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Asked: 3 years ago

Option Mode and Controls Translation?

Can someone help me in this predicament?

I'm kinda lost at the meaning of things in option mode,
and the controls for the fights are confusing me, can someone help me?

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Roughly translated by myself

Option mode:
-Game Settings
<Battle settings>
>Power <weak><normal><strong>
>Climax Time <on><off>
>Final Reflect <on><off>
>(Special move?) Narration <on><off> (for showa riders)
<CPU settings>
>Power <weak><normal><strong>
>Climax Time <on><off>
>Final Reflect <on><off>
>CPU Difficulty <weak><normal><strong><very strong>
<Round Settings>
>Round time <30 - infinite>
>Rounds <1-3>
-Sound Settings
<BGM Volume>
<SoundEffect Volume>
<Voice Volume>
-Control Type
<Type A> (D-pad for Jump and Gauge charge & Analog for Battle style change)
<Type B> (D-pad for Battle style change & Analog for Left/Right, Jump, and Gauge)
-Save / Load
<Auto save> <on/off>
<Data Install>
<Installed data use> <on/off>
-Custom Soundtrack- <on/off>

hope everyone can understand

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