Ridge Racer 2 Cheats


  • Reiko staff list Movie

    Unlock the Reiko (staff list) Movie and view them in Prize.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Unlock the Reiko (staff list) MovieBeat all courses in Pro 24

    Contributed By: Leifang2000.

  • Special Cars

    You can earn the Special Cars in Pro Tour. You must race the car and beat it in a set number of races in order to earn it.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AngelusBeat the Pro #27 Races.
    Angelus KidBeat the Pro #29 Races.
    CrinalBeat the Pro #28 Races.
    Crinal KidBeat the Pro #30 Races.
    Digdug HijackBeat the Pro #25 Races.
    Dragonsaber Wild GangBeat the Pro #26 Races.
    Pack-ManBeat the Pro #31 Races.
    Yamasa RaggioBeat the Pro #32 Races.

    Contributed By: Shinmew.

  • Unlock extra videos to view in Prize

    Beat some of the specific courses and you will unlock these video

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Prize 02 Rage Racer Opening VideoBeat all courses in E40
    Prize 03 R4 Opening VideoBeat all courses in E41
    Prize 04 2004 E3 VideoBeat all courses in E45
    Prize 05 Ridge Racer Opening VideoBeat all courses in E46
    Prize 06 2006 E3 VideoBeat all courses in E47
    Prize 07 Yamasa Raggio Movie VideoBeat all courses in E48

    Contributed By: Leifang2000.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection Cheats


  • 100,000 G

    When you complete a character's story mode you will recieve 100,000G. This only works once.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    100,000GBeat a character's story mode once

    Contributed By: Nick_Kazama.

  • Jinpachi's Winning Movie

    To unlock Jinpachi's winning movie, get to his stage in story mode, and lose to him. This will also unlock it for viewing in the theatre mode.

    Contributed By: Vinuash.

  • Story mode rewards

    Beat story mode with any character to get the following rewards

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Command attack minigameBeat story mode 2 times
    Tekken Bowling minigameBeat story mode 3 times
    Theater modeBeat story mode 1 time

    Contributed By: 5hadows.

  • Tekken Dojo Unlockables

    While playing through Tekken Dojo, several featres can be unlocked. The majority are unlocked as you are through Tekken Dojo, while some are unlocked after completing Void Dojo.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1,000,000 GBeat Jinpachi after beating the ranking tournament in Fire Dojo.
    3,000,000 GAwarded after clearing the Ranking Tournament in Void Dojo.
    Burning AurasBeat Time Attack
    Heaven DojoClear Void Dojo. Must beat Ranking Tournament and Jinpachi.
    Jinpachi Ghost UnlockedClear Void Dojo. Must beat Ranking Tournament and defeat him.
    Life AurasPlay through Fire and Wind dojo.
    Tekken Dojo Gold RushUnlocked while playing through Wind Dojo.
    Tekken Dojo Roulette BattleUnlocked while playing through Void Dojo.
    Tekken Dojo SurvivalUnlocked while playing through Fire Dojo.
    Tekken Dojo Time AttackUnlocked while playing through Water Dojo.
    Tempest AurasPlay through Earth and Water dojo.

  • Unlock Stage 0 in Dojo Mode

    Complete all 6 stages in Dojo mode to unlock stage 0. In this mode, you can play against all downloaded ghost characters whenever you want.

    Contributed By: SaydeWindsaur.

  • Unlockable Movies

    There are few unlockable movies other than the ones gotten by playing through Story Mode with each fighter.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    2006 E3 trailerBeat command attack 5times around 1min 30 sec
    Opening Movie Console Part 2Earn more than 5000G in one round in Gold Rush Mode
    Tekken 5 Opening Movie (Console Version Pt.1)Beat Time Attack
    Tekken Dark Resurrection Opening Movie (AC Version)Beat Survival Mode

    Contributed By: TheBoss815 and LordOfSeraphim.


  • Play as Panda

    To play as Panda. Select Kuma. Instead of pressing X, Press O. You will play as Panda instead. Kuma and Panda have two different stories.

    Contributed By: Naulz.

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