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Story 44 help what to do?

Im at story 44 i just finish the quest with borg calamn and sariel what do i do next i talk to all of the people around but theres no new mission i cant read japanese letters.


joltzzzz answered:

If i could remember you are suppose to talk to the girl in the wheelchair and she will ask you to get certain items and those items are japanese words in a box like this [******], just remember the first two symbols and try to find the items in you warehouse if they are not there than try looking for specific missions that drop them or your item exchange in your terminal
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joltzzzz answered:

If you want more info refer to this:
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Lockbound answered:

The easiest way to finish this part is to go on one of the rank 4 side missions. To be specific, the last mission on the side missions. This one should have 1 Gboro and one Yaksha Raja (the Aragami with the gun). You need to break the Yaksha Raja's parts to get it (shoulder, horn, claw).
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Miu_san answered:

The 1000 demon claw only comes from breaking the claw. Breaking the rest of the parts won't do any good unless you want to waste time hunting mats from low ranked mobs that is.
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AyaanGupta answered:

A simple and easy way, talk to doctor Rachel Claudius, she tells the items in japanese in [] brackets, search them in your ware house by matching the no. of letters and the last letter {If you've completed all the missions uptil then, the items must be there}. Take it in your inventory. Then go and talk again to the doctor without any mission. She will ask something from you and then you should select the above part. This way, you will complete the task. Then either a new mission will appear or you will have to talk to that scientist.
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