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How does Basara's attacks effect enemies?

I have never understood how his attacks work against enemies. How do I let him get kills?

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ShinDeathwind answered:

Target either Vajra or Dimensional Beasts. His songs lower Vajra morale (if it goes under 120 mora.e the Vajra retreats and it's counted as a kill) and damage Dimensional Beasts just like any other attack.

He also gets the Dynamite Explosion Punch combination attack with Gamlin at some point, but outside of that he can only get kills against Vajra and Dimensional Beasts.
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starqo answered:

His songs can lower the morale of Vajra, and when he gets it low enough (I'm thinking all the way to 0), they retreat, and it is treated as a kill for him.

Also, his songs actually do damage Dimensional Beasts.
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