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How do i get romantic with Pamela?

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From: Zathr0n 2 years ago

The key to getting Pamela's ending is to complete her character quest. Begin this by taking one of your furloughs to Marquelia while Pamela and Maggie are inside of their lab at the Villa. You should see Pamela waiting at the door of the villa, asking you to go with her to the docks. Go with her. On the second day of furlough, before you head out (The destination is your choice), talk with her in her lab. She will invite you to join her in in a cup of tea. View this scene and your familiar will alert you that you may be able to find her tea set for her. Go to Ordinale and speak to Santos, then Ned, then head to the Niche shop up to the top left of the city to speak to the last member of Alten Schwart to get her tea set. (I believe his name is Jarof or Jared) Spend your last furlough day with Pamela to lock in her ending.

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Isnt she died???

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Check this faq

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