Question from ZarethKnyght

Asked: 2 years ago

Best race for Ninja?

What is the best race for a Ninja? Seems like a werebeast but not too sure.

Additional details - 2 years ago

54 total stats for a Werebeast. 51 for Hotlet/Hobbit. Since points for a Ninja are spread out, I'm thinking Werebeast would be better than Hotlet/Hobbit.

Accepted Answer

From: Davzz 2 years ago

This isn't a straight forward choice that the others are making out. Werebeasts take more EXP to level up compared to Hotlets. In the long run, the faster leveling rate will mean Hotlets gain more stats.

In addition, Werebeasts cannot equip Silver items, they are automatically cursed if they do so.

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I often go with hobbit or fairies (hobit=hotlet?)

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Werebeast, I only have humans in my party plus a devilish who is a bishop (get the sarcasm?)

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