her that Yagami was able to
avoid him last time, but this time he'll have his battle. Mai says that this
time Naoto will end up in the hospital. Mai asks about Teppei, and Naoto says
that he was the one who set up the match. Mai then explains that she once had
a thing with Teppei, but unfortunately he's not very strong. You get two

-Even someone strong can be inferior all-around
-Yeah, strength is everything

(first choice)
Mai is surprised, and Naoto explains that there are certain matters where
strength alone is useless. He then explains that he uses his strength to
protect the things most important to him (his friends and his pride). He then
leaves, saying he's got a date with Kounan's banchou.

[Move] Head to the riverbed

Naoto waits under the bridge for a while, when Kawakami and two other students
show up. Naoto stands and asks which one of them is Yagami. Kawakami says he
recognizes him as Naoto, and that Onoda and Teru had been talking about him.
Naoto asks again, which of them is Yagami. Kawakami says they just came as
witnesses, and introduces himself as a third year student, and his buddies as
Mori and Katsuragi, his officers. Naoto thanks them for the introduction, and
Kawakami says that Yagami is on his way.

Just then, a number of Kounan students show up, shocking Kawakami, who asks
if they came to watch as well. They say Kawakami is a fool for supporting
the fight, and that they came to kill off Naoto.

[Fight] Defeat the students

Naoto is furious at the surprise attack, and runs off. Kawakami mentions that
the guys who attacked weren't officers, but is surprised that Naoto was able
to take them all on alone. Katsuragi says that Yagami would kill him if he
heard Kawakami praising Naoto. He says not to worry because Yagami will be
able to take care of Naoto, and Mori suggests they should report back about
what happened.

Out on the street, Mai asks Naoto what happened. He tells her he was ambushed
by a bunch of underlings, and Mai tells him to follow her. They step into
a club, where Morobashi is working*. Mai explains that the bartender is a
former Kounan student, and Naoto introduces himself. He explains how he had
a match with Yagami, but was attacked by his underlings. He says Yagami must
really be weak to use dirty tricks, but the bartender assures him that Yagami
is strong. He if you think you can with the fight, and you get two choices:

-Of course, don't take me for a fool!
-I won't know until I try...

(first choice)
Naoto says he'll win no matter what, and Mai thinks to herself that Naoto
really seems like her 'darling' (Hayami). Naoto says he's leaving, and Mai
asks if he'll come back and treat her sometime. He says maybe, and steps out.
The bartender asks Mai what she thinks of Naoto, and she happily says that he
seems pretty cool.

*Morobashi Souichirou was a student and bartender in Kenka Banchou 4.

[Move] Return to Tsurume High

[E-Mail] Teru wrote a blog article about your battle at the riverbed

Back at the hangout, Naoto says he's in a terrible mood, and guilts his
friends for not helping him. Even so, he says he won't pressure them to
do anything they don't want, and heads out for battle once more.

[Move] Head to Kounan station to prepare

Naoto greets Mai at the station and thanks her for the other day. She's
surprised that he came back, and he tells her the third time's the charm.
Mai realizes that he's alone, and suggests he has no friends. You get two

-I couldn't convince them to come
-I don't need those wusses to come anyway

(first option)
He says he's a bit worried about the opponent, and doesn't want them getting
hurt. Mai says that's kind of him, but asks about himself. Naoto says he's
ready to take on anything but illness and debt.

[Move] Head to Kounan station to prepare

Naoto spots Onoda talking to Tako outside of Gyoza King and asks what he's
doing there. Onoda tells Tako that Naoto was the guy he was talking about
before. Onoda walks to Naoto and apologizes, and Naoto is confused. Onoda
says that he told Yagami he was looking for a fight, and never thought that
he wouldsend those goons after him. Tako says he makes sure all his brothers
end up doing the right thing. Naoto turns to Tako and asks who he is. Tako
explains that he's an ex-Kounan student that works at the Gyoza King. He says
he listens to anyone who is lost for what to do. Onoda says that everyone
comes to Tako for advice, now that he's graduated. Tako suggests they all
have some dumplings now, and burn off the bad blood between Naoto and Onoda.
Onoda likes the idea, and says Tako's fried dumplings are great. Naoto agrees
and heads in with them.

Afterward, Tako tells Naoto to come by any time. Naoto tells Onoda that he's
heading for Kounan High now, to Onoda's surprise.

[Goal] Take 12 territories total in Kounan disrict

[Move] Head to Kounan high

Naoto seems a little concerned this time, but knows he has no chioce. He
approaches the gate, and some students question his ability to take on Kounan.
Naoto braces himself for a fight, but all his friends- Tsurume High and
Kouhoku High, show up behind him, led by Takatsu. Takatsu asks if it's alright
for them to join him, and Naoto nods that it's no problem. He then orders
everyone to storm Yagami's hideout.

[Fight] Brawl your way to Yagami
[E-Mail] In the middle of the brawl, Teru makes a blog post about Naoto's
arrival at their school..

On the first floor of Kounan High, Katsuragi Gen halts the raid party. Naoto
says he won't lose as he's fighting for his pride, and Katsuragi smiles,
saying he's heard that before, and then braces himself for the fight*

*Another allusion to Kenka Banchou 4

[Fight] Defeat Katsuragi Gen

Naoto tells Katsuragi to move, but Katsuragi asks him why he's come to Kounan,
and Naoto, after thinking for a moment, says it's because he's moved to a new
home. Katsuragi laughs, and warns him that Yamagi is extremelly powerful.
Naoto thanks him for the reminder, and heads on upstairs.

[E-Mail] Teru writes a blog post about Naoto's defeat of Katsuragi

[Fight] Brawl your way to Yagami

Two thugs approach your team and prepare to stop the attack, when Mori comes
down the steps and tells them to stand down*. He introduces himself as Mori
Keita, and says that he and Naoto will have a man-to-man fight. Naoto mentions
that Mori seems like an old-school kind of guy, which he respects.

*They refer to him as Kei-chan, another allusion to Kenka Banchou 4

[Fight] Defeat Mori Keita

Naoto blows Mori away, to the horror of his aides. Mori tells his aides to
step aside and allow Naoto to pass. Naoto shows him respect and heads on

[E-Mail] Teru writes a blog post about Naoto getting to the 2nd floor

[Fight] Brawl your way to Yagami

Kawakami confronts Naoto and tells him that he's done well so far, but can't
topple Yagami. He mentions the legend that Kounan has always been the
strongest, and his generation is no different. Naoto looks Kawakami up and
down, and says that his fashion seems to be legendary as well*. He mocks the
flashy shirt Kawakami is wearing, and Kawakami flips out, saying that's
always been his style, and he'll destroy Naoto this time for sure. Naoto tells
him to bring it on.

*Hayami said something similar at the beginning of Kenka Banchou 4

[Fight] Defeat Kawakami

Naoto admits that Kawakami and Kounan's officers are quite strong, but he's
still victorious, and will head on to Yagami.

On the rooftop, Naoto finally faces Yagami. Yagami is surprised he made it so
far, and tells Naoto he thought he'd die trying to reach him. He says he's
heard great things about Naoto and his resilience. @$%@452 Naoto starts get
the idea that Yagami is one sick puppy...

[E-Mai] Teru writes a blog post about the final battle between you and

[Fight] Defeat Yagami Shin

Laying on the ground, defeated, Yagami says that he hasn't felt this pleasure
in a long time.. he finished by saying 'Keep it coming, Hayami'. Naoto is
confused, and asks Kawakami who 'Hayami' is. Kawakami says, "So Yagami thinks
so too..." He finally admits the defeat of Kounan, and you get the contacts of
all the Kounan officers (except for Yagami), plus the rooftop hideout.

Out beyond the school gate, Naoto greets Teru, the remaining Kounan student.
Teru braces himself for the final fight... and then runs away*. After
chasing him around for a while, he'll lose his breath and you can take him
down in one hit.

*Yet another allusion to Kenka Banchou 4

Defeated, Teru admits that Naoto is the captain for now, but he'd better not
take Kounan lightly, as they'll be the strongest again before long. Naoto
says that they can keep the title of the strongest, if they want, and leaves.
Out at the train station, Naoto mulls over gaining the title of #$%@#$^@
'the strongest', but he's in no condition to think over his victory.

Outside the station, Naoto is greeted by Mai once again. He can't seem to
remember her name, and she's offended and says she remembered his. He mentions
that she's always popping out of nowhere (another allusion to Kenka Banchou 4)
and she says she heard that he defeated Yagami. Naoto is surprised how quickly
word gets around, and Mai says that she came to tell him he's now a candidate
to be her 'darling'. Naoto is unimpressed, and Mai is angry that her sweet
words were met with his cold reaction. Naoto walks off, not particularly in
the mood for her antics, but Mai persists. #@$^@^$


[Move] Leave your hideout

Off at the run down hideout of Gaikan Industrial, a young thug brings news of
Yagami's defeat. The leader asks who defeated the 'Shinigami'*, and the guy 
replies that it was Naoto from Tsurume High. The leader says he hasn't heard
of him, and the guy then asks someone named Iidzuka if he'd lost against
Tsurume before. Iidzuka says he had lost against Takatsu before @#$%, and the
guy says that in that case, he'll take care of Tsurume. He then offers a
promotion for anyone who defeats Naoto.

*God of death, it was Yagami Shin's nickname.

[E-Mail] Teru has a few blog posts about Naoto's victory over Kounan

[E-Mail] Onoda wants you to hang out on the Kounan rooftop some time.

[Move] Head to the Tsurume High hangout spot


[E-Mail] Kurihara sends you a message saying that Chiharu hasn't been back
home for a while. Everybody is worried about her, and he wants to know if
you've heard anything.

[Move] Go to Kansei Central Park

Naoto finds Chiharu at Central Park and tears into her. He tells her to go
home, and when she says it's not his business to tell her what to do, he tells
her that people are worried about her, and that it was his idea to introduce
her to his friends, so he feels responsible. He says it was terrible of her
not to thank him for doing that for her, and that the world doesn't just
revolve around her. She says she doesn't need to be lectured by him, and
begins to walk away. Naoto comes at her with his arm raised, and she asks him
what he's gonna do:

-Smack her
-Put your hand down

(second option) (...seriously, who would hit her!?)
Chiharu says she figured Naoto didn't have the guts to do it. Naoto simply
asks her to head back to Kouhoku again. Chiharu says she'll do as she pleases.
Naoto says he may not have the guts after all...


Back at the hangout spot, Sugawara is asking about the battle Kounan
(apparently he didn't go). Yazawa says Sugawara missed his big victory, but
Naoto think he remembers Yazawa running away. Takatsu seems to be restless
about something, but won't open up about it. Wakamiya says that he's proud
of Naoto, as he's really famous now. Just then, a student runs up to alert
Naoto and Takatsu, apparently a fight has broken out at Shinrin Park. Naoto
begins to rush off, and Takatsu yells at him not to be reckless, but it's
too late. Takatsu figures that this is what it's like to be at the top-
you'll have people causing trouble all around you.

[Move] Head to Tsurume Shinrin Park

At the park, one of the thugs from Gaikan Industrial High is beating on
Tsurume students, asking where Naoto is. Naoto runs in and asks him what he's
doing to his people. The guy says that Naoto doesn't look like the others,
and orders him to take him to Naoto. Naoto smiles and tells him that he's
Naoto. The thug doesn't believe him, stating that he 'doesn't have an aura',
and that he must only be able to beat people with a lucky punch. Naoto says
he'll show them his 'lucky punch'.

[Fight] Defeat the punks

The lead thug seems pleased, but then spots Takatsu. He tells Takatsu 'long
time no see', and says he needs him for something. Takatsu asks what he wants,
and he replies that he wants Takatsu to warn all his underlings about the
impending war. !@#!@%# Gaikan plans to have an Amihama-wide battle, and that
they'd better watch out if they care about their friends. Naoto says he'll
fight the guy right there and now, but he says that their game hasn't started
yet, and walks away. Naoto decides it's best to wait and see what the guy has
in store, and asks Takatsu if he's OK with him making decisions. Takatsu says
he'll entrust Tsurume to Naoto. !#%!$^#

[Move] Go to your allies for help

[E-Mail] Utsunomiya says some guys he's never seen before came to his school
asking about Naoto, he needs Naoto's help.

[E-Mail] Hotta sends you a message saying some people hunting for Naoto have
invaded Kansei.

[E-Mail] Kurihara says Gaikan has invaded Kouhoku as well, and they need help

[E-Mail] Teru has written a blog post about Gaikan's actions

You now have three options, help Shirogane, help Paradise, or help Kouhoku.
You'll have to all of them eventually, so do them in whatever order you want.
Shirogane is the easiest, followed by Kouhoku, and then Kansei.

Naoto and friends arrive in time to see the Paradise members squaring off
against Gaikan. The leader of this Gaikan contingent says he was just using
Paradise as bait to draw out Naoto. He mentions the promotion he'll receive
for beating Naoto, and Naoto asks him what year he's in. He introduces himself
as Mutou Hidetada, a first year at Gaikan Industrial High School. Naoto tells
him that first years have no right to look down on other people, and the
Paradise crew starts to get fired up. Mutou says that he plans on moving up
the ranks, and has no intention of losing.

[Fight] Defeat the Gaikan students

Naoto tells Mutou not to feel bad, as he's not the first person who ever lost
against him. Naoto reminds him that he's now the strongest in Amihama, but
Mutou just laughs. The Paradise members ask him why he's laughing, and Mutou
says he wonders if their leader is still alive. They all realize that Nagura
is back at the base, and might be in trouble..

[Move] Go to the Paradise hideout

Naoto arrives at the hideout, and a Gaikan officer figures that Mutou must
have lost. Nagura asks Naoto why he isn't off somewhere else, because the
other districts are in danger as well. Naoto says that he's a Paradise member,
so he should be there to help out the other Paradise members. Nagura jokingly
says Naoto is annoying, because this is supposed to be his own big victory
scene. The Gaikan officer tells them that the hideout will end up being both
their graveyards, when Katagiri (from Mukuro) shows up at the entrance. A
brawl ensues between all of them.

[Fight] Defeat the Gaikan members and Katigiri

Katagiri stands easily, and faces off with Naoto, but Naoto plants his foot
in Katagiri's face, grounding him for good. The officer curses Naoto, and
Naoto suggests that he meant to say, "Wow, Naoto really is amazing!" The
officer says his name is Oosawa Takeshi, and tells Naoto not to forget it.
Naoto says he'll take him on anytime. Nagura thanks Naoto for the help, and
he moves out to save the other districts.

[E-Mail] Teru writes a blog post about the attack in Kansei

***My guide ended here, and my computer crashed some time after***
***I was finishing up the last chapter. That ending portion is ***
***not fit for public consumption, hahah...					   ***

7.0b Story Summary

Your main character is named Naoto Naruse, and he's transferred to 
Amihama en-sen (en-sen basically means a county connected by the railway)
to live with his uncle and attend Tsurume High. Naoto doesn't have any
directions on how to get to the school, or what uniform to wear, so he asks
some kids for directions. The kids make fun of him, so he beats them up. One
of the older students (Shindou, the guy with the black hair) hears about the
fight and orders some other characters to go take on Naoto. After a series of
events, Naoto ends up facing off with Shindou, and defeats him. He then
challenges Takatsu (the guy with the brown hair), who is the closest thing
Tsurume has to a leader. After defeating him, Naoto becomes a respected
fighter in Tsurume.

Naoto tries out the school uniform, but Takatsu thinks it looks strange,
and tells him to go to Narumihama for some new clothes. At the mall in
Narumihama, Takatsu gets into a fight with a brat from Shirogane, a
high-class private school. He tries to go to Shirogane to put things
straight, but he's stopped by Mitarai Mako, a stuck up girl who thinks all
these thuggish guys are trash. 

Utsunomiya, Shirogane's hot-headed loser, pays off a bunch of gangsters to
go beat up Naoto (even though he has to pay them, he calls them his friends).
Naoto beats up Utsunomiya and explains that he's gotta fight for himself..
Utsunomiya becomes friends with Naoto, but still has to deal with the
gangsters he hired (who now want revenge on him and Naoto). The gangsters,
who are from a group called MUKURO, attack Shirogane, and Naoto rushes to
save the school with his new friends. In the end, Naoto faces off with the
guy Utsunomiya paid - Katagiri Kazuya - but they don't fight. Katagiri tells
Naoto to watch his back if he ever comes to Chinatown.

Naoto heads to Chinatown, which is in the Kansei district. He runs into a
tough guy who seems to be rushing around, but quickly gets distracted by
another student who is being attacked by Mukuro members. He saves the guy,
who turns out to be a baseball player for Tsurume (Naoto's school). After
messing around Kansei, Naoto gets a call from Takatsu to meet him at their
school. Takatsu introduces Naoto to some baseball players and the team's
manager (Komine Yuka) who are all worried about their team captain. The
pitcher/captain, Kubo, (the tough guy you ran into earlier) has been seen
wandering around Kansei all confused, and he hasn't been back to school in a

Through a series of events, Naoto meets with another street gang/cult called
'Paradise' whose members all wear red. Paradise acts as a haven for kids who
are lost and confused, and the number 1 goal of the group is to protect anyone
that comes to them for help. Naturally, Kubo sought refuge with Paradise, and
Naoto must fight through the Paradise members to meet up with Kubo (Naoto
becomes friends with Paradise and informally joins their group- they aren't
bad people, and Naoto says himself that he might have rather joined them then
attended school).

As it turns out, Kubo got into trouble with the police after being arrested
for street fighting. Because he now has some kind of criminal record, he was
afraid to return to Tsurume, afraid that he would damage the reputation of the
baseball team. Naoto learns that Kubo only got into a fight because he was 
trying to help a some random girl (Hayasaka Akane, who works at the mall in
Narumihama), who was being harassed by non-other than the leader of Mukuro
(Iketani Shingo). Shingo and the girl got away, and Kubo was caught by the

Unfortunately, Akane turns out to be kind-of a flake, and never fixed the
situation with the police. She eventually leads Naoto and friends to find
Mukuro's leader, and there is a big brawl between Mukuro and Paradise.
In the end, Kubo's name is cleared and he returns to Tsurume. Yuka takes to
Naoto and you can now meet with her when you take your dog for a walk.

Naoto receives a challenge from a young student who says he's from Kouhoku
High (Kouhoku is an old, undeveloped district, and the school's students have
a tradition of being all old-school and having a long time rivalry with
Kounan High). Naoto whups him, and seeing his strength, the student (Kurihara)
begs Naoto to save his school. Naoto is confused, but agrees to meet with
Kouhoku's banchou. In Kouhoku, Naoto meets with Kurihara and his childhood
friend, Chiharu (who calls Kurihara 'Krillan', much to Naoto's enjoyment).
Eventually Naoto meets the Kouhoku banchou, Kanou, who is the school's
dejected leader... bear with me:

Two years before, Kanou watched as Kouhoku's former banchou (Kuroiwa) was
defeated by a 1ST YEAR student from Kounan. Later, when Kanou become Kouhoku's
banchou, he felt that Kounan had become too strong. In order to protect his
people, he set up a cease-fire with Kounan, in which Kouhoku students were
prohibited from fighting with Kounan's students. Because this is inherently a
weak-willed move, and all of Kouhoku's pride comes from fighting Kounan High,
the other Kouhoku students lost faith in Kanou. As Naoto has seen, most of the
students have lost their fighting spirit, and have no pride in their school
anymore. Naoto is a bit disgusted with Kanou, and says that he shouldn't have
stopped fighting with Kounan just because he saw his own banchou fall to a
first year student. (that first year student is the main character from Kenka
Banchou 4, and this story plays out in a sidequest from that game)

On his way back to Tsurume, Naoto sees how the cease-fire has affected the
Kouhoku students. A little Kounan brat named Tachibana harasses Kurihara,
who is unable to retaliate. Kurihara and Naoto decide that the only thing to
do is to have Naoto declare war on Kouhoku- in an effort to reinvigorate
Kanou's fighting spirit, or destroy him trying. Things are a little complex
after this, there are some other Kouhoku students who wish to become 
banchous... they believe that the best course of action is to team up with
Gaikan Industrial (a high school full of evil punks) and defeat Kounan once
and for all. Kurihara* and Kanou (who are both born and raised in Kouhoku),
on the other hand, want to keep with tradition and have Kouhoku be
independent. In either case, Naoto defeats all of the Kouhoku students,
including Kanou who finally regains the will to be a true banchou. Naoto is
pleased, and makes peace with the school.

*it is implied that because Kurihara is a Kouhoku native, he is next in
succession to become banchou. The evil Kouhoku students try to beat him up
for this reason, but Naoto more or less returns order...

*I recommend playing Kenka Banchou 4 and reading through my other guide so
that you can understand this chapter and its characters better.

The next course of action is obvious for Naoto: defeat Kounan High, the
strongest of all the schools. Naoto heads to Kounan to face their banchou
directly. On the way, he meets Mai (an annoying girl who notes the similarity
between Naoto and KB4's main character) and fights with Tachibana (the little
punk from the previous chapter). Responsibility for the fight falls on the
shoulders of Onoda Teppei, who is supposed to be taking care of all the
first-year students. Onoda is scolded by Kounan's banchou, the slightly-insane
Yagami Shin. Onoda talks back, saying that it's Kounan's policy to fight
everyone and be the strongest. One of Yagami's aides, Kawakami, has to calm
Yagami and Onoda down. Kawakami explains to Onoda that Kounan is in a
precarious position, as Amihama's power structure is rapidly changing (this is
a direct result of Naoto going around beating everyone up).

Onoda seems distraught at the loss of his former banchou and role-model,
Hayami Yuuta, and Kawakami becomes upset at the mention of Yuuta's name.
Apparently, Yuuta disappeared suddenly to go study in America, leaving
Kounan a mess. Yagami was only able to become leader through force, he's not
exactly a proper banchou... In any case, Naoto is turned down at Kounan's
school gate, and is forced to return another time. Naoto returns to Tsurume
to find Onoda is waiting for him. Naoto beats up Onoda and asks for a meeting
with Yagami, Onoda agrees and leaves to set up the meeting.

Naoto greets Kawakami and some other Kounan High officers, who escort him to
the riverbed, where he and Yagami can fight without interference. To Kawakami's
surprise, Naoto is ambushed by a bunch of strong Kounan students. Naoto
defeats them and escapes with his life; Mai shelters him in a nearby club
until the heat dies down. After a few more events, Naoto confronts Kouhoku to
help him take on Kounan. Naoto, Takatsu, and some Kouhoku students leave to
brawl with Kounan.

After defeating all of Kounan's officers, he finally faces off with Yagami,
who he beats to a pulp. As a result, Naoto becomes the strongest in all of

As a bit of a throwback to Kenka Banchou 4, Teru (the information broker /
blogger) says that Naoto hasn't defeated all of Kounan until you defeat him.

The final school, Gaikan Industrial High, launches an area-wide attack,
hitting Kurogane Academy, Kansei (Paradise), and Kouhoku High all at once.
It's up to Naoto to go save them, and once he's finished, he heads out to help
Kounan High. Kounan High's defenses have been shattered, because most of their
officers are still in the hospital after Naoto fought them. Naoto teams up
with Onoda to take down Gaikan's students, but as soon as they are finished,
Naoto learns that Tsurume High has been attacked! The other attacks were just
a diversion to lure Naoto away from his own school long enough to take it over.
Naoto gathers his people and resolves to launch a counterattack on Gaikan
head-on. Tsurume's students are in no mood to fight, but Takatasu is up for the
fight (as always).

*The final battle will begin in the junkyard at Gaikan, for completion's
sake, there is a weapon here that you can't get anywhere else. As soon as the
big final brawl begins, turn around and grab the present box underneath the
tree. Remember, you don't have to use the weapon, just picking it up is enough
to collect it. 

Most of this chapter is just describing how evil the Gaikan students are. If
a Gaikan student loses, he basically has to leave the school, or else face a
severe beating from his own people. Naoto is sickened by their do-or-die
absolutism, and aims to teach the higher-ups a lesson while explaining to
the lower students that they should be fighting to make friends, rather than
to become enemies. The war ends with all of Naoto's friends battling Gaikan at
the school. Naoto and Takatsu take on Gaikan's leaders together. Naoto has now
established himself as the leader of all Amihama... but the title comes with a
price. It's not long before Tsurume is attacked once again, prompting Naoto to
rush off to battle.........


7.7 TAKE2
Once you finish the game, you unlock a parallel universe where Naoto, instead
of going to school on his first day, heads directly to Narumihama, and then
Kansei, to form his own gang called TAKE2. You get to replay some of the key
events of the main story, but from a different perspective. The story ends
with a brawl between Paradise, Mukuro, TAKE2, and KMA, a local biker gang.

TAKE2 is important for many reasons, chief among them (in my opinion) the
ability to unlock some special modes that will become available in both TAKE2
and the original story. More on those in the extras section below.

One important note - When you start and save a game in TAKE2, you won't be
able to play the original main story until you finish TAKE2 completely.

8.0 Side Stories (外伝)
At certain points in the main story, and at the end of TAKE2, you will
unlock side stories where you can play as other characters. You will be
asked which story you want to play when you load your save game. Don't
worry about saving over your saved game when playing a side story, it won't
erase your progress in the main story. One save game file saves all of your
completion data.

Below I've show the order of events in each story, with (battle) marking a
fight triggered by an event.

8.1 Takatsu Shougo 
After Naoto defeats Takatsu and Shindou, Shindou disappears. While most of the
students believed that Takatsu and Shindou were enemies, Takatsu reveals that
they are actually friends. In this side story, you control Takatsu as he
searches for Shindou.

1. Go to Shindou's territory
2. Look around the classroom area
3. Head to Tsurume Station
4. Head to Narumihama
5. Head to Narvigo
6. Head to Narumihama's seaside park
7. (battle) two enemies
8. Go to Narumihama Cultural Hall
9. (battle) four enemies
10. Head to the container port
11. (battle) Defeat the KMA officer
12. (battle) Defeat Shindou

8.2 Utsunomiya Manabu

1. Head to the exchange student
2. Follow the exchange student
3. Defeat 10 Shirogane students
4. Return to Shirogane
5. Head to Narumihama's cultural hall
6. (battle) Ogata
7. Return to Shirogane
8. Defeat 10 Shirogane students
9. Go to Gomi
10. Head to Narumihama seaside park
11. (battle) Gomi

8.3 Kurihara Isamu

1. Head to Kamadoya at Kouhoku's shopping district
2. Return to Kouhoku High
3. Defeat 10 Kouhoku 1st year students (一年生)
4. Got to Kouhoku's shopping district
5. (battle) Funaki
6. Defeat 10 Kouhoku 2nd year students (二年生)
7. Return to Kouhoku High
8. (battle) Uji and his thugs
9. Defeat 5 Kouhoku 3rd year students (三年生)
10. Go to Kouhoku station
11. Defeato 10 Kouhoku 3rd year students (三年生)
12. Head to Kouhoku's downtown area
13. Head to Kouhoku High
14. (battle) Kanou

8.4 Onoda Teppei
With thoughts of graduation on their minds, the third year Kounan students
have to choose the next banchou for their infamous school. Onoda Teppei
looks to be in the running to succeed Yagami, but he must prove himself

1. Talk to Yagami on the rooftop
2. Defeat 10 Kounan first year students (一年生)
3. Head to the gym area
4. (battle) Gen
5. Defeat 10 Kounan second year students (二年生)
6. Head to the rooftop
7. Meet with Misawa at the training room
8. (battle) Misawa
9. Head to the rooftop
10. (battle) Defeat Mori and Kawakami
11. Defeat 10 Kounan third year students (三年生)
12. Head to the gym area
13. (battle) Defeat Yagami on the Rooftop
14. Head to Kounan station and meet with a true banchou!
15. (battle) Hayami Yuuta

8.5 Fukunaga Toshiyuki
*Unlocked after you finish the game
Gaikan needs a new 'head' and there are two many contenders. The top
officials decide that an all-out battle will decide who the true successor is.

1. Go to Gaikan High
2. Head to Gaikan High's school gate
3. Defeat 10 Gaikan 1st year students (一年生)
4. Head to the station
5. (battle) Oosawa
6. Defeat 10 Gaikan 2nd year students (二年生)
7. Head to Gaikan's residential area
8. (battle) Kishi
9. Defeat 5 Gaikan 3rd year students (三年生)
10. Go to Gaikan High
11. (battle) Akamatsu
12. Defeat 10 Gaikan 3rd year students (三年生)
13. Head to Gaikan's scrapyard
14. (battle) Mutou
15. (battle) Iidzuka
16. Go to Gaikan High
17. (battle) Kunii

8.6 Hotta Shou

1. (battle)
2. Head to Paradise's hideout
3. Defeat 10 MUKURO (骸) members at Kansei Station (開成駅前)
4. Head to the Kansei Station intersection
5. (battle) Katagiri
6. Defeat 10 MUKURO members at Kansei Central Park
7. Defeat 10 MUKURO members in Chinatown
8. Return to Paradise's hideout
9. Head after Nagura
10. Head to Chinatown's back streets
11. (battle) Katagiri and Iketani
12. Head to Kansei Central Park
13. Return to Paradise's hideout
13. (battle) Fight MUKURO and Paradise's founders

8.7 Ishimaru Riku
*Unlocked after you finish the TAKE2 story
Conquer Amihama as Ishimaru of the Kansei Midnight Army!

1. (battle) MUKURO's Iketani and Katagiri
2. (battle) Paradise's Nagura, Hotta, and Dobashi
3. (battle) Kouhoku's Uji and Funaki
4. (battle) Kounan's Mori
5. (battle) Kounan's Kawakami and Gen
6. (battle) Gaikan thugs
7. (battle) Gaikan's Akamatsu, Fukunaga, Kishi
8. (battle) Naruse Naoto! *yes, he has his super mode!

9.0 Girl's Events
The downside of the events you can have with the game's heroines is
that you have to respond to them correctly in order to trigger the next
event. This is in contrast to Kenka Banchou 4 where you merely had to
find out when and where the girl's event was happening.

Another downside is that the timing of the events is fairly ambiguous.
For this reason, I can't just write directly in the walkthrough when the
events appear. Your biggest hint that an event has appeared is that you'll
get an e-mail, but that e-mail won't necessarily be from the girl that the
event is for!

The one upside to all this is that the girls and their events are not
mutually exclusive. It's possible to complete all 4 of the girl's side
stories that appear in the main game in one play-through, and
then both of the girl's stories that appear in TAKE2 in one play-through.

One final downside is that there are no great bonuses for completing the
girl's stories, other than for completing some of the extra achievements.
You will unlock a rather boring t-shirt each time you finish one of the

Main Story
9.1 Mitarai Mako		御手洗真子
Mako is the girl from Shirogane who hates thugs and fighting. Do opposites

You'll get an E-Mail from Mako at the beginning of Chapter 3. Head to
Shirogane for an event.

Later in the chapter you'll get another E-Mail from her. Head to Narvigo for
an event (Narvigo is the mall in Narumihama)

In Chapter 4, you'll get another E-Mail. Head to Narumihama Cultural Hall.

Later in the chapter, you'll receive an E-Mail from Utsunomiya, leave
Narumihama, and then return to Narumihama Station to trigger another scene:

Now head to Shirogane, there are two points where you have to reply:


Defeat the thugs to finish the event.

9.2 Komine Yuka			小峰由香
From the very first E-Mail you get from Yuka, you'll be able to finish
all of her events. You shouldn't have to progress in the main story at all
until you've finished this sidequest.

I usually have a problem getting the e-mails for Yuka's events to show up.
Just walk the dog in and out of different areas, return it to the park,
walk it again, feed it and so forth, until the e-mail or event shows up.

Dogfood is sold at any Shiroku Mart, there's one right outside Tsurume High's
entrance gate. There are two types of dogfood, I don't think the type mattters
for this sidequest, but they're both cheap, so use whichever you want.

1. E-Mail

2. Event at Tsurume Park
3. E-Mail

4. Walk and Feed the dog

5. Event at Tsurume Park

6. E-Mail

7. Head to the classroom area

8. E-Mail

9. E-Mail

10. Walk the dog at school (the easy way to do this is to put a doghouse
in your hideout at Tsurume)
11. E-Mail

12. Feed and walk the dog

13. E-Mail

14. Event at Tsurume Park

15. E-Mail

16. Feed and walk the dog

17. E-Mail

18. Event at Tsurume Park

19. E-Mail

20. Head to the Tsurume High classroom area

21. (battle) Shuusai

22. Event at Tsurume Park

23. Feed and walk the dog

24. E-Mail

25. Event at Tsurume Park
26. E-Mail

27. Event at Tsurume High
28. Feed and walk the dog

29. E-Mail

30. Event at Tsurume Park

9.3 Shimatani Chiharu	島谷千春
During the Kouhoku chapter (chapter 4), you'll meet Kurihara's childhood
friend, Chiharu. Chiharu is your typical selfish little brat, and her
sidequest involves chasing her down after she disappears and gets everyone

When you first meet Chiharu, you'll have two options:

Next, you'll get an E-Mail from her. Head to the western area of Kouhoku
to find another heart-shaped event.
Then, in Chapter 5 you'll get another E-Mail from her.

Later in the chapter, when you team up with Kouhoku to fight Kounan, you'll
get an E-Mail from Kurihara: Head to Tsurume station to find another heart

In Chapter 6, you'll get another E-Mail from Kurihara. Head to Kansei Central
Park for another heart event.
After defending Kounan in Chapter 6, you'll get an E-Mail from Chiharu. Go
to Kouhoku's shopping district.

9.4 Hirota Mai			弘田麻衣
You will have a few choices in conversations with Mai during Chapter 5, but
it has no bearing on these events.

In Chapter 5, Mai saves you (more or less) by dragging you into the Rumble
Cafe after being ambushed by Kounan goons. You can further your relationship
with her in the next chapter.

After helping Onoda defend Kounan from Gaikan in Chapter 6, you'll get an
E-Mail from Mai asking you to come to the Rumble Cafe. Head there for an 
event (it's very close to the entrance to Kounan High and the riverbed)
Shortly after, you'll get another E-Mail from Mai. Head to Tsurume Station.

After you meet with Takatsu in Tsurume Park (one of the story events towards
the end of the chapter), you'll get another E-Mail. Head to the Rumble Cafe
in Kounan again.

9.5 Hayasaka Akane		早坂茜
In the main story, Akane got the captain of Tsurume's baseball club in some
serious trouble. The same events happen in the parallel universe of TAKE2, but
now you're there to see them. You can become better acquainted with Akane this
time around.

Around mid-way through TAKE2, you'll get an E-Mail asking you to come to
Bankaji on the 2nd floor of Narvigo (where Akane works). Head there for an

After Kamijou introduces you to The Outsider, you'll get another E-Mail.
Head to Kansei station for another event.

After battling Oosuga of the K.M.A, you get another E-Mail. Head to
another event in Narumihama, and then defeat the thugs.

You'll get another E-Mail after that. Head to the bench area by the sea
in Narumihama and prepare for another fight.

You'll get an untitled E-Mail after this. Head to where Akane works in the
 -ねぇな… どうせカレシってのもウソだろ?
*-あんだろ? オレ、カレシだぜ?

Later you'll get another untitled E-Mail. Head to Akane's shop in the mall
and prepare for a fight.

9.6 Kusunoki Kyouko		楠恭子
Kyouko was the girlfriend of K.M.A.'s leader... until he died.

You'll meet with Kyouko after being properly introduced to the K.M.A.
This happens around mid-way into the TAKE2 story. After, you'll get an
E-Mail from her. Head to the benches by the water at the Narumihama Cultural
Later, when you have to battle the assistant head of the K.M.A, you'll get
another E-Mail. Head to the benches again.

Later, when you're back in Kansei, you'll get another E-Mail. Head to the
benches in Narumihama once again.
There's a mini-game after this, so save beforehand in case you fail the first

10. Extra Info
In this section, I'll describe some of the extra stuff you can do in the game,
things that won't necessarily pop out while you play through the main story.

Changing Names
By accessing the ranking list in Teru's blog, you'll be able to change the
names of most of the game's characters. Simply select the character's name
and hit circle. Then select their first or last name, and you'll be able to
change it.

Now, that in and of itself is neat, but nothing new considering you could do
the same in Kenka Banchou 4. What is new is that you can change the names of
every school in the game! To do this, go to the school you want to change the
name of, and find that school's nameplate (it's next to the school's gate).
Simply press circle in front of it, and you'll be able to change that school's
name. This is pretty neat, considering it will change the name in the in-game
text as well.

Kansei Central Park's Fountain
You may have noticed a little machine by the fountain in Kansei Central Park.
You can buy special coins to toss into the fountain from the machine:

プラチナコイン ¥50000	Gives you a 'banchou soul' (stat point)
ゴールドコイン ¥10000	Gives you more friends
シルバーコイン ¥ 5000	Increases your shibu-shaba meter*

*This is the only way to reverse the "Shaba King" status!

After selecting a coin, hold the L-trigger when prompted, and let go when
you think you've got a good angle (you probably want to save beforehand in
case you miss). The regular prizes are listed above next to the coins. If
you miss, you'll get a little bonus chocolate coin (you can trade this to
the guy on the other side of the park for real cash, though not as much as
you just spent...)

There is a special weapon you can only find at the very beginning of the
final brawl in the main story (it's underneath a tree, right behind where
your characters start out in the junkyard). So long as you pick it up, and
then beat the game (you do not need to hold the axe or anything), it will
appear in your weapons inventory the next time you start a game with that
completed save file (same as every other weapon).

Now because you're all so well-read, you'll recall Aesop's fable of the
honest woodcutter. No? A poor woodcutter drops his axe into the water. A
god dives into the water and brings out a golden axe, asking him if that is
what he lost. The woodercutter denies it, and the god goes into the water and
brings out a silver axe. The woodcutter says that that axe is not his either.
Finally the god brings out his original axe, which he accepts. The god gives
the honest woodcutter all three axes. Subsequently, the god punishes anyone
who lies about what they dropped in by giving them nothing.

Right.. so, Japanese popular culture is absolutely obsessed with this story.
It appears in cartoons, video games, and anywhere else you could possibly
think of. Anywhere. Else.
I don't know how, but the tale has devolved to the point where the 'god'
must be a super brawny guy in a speedo... Sometimes, as in the cult classic
God Hand, it's just enough to have a couple of dudes wearing gold and silver

Anyway, now that you know the story, you should know what happens next. Equip
the toy axe, go to the coin machine by the park's fountain, and you'll see a
new option at the bottom.

玩具の鉄の斧 ¥−−−−−−

Select that option to toss your axe into the fountain. Time for another Kenka
Banchou 4 cameo! The swimmer from KB4 pops out of the water, and asks you what
you dropped into the fountain:

いや、ただのオモチャのオノだけどよ。。。		Nah, it's just a toy axe...
当然、金のオノに決まってんだろ?			A golden axe, obviously
銀のオノだった気がスンぜ					I'm thinking it was a silver axe

If you tell the truth, he just gives you your old axe back (there's no point
to this, you have an unlimited number of those!). If you select the golden
or silver axe, he'll come out and fight you! The golden axe version is harder
than the silver, both have a ton of health. After defeating him, you'll get
whichever axe he was using. Get both axes (you have to do the process all over
again) to get a new achievement and special move.

Oh, and that golden axe is quite the weapon. It's very strong, and your
shibu-shaba meter won't go down when using it.

Tashiro Masayuki
You can find Tashiro in Kansei Central Park, near the flea market guy.
He'll have an event circle around him the first time, but every other time
you have to walk up to him and press circle.

This poor guy can't catch a break! Kenka Banchou's perennial loser is
back, and he seems to have really hit hard times. His only happiness now
comes from chocolate coins. If you've got some, you can trade them to him
for real cash. The real reason for this service is that every mini-game in
Kenka Banchou 5 gives out chocolate coins as prizes (this is supposedly what
you're betting when you play poker, mahjong, etc.). Usually those chocolate
coins go into your home inventory and just sit there being useless. Giving
them to Tashiro is the best way to make something out of them:

売らない							Don't sell him any
ポケットに入ってるヤツを売る		Sell him the coins in your pocket
部屋にあるヤツもまとめて売る		Sell him the coins stored at home

I'm fairly certain he buys coins from you at the same rate as they sell them
in the store, but I think there are special coins you get from mini-games that
are worth more than those you find in stores.

Kansei Central Park Flea Market
There's an old man in Kansei Central Park who sets up a flea market there.
Talk to him to have the park transformed into a little market.
He'll have an event circle around him the first time, but every other time
you have to walk up to him and press circle.

ん〜興味ねぇな				Not interested
せっかくだから寄ってくぜ		Sure, I'll check it out

You can now run around the park looking for items to decorate your hideouts.
Press the L-trigger to see an item's price and buy it.

The dog houses will allow you to walk your dog from any hideout you place it
in (you'll be asked if you want to walk the dog every time you leave the
hideout). The exercise bikes will give great bonuses to your partners who
belong to whatever hideout you put them in. Most of the other stuff is purely
aesthetic, but it's nicer than anything you'll find out on the streets.

Kenka Banchou 3: Arcade
In the run-down old district of Kouhoku, there is an arcade with a machine
called, 'Kenka Banchou 3 National Conquest Aracde'. This is a meta-parody of
Kenka Banchou 3, the game which was released as Kenka Banchou: Badass Rumble
in North America. Suffice to say, Kenka Banchou 3 was a game about a badass
banchou, Takashi, who set out to conquer the banchous of every province in
Japan while they were on a field trip.

First, select where your character will be from (this determines your starting
special attack). You'll then fight a series of characters from other provinces
before facing the final boss.

After each round, you'll unlock the special move of the character you fought
in the real game. You'll also get an opportunity to exchange your current
KB3 Arcade special for that of the character you just fought (choose the
second option to keep the one you currently have).

This is a mock arcade fighting game, so the controls are a bit different than
the regular game:
Left/Right	- Move
Up			- Jump
Down		- Ground Attack
Direction x2 - Dash/Backstep

Square/X	- Normal Attacks
Triangle/O	- Kiai Attacks
(hold to charge)

R			- Defend
L			- Grab

Triangle + O	- Special Attack
O + X			- Charge Special Meter
Square + X		- Striker (partner attack, uses special meter)
L while Dashing	- Tackle

Square while Jumping	- Jumping Attack
Triangle while Jumping	- Jumping Kiai Attack

While Grappling:
Square		- Normal Attack
Triangle	- Kiai Attack
O			- Throw
X			- Tackle
O From Behind - Reverse throw

While Tackling:
Square		- Normal Attack
Triangle	- Kiai Attack
X			- Stand Up

If you read my Kenka Banchou 4 guide, you'll remember that I was a little
upset that the righteous 3rd year Kounan student, Tako, didn't get a bigger
part. Well, he finally gets his due in this game! Tako is working full time
at the Gyouza King in Kounan (his favorite restaurant) now. After a certain
scene where you meet him (some time in chapter 5), you'll be able to see some
special scenes every time you eat there.

Tako is like a big-brother to all Kounan students, and he often dispenses
wisdom or listens to their problems. In each scene, he'll tell you something
interesting that usually relates to Kenka Banchou 4 in some way. For the
first few times you watch these scenes, you'll get a special bonus, including
extra stat points, and a few special moves from Kenka Banchou 4.

This total jerk from Kenka Banchou 4, Makebe, led a gang of dumb followers
to do all sorts of stupid stuff, including harass one of the game's heroines.
In one of the sidequests, you ran him out of town, hopefully never to see
him again. In this game, he's back to hanging out in his same old spot,
though he seems to be cowering behind a bunch of furnature...

Head to the Rumble Cafe in Kounan to fight him. He has this funny breakdancing
tornado move that you'll get when you beat him.

Yes, the other main character from Kenka Banchou 4, Yamaken, returns in this
game as well. His cameo comes early in the 5th chapter, when you first arrive
in Kounan. At the earliest point possible, head to the Benihana Appartment
area, just west of Kounan's school gates. You'll see a cutscene with Yamaken,
who has now become a laborer of sorts. He mistakes Naoto for some regular
chump, which just angers Naoto. The two fight, and Yamaken will recognize
Naoto's power upon being defeating. You'll get Yamaken's super move after
beating him.

During TAKE2, you'll be scouted for the amateur MMA event known as THE
OUTSIDER. THE OUTSIDER is a real-life mixed martial arts event started by
Japanese pro wrestler Akira Maeda. The idea behind it was that all sorts of
non-professional fighters could join, and they would be able to bring the
really talented fighters into Maeda's other promotion, HERO (now known as
DREAM). Apparently real biker gangs and kenka banchous enter this thing
hoping to make it big, or at least beat people down in a regulated environment.

Head to the Narumihama Cultural Hall during TAKE2 to meet Kamijou Atsushi,
the former head of Paradise. He'll say you have what it takes, and from then
on you'll be able to fight in THE OUTSIDER matches when you talk to him. He
appears on the far side of the cultural hall:

やってみるかオイ!	Heck yeah! (enter THE OUTSIDER)
今回は参加しない		Not this time

THE OUTSIDER is similar to the normal game, except you fight in a ring, you
have to wear special clothes, and you can't use super attacks. There are also
rounds with time limits.. but otherwise it's similar to a regular fight.

There are a number of benefits to playing through these matches, including
some extra 'banchou souls' (stat points) and achievements. In addition, there
are a LOT of Kenka Banchou 4 cameos! You'll see plenty of familiar faces if
you play through the ranks. For those that haven't played Kenka Banchou 4,
one of the final fights for THE OUTSIDER is against Kouhoku's former banchou,
the guy that Kanou was all sad about.

Kenka Tetsudou 99
When you first enter Narumihama in the main game, you'll receive an e-mail
from your uncle about a rumor of a subway car that travels across the water.
It's totally confusing, and is pretty much nonsense for the entire game...

However, when you start TAKE2, you'll get that same e-mail.. this time, you'll
see Teru staring out at the water in Narumihama's Seaside Park. Talk to him
and you'll realize that the rumor is true!

Kenka Tetsudou 99 is a parody of the classic Japanese cartoon and comic,
Galaxy Express 999 (AKA Ginga Tetsudou 999). Where this game is concerned,
Kenka Tetsudou 99 is your entry to a seemingly endless number of battles.
By getting on board, you'll fight through 99 train cars filled with enemies,
facing bosses after a set number of intervals. This replaces the 100-man
battles from other Kenka Banchou games.

If nothing else, Kenka Tetsudou 99 is a great way to get more experience
points. Even if you lose, you'll be able to keep whatever experience you
gained, you don't lose any items or anything as you would normally. As a
bonus, after you finish Onoda Teppei's side-story, you'll be able to fight
Hayami Yuuta (the protagonist of Kenka Banchou 4) as the last boss of Kenka
Tetsudou 99.

After unlocking the train by talking to Teru in TAKE2, you'll be able to
access it by talking to Teru in the same location whether you're in TAKE2
or the main game:

シングルチケットを頼む		I'll take a single ticket
今はやめとくぜ			Not now

After defeating it once, you'll unlock other modes where you can ride the
train indefinitely (well, until you lose).

As I've said a few other places in this guide, you have to have a hideout
with a mahjong table to play mahjong. You can either find one somewhere and
place it in a hideout, or just play at one of the hideouts that already has
a mahjong table (Kounan is one).

Putting the very precise rules of Japanese mahjong (not to be confused with
Cantonese mahjong, which is vastly simplified, or Shanghai, which is a solo
puzzle game that a lot of people call Mahjong) here is a bit too much for
the scope of this guide. Of course, why would I do that anyway when GameFAQs
has its own mahjong-guide writing expert, barticle!? Go search for barticle's
guides on GameFAQs to learn all you could want to know about mahjong in
English. I recommend his mahjong guide for Yakuza 2!

Daifugou is a really fun game, it's the Japanese variant of a card game
that is popular all over Asia. In America, you probably know this game as
'President'. I use to play the Vietnamese version when I was a kid, Tien
Len. I would love to make a little guide for this game, and if I do, it'll
probably be supplementary to this guide.

One of the great things about this card game is that there are all sorts of
rules that people have to agree on before they play. In this game, they're
called 'local rules', and change depending on which hideout you're in. Again
I'll translate these if I ever do a guide specific to the game.

The game is played by 5 people, who each take turns playing cards. The first
person can throw whatever card, or pair or triple of cards they want. The
next person must throw an equal number of cards with a higher value. For
example, if I throw a 5, the next person must throw a 6 or higher. If I
throw two 5s, the next person must throw two 6s or higher. If you cannot
play, you pass. If one person throws out cards and everyone else passes,
they get to start a new hand by throwing out whatever value cards they want.

Players are ranked in the order of which they get rid of all there cards. So
if I get rid of all my cards before everyone else, I get the top rank.
Depending on the rules, the person with the highest rank will get to steal
the cards of the person with the lowest rank when the next round begins.
That way the 'daifugou' (rich man) stays rich, while the 'daihinmin' (poor
man) stays poor... That's right, it's a social commentary!

カードを出す		Throw out selected card(s)
パス				Pass
ルール確認		Check the local rules
大富豪をやめる	Quit Playing

Do I really need to explain the rules of Draw Poker? This is simple 5-card
stud, nothing fancy. Select the cards you want to exchange, hit the exchange
button, or pass. There is a little betting that takes place, but the computer
is pretty easy to outsmart.

交換		Exchange
パス		Pass

コール	Call
レイズ	Raise
ドロップ	Drop

ポーカーをやめる	Quit Playing


On the GameFAQs message boards, user gyrobot brought up something I had no
idea about (there are actually several things I wasn't aware of, that are
shown in various KB5 youtube videos): a Kamehameha-style special move
(ripped straight from the Dragon Ball comic and cartoon series)

To acquire the move, you must first wear the entire Kung Fu outfit that you
can buy from Chinatown in Kansei, and then defeat an enemy. Furthermore, if
you use the new move to defeat an enemy, you'll get a special weapon!

11.0 The End
If you found this guide through some place other than GameFAQs, go check out
gamefaqs.com, it's probably better than whatever website is stealing from

I'm not going to write a Gachitora! guide. I don't even think I'm going to
get that game. I swear, my head will explode if I do any more of this
delinquent high-school punk stuff.