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How can I get the Imperial Wing and Diablo Crown?

I've been fighting Dyaus Pita and Aether's hundreds of times yet I've never gotten 'em. I need it for the God Eater Control Unit.

McDragmire provided additional details:

That was very fast, thanks for the answer. So what's a good cape breaker then? I always get the "Okay" damage indicator for the cape.

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slaynreborn answered:

Anything Imperial means you need to kill the rank 9+ dyaus pita.

The DIablo crown requires you to constantly break the head part of an aether. It is very rare and almost never a drop from bonus.

The crown CANNOT be acquired from devour (as far as I can tell anyway)

If you use a great sword this makes things semi easy. When it falls down, just spam the charged square button attack from behind it or infront (if it falls forward)

I got my crowns from the rank 7 aegis mission since its easier to break its head when its not running all over the place.
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Sylfeinray answered:

I got the Imperial Wing fairly often on Difficulty 9 Ruler's City and tended to break his cape and then devour on the cape for trying to get parts. For the Diablo Crown, I think Rank 10's High Above has them slightly more common than earlier ones. I brought Kanon though.
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