Question from supersoilder2

Asked: 2 years ago

Story mode freezes ... Need help?

Hi gamefaqsers :3 my question is simply ive recently downloaded a backup iso of my yu-gi-oh 5D's tagforce 6 game but whenever i go to start the story mode it keeps freezing after the beggining sequence at the WRGP :L if anybody could help ill be entirely greatful

Additional details - 2 years ago

ive got a PSP 2000 running CFW 6.20 Pro-B4, ill try updating now and see what happens thanks

Accepted Answer

From: Gryphon_Flame 2 years ago

I recently had this problem but fixed it fast :) All I did was update my PSP 3000 6.20PRO b5 CFW to 6.20PRO b9. But it depends on what type of psp you have, what type do you have? The problem was that my PSP couldn't read/decrypt games that have been recently released (like Tag Force 6). By updating to 6.20 b9 I am now able to read recently released games.

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