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Where can I find rat tail?

I watched a video about how to get it in the GBA version, but when i looked in there, it was another item (dont remember wich one) but where do i find the rat tail in the psp version?

Accepted Answer

snake2410 answered:

Its in the Feymark/ Summoners home in the underworld. You have to make it through the summoners cave and once you get to the actual summoners home (feymark) you will find a teleporter that once you go through you'll end up on a section that you can go either up or down on, if you go up you continue the path to the last floor of their home, if you go down you'll find a treasure chest that has it in it. You can only go up or down from the teleporter, once you go one way you'll have to go back through the teleporter you spawn on to get back to the floor to either get the chest or continue.
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snake2410 answered:

Look for a cave on a small island to find the right place in the underworld.
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