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Asked: 2 years ago

Dragons in the Lunar Subterrian?

I need coloured tails for trading with the boy in ???. What moon times do I find the monsters?

Accepted Answer

From: gamingrat 2 years ago

This is from my guide

Tail-location-moon phase-monster-item you get for tail

Grey Tail-Lunar Surface-Waning Moon-Coeurl-Rear Ring

Ebony Tail-4th floor in the room with the x-potion-new moon-Ebony Dragon-Taunt Ring

Black Tail-5th floor room with ether-waxing moon-shadow dragon-Twin Stars

Pink Tail-5th floor room with hi-potion-full moon-Flan Princess-Pink Armor

Purple Tail-7th floor room with Murasame-New moon-Behemoth-Treasure hunter v2

White Tail-8th floor room after Cagnazzo-Waxing moon-White dragon-Rapid Ring v2

Green Tail-9th floor only small room-Waning Moon-Green Dragon-Rare Band v2

Red Tail-10th floor room before Godhand-New Moon-Red Dragon-Level Band v2

Blue Tail-11th floor only small room-Full Moon-Thunder Dragon-Blue Armor

Gold Tail-12th floor last room before next floor-Full Moon-Gold Dragon-Gil Band v2

Be careful about some of the dragons. The gold will paralyze you and the White will slow you, if my memory is correct

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