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Do I really have to attack Dark Knight Cecil? (FFIV)

To become a paladin, I'd have to face my "dark side" to I have to defend only? Or to attack it?


ModernHyrulian answered:

Only defend. Attacking won't get you anywhere.
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YumeriaYumi answered:

You need to switch rows to the back row for the battle to end. Otherwise it will go on till you lose. I have tried a attack style and a defend style(even tried healing him) and that went nowhere. Once i switch to the back row the battle ended right away every time i played.
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4evergaming answered:

Defend and Heal, defend and heal
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get_mik answered:

You don't need to switch rows but it would help.

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therandom1pie answered:

the version i played, it was not reccomended to attack as the darkside thing would kill its self by using darkness a bunch, not sure how this version works though =P
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macblo answered:

in the ps1 version I did it without a walkthrough(but I need one for help with boss help and a sort of followed a lets play by HCbaily) and I beat him by buying lots of hi potions like fifty and fought him it was a long battle it was not until I saw a walkthrough that I saw you just had to defend.
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gamingrat answered:

Attacking will only get you killed because the fight will only end when you have defended for many turns.
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DarkLink50 answered:

You dont HAVE to attack him. Just defend and heal and the battle will end. If you hack your stats, you CAN kill him but it doesnt do anything special.
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sonicvssilver22 answered:

The first couple of times I played the game I just bought a bunch of Hi-Potions(Like 50) and used a Hermes Sandals and a Spider Silk for the battle. Dark Knight Cecil is defeatable using this strategy but there's no difference in story though as the game counts the battle as a victory either way.
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