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Custom Faces Help?

How to use Custom faces in Elminage Original?

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Thanks, but how do i Downgrade my Face to 256 Colors?

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Thanks for the Help, Also do you know of any Sites that has great Faces to put in the PSP?

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Faces must be 48x48 pixels and 256 colors PNG or BMP. Place them in the PICTURE root folder of your memory stick then load the game and add them through FACE LOAD at the title screen.

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Most basic picture editors/viewers have a "increase/decrease color depth" option. 256 is a default setting so it should be there even if there are limited options.

For a good complete editor, I recommend GIMP. It's simple and free but has many useful options.
You can change color depth by selecting Image > Mode > Indexed, then change the number. Doing it this way also fixes some issues the game has with reading formats that aren't indexed.

If you're a little more advanced, GIMP can also remove/flatten layers, create transparency, crop out sections to place on a transparent background, etc. and you can start with any file format and save it as a PNG when you're done. I've made some custom faces using ICO (Windows icons) files, for example and it was very easy. For more info on how to use features like those, try GIMPs built-in manual or online guides.

You can basically convert any image for use by scaling to 48x48, remove or flatten extra layers, set to indexed 256 (max) colors, save as PNG.

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