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Asked: 3 years ago

Ad-hoc does what?

I wonder what its the purpose of it?

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One thing i know is, Trading Pilots so they can be used as Rentals.

The other thing was about the Gallery or something, maybe filling it up without actually having to have seen the units/pilots.

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What nova said, unfortunately it seems we wont get multiplayer battles this time...

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I have tried the Ad-hoc mode with my friend, The first choice is for Sharing MS/MA Data

for example let's say my friend can't produce a Freedom gundam but i gave him the data for freedom gundam..and now he can produce a Freedom gundam =P

the second choice is lending your friend your custom pilots for rentals

for example i shared with my friend my custom character named: Ace Card, now he can go to the rental selection and use my custom Pilot:Ace Card

we don't get Ad-Hoc battles though..

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