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Asked: 3 years ago

Is it downloadable on the playstation store?

I wanted to know if naruto shippuden ultimate ninja impact is available for download on the playstation store as I wanted buy a PS vita instead of a PSP.

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no, its not on PSN

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Yes it is downloadable on the nordic EU psn as far as I know, I would assume it is available at the US store aswell.

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It was not available on the US PSN when the other 2 people answered but is on the US PSN now. :3

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Sure, but only on the original psp U.S psn store. elswhere like japan you can find it.

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Its not available in the other 4 answered better to download it in youtube just search and download haha ttnx ^_^

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Yes it is now!! just go search it in there "naruto" and you can get it. i just got it last night on my vita; i didn't even know it was on that store! :) and trust me i'm not lying ( i have no reason to lol).

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What u have to do is buy it on your ps3 and transfer it to your vita

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