Question from zechzech

Asked: 2 years ago

Link data Failure?

The game doesnt seem to accept my data from Hakai-hen.
I tried suing my data and also dl-ed data from other ppl both it still doesnt work

Any1 else had problems?

Additional details - 2 years ago

I do have the system data and what not.
I even made sure there is just one data to available for it to pick

But it still said data damaged(guessing) or smth

Oh well guess i will just play it from scratch

Thx yamato5

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U check whether u have system data? u are supposed to have the system data, the one from other people only save data, play hakai hen and save it on ur memory stick, it should ask u to create a system data, then u can use it

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Your hakai-hen data needs to have been made on the latest official firmware.

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