Question from iancolumna07

Asked: 3 years ago

Can someone please tell me how to get Chimera Skull?!

I tried breaking the head... I tried Difficulty 1-5.... i tried getting it 9 times... Yet NOTHING... Please help... THANKS!!!

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I got it the hard way. trade i Chimera Spark Skull for 3 Chimera Skulls. Try rank 8 mission "Scaly Thrush", i get them there like hot cakes lol

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Do lv.3 quest Moon in the Welkin. Break its head.
I get one every time! Remember your top priorities are to break head and survive the quest.

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It can take many tries but mainly aim for the mid back or head, in the descrioption, it says that it is a skeleton, if you get it slightly off even a little, it won't work.

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