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Are there "wrong" answers?

This is my first time really getting into a Growlanser game. I did get Generations on the PS2, but honestly never played it beyond a few minutes. My question is this, with all the choices available during conversations are there any "wrong" answers? Also, without spoilers, do choices that effect the story/characters easy to pick out? Example of an easy one would be if it said "We have to save so-and-so!" and that would save that person.

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Hey, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks dood!

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dpavol1 answered:

Yeah, there are wrong answers but not typically with catastrophic consequences. The answer choices are set up so that each answer figures into an invisible "score". There are usually up to 4 choices, each with a separate positive, negative, or neutral value. These points factor into affinity values for the relationship system. The thing to watch out for are usually questions with 1 or 2 choices because these are yes/no questions and are typically involved in making an actual choice within the plotline. I wish I could remember specific instances, but there are just too many of them. This is really an double-edged sword kind of gameplay element, because while it does make the plot dynamic and engaging, it also poses plenty of risk and there are a lot of times where there is no clear answer. But, don't go and ruin things by following a guide to get what you want. This game has plenty of surprises that you do not want to ruin for yourself.
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