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Champion Asura Strike?

How can i use champion skill asura strike? i've already done using quigong, critical (something, i dont remember) and the quigong again.. How am i suppose to use asura strike? i cant see it in my skill list.. Anyone help please.. Thanks..

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Ok, Thanks.. Can i ask one more question.. Can you reset your skill points?

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How can i reset my skill points? i mean, i already put them in wrong choice, so is that mean i can get that points back?

hulkhulk000 provided additional details:

Ok thanks.. One more question.. How can i make the story 100%? Should i play and beat the game twice or thrice? Thanks for the answers.. oh, and btw, any tips on Mirage tower.. im on 9th floor already..


filanimetor answered:

You'll have to learn it first.

using it in overdrive just adds extra skills/damage
(Qigong, Crit Explosion, Qigong, Asura Strike)
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wojtek22pl answered:

Yes you can
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filanimetor answered: can NOT reset skill points (and stat points)
Once you spent it in a Skill (and Stats) they're permanent...
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Krimmhild answered:

Unlock every item and storyline i guess
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