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How do i get romantic with leona?

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From: iindeec 2 years ago

1)Talk to her in her room. At the dining hall say "leona is one of us"
2)Talk to her in front of the mansion, she tell you about her brother.
3)Talk to the shop owner in Ordinail, ask about her brother.
4)Go to Maggie's house, talk to her brother. Go back to Ordinail and talk to a new npc(dunno about the name). Return to the village nand give flower to Merrick. After the scene with "giving her proof" to MC go to the screen before village and get 9 acrons. You must give one to Leona after each story mission.
5)At the vacation in your city talk to her, then watch funny scene and give her acron.
Sorry for my bad english, i hope you can understand that wall of text. And one more thing - after you give her 7 acrons, talk to Merrick and he will give Leona her 3rd skill

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To do all that you must be in furlough 1st

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