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Is there any set of equipment that can help me collect rare items?

I want a setting that can give me the skills Lucky(or Rare Bonus Rate^), Connoisseur(or Vendor Rate^), Gourmet(or God of Rare Drops), and Greedy.
If you obtain the equipment through upgrading then give the path please.

demonblaze0 provided additional details:

Any info on the party versions(i.e. the ones in parenthesis)?

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INFERTakuya answered:

Sword - Gem Sword: Diao Chan X (Short) [Lucky]
Gun - Miracle Wand X (Assault) [Gourmet]

The only item that gives Greedy also gives Junk Eater, which cancels out Gourmet...

The Gem Sword: Diao Chan X is the final upgrade of Gem Sword: Xi Shi. Take care to not upgrade to the wrong weapon, for the other path has Connoisseur instead. Miracle Wand X is the final upgrade of Wand. There are no other paths for this.

There's an Upgrade Kit somewhere that has Connoisseur...anyway, Connoisseur is fairly useless apart from earning money quick.
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