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Digimon Adventure PSP Guide, By Boukenda (with help from Bikkun)

Guide [GUE] - The actual guide for the episodes. Find the episode you want in 
this list, click Ctrl + F and enter the code in brackets, [ ].

Translations [TLA] - These are translations for the post-game missions (the 
crossover section) where the leads from the other series come back. It's 
mostly for anyone to understand the dialogue.

Sub to Dub Glossary [SDG] - This is a glossary for anyone who wants to look 
up the Japanese terms or names and want to see what they were in the dub.

GUIDE - Episodes [GUE]
1. Stranded? The Island of Adventure! [M01]
2. Explosive Evolution! Greymon! [M02]
S1. Sandy Beaches and Some Bait [SQ01]
3. The Blue Wolf! Garurumon! [M03]
4. Burning Red! Birdramon! [M04]
S2. Piyomon Runs A Muck [SQ02]
5. Lightning Crash! Kabuterimon! [M05]
6A. Run Away! The Numemon Sewers! [M06A]
S3. The Numemon Boss [SQ03]
6B. Palmon's Raging Evolution! [M06B]
S4. Mimi's Date [SQ04]
7A. Onwards! Leave the Snowy Fields! [M07A]
7B. Howling Roar! Ikkakumon! [M07B]
8A. Emissary of Darkness, Devimon! [M08A]
S5. The Trashed Harmonica [SQ05]
8B. The Mysterious Mansion [M08B]
9A. Yukidarumon's Iceberg [M09A]
9B. Yamato in the Snowstorm [M09B]
9C. Attacked! The Frozen Mojyamon! [M09C]
10. Centaurumon the Guardian [M10]
11. The Dancing Ghost! Bakemon! [M11]
12. An Adventure! Me and Patamon! [M12]
S6. Where are the Digimon? [SQ06]
13. Angemon's Awakening! [M13]
S7. Forgotten at the Church [SQ07]
S8. Mojyamon's Lineage [SQ08]
14. Set Sail to the New Continent! [M14]
15. Etemon! Evil Takes the Stage [M15]
16. A Dark Evolution! SkullGreymon! [M16]
S9. Revisiting the Koromon Village [SQ09]
17. The Phantom Ship's Captain, Cockatrimon! [M17]
18. A Fairy! Piccolomon! [M18]
S10. The Digimon Grand Prix [SQ10]
S11. Jou's Training [SQ11]
19. The Perfect Level! MetalGreymon! [M19]
20. Koromon and the Great Tokyo Battle! [M20]
21. The Small Devil! PicoDevimon! [M21]
22. We're Friends! WereGarurumon! [M22]
23. Break Through! AlturKabuterimon! [M23]
24. The Tyrant! TonosamaGeckomon! [M24]
25. Shining Wings! Garudamon! [M25]
S12. Ogremon's Bone [SQ12]
S13. The Karaoke Contest [SQ13]
26. Vamdemon's Castle of Darkness [M26]
S14. Some Food for Thought [SQ14]
27A. Gennai Tells All [M27A]
S15. Brainwashed Yamato [SQ15]
27B. The Chase! Hurry to Japan! [M27B]
28. Mammon! The Great Battle at Hikarioga! [M28]
29. The Digimon Great Tokyo Crossing! [M29]
30A. Taichi and Hikari, Reunited! [M30A]
30B. Raremon! The Raid on Tokyo Bay! [M30B]
30C. Meanwhile, with Yamato... [M30C]
30D. Meanwhile, with Sora... [M30D]
30E. Meanwhile, with Mimi... [M30E]
30F. Meanwhile, with Jou... [M30F]
30G. Meanwhile, with Takeru... [M30G]
31. Blazing! DeathMeramon! [M31]
32. Pumpmon & Gotsumon Are Shibuya Digimon? [M32]
S16. Snow Globe [SQ16]
S17. The Strange E-Mail [SQ17]
33. The Fated Encounter! Tailmon! [M33]
34. All Out Assault! The Odaiba Fog! [M34]
35. She Descends! Angewomon! [M35]
36. The Resurrected VenoVamdemon [M36]
37. The Four Dark Masters! [M37]
38. A Nostalgic Beach [M38]
39. The King of the Sea, MetalSeadramon! [M39]
S18. Whamon's Memorial [SQ18]
40. A Dangerous Game with Pinocchimon! [M40]
S19. The Injured Koromon [SQ19]
41. A Clash! The Ultimate Digimon [M41]
42. MetalEtemon's Counterattack! [M42]
43. Pursuit! Defeat Pinocchimon! [M43]
S20. Piccolomon's Memorial [SQ20]
44. Orders to Bomb! Mugendramon! [M44]
45A. The Diabolical WaruMonzaemon [M45A]
45B. A Reunion! Overthrow Mugendramon! [M45B]
46A. A Woman's Battle! LadyDevimon! [M46A]
46B. A Fight with Darkness [M46B]
47. The Hellish Clown, Piemon! [M47]
48. The Last Evil Digimon [M48]
49. A Brand New World [M49]
50A. Our War Game, Beginning [M50A]
50B. Our War Game, Middle [M50B]
50C. Our War Game, End [M50C]
51. A Digimon Who Trains? Hackmon [M51]
52. The Crossover Spectacular [M52]
-The One with Golden Armor! Magnamon!
-The Crimson Knight, Dukemon!
-The Dragon Warrior, KaiserGreymon!
-The Dragon of Light, ShineGreymon!
-Shout it Out! OmegaShoutmon!
-The Feral Dragon, Arrestdramon!
53. The Big Gathering! The Final Battle [M53]

Episode 1 - "Stranded? The Island of Adventure!" [M01]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Kuwagamon
Suggested Level: 1

The game begins and you'll be introduced to the kids briefly. There'll be a 
freaky snowstorm. When you get control of Taichi, go around and talk with the 
others. To talk, press the O button when close to them.

A cutscene occurs and they'll get their Digivices, and are thrown into a 
mysterious portal. The anime opening plays.

The kids meet their Digimon one by one and you'll have a chance to talk with 
each of them. Sora notices Mimi isn't there. 

Walk to the next area and you'll see Mimi and Tanemon being attacked by 
Kuwagamon. The small Digimon attack, but don't do much against him. The kids 
are worried for their Digimon and their bond triggers all of them to evolve
to the Child level. 

Kuwagamon is the first enemy you face in the game. The big circle in the
center of your battle menu is "Attack", which is a normal physical attack.
The left panel is "Item" and lets you access items. The top panel is
"Guard", which puts your Digimon on guard and reduces damage until its next
turn. The right panel is "Tech" and it's the attacks that use SP (Skill
Points). The bottom panel is "Run" and lets you run away from a fight,
except for boss fights. You'll notice you also have an option for the R
button. This is "Strategy". Select it and you can choose how you want your
other party members to act. I for one prefer "Manual" (top option).

If you use your Tech moves, you'll be able to finish him off rather quickly.

Kuwagamon cuts the cliff in two and the kids fall into the river. Gomamon 
saves them with a Marching Fishes move, and the episode is done. 
You unlock episode 2 now.

Episode 2 - "Explosive Evolution! Greymon!" [M02]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Shellmon
Suggested Level: 3+

You'll get to explore now. Agumon will tell you about the blue boxes, which
contain items (or sometimes Digipieces, which we'll get to in a bit).

Keep going and you'll eventually hit and area with a save point. You'll get
something called a "Bond Rank Up" with Mimi automatically.

Bond ranks are incredibly important for the latter part of the game, but the
immediate effect of having a high bond rank is a battle mechanism called
"Bond Combos". Sometimes, when your Digimon attacks, if the next Digimon to
attack is a Digimon in your party, you might activate a combo where it'll use
a special move without using SP. The higher your bond is between 2 people, 
higher chance of a combo in battle.

In any case, talk with Takeru now. Select option 1 to rank up.

The others don't have rank up options, so just talk with them, use the save 
point if you'd like, and head up.

You'll reach the beach eventually. You can talk to your party again (after
they try the phones), but no rank ups here.

Shellmon attacks and Taichi is in danger. This triggers Agumon's evolution 
into Greymon. Shellmon's only annoying trick is that he has a DEF Boost 
so it may take a bit before you beat him, but you eventually do.

Beating him ends the episode. This unlocks episode 3 and sidequest 1. As a
general rule: do sidequests first.

(NOTE: Now that you have your first evolution, you have a new battle command.
When you use Agumon in the next section, there will be an L button option 
called "Evolution". Press it and it'll bring you to the EVO screen. You only
have one option right now, and it's Greymon. Evolution costs SP, so pay 
attention to the costs, as they do add up eventually, especially if you're

Sidequest 1 - "Sandy Beaches and Some Bait" [SQ01]
Party Leader: Jou
Boss(es): Betamon (x3)
Suggested Level: 4+

Gomamon wants to return to the beach to collect something. Head back towards 
the beach (it's the same path as last episode). 

Once you get there, you'll see blue sparkles on the ground. Don't pick them 
up yet. 

Talk with Sora and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Takeru and select option 2 to rank up. 

Talk with Mimi and select option 2 to rank up.

Now you can go around the beach and collect those blue sparkles. 

After you're done, Taichi and Yamato will be having an argument about 
something. You have the option to side with Taichi, side with Yamato, or 
neither. Picking Taichi or Yamato will lead to a rank up, so it just depends 
on who you want to rank up with.

Afterwards, 3 Betamon will attack. They're easy enough to defeat. When you 
beat them, you'll automatically get a rank up with Takeru, ending the 

Episode 3 - "The Blue Wolf! Garurumon!" [M03]
Party Leader: Yamato
Boss(es): Seadramon
Suggested Level: 6+

This episode introduces wild Monochromon, which are good for EXP at this 
stage of the game. 

Head through the stage as you see fit. You'll eventually hit a bus on a 
small island. A small cutscene occurs. 

Now you have to go hunt for food. This translates to: find the blue 

Train with Monochromons (and a Kuwagamon) in the area until you're satisfied 
(you can easily beat this stage with your digimon at level 5+, but you can do
it as much as you like). Head back, and select the second option if you want 
to continue with the story (select the first option if you want to keep 
training or somesuch).

Now you have the chance to talk with some of your party after you picked the
second option. 

Talk with Koushiro (Izzy) and select option 1 to rank up. 

Talk with Mimi and select option 2 to rank up. 

Talk with Sora and select option 2 to rank up. 

Cue a cutscene. Afterwards, you have the option to talking to Taichi. 

Talk with him and select option 1 to rank up. 

This is where Seadramon will attack. This triggers Gabumon's evolution into
Garurumon. You can use both Garurumon and Greymon in this fight, so don't
worry about it so much. This unlocks episode 4.

Episode 4 - "Burning Red! Birdramon!" [M04]
Party Leader: Sora
Boss(es): Meramon
Suggested Level: 8+

This stage is crawling with Monochromon and various other Digimon. Grind if 
you feel it necessary.

As you go through the stage, you'll eventually hit the Pyoccomon village. 

Talk with all the villagers.

It'll cue a cutscene with Meramon running towards the village. 

Talk with Takeru, select option 2 to rank up. 

Talk with Mimi, select option 2 to rank up. 

After that, talk to and evacuate all the Pyoccomon in the village (if you got
them all, the screen will turn black for a second as the plot moves on). 

Meramon has landed, and this triggers Piyomon's evolution to Birdramon. 

Meramon is a bit tougher than the previous enemies, but he's manageable if 
you use Greymon and Garurumon to back up Birdramon. 

Beating this episode unlocks episode 5 and sidequest 2. As usual, let's look 
at the sidequest first.

Sidequest 2 - "Piyomon Runs A Muck" [SQ02]
Party Leader: Sora
Boss(es): Piyomon
Suggested Level: 9+

The basic plot of this sidequest is that there's an evil Piyomon doing 
various misdeeds. 

You have to go back into the desert and look for (what looks like) planted 
Pyoccomon. They're relatively easy to spot in the ground (look for a blue 
flower on the ground). There should be 4 of them. 

With each one you find, you'll rank up with a member of your party (Koushiro,
Jou and Takeru). 

Once you find the last one, the music will change, telling you it's time to 
head back to the village. 

Once there, you'll be face to face with the evil Piyomon. And I suggest using
your Adults as she has a lot of HP.

Episode 5 - "Lightning Crash! Kabuterimon!" [M05]
Party Leader: Koushiro, Taichi 
Boss(es): Andromon
Suggested Level: 11+

You're in a factory this time and this stage introduces Guardomon and 
Mechadramon, very very good for EXP grinding at this stage, so take 
advantage of it. 

The game makes it obvious, but to open the doors with the red locks, you have
to press a button to unlock them. The switches are easy to find, so just 
explore a bit. 

You'll eventually hit a room with a save point. You'll have the chance to 
talk with your party.

Talk with Sora and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Mimi and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Jou and select option 2 to rank up. 

And now you have 2 choices: you can go with Sora and Jou, or you can go with 
Yamato, Takeru and Mimi. I'll explore both options, but it doesn't 
particularly matter.

-Going With Sora/Jou:

(Koushiro's Side)
Keep going until you hit a room that has a big red outline. You'll 
automatically go into it. 

Inside, you have a chance to talk with both your party members.

Talk with Sora and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Jou and select option 2 to rank up.

(Taichi's Side)
Keep going, you'll eventually pass by a room that the game will draw 
attention to. Go inside and you'll find a barely conscious Andromon. 

You have 3 choices here. Option 1 will lead to a rank up with Mimi, 
2 with Takeru and 3 with Yamato, so just choose who you want to bond with.

-Going With Yamato and Co.:

(Koushiro's Side)
Keep going until you hit a room that has a big red outline. You'll 
automatically go into it.

Inside, you have a chance to talk with your party members.

Talk with Yamato and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Takeru and select option 1 to rank up.

(Taichi's Side)
Keep going, you'll eventually pass by a room that the game will draw 
attention to. Go inside and you'll find a barely conscious Andromon. 

You have 3 choices here. Option 1 has no rank up, Option 2 will lead to a 
rank up with Sora, and 3 will lead to a rank up with Jou, so just choose 
who you want to bond with.


Eventually, both parties will meet again in a room with a save point.

Go through the doors for the boss battle. Koushiro will activate Tentomon's 
evolution into Kabuterimon. 

Andromon is a Perfect level, so this fight may be a bit drawn out, but if 
your Digimon are all at least 10 or above, you shouldn't have much problems 
with him. 

Defeating him grants you access to the sewers, and unlocks the first half of
episode 6.

(NOTE: After this level, you unlock your first Digital Dungeon, Alpha. To 
access the Digital Dungeons, click R or L while on the episode select screen.
And then click the one you want. The Digital Dungeons are basically spots for
you to level up outside the episodes and you can get good items and EXP if 
you beat them, especially in later dungeons. Whenever you finish an arc,
check to see if you've unlocked new Digital Dungeons.)

Episode 6A - "Run Away! The Numemon Sewers" [M06A]
Party Leader: Mimi 
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 12+

The only objective of this mission is to find the way out of the sewers.
Go through all the passages. 

At one point, Takeru will cry. Selecting option 1 will result in a rank up 
with him.

Completing this unlocks the second half of episode 6, as well as sidequest 3.

Sidequest 3 - "The Numemon Boss" [SQ03]
Party Leader: Takeru
Boss(es): (Boss) Numemon
Suggested Level: 13+

I suggest bringing at least one Adult level for this episode. 

You get a rank up with Sora automatically as the episode starts. 

The objective of this mission to find all the non-aggressive Numemon. So 
basically, find ones that aren't moving or trying to attack you. The game 
will make it obvious when you find the first one (he's in the corner in the 
second area). 

Move on to the third area (the one with a Betamon and Numemon on a giant 
platform). Head to the right area (towards the exit).

Now you're in the area with a save point and 2 Numemon. Instead of heading 
to the exit (to the left), head towards the right area.

At the very end of this area is another non-aggressive Numemon. Once you're 
done talking with him, go back to the area with the Betamon and Numemon on 
the platform.

This time, go through the northern passage.

Koushiro will begin to talk with you. Select option 2 to rank up.

And now you have to fight Boss Numemon. He's the giant Numemon in the back 
of the area. Unlike normal Numemon though, he's not a pushover, so make use 
of your Adult levels.

Episode 6B - "Palmon's Raging Evolution!" [M06B]
Party Leader: Mimi 
Boss(es): Mozaemon
Suggested Level: 14+

You'll start off with a chance to talk with your party. 

Talk with Yamato and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Takeru and select option 1 to rank up.

Check all the vending machines (you'll eventually hit the right one).

Monzaemon will show up and capture the other kids. Mimi and Palmon then head 
to Toy Town. 

You'll find them again if you search around Toy Town, but something's off. 
When you're done talking with them, the story kicks in. 

Mimi stands up to Mozaemon, and the Numemon come with backup. Palmon's
evolution is triggered.

I suggest using Coconuts Punch (the second one on her attack list) It does
more damage and costs less SP... even if it has horrible accuracy. Beating
Monzaemon unlocks episode 7 as well as sidequest 4.

Sidequest 4 - "Mimi's Date" [SQ04]
Party Leader: Mimi
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: N/A

This is nothing more than a "date" with Numemon. He's going to quiz you and 
you need to put in the right answers. Answering them correctly gives you a 
better item than if you didn't.

Q1. Select Answer 2

Q2. Select Answer 3

Q3. Select Answer 1

Completing all of his questions correctly nets you a Digipiece called 
ATK Boost III.

Episode 7A - "Onwards! Leave the Snowy Fields!" [M07A]
Party Leader: Jou
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 14+

The first part of this episode, you're just exploring. Keep heading left.
The area will eventually look darker and eventually snowy. You still have 
your party for this part.

Keep going and you'll hit a hotspring. 

Talk with Takeru and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Sora and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Mimi and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Koushiro and select option 2 to rank up.

When you're done, this will trigger a cutscene. After dinner, Yamato and 
Taichi will be having an argument. You have to pick a side.

The first option has no rank up. The second will rank up with Taichi,
while the third will rank up with Yamato. Choose whoever you want to bond 

The episode ends and you unlock the second half of episode 7.

Episode 7B - "Howling Roar! Ikkakumon!" [M07B]
Party Leader: Jou
Boss(es): Unimon
Suggested Level: 15+

This is another solo mission, but the enemies are weak enough that it doesn't
matter. Gomamon's Marching Fishes hits all enemies, so just make sure he's at
least level 10 or so for this stage. (There IS one Kuwagamon in this stage, 
but you shouldn't have much trouble against him if you want to fight him).

Keep on going up the mountain. You'll reach a cutscene when you get to the 
top and Unimon comes in. 

Walk towards him. After another cutscene occurs, and Gomamon's evolution into
Ikkakumon is triggered. You get your party back for this fight, so use 
Greymon and Birdramon to back up Ikkakumon. Beating Unimon unlocks episode 8.

Episode 8A - "Emissary of Darkness, Devimon!" [M08A]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Leomon, Ogremon
Suggested Level: 15+

This is where the plot happens. Anyway, you get an automatic rank up between
Sora and Jou at the start of the episode.

Now head all the way up the mountain. There are a lot of Kuwagamons and
Monochromons here as you go up. After a cutscene (OMG DEVIMON), you have
control of Taichi again.

Talk with Koushiro and select option 1 to rank up.

Now talk with everyone else. There's no other rank ups, so don't worry
(I suggest saving with that save point after you're done)

Head down the mountain again. You'll be stopped by Leomon and Ogremon. 

The first battle is Leomon vs. Kabuterimon/Greymon/Togemon. Plan accordingly.
Leomon has an ability called "Counter", so whenever you attack him, you
sustain damage too.

The second battle is Ogremon vs. Birdramon/Ikkakumon/Garurumon. Ogremon also
has that Counter ability.

After you beat both of them, Devimon causes an avalanche and they escape.
The episode ends and you unlock the second half of episode 8 and sidequest 5.

Sidequest 5 - "The Trashed Harmonica" [SQ05]
Party Leader: Yamato
Boss(es): Sukamon & Chuumon
Suggested Level: 15+

Yamato loses his harmonica in the lake, but Gomamon can't find it because
there's trash everywhere. Sukamon and Chuumon are the ones responsible for
this mess. Now you have to go find them.

When you leave the bus area and go to the left, Mimi will ask you a question.
Select option 2 to rank up.

When you find Sukamon and Chuumon, they refuse to clean up the mess, so it's
time to pound some sense into them. They shouldn't cause you anything grief,
especially with mostly Adults on your team.

After you beat them, Gomamon finds the harmonica and the episode ends.

Episode 8B - "The Mysterious Mansion" [M08B]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 15+

Keep going until you hit a house (there will be a cutscene when you find it).

You can walk around again when everyone's in the bedroom.

Talk to Sora and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk to Takeru and select option 2 to rank up.

Now talk to everyone.

In the middle of the night, Agumon needs to use the bathroom, so head there.
(There's only one path choice, so you can't get lost).

And, AMBUSH. Ogremon attacks. Head back to the bedrooms to warn everyone.

You're blocked by Leomon, and Devimon makes his formal introduction. He 
splits the island apart, and also splits the kids apart. The episode ends 
and you go on to episode 9.

Episode 9A - "Yukidarumon's Iceberg" [M09A]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Yukidarumon
Suggested Level: 18+

This is also a solo mission, but thankfully it's merciful. If Agumon is at 
least level 14+. And this episode is great, because it has a Shellmon, near a 
save point to boot. Shellmon gives more EXP than even the Monochromon, so 
this is a great time to level up Agumon (I recommend up to 18-20, for the 
rest of the arc).

Keep going until you hit a red mailbox. Yukidarumon will attack you. He's 
weak to fire, so Greymon should take care of him.

After you beat him, you have the option to stay on the island (option 1) or 
proceed with the plot (option 2). Pick 1 if you want to keep on training, 
pick 2 if you want to unlock the second half of 9.

Episode 9B - "Yamato in the Snowstorm" [M09B]
Party Leader: Yamato
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 18+

This is also a solo mission, so you can train if you'd like. There is no 
objective to speak of, just explore until you hit the end of the map
(marked by a cutscene). This unlocks the third part of episode 9.

Episode 9C - "Attacked! The Frozen Mojyamon!" [M09C]
Party Leader: Yamato
Boss(es): Mojyamon
Suggested Level: 20+

Yamato runs himself into the ground looking for his little brother. Gabumon 
cares for him, and in the morning, they meet up with Taichi and Agumon.

There is a save point right in front of the cave, and also a Shellmon. Use
this opportunity to level up both Gabumon and Agumon. The goal should be
18-20, as I mentioned during Taichi's mission.

Anyway, if you keep on going (general direction is right) then you'll hit a
cutscene. Taichi and Yamato will have an argument (and fist fight), but when
Mojyamon attacks, you'll receive an automatic rank boost.

Beating Mojyamon unlocks episode 10.

Episode 10 - "Centarumon the Guardian" [M10]
Party Leader: Mimi
Boss(es): Centarumon
Suggested Level: 18+

There's a Kuwagamon here, along with a few "star" enemies. (When enemies have
a star next to their name, it means they're a powered up version of that 

If you keep going, you'll eventually meet and battle with Sukamon and Chuumon
(remember them from Yamato's sidequest?). They're not difficult, even with
only Palmon.

After beating Sukamon and Chuumon, they'll tell you they saw another human
fall on this island and show you the path there.

You're now at the ruins. There's a Kuwagamon here too, but you can go
straight in if you want. 

Inside, talk with Koushiro. Koushiro wants to analyze the glyphs on the
ruins, but Mimi gets impatient and runs off into the ruins. Tentomon follows

(You won't fight enemies in this stage of the episode, don't worry)

Anyway, head left. The game will make you pay attention to a room with
strange sun markings on them. 

The pattern is 6 squares to the left (from when you walk in), 4 squares up,
4 squares to the left, 4 squares down, 3 squares to the left, and then just
walk all the way up.

When you go upstairs, there will be a room with a similar floor. Use the 
above pattern to navigate it (if you make a mistake, you'll fall to the 
bottom floor).

After you pass the puzzle, Koushiro will contact Mimi again. You'll get an
automatic rank up. Okay, head upstairs.

Here, you'll find another puzzle. It's a basic one. You start on a Sun space
and have to get to the Moon one. 

Here's the deal: if you step on a Circle, your next step has to be on an X.
If you step on an X, your next step has to be on a Square. If you step on a
Square, your next step has to be on a Circle.

Using those rules, the maze is easy to navigate. Step on the first Circle

Go straight and step on the X, Square and Circle plates.

Head to the left and step on the X and Square plates.

Head straight and step on the Circle and X plates.

Step to the right and hit the last Square plate and then finish by stepping
on the Moon plate.

Figuring out the puzzle nets you another rank up.

Head upstairs. Mimi and Tentomon are now being chased by Centarumon.
Koushiro and Palmon arrive, reuniting the party.

Unfortunately, now you'll be encountering wild digimon, but the goal for the
mission is to get out of the ruins. You just have to keep going down.
Soon you'll be in the room with the save point. Use it if you'd like and
head outside for the boss fight.

I suggest using healing items (or healing skills, if you equipped Palmon or
Tentomon with them). Both of them should be level 15 or so for this fight.

After you beat him, Centarumon realizes he's seen the digivice before and
leads the kids back into the ruins. Leomon attacks, but the light from the
digivices drive him back.

The episode ends, and you unlock episode 11.

Episode 11 - "The Dancing Ghost! Bakemon" [M11]
Party Leader: Sora
Boss(es): Lord Bakemon
Suggested Level: 18+

The episode opens with Jou and Gomamon being fished out of the water by Sora
and Piyomon. He was floating in the water primarily because Ogremon attacked
them when they went adrift.

Head up the cliff, fighting those star Kuwagamons if you wish. When you get
up there, Jou will be freaking out because there are "people" there. Talk to
the one all the way in the back. They'll all turn into Bakemon.

When you wake up, you'll be in a prison cell. Talk to Piyomon.

Now go to the cracked wall and click O. Sora will get out. You don't have a
digimon with you, so if the Bakemon catches you, you'll be sent back to your
prison cell. You have to go around and unlock the door for Piyomon.

When you get to Piyomon, find the stairs and go up. There should be another
pair of stairs that goes down near those, take them down.

Here is where you'll find Jou.  You have to fight 2 Bakemon. They aren't
tough at all, so just destroy them.

For saving Jou, you get an automatic rank up.

Head back upstairs. If you keep going up, there should be a staircase, with
a save point near it. There'll be 2 Bakemon guarding the stairs. Blow them up
and restore HP and SP with the save point, then head upstairs for the boss

Upstairs, the Bakemon combine into Lord Bakemon. He's a bit tougher than the
others (and the battle may be a bit lengthy) but you should be able to best

This unlocks episode 12.

Episode 12 - "An Adventure! Me and Patamon!" [M12]
Party Leader: Takeru
Boss(es): Leomon
Suggested Level: 20+

A warning. Patamon is the only one without any kind of evolution at this
point. I advise that you ignore all battles except those with Child levels.
You'll get the chance to level Patamon up in a little bit. But firstly:

Keep heading up, you'll reach the Origin village. If you check the Digiegg,
Elecmon will come in. Due to a misunderstanding, he'll attack you. If you
use healing items (and stat boosters), you'll do fine. Patamon should be
around 13+ for this fight.

When you win, I have to point something out. You get something called 
"Fast Growth". It's a Digipiece that, when you equip it, doubles the EXP you 
gain for the equipped Digimon. Useful, especially for Patamon now.

After the fight, Leomon and Ogremon will attack, but Taichi and Yamato stop
them. In the middle of it, Leomon gets pumped with another black gear and he
turns black. Thankfully, you have the chance to level up Patamon and your
party before you try him.

But first, let's equip that Fast Growth. Press Triangle to bring up the menu.
Press Digivice (the second option in the menu). Press Equip (first item in
the menu). Go down to Patamon and select him.

When you open the menu, you'll see that Patamon has a specific number of
panels. You can only equip an item if it fits inside the panels a Digimon

Click the left button on the control pad, which will bring you to the
"Special" or pink Digipieces. Select "Fast Growth" (It looks like 
this: M ). It takes up 4 panels.

Now go and level up as much as you like.  Patamon should be close to 18-20 
for the rest  of the arc. 

When you're good and ready, head back to Leomon and fight him. Hopefully he
shouldn't be too much trouble, even with that Super Counter effect.

When you beat him, you also get the Mega Heal+ Digipiece. I suggest giving
this to Patamon if you can fit it in. It gives Patamon the ability to heal
all your Digimon by 800 HP in battle.

Using the light of the Digivices, the kids save Leomon. And so, the final
battle with Devimon looms...

(You unlock episode 13, as well as sidequest 6).

Sidequest 6 - "Where are the Digimon?" [SQ06]
Party Leader: Takeru
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 20+

The basic plot of this sidequest is that some of the Digimon babies are
missing, and you have to find them. They're wandering around the areas, so
just look for the little guys. (Hint: they won't attack you if you get near

Finding each of them will give you a rank up with a team member (Koushiro,

There's no boss battle for this sidequest, so save and prepare for episode 

Episode 13 - "Angemon's Awakening!" [M13]
Party Leader: Taichi, Takeru
Boss(es): Ogremon, Devimon (Twice)
Suggested Level: 22+

And now it's time to face Devimon. When the episode starts, Sora and Jou
rejoin the party. 

Select option 1 to rank up with Sora (option 2 does nothing).

Oh, and if you notice, Leomon has joined your party as a Support character.
He takes up the third slot. I suggest keeping Patamon in your party as well
for this part of the episode, since you want him to level up as much as
possible (you'll see why after this episode).

In any case, make your way up Infinity Mountain. There's quite a few star
Kuwagamon and normal Bakemons floating around, so fight them as you like.

You'll have a chance to talk with your party.

Talk with Mimi and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Takeru and select option 1 to rank up.

Sora doesn't have a rank up option here, so talk to her and continue onwards.

You'll soon meet Ogremon again. He hasn't changed much from your last battle
with him, so make use of Patamon's Mega Heal+ (if you equipped it).

You've now made it to the top. Save, prepare yourself, and now the fun 

Devimon absorbs the powers of the black gears and grows giant, and yes, you
have to fight him. Make excellent use of healing items and skills. This is
the first time you'll see this, but as a boss, Devimon can perform 2 actions
in a turn instead of one.

So, you manage to beat him. But alas, he was holding back. A quick cutscene
occurs and Leomon is taken out of commission. This triggers Patamon's
evolution into Angemon (enjoy this while it lasts).

You're now in control of Takeru. Change up your party if necessary (you get
back your third slot now). Now walk towards Devimon.

You'll notice that he has a lot more HP (and a higher defense), so the only
one who does any major damage is Angemon (who might do double the damage
your other party members can do).

Beating Devimon nets you another cool Digipiece, called EVO Boost 1. If you
equip it, the equipped digimon will start the battle at the Adult level.
A nice way to save a little on SP. 

Any who, an animated cutscene occurs and Angemon is reduced to a digiegg
(he won't be playable again for a long while).

A mysterious old man then appears and tells the kids that there is even more
powerful evil digimon on the continent of Server, and that they need to find
the tags and crests to evolve even further to deal with it.

With that bit in mind, the Devimon arc ends and you unlock episode 14,
sidequest 7 and sidequest 8. As per usual, sidequests first.

Sidequest 7 - "Forgotten At the Church" [SQ07]
Party Leader: Sora
Boss(es): Lord Bakemon
Suggested Level: 20+

Basic plot of this sidequest is that Sora forgot something in Bakemon's
dungeons. So head down to the dungeons. 

Go downstairs and Mimi will begin talking to you. Select option 2 to rank up.

Head towards the prison cell Sora and Piyomon were in. Sora can't find what
she's looking for. A mysterious voice says he has it.

Head towards the prison cell Jou was trapped in. (You have to go back
upstairs and find another down staircase).

And now it's the return of Lord Bakemon. You should have no troubles with
him, especially after Devimon.

Sora finds what she's looking for, and the episode ends.

Sidequest 8 - "Mojyamon's Lineage" [SQ08]
Party Leader: Yamato
Boss(es): Unimon (x2)
Suggested Level: 20+

The basic plot of this episode is that you have to look for something for
Mojyamon. As with other fetch quests, just look for the blue sparkles on the

The team will eventually follow the rest of the sparkles to the cave Yamato
was in during episode 9. Just follow the blue sparkles (you can't pick them
up, so ignore them) to the cave.

Select option 1 to go into the cave. Inside, there will be 2 Unimon. And you
have to fight them.

Mojyamon will give you an item as thanks for winning and the episode ends.

Episode 14 - "Set Sail to the New Continent!" [M14]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Drimogimon
Suggested Level: 24+

Whelp, now that Devimon is gone, File Island is safe, so the Chosen Children
are now setting their sights on Server. And our heroes are getting help from
their Digimon friends whom they've met from all over the arc. 

One thing about this episode: It has quite a few star Kuwagamon, who give
500 EXP each. I suggest taking advantage of them while you have the chance
here. Everyone should be at least 20-22 for the next arc.

In any case, keep walking. You'll see Centarumon. Talk to him. He says he
needs lumber to build the bridge. So head up and keep going until you find

Talk to him and he'll supply the lumber. Go back to Centarumon and talk to
him. You'll now be able to cross the bridge.

Cross over and keep going. Talk to Elecmon when you see him and continue

When you enter the area past Elecmon and the save point, go right first and
meet with Mojyamon. He'll give you some supplies.

Now go up and you should see Meramon and Yukidarumon. Talk with them. They'll
ask you if you want something they found. You have a choice between
Yukidarumon's thing and Meramon's thing. Choosing option 1 (Yukidarumon)
gives you a DEF III while choosing Meramon gives you an ATK III.
Choose which you'd like.

Now head back to Elecmon and give him what Mojyamon gave to you.

When you're done (with training and whatever), head back to the start of the
level. Monzaemon will come and tell you the raft's done.

When you have control again, talk with Leomon. If you want to stay on the
island a little longer, hit option 2. If you want to progress, select
option 1.

At the beach, Takeru's Digiegg hatches into a Poyomon (he's obviously not
playable). The kids say farewell to Leomon and File Island.

Out at the open sea, Jou will ask you a question. Select the second option
to rank up.

Suddenly, you're swallowed up by a Whamon. Taichi hatches a plan to get the
black gear out. Yamato will suddenly interject. Select option 1 for a rank

Getting rid of the black gear will make Whamon spit you back out. Afterwards,
he offers to take you to the underground cave where the tags are hidden.

When you're in the cave, ignore the left hand side and just go straight up
until you reach some stairs. Go down them and go through the passage.

Keep on going and you'll hit the supermarket. A Drimogimon will attack you,
but he's pathetically easy, especially with your army of Adults.

When you beat Drimogimon, you'll find your tags. Whamon offers to swim them
to Server, and the kids accept his offer, ending the episode.

Episode 15 - "Etemon! Evil Takes the Stage" [M15]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Gazimon (x2)
Suggested Level: 24+

The kids land on the new continent of Server and decide to explore a bit.
New enemies now include Gizamon, which do give some EXP, but nothing
especially worth noting.

Keep walking and you'll hit the Koromon village. Except instead of Koromon,
there are Pagumon here. Odd. You can talk if you'd like to the Pagumon,
but go all the way in back and talk with Mimi.

The Pagumon invite you to dinner. While eating, Poyomon evolves into Tokomon
(sadly not playable yet either).

Later that night, the Pagumon kidnap Tokomon and bring him to a waterfall.
There, Gazimon (which may or may not be Pagumon's Child form) shows up.
The Pagumon tell him that human kids are in the village.

Takeru notices Tokomon has gone missing. When you get control of Taichi,
ask all the Pagumon about Tokomon. You'll get vague answers at best. 

Koushiro notices smoke coming from the waterfalls, and when you get there,
you'll see Agumon fighting 2 Gazimon. When Taichi gets on the scene, the
battle commences. Gazimon aren't strong at all, so just use your Adults to
blow them away.

Behind the waterfalls, you'll rescue the Koromon who were captured.
However, a certain fabulous villain has made his debut. And it's Etemon.

He zaps the Digimons' strength, and the situation's looking grim.
You'll escape into the cave and hit a wall with a sun symbol on it.

Turns out that was Taichi's crest. The cave opens up, allowing them to exit.
This ends the episode and unlocks episode 16.

Episode 16 - "A Dark Evolution! SkullGreymon!" [M16]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): SkullGreymon
Suggested Level: 25+

A suggestion. Try to get your Digimon in the mid to late 20s. You can pass
this arc a bit easier that way.

Anyway, new enemies in this episode are Pagumon and Gazimon. They're 
relatively easy to kill, so don't worry about them much.

The kids find themselves in a desert. Taichi is confident since he has his
crest, but the others aren't too sure. 

Head through the desert. You'll find an oasis. Now you have the chance to
talk with your party.

Talk to Koushiro and select option 1 to rank up.

The others don't have rank up options, so just go around collecting the blue
sparkles now (which is food).

Taichi asks Koushiro what may trigger the evolution to the next level, but
he can only guess that being well-fed and having your partner in danger is
what triggers it.

Taichi has the brilliant idea of stuffing Agumon full of food. You have 2
options here. It doesn't matter which one you pick.

The others are a bit worried about Taichi, but all of a sudden, Jou's tag
glows, meaning his crest isn't too far behind.

They head into a stadium. There are no rank ups here, so just go talk with

The others, to put off some steam, decide to play a game of soccer, which
Taichi disapproves of. Etemon appears on the screen and sics an evil Greymon
on you.

Meanwhile, the others are thrown underground. You take control of Jou. The
crest will flash and point you in the general direction to go in. (At one
point you'll see it flash and lead you to a blocked path, just go around it).

There are a few Drimogimons here, fight them if you want. You'll eventually
reach the end of the corridor and the next symbol, which looks like a cross
with wedges. This is Jou's crest.

I suggest using that save point, prepare your team, as the boss battle is
about to start when you get upstairs.

Taichi purposefully puts himself in danger and forces Greymon to evolve,
against his own will. This leads to a skewed evolution, resulting in
SkullGreymon. And yes, you have to fight him.

I suggest equipping that Mega Heal+ on someone you plan to bring with you to
this fight. You'll need it. Make sure you bring your heaviest hitters also.

If and when you beat him, you get an item called Revive (looks like 
this: h), and it does exactly as it says. Useful if one of your Digimon
dies in an important fight.

SkullGreymon reverts back to Koromon and the episode ends... but Taichi is
depressed. This unlocks episode 17 and sidequest 9.

Sidequest 9 - "Revisiting the Koromon Village" [SQ09]
Party Leader: Sora
Boss(es): Gazimon
Suggested Level: 25+

In this episode, Sora decides to try and cheer Taichi up. When the episode 
begins, you get an automatic rank up with Koushiro. You can talk with the 
Koromon if you want, but go outside the village.

When you get to the second area after the village, Taichi will say how 
horrible he is and Sora will tell him how wrong that is. That nets you an 
automatic rank up with Yamato.

Anyways, head towards that big tree in the upper left hand corner of the 
area. Examine it. Taichi will feel a smidge more confident, but then a 
Gazimon comes to ruin the moment. It's only one Gazimon, so just beat him.

You get an item for your troubles back at the village.

During the end, Taichi thanks Sora for the support, even if it wasn't totally

Episode 17 - "The Phantom Ship's Captain, Cockatrimon!" [M17]
Party Leader: Mimi
Boss(es): Cockatrimon
Suggested Level: 26+

The kids make their way through the desert and suddenly, Gennai comes 
popping out. He talks to the kids briefly. All of a sudden, a giant cruise
ship appears, run by some Numemon. Mimi flirts her way into letting the kids
come aboard.

You now have a chance to talk with your party members.

Talk to Koushiro and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk to Sora and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk to Takeru and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk to Yamato and select option 2 to rank up.

Afterwards, the boys go to the dining hall and are ambushed by some Numemon.
Koromon evolves to Agumon but before they can fight back, Cockatrimon shows
up and turns them all to stone.

Back in the rooms, the girls are ambushed by Numemon. Interesting to note is
that these are 2 star Numemon, so they're the toughest these Digimon are
going to get, but they're still pushovers.

The rest of the mission only has the two girls, but you should be able to
manage between Togemon's power punching and Birdramon's carpet bombing.

Go to the end of the hall and enter the door on the right. You won't find
anything, and that worries the girls. Go back into the hall and take the
door straight ahead.

When you get to the next hallway, you'll notice a silver door. You can't
open it just yet.

Go all the way down the hall and you'll enter the next room. You'll find some
keys (the blue sparkle). The blue cube in this room has a Giga Heal in it, so
I suggest taking it. Certainly better than Mega Heal+.

Now head back towards the silver door.

Sora will begin talking with you. Select option 1 to rank up. Use the save
point if you'd like and just walk straight. Cockatrimon will brag that he
already has the tags and both crests. Shut him up real good with Togemon and

One thing to note about him: He has an ability called Anger. If you attack
him, his ATK goes up. If you have a few healing items or stat downers, it
won't matter though.

After winning, Togemon clears him straight out of the park. A giant cactus
opens up to reveal Mimi's crest (although comically it's Taichi's crest
sprite). And that ends the episode and unlocks episode 18.

Episode 18 - "A Fairy! Piccolomon!" [M18]
Party Leader: Taichi, Yamato
Boss(es): Tyrannomon
Suggested Level: 26+

When the episode opens, Taichi and Agumon are ambushed by a Kuwagamon. Taichi
is still feeling crappy over the SkullGreymon thing and doesn't have the will
to fight. Piccolomon comes to his aide and chides him over how useless he is
as a Chosen Child.

Piccolomon offers to train him to regain his fighting spirit and the kids
enter his barrier.

You have a chance to talk to your party, but there are no rank ups. Talk with
Piccolomon to get the training started.

This is a solo mission, and oh yes: because the programmers paid a lot of
attention to detail to the anime, you can't make Agumon evolve in battle
until this episode's over, keep that in mind.

In any case, head through the cave. You can explore the cave and pretty much
beat all the enemies here, even without your evolutions (the Drimogimon won't
attack voluntarily).

But if you want the quick way? Stick to the left passages. Always go for the
left passages.

Taichi and Agumon find what they're looking for, but then something happens
to them.

Back at Piccolomon's place, Yamato and Koushiro's tags glow, meaning their
crests are nearby. They head out to look for them.

You get control of Yamato here. Go down the lower right path.

Koushiro will begin speaking to you. Select option 1 to rank up.

Keep going and you'll hit an exit to the barrier. They exit and find their
crests together in a well.

Etemon picks them up on his radar and sics Tyrannomon on them. Piccolomon
senses a disturbance in the force (er, barrier) and goes to investigate.

Back with Taichi, they're mysteriously on a boat. Taichi sees himself as a
kid struggling to ride a bike and tells him that he should keep on trying,
no matter how many times you fall. Taichi then realizes that he needs to take
his own advice and they escape the cave.

And just in time. Etemon zaps the other Digimon, and only Agumon can evolve
now (you can still use the others, don't worry). The battle with Tyrannomon

After the fight, Taichi thanks Piccolomon for his training. The episode ends
and you unlock episode 19, sidequest 10 and sidequest 11.

Sidequest 10 - "The Digimon Grand Prix" [SQ10]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Guardomon/Mechadramon, Drimogimon/Monochromon/Shellmon,
Suggested Level: 27+

I advise that you bring anyone you want to level up, as this sidequest is
basically a tournament. And it's the richest source of EXP you're going to
get for a while.

A note, these battles are consecutive, so you won't have a chance to heal
between them. Plan accordingly.

Anyway, Taichi and co are at the Colosseum, just in time for the Digimon
Grand Prix. When you're ready, head inside for round one. You'll be fighting 
a Guardromon and a Mechadramon.

No problem. Round 2 is next. It's a Drimogimon, Monochromon and a star
Shellmon. You still shouldn't have troubles with them. The only annoying
thing might be Shellmon's DEF booster, but he should be easier to whittle
down with 3 Adult levels.

In any case, round 3 consists of Meramon, Elecmon and Yukidarumon. Out of
those 3, only Meramon should give you problems, but again: you're higher
levels than you were when you fought him before.

For winning these battles you get a Life Up Digipiece, which lets your
Digimon revive with 1000 HP once per battle if they're knocked out.

Winning the tournament also nets you an automatic rank up with Mimi, and the
episode ends.

Sidequest 11 - "Jou's Training" [SQ11]
Party Leader: Jou
Boss(es): Gazimon (x3)
Suggested Level: 27+

Jou feels weak and asks Piccolomon for some training. Outside, he summons up
some Gazimon for Jou to beat.

Even alone, you can easily win against 3 Gazamon with just Ikkakumon. Just
use Northern Lights (his second attack that costs 9 SP) constantly and
you'll beat them at the same time. 

In the cave, Jou meets himself personified. His clone whines a bit and Jou
wonders if he sounds like that, to which Gomamon strongly responds yes. Jou
comes to grips with himself and thanks Piccolomon for the training, which he
didn't really need.

Episode 19 - "The Perfect Level! MetalGreymon!" [M19]
Party Leader: Taichi, Yamato
Boss(es): Nanomon, Etemon, Nanomon, Dark Network Etemon
Suggested Level: 28+

Okay, just as a preemptive warning. This episode is long. Very very long.

Koushiro hacks into Etemon's dark network and gets an e-mail from a stranger
claiming to have a crest.  The team decides to go investigate. You'll notice,
when you go into the next area, that there's an indent in the side of the
cliff that looks suspiciously like a crest mark. Go there.

Koushiro and Taichi speak. Takeru asks a question, since his tag is glowing.
Select option 2 to rank up.

Head towards the crest mark and Takeru's tag will react. The rock moves out
of the way, and reveals a passage.

Go inside. Koushiro will discover a unique fact that the digital world and
the real world are connected and almost mirror-like, explaining that their
current selves are only made of data. Koushiro gets rid of the wall
obstructing them and you're able to move on.

Outside you'll see an upside down pyramid. This is Etemon's base of
operations. Later that night, you'll get a chance to talk with your party.

Talk with Koushiro and select option 1 to rank up.

Now talk to Sora and Takeru. They don't have rank up options. 

The next morning, the kids decide to raid the pyramid. You can't go in the
front door of course, so go to the right side and run along the wall.
Koushiro will tell you when you hit the spot. Head inside.

Okay, this part I'll actually do step by step.

Start by going to the right. Now go up. The purple floor is poison, so it
does a tiny bit of damage as you walk on it, but it's negligible. Press that
green button at the end of the corridor. That'll get rid of one of the walls.

Go through the left hall next to the button. Go down. Ignore the room with
the Monochromon in it and keep going down. 

Now go right until you see the transparent wall. Go through it and go
upstairs. Now go up. Ignore the right corridor. You'll fall down if you walk
on the wrong tile.

Go left. Head up and press the green button.

Now head down. You'll fall, but that's okay. 

Keep walking down and go to the right. Walk past the transparent wall and
keep going right. Now go up until you see the poison floor. 

Go to the right into the next area. 

Go through the transparent wall and walk around the poison floor. Keep going
up and you'll see another green button. Press it.

Now go all the way back down and head left, back into the first area.

Head down and go left until you see the transparent wall. Go upstairs again.

Go up and you'll see a transparent wall. The blue item box will give you a
Digipiece called Poison Attack (which can poison an enemy).

You can obviously tell that there's a trap tile here, as it's a lighter color
than the rest of the floor. But you have to use this one. So walk on it and
fall down.

You'll be in a room with nothing but a trap tile. Walk on it again.

Use the save point if you like and head right, then down until you can go

Head upstairs and go right and then up. You'll see a green button. Press it.
(This is only for the next time you enter the pyramid).

Now go back downstairs. Head into the corridor and continue going down.

Head right. The next room has a total of 4 trap tiles. Walk around them
(again, you can tell by how light they are). Head right and go down
(be careful of that trap tile near the corridor).

Walk to the left and go up. You'll see a green button. Press it.

Now go back up, avoiding the trap tiles, and go through the new transparent
wall. Head to the upper left corner and go downstairs.

You'll run into an electric fence. Koushiro explains that there's a weak
point in the fence, but Taichi, feeling no fear because he's just data,
walks through. Sora doesn't approve of his reckless behavior. 

I suggest using that save point. Up ahead is a boss battle.

You'll find yourself in the hi-tech heart of the pyramid. Here you'll find
Nanomon. He says he was imprisoned when he fought against Etemon.

To free him, walk to the lever and pull it. Of course, being a snake in the
grass, Nanomon then attacks you. He's a smidge harder than the other bosses
you've faced, so use plenty of healing items. He has a particularly bad
attack that can hit the entire party and lower your ATK and DEF, but it
doesn't do much damage. Use stat boosters if you need to (you should have
ATK UP or similar items).

As a sore loser, Nanomon kidnaps Sora and Piyomon. They chase after them,
but there's another electric fence. Koushiro flat out tells Taichi he could
seriously die if he makes the wrong move, and Taichi feels afraid, unable to
go through the gate. Etemon shows up in his moment of hesitation and the kids
have to run from the pyramid.

Outside, it's nightfall. You can talk with your party.

Talk with Jou and select option 2 to rank up.

The others don't have rank up options, but talk to them.

Koushiro runs out of the cave and tells you that Nanomon never left the
pyramid. He's still there. You have the option of being part of the rescue 
Sora party or the distract Etemon party. Select option 1 to be part of the 
rescue Sora party. Select option 2 to be part of Etemon's distraction party.

Meanwhile, Nanomon decides to clone Sora in order to have Piyomon do his

It's morning now. It's time to raid the pyramid again. First you get control
of Taichi. Depending on your choice to rescue Sora or distract Etemon, the
directions change. But I'll do distract Etemon first.

-Distracting Etemon Party
(Taichi/Koushiro/Jou OR Yamato/Mimi)

Go to the left and head up. The green floor are sticky floors, so you'll slow
down. Keep heading up and go right.

Head up the stairs and go left. Head down. You'll be in a big room. Ignore
the first trap tile, but go right and step on that second trap tile.

You'll be in a room with 2 green buttons. Press both of them.  One will open
the wall between you and the save point. The other will unlock the wall

Go back upstairs. Go left. Head all the way down this time, ignoring both
trap tiles.

Go to your right. You'll see a transparent wall. Head upstairs. Take that
save point, and go inside for a boss fight.

You'll meet Etemon in the control room. Despite his hype, he's actually not
difficult. The fight might just be lengthy.

You'll get another EVO Boost I for beating him.

An alarm stops the fight momentarily and Etemon runs off to find the cause.

-Rescue Sora Party
(Taichi/Koushiro/Jou OR Yamato/Mimi)

Thankfully, this is the same exact layout as the first one. All the switches
are already pressed, so let's begin:

Go to the left and head all the way up, through the transparent wall.

Take a left again and go downstairs. Go right and head down.

Take a right, ignore the trap tiles, and head up through the transparent
wall. Head to the upper left corner. Go left and go downstairs.

Go through the gate and use that save point.

Head inside and you'll be back in the pyramid's core. Head all the way down
and you'll find an electric fence again.

You'll automatically go through the fence (either Taichi or Yamato will) and
you'll be face to face with Nanomon and Sora's clone.

And now you fight with Nanomon again. He hasn't changed from last time.

Rescuing Sora gives you an automatic rank up (with Taichi or Yamato,
depending on your choice).

The pyramid is collapsing along with Etemon's dark network. The kids escape,
but Nanomon takes Etemon deep into the network. Etemon absorbs the data and
manages to escape, with more power.

I should say, there's no save point here, so restore your party with items
now while you have the chance to. Now head on down for the last boss battle
of this arc.

Taichi shows no fear against Etemon's form and his crest glows, triggering
Greymon's evolution into MetalGreymon, his true Perfect (Ultimate) level.

One thing about this form of Etemon: he has an ability called Auto Heal Omega
which heals 1000 HP per turn. It doesn't particularly matter, since
MetalGreymon can easily do more than 1000 damage each turn. Use stat
boosters and other items and you should be fine.

Beating him gives you a Giga Heal, but it's not as useful as the Giga Heal+
you already have.

Etemon blows up real good, but Taichi and MetalGreymon are sucked into the
explosion. Next thing they know, they're in the real world...

(This unlocks episode 20)

Episode 20 - "Koromon and the Great Tokyo Battle!" [M20]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Ogremon
Suggested Level: 28+

You're in Odaiba now. Head towards the apartment buildings (they'll be on the
left). Taichi comes home and finds his sister Hikari, who is sick with a 
cold.Hikari surprisingly knows who Koromon is. Taichi is confused about this 
and wonders who else made it back. He calls the other parents, but he gets
told that they're still at camp (time works weirdly in the digital world). 

Taichi turns to the TV and there's Digimon running wild all over the place. 

The computer turns on and Taichi gets a rather cryptic message from a dazed
Koushiro. Taichi makes the decision to go back to the digital world, since it
isn't fair he's the only one who made it back. 

Taichi heads outside, but is weirded out that Digimon appear and disappear in
and out. Koromon evolves to Agumon once more.

You probably remember Ogremon from back in the Devimon saga. But this time,
you have a new toy to play with. Bust out MetalGreymon and you should kill
him in decent time.

You'll get a Digipiece called Shock Attack, which basically stops the
opponent from moving for a bit.

Defeating Ogremon will open a portal to the digital world and Agumon begins
to float upwards. Taichi decides to follow, against the wishes of a
heartbroken Hikari. Taichi floats back to the digital world (and many tears
were had).

They're back in the digital world now, and this unlocks episode 21.

Episode 21 - "The Small Devil! PicoDevimon" [M21]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): PicoDevimon
Suggested Level: 29+

The episode starts out with the rest of the kids after the battle with Etemon
and Taichi's disappearance. They slowly go off on their own (this means solo
missions later). Eventually only Takeru and Yamato remain. Everything goes to
hell without the leader apparently.

When you get control of Taichi, head up and over the bridge. When you enter
the next area, you'll find Tokomon, who explains that Yamato seemingly
abandoned Takeru and that PicoDevimon is lying to him. Takeru abandons
Tokomon because he doesn't believe PicoDevimon and attacked him.

In any case, head into the amusement park when you have control again.

Takeru asks Taichi to be his brother, to which Taichi says he has Yamato.
PicoDevimon denies this and ever lying to Takeru and presents mushrooms as a
peace offering.

Sora, hidden, warns Agumon when goes to use the bathroom, that the mushrooms
are designed to erase memories.

Agumon runs back and the cat's out of the bag. Tokomon evolves to Patamon,
who is finally playable again. The punchline however? He can't evolve to
Angemon yet. 

When Patamon rejoins your party, he's the same level as he was the last time
you used him, so he's probably much lower than everyone else.

When Tokomon evolves, the battle with PicoDevimon begins. He's a pushover,
especially with MetalGreymon.

The episode ends, and PicoDevimon reports to a mysterious figure...

(This unlocks episode 22)

Episode 22 - "We're Friends! WereGarurumon!" [M22]
Party Leader: Yamato
Boss(es): Digitamamon
Suggested Level: 30+

Yamato lands ashore. Head up the cliff and (use the save point) go inside the
restaurant. Inside, Jou is trying to work off a debt. Yamato decides to help
Jou work off the debt, and you get an automatic rank up.

PicoDevimon slips inside and causes havoc all over the place, putting the
blame on Jou. Yamato continually grows frustrated with Jou's "mistakes" and 
almost walks out on him, but he can't leave Jou alone.

(This explains why he was taking so long with Takeru)

Sora does more behind the scenes heroing, but Jou's still getting blamed for
stuff. PicoDevimon then convinces Yamato that Jou's keeping him here on

When you have control again, head up the cliff again. Head to the restaurant
and talk with Taichi and Takeru. They talk and Digitamamon and PicoDevimon
come out.

Vegimon takes Takeru hostage, and Jou comes to his aid, netting a rank up
with both Yamato and Takeru automatically.

Yamato feels righteous fury for his friend, and this triggers Garurumon's
evolution into WereGarurumon. The boss battle isn't hard, especially with 2
Perfect levels. Just don't expect Patamon to survive that long.

You get a Digipiece called DEF Charge for winning. It's a skill that let's
you boost a party Digimon's defense up.

When you beat him, Yamato reconciles with Jou and the group head off to find
more party members. The episode ends and you unlock episode 23.

Episode 23 - "Break Through! AlturKabuterimon!" [M23]
Party Leader: Koushiro
Boss(es): Vademon
Suggested Level: 30+

PicoDevimon, being a bit of a douche, changes the sign so that Koushiro and
Tentomon go the wrong way.

Head up the mountain.  It's a linear path, so don't worry about getting lost.

Koushiro and Tentomon fall down into a void, and a mysterious figure says
that they'll only stop if Koushiro gives up his knowledge and curiosity.
Vademon steals his curiosity and Koushiro becomes dazed and sluggish.

PicoDevimon wants to buy Koushiro's tag and crest, and convinces Vademon to
go back down and get it.

Tentomon evolves to protect Koushiro, but gets beaten. Koushiro, despite
having no curiosity, wants to learn, and this triggers Kabuterimon's
evolution into AlturKabuterimon.

Vademon isn't hard either. Just keep spamming Horn Buster (his first attack)
and healing items if you need them. Only thing is, he has an attack where he
attacks you and drains your HP. But it shouldn't matter much.

Beating him gives you the Digipiece Drain Attack, which lets you attack an
enemy and get the damage back as HP.

Koushiro manages to escape and you meet up with Yamato and Takeru. You get
an instant rank up with Yamato. The episode ends, and you unlock episode 24.

Episode 24 - "The Tyrant! TonosamaGeckomon!" [M24]
Party Leader: Mimi, Taichi
Boss(es): Geckomon (x2), TonosamaGeckomon
Suggested Level: 30+

Episode starts and the Geckomon are worried about their lord, who is fast
asleep. Only a charming singing voice can awaken him. PicoDevimon mentions he
knows someone who has a nice voice.

When you have control, head over to the Geckomon. He'll tell you that he
wants Mimi to sing. To which she agrees.

You're now in control of Taichi. Head up the stairs.

The Geckomon will ask them to save them from their tyrant princess, which
Taichi is amused to see is Mimi. Taichi tells Mimi to come back with them,
but Mimi's grown spoiled of the princess life and will not leave, and throws
them out.

But Taichi has a cunning plan. They go under the castle, into the dungeons.

Go to the right and up, you'll find a blue box. This is a Digipiece called
ATK Charge. If gives the equipped Digimon the ability to raise the ATK of
one member on the team.

Go all the way down and go all the way to the right. You'll see a recorder.
Examine it. With it, the boys decide to try tricking Mimi into singing.

2 Geckomon guards come in. You battle them.

When you're done, go all the way up and to the right and you'll see stairs,
go up them and you'll be in the castle again.

Of course, for being sneaky, they get thrown in the dungeons. Mimi then has
a nightmare and Sora shows up to talk her through it (earning you an instant
rank up between them).

When you control Taichi, talk with Jou, Gomamon and Agumon. Mimi will come
in and say she'll sing.

Upstairs, Mimi will sing (and you'll get an instant rank up with Taichi and

TonosamaGeckomon will wake up, but he's in a bit of a grumpy mood, so he
attacks. Just whittle him down with everyone and you'll do fine.

You'll get a Digipiece called Slow Guard, which defends against the Slow
status effect, but I don't recall this ever being a useful piece.

The kids leave the castle, while Vamdemon makes his first onscreen

(You unlock episode 25)

Episode 25 - "Shining Wings! Garudamon!" [M25]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Vamdemon
Suggested Level: 32+

The team gets back together at the start of the episode, but the only one
missing is Sora. They get attacked by a Flymon, but Birdramon saves them,
meaning Sora isn't too far behind. Go through the area and follow Sora.

When you finally catch her, Sora explains that everyone's crest is an
attribute fitting them, but Sora's attribute is apparently Love, and she
doesn't think she's capable of that. So Piyomon will never evolve past

The rest explain why that's insane, but Sora doesn't believe them.

Later at night, you have two options. Select option 2 to rank up. 

PicoDevimon then tries to kill Sora in her sleep, but Piyomon intervenes and
takes the hit herself.

A movie starts up and Vamdemon makes his formal introduction.

Vamdemon kicks everyone's collective behinds and the only one left is
Piyomon. Sora doesn't want her to fight but she does and Sora realizes that
she's thinking the same thing her mother does and realizes she IS capable of
love. This triggers Birdramon's evolution into Garudamon.

And now for the boss fight. Spam healing items and hit him hard and fast.
He's not a pushover. His most annoying attack is probably a draining attack
that hits the entire party.

For beating him, you get a Digipiece called Combo Attack which lets you
attack the enemy twice, but you can't choose the target.

In the confusion, the kids manage to run away.

Here, Gennai drops the bomb that there's an eighth child somewhere in Japan
and Vamdemon wants to find and destroy him/her. The episode ends, and you
unlock episode 26, sidequest 12 and sidequest 13.

Sidequest 12 - "Ogremon's Bone" [SQ12]
Party Leader: Yamato
Boss(es): SkullGreymon
Suggested Level: 32+

You'll find an Ogremon who apparently is the brother of the Ogremon you
fought. Mimi is against the idea of helping Ogremon.

Select option 2 to rank up.

Go inside the stadium. Battle the Tyrannomon and others if you'd like, but
when you're done, head to the left, enter the partition and go downstairs.

For the rest of the mission, Ogremon will be a support character, taking up
your third party slot. 

Head all the way to the right and go up, turn right again and go up.

You'll see a metal door. Inside was a SkullGreymon, which is good for
Ogremon, since he wanted a bone from it.

Fighting him should be easier this time, since you have Perfect levels this

Ogremon gives you a Digipiece called Defend, which makes the equipped Digimon
take the hit for someone in your party who is low on HP.

For saving Takeru, you get an instant rank up.

Sidequest 13 - "The Karaoke Contest" [SQ13]
Party Leader: Mimi
Boss(es): TonosamaGeckomon
Suggested Level: 32+

Go down into the dungeons and look for the blue sparkles. There are no
enemies here, so just look for them. There's three of them.

Upstairs, TonosamaGeckomon is still a bit of a sore loser and he attacks you.
Rinse and repeat.

The Geckomon give you a Digipiece called Auto Heal, which heals you by 100 HP
per turn. It's basically a lesser version of the one Etemon used.

The episode ends there.

Episode 26 - "Vamdemon's Castle of Darkness" [M26]

Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Nanimon/Sukamon/Sukamon, Devidramon (x2)
Suggested Level: 32+

The kids arrive at Vamdemon's castle and are plotting a way to sneak in.
Palmon and Agumon decide to go undercover as army recruits, and Nanimon
doesn't notice.

Meanwhile, Vamdemon is preparing to go to the real world. You get introduced
to Tailmon.

Agumon and Palmon manage to sneak the kids in.

You'll talk with the group. Select option 2 to rank up with Yamato.

As a warning: follow these directions carefully. Taking the wrong warp point
will make you go back to the beginning.

Go to the right, downstairs. Go left, all the way, until you see stairs.
Ignore them and go all the way up. The game will bring your attention to the
2 warp points in front of you. Koushiro will ask a question.

Select option 1 to rank up.

Ignore those 2 warp points and go straight up. Take the warp point at the end
of the hall.

Head left now. Go down the winding path. When you go inside, there's only one
warp point. Take it.

Go down, and when you can, go left. Take the warp point.

Now go to your right, and down the stairs.

Go all the way to the left and go downstairs.

Anyhow, Vamdemon leaves, leaving you to deal with Nanimon. Nanimon is flanked
by a Sukamon and Vegimon for the fight.

After beating him, he and his posse run away. Tailmon beats the kid's Digimon
and summons a few Devidramon for you to fight.

The gates close, and they're stuck here. Or so it seems. Gennai tells the
kids to come to his home, where a light shines.

The episode ends and you unlock episode 27 and sidequest 14.

Sidequest 14 - "Some Food for Thought" [SQ14]
Party Leader: Koushiro
Boss(es): Ogremon
Suggested Level: 32+

Koushiro wants to learn how to make a dish. And now you have to gather

Head down to the beach. Ignore the blue sparkles for now.

Talk with Yamato, select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Mimi, select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Takeru, select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Jou, select option 2 to rank up.

Now you can collect the blue sparkles.

When you've collected them all (there should be 4 or 5), then go back to the
restaurant. Koushiro's abomination of a dish makes the digimon ill.

Ogremon then shows up, hungry. You have to fight him. Considering you have
half of your Perfect levels already, he's a breeze.

Koushiro decides to give him the dish and Ogremon approves of it. He gives
you the Taunt ( ) Digipiece, which gives the equipped Digimon the skill
Taunt. It's a move that makes the enemy target only that Digimon.

And with that, the episode ends.

Episode 27A - "Gennai Tells All" [M27A]
Party Leader: Taichi, Koushiro
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 33+

Keep going until you hit the cutscene. Gennai's house is apparently under
water. Funny that.

You're in control of Koushiro now.

Talk with Sora, select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Yamato, select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Takeru, select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Jou, select option 2 to rank up.

Gennai tells the kids that using some cards, they can reopen the gate, but
the cards have to be in the right order.

The kids are ready to head back to Vamdemon's castle. The episode ends and
you unlock the second half of episode 27 and sidequest 15.

Sidequest 15 - "Brainwashed Yamato" [SQ15]
Party Leader: Takeru
Boss(es): Vademon
Suggested Level: 33+

Something's come over Yamato all of a sudden.

When Koushiro asks Takeru if he's alright, select option 2 to rank up.

Go into the amusement park. Sora will ask you something. Select option 1 to
rank up.

Go further inside. Mimi will ask you something. Select option 2 to rank up.

Head for the docks. Turns out Yamato was possessed by Vademon. You, of
course, have to fight him. He hasn't changed since you fought him with

You get a Digipiece called Cure All, which gives the equipped Digimon the
ability to heal all status afflictions. 

Saving Yamato nets you an instant rank up.

Episode 27B - "The Chase! Hurry to Japan!" [M27B]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Dokugumon
Suggested Level: 35+

Whelp, it's time to head to the real world. Storm Vamdemon's castle again.
Go through the front gate and head inside. Just in case you don't remember
the way:

When you go inside, go left, all the way, until you see stairs. Ignore them
and go all the way up, ignoring the 2 warps you pass. Head all the way up
and take the warp point at the end of the corridor.

Head left now. Go down the winding path. When you go inside, there's only
one warp point. Take it.

Go down, and when you can, go left. Take the warp point.

Now go to your right, and down the stairs.

Go all the way to the left and go downstairs.

As a bonus, there's now Devidramons all over the place.

Use the save point if you so choose. I highly advise you keep Patamon in
your party from here on out, to level him up to at least 30 or so.

You have to do the order of the cards now. Select:

Gazamon (Option 2)

Unimon (Option 1)

Andromon (Option 3)

At this point, you get attacked by a Dokugumon. She's not especially hard,
but get used to her moves. You'll be seeing them more in awhile.

You have to choose one card. Select Gomamon (Option 2). The gates will open.

And now you're back at camp. Home sweet home.

You get an item called "Meat" for completing the episode. It's a useful
little thing that completely restores 1 party Digimon's HP and SP, along
with any status afflictions.

This unlocks episode 28.

Episode 28 - "Mammon! The Great Battle at Hikarioga!" [M28]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Mammon
Suggested Level: 35+

Whelp, you're back in the real world. The kids learned, weirdly, that all of
them used to live in the same neighborhood. While they ponder this, Mammon
attacks. Anyway, head on down and go for it.

They suddenly remember that, 4 years ago, they witnessed a fight between
Greymon and Parrotmon, which may be why they were chosen. Which means the
eighth child must also have seen that fight.

The episode ends and you unlock episode 29.

Episode 29 - "The Digimon Great Tokyo Crossing!" [M29]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Gesomon
Suggested Level: 35+

The kids want to head home, but since they have no money, they're forced to
hitch-hike. Taichi tries and fails. Jou and Koushiro try and fail. Yamato
tries, gets a hot older lady and declines it. The girls try and get a dude
to stop, but he drives away when Gesomon attacks.

You battle him.

Once you beat him, the episode ends.

Episode 30A - "Taichi and Hikari, Reunited!" [M30A]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: N/A

There is no battle here, it's mostly just exposition and Taichi coming home.

Head inside the apartments.

He asks Hikari if she has a digivice, and she says she doesn't.

Episode 30B - "Raremon! The Raid on Tokyo Bay!" [M30B]
Party Leader: Koushiro
Boss(es): Raremon
Suggested Level: 35+

Koushiro returns home with Tentomon, but he detects the eighth child's
Digivice and goes to investigate. PicoDevimon released a Raremon into the
area. You fight him, but the signal has gone off somewhere else. However,
Koushiro does see Taichi's cat nearby... 

Episode 30C - "Meanwhile, with Yamato..." [M30C]
Party Leader: Yamato
Boss(es): Gazamon (x2)
Suggested Level: 35+

Yamato goes to drop something off at his dad's workplace. Go upstairs.

2 Gazimon will show up and steal Yamato's package. Beating them is the only
way to get the package back, and it's relatively easy.

Go all the way down. Take the stairs up.

Yamato will finish his delivery and catch up with his dad.

Episode 30D - "Meanwhile, with Sora..." [M30D]
Party Leader: Sora
Boss(es): Vegimon
Suggested Level: 35+

Sora doesn't know whether or not she should go talk with her mother yet and
speaks with Taichi about it. He thinks she's still being crazy. She heads
into town to contemplate and a Vegimon attacks. Killing it takes no effort.

Her mother then appears and says she heard some strange noises. She's glad
Sora's alright though and Sora realizes that she was worried over nothing.

Episode 30E - "Meanwhile, with Mimi..." [M30E]
Party Leader: Mimi
Boss(es): Tyrannomon
Suggested Level: 35+

Mimi meets up with her family, but a Tyrannomon mucks up her day. She decides
to sneak away from her parents and confront it.

Spam Coconuts Punch and you'll win fine.

Mimi heads back to her clueless parents and their day goes on.

Episode 30F - "Meanwhile, with Jou..." [M30F]
Party Leader: Jou
Boss(es): Gesomon
Suggested Level: 35+

Jou meets up with his older brother (one of them anyway). Jou and Gomamon
talk about his brother, but apparently Jou has an inferiority complex when it
comes to his brother.

They head to the harbor to think, and are ambushed by a Gesomon. This is
slightly harder because you're facing Gesomon with only one Digimon, but
sparingly use healing items and you'll be fine.

When you get back, his brother will tell him it's okay and that he can study
whatever he likes. And with that family bonding time over, it's time for the
final part of this episode.

Episode 30G - "Meanwhile, with Takeru..." [M30G]
Party Leader: Takeru
Boss(es): Dokugumon
Suggested Level: 35+

Takeru meets up with his mom and they head back to their place. On the way,
they get ambushed by a Dokugumon (remember her?) and his mom passes out.
You have to fight the spider now.

And this episode is the hardest of the solo missions, only because Patamon
has no evolutions yet. Spam stat boosters on Patamon and stat downers on
Dokugumon and healing items and take her down.

His mom wakes up and Takeru says that she was just having a bad dream. They
head back and this ends the episode.

Episode 31 - "Blazing! DeathMeramon!" [M31]
Party Leader: Sora
Boss(es): DeathMeramon
Suggested Level: 35+

You'll have the chance to talk with your party after the scenes of the
villains scheming.

Talk with Koushiro, select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Takeru, select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Yamato, select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Mimi, select option 2 to rank up.

Taichi doesn't have a rank up option. Talk to him.

Jou comes late and the group splits up to find the eighth child. 

Speaking of, Tailmon monologues about her past as a lonely Digimon and we get
introduced to Wizarmon (SQUEE).

The girls search for the eighth child and take a break at the Tokyo Tower.
DeathMeramon attacks. He shouldn't be much of a problem if both girls are
above 30 or so. 

Meanwhile, Hikari and Tailmon meet for the first time. Tailmon gets
suspicious about her due to her knowledge of Agumon and decides to follow
her. But something strange inside her keeps her from harming Hikari.

The episode ends and you unlock episode 32.

Episode 32 - "Pumpmon & Gotsumon Are Shibuya Digimon?" [M32]
Party Leader: Yamato
Boss(es): Pumpmon/Gotsumon
Suggested Level: 36+

Takeru and Patamon have a falling out and Patamon runs away. You can walk
around. Talk to everyone there. When prompted, select option 1 to rank up
with Takeru.

Pumpmon and Gotsumon meanwhile, are causing havoc and having a night on the
town. Instead of fighting, they run away.

Vamdemon isn't amused with their shenanigans and forces them to fight the

Takeru and Patamon make up, and Pumpmon & Gotsumon attack.

The only strategy I can advise for this fight is to take out Pumpmon first,
as he hits the hardest. Gotsumon is fairly easy to take out by himself.

Beating them nets you 2 Digipieces, Luck (K^), which increases your item
drop chance, and Escape Master (̋ɂ), which lets you escape any battle
without fail (except boss battles).

Turns out those 2 are just here to party and live it up, not conquer. They're
actually good guys. Vamdemon is still not amused and kills Pumpmon and

Takeru's feelings for them trigger Patamon's evolution into Angemon and yes,
he's finally playable again.

Vamdemon (smartly) runs away and the episode ends. This unlocks episode 33
and sidequests 16 and 17.

Sidequest 16 - "Snow Globe" [SQ16]

Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Meramon
Suggested Level: 36+

Taichi and Agumon are trying to beat the heat, so they head towards the
air-conditioned Tokyo Tower. Meramon shows up unannounced and attacks them
in confusion. He should be relatively easy to beat now.

Agumon tells him this isn't the digital world, but the air conditioning's
busted. You get a Digipiece called Skill Guard, which blocks you from the
Skill Block status affliction.

Sidequest 17 - "The Strange E-Mail" [SQ17]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Parrotmon
Suggested Level: 36+

Taichi gets an e-mail telling him to go to Hikarigaoka to meet the eighth
child, but they get ambushed by Parrotmon from above.

Parrotmon is actually tough, but Agumon should be  in the early 30s at this
point, so you shouldn't have problems.

You get a Digipiece called Ambush (P) which lets you go first when the
battle begins sometimes.

Taichi and Agumon figure the e-mail was just a trap and continue their

Episode 33 - "The Fated Encounter! Tailmon!" [M33]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 36+

Wizarmon finds the Digivice for the eighth child but tells PicoDevimon he
was just drinking alcohol. PicoDevimon eagerly accepts the bottle instead.

Jou's looked through the entire phonebook, but no one else checked out.

Wizarmon speculates that Tailmon is the eighth chosen Digimon and that Hikari
is more than likely her partner. His suspicions are confirmed. Taichi and
Agumon run outside and misunderstand the situation. Agumon shoots at Tailmon,
but it almost hits Hikari instead and Tailmon takes the hit.

Tailmon and Wizardmon head to Vamdemon's lair to get Hikari's true crest, as
the one they have is a fake. 

Vamdemon appears and laughs, saying he always carries the crest on him. An
automated battle occurs, and Tailmon & Wizarmon naturally lose.

He defeats them and fatally wounds Wizarmon and dumps him in the harbor.
Tailmon gets captured, even with Taichi there. The episode ends, and you
unlock episode 34.

Episode 34 - "All Out Assault! The Odaiba Fog!" [M34]
Party Leader: Taichi, Mimi, Jou, Sora
Boss(es): DarkTyrannomon, MegaSeadramon, Phantomon/Tuskmon/Snimon
Suggested Level: 38+

Vamdemon begins his invasion by layering Odaiba in a fog, cutting it off from
the rest of the world. And Digimon begin to roam free. Taichi's family is
rounded up by the Bakemon.

They retreat. Taichi finds Yamato and asks him to guard Hikari.

Sora's mother is attacked by a Bakemon, but Piyomon saves her. They devise a
plan to save Sora together.

Mimi was captured, but Palmon is with her. The parents wonder what to do, but
Sora remembers what Jou did back on Bakemon's island and tells everyone to
pray as loud as they can. They make it outside.

Mimi's dad stands up to DarkTyrannomon outside. In response, Palmon evolves
to Togemon and fights with DarkTyrannomon. She's losing. Mimi's sincere
feelings for her activate her crest and Togemon evolves further to Lilymon.

And now the true battle starts. Spam Flower Cannon and you'll be fine, as it
poisons. I'd advise also using healing items often.

Lilymon tames him with a flower ring, but Vamdemon kills him. He takes
Lilymon out really quick. Birdramon saves Lilymon and Sora's mother tells
Sora to escape.

Koushiro heads over to the TV Station and meets Yamato and Takeru's dad.

At the pier, Takeru and Jou head over to the other side of the city through
the bay. You get an automatic rank up with Takeru due to this.

MegaSeadramon attacks and Jou, being the responsible one, puts Takeru's life
over his own. This triggers his crest and Ikkakumon evolves to Zudomon.

Enjoy using Angemon after tons of disuse.

Anyway, they stumble upon Wizarmon and bring him aboard. He says he has the
real crest for the eighth child. 

Phantomon follows Sora, who listens in on Taichi's conversation about the
identity of the eighth child. Phantomon summons Tuskmon and Snimon and
attacks Sora, Yamato and Hikari.

Phantomon is a pain in the ass only because he has an ability that reduces
your HP to 1, so take him out as fast as possible. The other 2 are annoying,
but easily manageable otherwise.

Hikari steps in and gives herself up to stop the fighting, against the wishes
of Sora and Yamato.

The episode ends there, and you unlock episode 35.

Episode 35 - "She Descends! Angewomon!" [M35]
Party Leader: Taichi, Yamato, Hikari
Boss(es): Snimon/Tuskmon, Vamdemon
Suggested Level: 40+

Vamdemon, upon hearing that the eighth child is captured, hurries to deal
with her. 

You're in control of Taichi for now. Head to the convention center (it's the
middle path). Go straight ahead.

Mimi meets up with Taichi.

At the TV Station, Wizardmon heals Lilymon. The team is gathered, but they
get ambushed by Snimon and Tuskmon.

When you beat them, you'll control Yamato. Head upstairs.

Go straight down the hall and take the stairs up.

Go up and then all the way to the right. Go up the hallway, fighting the
Phantomon there if you'd like.

Go upstairs. Go all the way down the hallway. Take the stairs.

Go up and all the way to the right until you hit a a cross-shaped corridor.
Go up. Take the stairs.

I suggest using that save point.

Now go straight up.

The party is all together for the final fight. PicoDevimon steals Hikari's
Digivice and Vamdemon escapes with her to the roof.

Vamdemon easily blocks all of their attacks (except Angemon's) and fires an
attack to kill Hikari. Wizarmon sacrifices himself. Hikari, being the purest
child ever, cries over his death and the light from the digivice pries
itself out of PicoDevimon's claws and Hikari gets it back.

This triggers Tailmon's evolution into Angewomon. As a note, Tailmon joins
the group at level 30. Hikari also enters the team with a bond rank of 3
with everyone (collectively having 21 points). Everyone else gets 3 bond
points each.

She depowers Vamdemon a bit and the battle is on. Angewomon has a nifty skill
called Saint Air (third skill), which heals your entire party by 2000 HP and
all status effects removed. Use that often in conjunction with her Holy
Arrow and you should do fine. I suggest also taking Garudamon and Angemon,
as they'll cause the most damage to him.

For beating him, you get a REALLY useful Digipiece called Super Charge ({C)
which boosts the ATK and DEF of the equipped Digimon by two ranks. Keep that
in mind.

And Vamdemon goes down, hard.

Episode 36 - "The Resurrected VenoVamdemon" [M36]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): VenoVamdemon (Twice)
Suggested Level: 55+

(The reason why this suggested level is so high is because this stage is
very, very, very good for grinding, so use and abuse that EXP doubler that
you have.)

Gennai drops yet another bomb that Vamdemon will revive. Head outside (go

You're outside now. Keep going down until you reach the next area.

Go down the middle path towards the convention center. The parents are still
comatose. Koushiro's parents (the only ones awake) decide this is the best
time to tell him that he's adopted, but he figured that out ages ago.
Koushiro still considers them his real parents and many d'awws were had. 

And thus, VenoVamdemon awakens.

There is a save point in front of him, and roaming "boss" Digimon around him.
Use this opportunity and grind like hell, because you won't get a great
opportunity to grind like this again.

When you're good and ready, head straight. I suggest bringing Angewomon for
this fight, because of that insanely useful healing skill. 

The kids figure out that the angels the prophecy Gennai spoke of are Angemon
and Angewomon, and that they have to shoot Taichi and Yamato to incur a
miracle. Yamato says they'll be fine, netting a rank up with Hikari. 

This miracle triggers Agumon and Gabumon's warp evolutions into WarGreymon
and MetalGarurumon.

This battle isn't difficult, but it certainly is lengthy. Just whittle down
his HP and heal as necessary. Make sure you have plenty of SP items too.

Beating him the first time (yes, you have to do this again) gives you Super
Counter, a useful skill that, when you're attacked, does damage back to your

Vamdemon's core is now exposed and you have to fight again. With the same HP
and SP as the last fight, as this is a consecutive battle.

He has one new attack, otherwise, rinse and repeat.

You get an EVO Boost II, which lets you start the battle at the Perfect level
if equipped.

After the fight, the parents are revived, but... something in the sky shocks
them all.

A floating continent of some kind. The kids figure out it's the digital world
and that something awful must've happened while they were away. They say
goodbye to their parents and leave.

And thus ends the incredibly long Vamdemon arc. Up next: the final arc of 
the show.

Episode 37 - "The Four Dark Masters!" [M37]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 55+

When the kids land, they notice they can see the Earth in sky. Something runs
away and Gomamon chases it. When you control Taichi, keep going.

When you enter the next area, Yamato will talk with you. Select option 2 to
rank up.

Hikari will talk with you. Select option 1 to rank up.

Head to the next area. Hikari will kindly lead Chuumon out. He explains that
Sukamon died in the Dark Masters' invasion and that everything has gone to

The Dark Masters are on Spiral Mountain. The group is then transported to
the stadium.

You get introduced to the Dark Masters via an animated clip. Piemon
curbstomps both the Ultimate levels. Piemon decides to kill Mimi first, but
Chuumon gets in the way, protecting her.

Piccolomon saves the kids and sends them away, and tries to hold off Piemon
himself. This is an automated battle, and Piccolomon will lose.

The kids manage to escape and the episode ends, unlocking episode 38.

Episode 38 - "A Nostalgic Beach" [M38]
Party Leader: Jou
Boss(es): Anomalocarimon
Suggested Level: 55+

The kids escaped, but feel guilty about Piccolomon. When you control Jou,
keep going through the areas. You'll eventually reach an area where you can
talk with your party.

Talk with Koushiro and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Hikari and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Takeru and select option 1 to rank up.

Head for the beach. Shellmon will attack you, but it's not a battle. Taichi
notes that they must be getting stronger, since the Child levels were able
to beat him. The other kids aren't as sure.

They see a beach shack. You have 2 options. I'll cover both.

- Option 1 (Don't you think it's a bit weird?):

The others will neglect this and head in, leaving only you and Mimi. It's a
trap, and you have to fight Anomalocarimon with only Jou and Mimi.

When you beat him, you net a rank up with both Taichi and Mimi

- Option 2 (That place is weird! I'm not going!):

The others will wonder why, and Anomalocarimon attacks, revealing it was a
trap. You get a rank up with Taichi and Yamato for avoiding the trap. You
have to fight him, but this time you have your whole party.

Regardless of the option you picked, Whamon comes after and takes the kids
into the sea to escape. MetalSeadramon is livid. This unlocks episode 39.

Episode 39 - "The King of the Sea, MetalSeadramon!" [M39]
Party Leader: Hikari
Boss(es): MetalSeadramon
Suggested Level: 57+

Whamon dives into the ocean, because they're being pursued by
MetalSeadramon's men. Inside Whamon, you can control Hikari.

Talk with Yamato and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Koushiro and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Jou and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Mimi and select option 1 to rank up.

The other 3 don't have rank up options. Just talk to them. 

Koushiro decides to abuse the power of echo location and asks Hikari to
whistle, really loud. It lets him know their surroundings.

You have a choice to go right (option 1) or left (option 2).

Go left.

Now you have 3 choices: to the right, inside the cave, or to the left.

If you want some more EXP, go inside the cave.

If not, go right.

You'll get the same 3 choices, go left (option 3).

Now you can only go right or left.

Go right.

You can talk with your party again.

Talk with Yamato and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Takeru and select option 1 to rank up.

Talk with Sora and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Mimi and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Jou and select option 2 to rank up.

Talk with Koushiro and select option 2 to rank up.

Taichi doesn't have a rank up option, so just talk with him.

They head for the beach, with MetalSeadramon on their tail. Whamon fights
him, but gets fatally wounded. And now, the fight against MetalSeadramon. 

I suggest bringing WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon for this, as it IS a Dark
Master. He won't give you much trouble though, just use Saint Air sparingly.

Defeating him makes the ocean part of Spiral Mountain disappear. The kids
are still upset about Whamon's sacrifice. You unlock episode 40, as well as
sidequest 18.

Sidequest 18 - "Whamon's Memorial" [SQ18]
Party Leader: Mimi
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 58+

Mimi decides that they need to make a grave for Whamon before moving on, and
Palmon suggests collecting flowers for it.

Collecting each flower nets you a rank up with a member of your party
(Hikari, Yamato, Koushiro, Takeru,  Jou).

The spirit of Whamon drops off an item for you. This is a Digipiece called
ATK Boost V, and I suggest equipping it to someone. He also gives you
Reagain, which gives the equipped digimon the skill Reagain, which gives 2
extra actions to a party digimon during their turn. Also useful.

Episode 40 - "A Dangerous Game with Pinocchimon" [M40]

Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Kiwimon
Suggested Level: 59+

When the level begins, there is unrest in the group. Mimi doesn't want to
fight anymore, and Yamato wants to know why they're the ones who have to do
this. You're presented with 3 options. 

-Option 1:
Nothing happens.

-Option 2:
In the next area, you get the chance to talk with your party. Talking with
Mimi gives you a rank up. The others will not. 

-Option 3:
Nothing happens, and everyone marvels at your jerky behavior.

The kids will be separated and mixed around by Pinocchimon. Yamato and
Takeru are attacked by him, and Pinocchimon forces Takeru to play with him
back at his house.

When you get control of Taichi, head towards the area with the save point
you were just in. You'll meet up with Mimi and Koushiro. Go into the next

Okay, this bit you need to use specific paths.

The place you entered the area from is the east path. There's one above that.
Take that path.

You'll be back in the area, on the bottom path. Take the east path.

Next, head for the bottom path.

You'll find Hikari and Jou.

Now head for the upper left path, and you'll be done.

You'll find Yamato.

Meanwhile, Takeru plays a few sadistic (hide and go kill) games with
Pinocchimon. He meets up with Patamon and manages to escape.

You'll be fighting Kiwimon now. Just pound him down with WarGreymon and you
should do fine.

Takeru comes back to the group, but Yamato, feeling insecure, leaves while
they're congratulating him on escaping. The episode ends and you unlock
episode 41 and sidequest 19.

Sidequest 19 - "The Injured Koromon" [SQ19]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 59+

Taichi and the group search for Yamato and come across an injured Koromon.
The Dark Masters apparently attacked the Koromon village from earlier.

Keep going until you find the other Koromon. Now you have to find medicine
for the Koromon. Backtrack through the stage, finding the blue sparkles.

When you find the first one, Hikari will ask you something. Select option 2
to rank up.

When you find the next one, Hikari will ask you something again. Select
option 1 to rank up.

When you find the last one, Koushiro will ask you something. Select option 2
to rank up.

For completing the mission, you get a Poison Guard Omega, which makes the
equipped digimon immune to poison.

Episode 41 - "A Clash! The Ultimate Digimon" [M41]
Party Leader: Taichi, Yamato
Boss(es): Jureimon, MetalGarurumon
Suggested Level: 60+

The group is still searching for Yamato. Hikari sees a light and wonders what
it was. Head through the area and train if you want.

When you get to a certain point, Taichi will stop and wonder what he's doing.

You're now in control of Yamato. Head through the area and you'll meet
Jureimon. You'll fight him, but even alone, he's rather easy to beat.

Jureimon says that the only way to sort out his feelings is to beat his
greatest obstacle, which conveniently is Taichi. That'll solve his problems.
Yamato buys this and Gabumon, being loyal, goes along with it.

Pinocchimon thinks turning Yamato against his friend is a marvelous idea and
goes to watch. Jureimon tells Pinocchimon to be careful, as the kids have
something that he doesn't. Pinocchimon doesn't like the implication he'd
lose, so he kills Jureimon.

Back with Taichi and crew, you'll be attacked by some Garbamon. Similar to
Phantomon, they also have an attack that can reduce you to 1 HP, so take
them out QUICK.

When you beat them, Yamato will come back, picking a fight with Taichi.
You'll have to fight with MetalGarurumon. 

I suggest equipping that Super Charge piece on Agumon for this fight,
as well as any ATK Boost pieces you can use.

When you beat him, the group is getting insanely broken up, but Hikari gets
possessed by some divinity for the Digital World.

And now, it's everyone's favorite time: EXPOSITION TIME!

The kids are shown a vision of the past, where the Digieggs of their current
partners were grown together, but the Dark Masters attacked, and in the
interim, Tailmon's egg was seperated from the rest (hence how Vamdemon found

You also get a look at how Gennai looks when he was young. The divinity
explains that all of them were chosen due to the event 4 years ago. The
power of their crests were taken from the strongest attributes they
exhibited at the time.

After the explanation, Yamato gets a rank up with Sora and Takeru. 

Mimi and Jou leave the group for a little while. This unlocks episode 42.

Episode 42 - "MetalEtemon's Counterattack!" [M42]
Party Leader: Jou
Boss(es): MetalEtemon
Suggested Level: 62+

When the episode begins, Mimi thanks Jou for coming with her and you get a
rank up between them. Palmon notices a very familiar meteor-object.

Meanwhile, Ogremon is running from a herd of Woodmon, who are pissed off at
him attacking them. The kids decide to help Ogremon, to his astonishment.

Suddenly, Pinocchimon shows up and decides to kill them. He's interrupted by
a familiar fabulous voice.

Etemon has returned, and he's evolved to his Ultimate level. The villains
fight over the right to kill the kids, and the kids themselves run away. 

The kids meet up with Leomon too, and he's managed to evolve to his Ultimate
level due to being exposed to the Digivice's light so many times during the
Devimon arc.

As of now, SabreLeomon and Ogremon join your party, leaving you with only
Gomamon. Keep on heading through the stage.

As a note, SabreLeomon begins every fight with 2000 HP, which may be a
programming error due to an event that happens in a bit.

You'll reach a desolate city area. Head to the Digitamamon's diner after
using the save point. You'll find the Geckomon and Otamamon. Apparently
their castle was also sieged by the Dark Masters.

MetalEtemon finds the kids and the digimon. He attacks Mimi, but SabreLeomon
takes the hit. Afterwards, Zudomon hits him with his hammer, which is made
of the same metal.

MetalEtemon's fight isn't bad, just try to keep SabreLeomon alive (use a
"Meat" on him if you can). Spam Hammer Throw (his second attack) as much as
you can.

For winning, you get an item called EVO Boost III, which when equipped, lets
your Digimon start the battle at the Ultimate level, if you unlocked it.
This is only applicable to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon at this point.

Leomon dies. Jou decides they have to gather up allies if they want to take
on the Dark Masters. And thus the episode ends. You unlock episode 43.

Episode 43 - "Pursuit! Defeat Pinocchimon!" [M43]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Deramon/Floramon, RedVegimon (x3), Pinocchimon
Suggested Level: 64+

The kids decide to go after Pinocchimon. Keep heading right. When you get to
Pinocchimon's house, Taichi plans to take the guards by surprise. Naturally,
you have to battle them.

You have to take out Deramon first, as he has an ability that shields
Floramon from damage after a certain point (more than likely Defend).
Floramon herself is really easy to beat.

For winning, you get Super Luck (^) which significantly increases your 
drop rate and Defend, the ability Deramon was using.

Turns out Deramon and Floramon are actually good Digimon, they're just
working for Pinocchimon because they fear for their lives.

Pinocchimon finds them, but runs away. Chase after him. 

When you find him again, he'll sic three RedVegimon on you. They're
laughably weak, so crush them.

In the confusion, Pinocchimon escaped. Chase after him again.

When you find him again, this time you can fight him. He's not a difficult
boss (easier than MetalEtemon, actually) so you shouldn't have much trouble
against him.

When you beat him, you get a Digipiece called Tera Heal, which lets the
equipped digimon restore the health of one of your party Digimon completely.

Pinocchimon runs away, but gets killed by MetalGarurumon and Yamato who still
don't feel like rejoining the party just yet.

The episode ends, and you unlock episode 44 and sidequest 20.

Sidequest 20 - "Piccolomon's Memorial" [SQ20]
Party Leader: Hikari
Boss(es): Digitamamon
Suggested Level: 65+

Hikari is feeling guilty they never made a grave for Piccolomon and decides
to gather flowers and other offerings for it.

When you're in front of Pinocchimon's house, talk with Koushiro and select
option 1 to rank up.

Head to the next area. Go down and talk with Sora. Select option 1 to rank

When you find one, Taichi will mess with you. Select option 2 to rank up.

When you collect all of them, the kids will set up a grave. Digitamamon will
attack, smelling the food. He's a pushover now, considering you're much
higher levels than when you last met.

For your troubles, you get a Defense Boost V and an apology. The episode ends

Episode 44 - "Orders to Bomb! Mugendramon!" [M44]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Mechadramon (x2)
Suggested Level: 65+

When you start the episode, Hikari collapses from a terrible cold (OH GOD,
HEALER DOWN). The kids take her to a city area and let her rest. Taichi and
Koushiro head out to bring back some medicine.

Taichi leaves everything in Takeru's hands, netting an automatic rank up.

In the city, you'll need to head for the hospital. Just keep going to the
upper left. The hospital will have a save point in front of it.

Unfortunately, there is no more cold medicine in the hospital, but Koushiro
hooks up his computer to track down the other hospitals.

His signal is tracked by Mugendramon's men and his army is sent out. 

Outside the hospital, you'll be met with 2 Mechadramons. They're insanely
easy to take out, so don't worry about them.

Here you'll be introduced to Megadramon and Gigadramon. They give very good
EXP, and since you're near a save point, it'd be good for training. Abuse
the EXP doubler.

You can't go back the way you came, so go to the church to hide. Koushiro
will figure out how they found them and set up decoys so that they can
escape. In the church, Taichi explains that Hikari was once deathly ill and
almost didn't make it due to a childish mistake on his part many a year ago.
Hence why he's so desperate. Koushiro sympathizes and you get a rank up
between them.

Mugendramon, unfazed, orders his forces to bomb the entire city.

Now head back to the mansion (the place you started from).

When you get there, a missile hits the the house and blows it up.
Thankfully, Angemon is there to save the day (as he is wont), and it's
revealed that the kids made it out in time.

Mugendramon arrives on the scene and blasts a hole through the ground, both
separating the group and throwing them underground.

This unlocks episode 45.

Episode 45A - "The Diabolical WaruMonzaemon" [M45A]
Party Leader: Hikari
Boss(es): WaruMonzaemon
Suggested Level: 66+

Hikari wakes up, having got over her cold. Her group is in the sewers. You
get an automatic rank up with both Takeru and Sora.

When you go upstairs, Takeru will ask you something. Select option 2. Sora
and Takeru will rank up.

Go all the way to the upper right, there should be a large room and a save
point there.

Head on in. The Numemon are enslaved, with WaruMonzaemon as their taskmaster. 

Hikari falls ill and collapses, and the other 2 lead WaruMonzaemon away. 

Hikari, due to her compassion, is heralded by the Numemon as their lord and
savior. The others crash through the roof. The Numemon decide to defend
their lord and savior. The big black teddy knocks them around and Hikari
becomes all God Mode, prepping the Digimon for a fight.

The only attack of his that's annoying is his Heartbreak Attack, which
lowers your stats. Use stat boosters to cancel the effects and you'll do

After the fight, the episode ends and you unlock the second half of episode

Episode 45B - "A Reunion! Overthrow Mugendramon" [M45B]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Mugendramon
Suggested Level: 68+

Taichi is still looking for Hikari. Head through the stage. When you get to a
certain point, you'll meet up with Andromon. And he's a support character
for this stage.

When you get to a point, you'll run into Mugendramon. The game will make you
head back. Go to the start of the area. You'll meet Hikari and the rest.
And now, use that save point and be ready for the boss fight.

Head back up. Hikari will stand against Mugendramon herself, but the Numemon
come to her aide. They get killed, which triggers a power from Hikari.
Agumon warp evolves into WarGreymon and the battle is on.

Mugendramon's battle isn't hard, but it certainly is lengthy and his
Infinity Cannon can be a pain, so just keep using Saint Air and any other
healing items you wish.

And so, the third master is down. One more to go. The episode ends and you
unlock episode 46.

Episode 46A - "A Woman's Battle! LadyDevimon!" [M46A]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): LadyDevimon
Suggested Level: 70+

And now the kids head up Spiral Mountain to confront LadyDevimon. Head on up.

When you get halfway up, you'll stop and you can talk with your group.

Talk with Sora and select option 2 for a rank up.

The others don't have rank up options, but talk to them. When you get control
back, use that save point, switch Tailmon into your party if you didn't
already, and be ready for a boss fight.

The kids can now see Piemon's castle, but he's sent out a welcoming party,
in the form of LadyDevimon.

Angewomon will cause the most damage to her, so I suggest using stat
boosters on her and pummel this witch into the ground.

Beating her gets you a Cure All Digipiece, which gives the equipped Digimon
the skill to remove all status afflictions.

Piemon has now decided to make his presence known. Taichi asks Sora and
Takeru to look for the rest of the kids while he and Agumon hold off Piemon.
Sora and Takeru head off on Birdramon.

The episode ends and you unlock the second half of the episode.

Episode 46B - "A Fight with Darkness" [M46B]
Party Leader: Jou, Yamato
Boss(es): Evilmon
Suggested Level: 70+

We're now back with Jou and company. They brought along Meramon and
Yukidarumon and are slowly but surely getting their allies together.

That night, Jou takes guard duty from Ogremon. He then decides to go looking
for the others, with Mimi in tow.

Head through the area. When you get to the next area, you'll be met with the
Origin Village in shambles. 

Suddenly, you'll hear a familiar tune. Thinking it may be Yamato's harmonica,
they head out.

Keep going straight and go to the path to the left.

Now keep going and you'll eventually find Elecmon. Talk with him.

They'll convince him to go with them. Elecmon tells them that he saw a human
with a Gabumon leaving on a swan boat and Jou makes the connection that
that's Yamato and goes alone to find him.

Meanwhile, Yamato confronts his inner demons with Gabumon's help and gets
through his teen angst and self-loathing.

He instantly meets up with Jou when he escapes the darkness. An Evilmon
attacks, but between MetalGarurumon and Zudomon, he should go down really

They hear a scream and head off.

Back with Takeru and Sora, Sora is feeling stressed out about the burden
they have and the feeling that she doesn't want to let Taichi down. It
eventually swallows her up (literally). Yamato and Jou find Takeru and the
3 of them head down to rescue Sora.

Head all the way to the back of the cave. 

Yamato explains that he went through the same thing and that it's literally
the darkness in someone's heart that materializes the cave. He and Jou help
Sora get over it like Gabumon did for Yamato (although there's less biting
involved) and Sora gets a rank up with Yamato and Jou. With the group
assembled, they head back to help Taichi.

Episode 47 - "The Hellish Clown, Piemon!" [M47]
Party Leader: Taichi, Koushiro, Sora, Takeru
Boss(es): Piemon (Thrice)
Suggested Level: 73+

Piemon is wiping the floor with WarGreymon, and makes Agumon devolve. At the
last second, everyone arrives as back up.

Head near Piemon and your first battle with him starts. As a note, I suggest
having Angemon and Angewomon in your party, as they deal the most damage to 

Being a funny man, Piemon starts turning everyone into keychains. The rest of
the kids escape into the castle.

Keep heading straight. Piemon will appear before the group again and turn a
few more into keychains.

You're now in control of Sora. Head towards the back. Sora will be turned
into a keychain, leaving you with only Takeru and Hikari. They manage to

Keep heading straight.

Hikari will ask you a question. Select option 2 to rank up.

Head outside. You're at the top of the castle and it's a long climb down.
Piemon finds them. Patamon evolves into Angemon, but he gets beaten.

In his mind, Yamato gives him some words of encouragement, and Takeru,
filled with new hope, stands against Piemon. This triggers Angemon's
evolution into HolyAngemon.

And now, with both angels in their Perfect forms, you fight Piemon once more.
Be very, very thankful that these 2 can do amazing damage to him.

HolyAngemon's first tech is "Heaven's Gate", and it's an amazing attack,
mostly due to it being able to Shock and Break at the same time. Use it and
abuse it.

You get a Digipiece called "Healthy Kid" (NDǎ), which increases your
defense against status afflictions.

HolyAngemon restores the party. Piemon, being a tad mad, summons up a horde
of Evilmon. Of course, their Digimon allies show up to even the score,
leaving Piemon to you.

Make sure HolyAngemon and Angewomon are in your party, heal them as
necessary, and head off for your third battle with Piemon.

For beating him, you get a Digipiece called Double Action (2 s) which
lets the equipped Digimon get 2 actions per turn instead of one. Really
useful for the next part, so I suggest equipping it.

HolyAngemon opens up his Heaven's Gate and the Evilmon and Piemon are locked
away, never to be heard from again.

The kids rejoice, but Koushiro says that the real enemy wasn't the Dark
Masters, but something else entirely. This entity swallows the Digimon and
kids whole, and the episode ends.

This unlocks episode 48.

NOTE: It is suggested here that you go to the newest Digital Dungeon and
grind your Digimon to the late 60s at least. The upcoming bosses WILL be a
pain in the butt otherwise. There's a grind spot in Apocalymon's area, but
it's not nearly as useful. 

Episode 48 - "The Last Evil Digimon!" [M48]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Apocalymon (Twice), MetalEtemon, Pinocchimon, VenoVamdemon,
Mugendramon, MetalSeadramon, Piemon
Suggested Level: 75+

The kids are inside this mysterious space of darkness and are contacted by
Gennai. He explains the origin of the evil plaguing the Digital World and
that the original chosen children locked him away. The transmission ends and
you're in control.

Use the save point if you want and then just keep heading straight. You'll
run into Apocalymon. 

Apocalymon explains that he is composed of the Digimon who were defeated,
who were unable to evolve. He's the product of despair and loneliness and
wants the world to feel the same way.

The kids actually feel bad for him, but won't let him destroy anything. And
so the first battle with him starts.

He's actually not that hard this time around, just whittle him down
(my suggestion is to use HolyAngemon for this fight, as Heaven's Gate is a
very useful move).

For winning, you get another EVO Boost III, which lets you start the battle
at Ultimate level.

Apocalymon devolves all of the Digimon and destroys the tags and crests. He
digitizes the kids and sends them away.

Inside the digital space, the kids all realize that the power of the crests,
as attributes, were inside them all along and you get treated to a fun
montage of all the evolutions up to this point. With their resolve to return
home stronger than ever, they rematerialize into Apocalymon's dimension.

Apocalymon, unimpressed, heads deeper into his dimension. You now have 7
doors in front of you. 3 to the left, a big one in the center with locks and
chains on it, and 3 to the right. Each door has a past digimon boss that you
have to beat to unlock the door in the center.

One thing to say: if you've been following this guide all along and have made
the correct answers to most of the bond questions, each character should have
an upwards of 35+ bond points, specifically with all the bond ranks above 5,
but this depends on your choices in those situations where you had to chose
who to bond with.

To check, go to the main menu (press Triangle), click on Status (it's the
third option), select a Digimon, and go to "Bond Rank", which is the second
option. Let's say I select Agumon. When you go to bond rank, you'll see
Taichi's bond points. Add them up. For Taichi and Yamato, the total doesn't
matter, but everyone else should have more than 35 bond points.

The reason why is because, if you don't have enough bond points, you won't
unlock the Ultimate evolutions for the other digimon. When you go into a
door, you'll unlock an evolution. The doors are, going from left to right:

MetalEtemon - Unlocks Rosemon
Pinocchimon - Unlocks Seraphimon
VenoVamdemon - Unlocks Ophanimon
Mugendramon - Unlocks HeraclesKabuterimon
MetalSeadramon - Unlocks Vikemon
Piemon - Unlocks Hououmon

Your party will be that Ultimate Digimon and WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.
If you don't have enough bond points (or the wrong combination of them),
you'll just fight the boss with your current party and not get the evolution
(don't worry, you have a chance to get them later).

The bosses haven't actually changed, aside from higher stats than before,
so just make sure everyone is at least level 70 or above for these fights.
Beating each of them gives you a different Digipiece.

MetalEtemon - Cure All+ (Heals status afflictions for the entire party)
Pinocchimon - Tera Heal+ (Restores entire party to full HP)
VenoVamdemon - EVO Boost II (Starts battle at Perfect level)
Mugendramon - DEF Charge Omega (Boosts entire party's DEF to max)
MetalSeadramon - ATK Charge Omega (Boosts entire party's ATK to max)
Piemon - Ultra Counter (Deals critical damage when equipped digimon is hit)

When you're done with all the bosses, use the save point and head for the
big door. I suggest using some of those Digipieces, like ATK and DEF Charge
Omega, as they will be very useful. I also suggest bringing Ophanimon for
her Heaven's Air tech, which can clear all status affections and restore the
party to full HP.

Now head over to Apocalymon's door and prepare for battle. He's much
stronger now, and he can do 3 actions in a turn instead of 2. This is
precisely why I suggest using that Double Action on either Ophanimon or your
heaviest hitter. Spam stat boosters and stat downers like crazy and beat him

When you're done, you'll get a Digipiece called Super Healthy Kid, which
makes you immune to all status effects.

The kids' Digivices contain Apocalymon's self-destruction attack and... it's

The kids have finally brought peace to the digital world. They meet up with
their Digimon allies and the episode ends.

This unlocks episode 49.

Episode 49 - "A Brand New World" [M49]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: N/A

With everything done, the kids want to take a group photo to commemorate the
event. Andromon offers to take the picture. Talk with him and select option
1 to take it.

In the middle of it, a Digiegg hatches, photobombing them.

Ogremon leaves, feeling a little weird with all the mushy stuff.

The kids head back to the lake where they were attacked by Seadramon. They
decide, since time works differently in the digital world than the real one,
to stay in the digital world for the rest of their summer vacation. 

These plans are cut short due to the portal between their worlds closing.
The kids and Digimon are heartbroken, but they come to grips with it, each
spending some final moments with their Digimon.

Except Palmon, and Mimi is a wreck looking for her. Palmon doesn't want to
say goodbye. 

When you're ready, talk with Gennai and select option 1.

The kids leave, promising to come back someday, and the kids leave with that
bus, that can apparently fly.

Palmon rushes out and hurried says her goodbye, while Mimi loses her hat
from waving too hard.

And the credits roll. Thus completes the events of the TV series.

After the credits, you flash forward a few months and Taichi catches up with
the gang. Yamato is becoming interested in rock music. Jou is studying for
his middle school entrance exams. Takeru and Hikari are becoming friends in
normal conditions with Hikari convinced they will return to the Digital
World. Koushiro is researching the Digital World and methods to return.
Mimi is living happily with her family. Perhaps most importantly, Sora is
quitting soccer in favor of tennis, and is thinking of wearing skirts.
Taichi doesn't care, which angers her.  

This unlocks episode 50, the beginning of the events of the movie.

Episode 50A - "Our War Game, Beginning" [M50A]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Keramon
Suggested Level: 75+

At the start of the episode, Koushiro runs to Taichi's place to warn him
about a Digimon ravaging the internet. And it's eating data to evolve. 

Thankfully, Gennai lets Agumon and Tentomon into the internet to deal with
this. Taichi tries to give the other kids a call, but they're all varying
degrees of unavailable.

You're now in control of Agumon, and can walk inside the internet. There's
wild Digimon and item boxes here too, because information is pouring out of
the digital world and onto the network.

Keep going straight until you reach a room with a Dokugumon (that's the
spider) in it. Take the portal in the upper right.

You should be in a room with a save point. Use it if you want and go on.

You'll be fighting Keramon, and sadly you can only use your Adult levels for
this (for now). But Keramon's relatively easy to beat, so it shouldn't be

Keramon, unamused, evolves to Infermon, and he shrugs off their attacks
easily. Koushiro deduces that Infermon skipped the Adult level and went
straight to the Perfect level, so the kids decide to make them evolve to
even the playing field, but Infermon, in an ingenious move, attacks WHILE
they're evolving.

Infermon makes his escape and the episode ends.

Episode 50B - "Our War Game, Middle" [M50B]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Infermon
Suggested Level: 77+

Taichi still can't get in touch with anyone, and Infermon's in the phone
lines, knocking out their internet (haha, remember those?). Koushiro goes to
find a solution.

Meanwhile, Sora is outside Taichi's apartment, awaiting his apology
(he kind of pissed her off during the epilogue because he's dense). Finally,
Koushiro returns with a satellite uplink and they're able to get back online,
with Yamato and Takeru this time.

Head through the net and you'll eventually reach a save point. Infermon's
in the next room. For this fight, you're only using WarGreymon and

Afterwards, Patamon and Tentomon decide to help, but Infermon evolves to
Diablomon and takes them out.

Koushiro, due to drinking a bit too much oolong tea, can't hold it any
longer and escapes to the bathroom. Taichi hits the computer, and gets a
blue screen of death (remember that one?).

The episode ends there.

Episode 50C - "Our War Game, End" [M50C]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Diablomon
Suggested Level: 78+

Koushiro comes back and scolds Taichi. When they get back online, Yamato is
livid, and their Digimon are down. 

Diablomon is now multiplying, and to top it off, he's launched a missile,
headed straight for them. Against so many, the Ultimates can't do anything
and are beaten, badly.

Their movements are slowing down, due to everyone in the world e-mailing
them at once.

Taichi and Yamato go inside the internet, since their bond is so strong,
and their Digimon fuse together to become Omegamon.

Omegamon wipes out all the clones except for one. Koushiro forwards all the
mail to Diablomon and slows him down enough for Omegamon to fight him.

Just spam Omega Blade (his third attack) and you'll win in no time

For beating him, you get a REALLY useful Digipiece called Infinite SP, which
reduces all of your evolutions and skills to 0 SP.

Omegamon kills him just in time, and the missile lands harmlessly.

Sora gets Taichi's e-mail and laughs, and the episode ends.

And now, the special cross over post-game story begins with episode 51.

Episode 51 - "A Digimon Who Trains? Hackmon" [M51]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): N/A
Suggested Level: 80+
Floors in Dungeon: 13

You wake up in a Digital Dungeon, but Taichi and Agumon wonder where they
are. Hackmon meets with them and demands a fight with Agumon, but Taichi
plays mediator and says that they should look for an exit before anything.

Head through the dungeon. Just look for the gold warp point on each floor to
progress. The digital dungeons are usually 3x3 or 4x4 squares, and the gold
warp point is usually in one of the 4 corners, normally in the most opposite
direction the purple gate is.

When you get to the second area (it's floor 7), you'll be treated to a
cutscene where Hackmon and Taichi speak.

Keep going. You'll eventually hit the third area, which is floor 13.
Hackmon and Taichi say their goodbyes, and the episode ends.

Episode 52 - The Crossover Spectacular [M52]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): Magnamon C, Dukemon C, KaiserGreymon C, ShineGreymon C,
OmegaShoutmon C, Arrestdramon C
Suggested Level: 99
Floors in Dungeon: 13 in all of them.

When you head back into the dungeon, you'll see Hackmon again, but the main
thing is that you'll meet Daisuke of Digimon Adventure 02. After going over
some confusing details (see the translation section for the entire dialogue),
Daisuke joins your party, and Magnamon is now a support Digimon.

You'll get another piece of dialogue in the second area. Keep going.

When you hit the third area, you'll see a darkness that materializes into a
Magnamon clone. I suggest having Double Action, Infinite SP and Super Charge
equipped for this and the remainder of the arc (ATK Boost V or Omega works

Really, the rest of the missions work this way too. Meet a new lead, have
them as a support character, and fight their clone in the third area. The
only worthwhile thing about these is basically the dialogue, which as shown
below, I've provided for you.

So this section covers the following episodes:
-The One with Golden Armor! Magnamon!
-The Crimson Knight, Dukemon!
-The Dragon Warrior, KaiserGreymon!
-The Dragon of Light, ShineGreymon!
-Shout it Out! OmegaShoutmon!
-The Feral Dragon, Arrestdramon!

When you're done with all the missions, you unlock the final mission of the

Episode 53 - The Big Gathering! The Final Battle! [M53]
Party Leader: Taichi
Boss(es): WarGreymon C, Gankuumon
Suggested Level: 99
Floors in Dungeon: N/A

Well this is it. The final mission in the game. All the goggle boys are here,
and they're ready to stop the core to the digital dungeon before it goes
haywire. For this mission, you'll have to choose 2 party members. The options
will read

>"[NAME], come with me!"
>"I'll bring someone else..."

The order of the people is how you met them. Daisuke, Takato, Takuya, Masaru,
Taiki, Tagiru.

I highly suggest Daisuke and Taiki, as Magnamon and OmegaShoutmon are great
support digimon.

When you select your party members, you'll automatically go to the core, and
there a WarGreymon clone spawns. He's not necessarily a strong enemy, but
make sure you have near full health when you beat him, for the next step.

When you beat him, the boys stop the core and are approached by Gankuumon.

As a reward, he battles you and I'm warning you: he's the hardest boss in
the game. Spam the ever loving heck out of stat boosters and stat downers
and heal a party member if they go under 5000 HP. I really, really recommend
you are level 99 for this fight, to make things slightly easier.

When you defeat him, Gankuumon lets the boys go home, but their memories
will be erased of the Digital Dungeons. The boys are fine with this and
promise to meet each other again someday.

And you've beaten the game! This unlocks New Game+, which lets you play
through the game again, but all your items, Digipieces, levels and evolutions
carry over. The only thing that is reset is bond rank, but that's okay. If
you follow this guide, you should have enough bond rank for any evolutions
you may have missed on your first playthrough.

This also unlocks Digital Dungeon Eta, the last digital dungeon and the one
with the strongest digimon (also the longest of the bunch).

So yes. Enjoy massacring the story with your advanced evolutions and high
levels. :D

TRANSLATIONS - Post-Game Episodes [TLA]
A Digimon Who Trains? Hackmon [Z1]
The One with Golden Armor! Magnamon! [Z2]
The Crimson Knight, Dukemon! [Z3]
The Dragon Warrior, KaiserGreymon! [Z4]
The Dragon of Light, ShineGreymon! [Z5]
Shout it Out! OmegaShoutmon! [Z6]
The Feral Dragon, Arrestdramon! [Z7]
The Big Gathering! The Final Battle! [Z8]

A Digimon Who Trains? Hackmon [Z1]
Taichi: Ugh.... uh....
Agumon: Taichi! Wake up! Hey Taichi!
Taichi: A... Agumon? You're here?
Agumon: Yep. I got here before you did and noticed when you dropped in.
Taichi: What about the others?
Agumon: Nope. We're the only ones.
Taichi: B-But that's impossible, we all went to Tokyo from the Digital World
Taichi: I should still be sleeping near the campfire, like always.
Agumon: So is this a dream then?
Taichi: A dream...? But if that's true, how can we both be having the same
Agumon: So then it's not a dream?
Agumon: W-Who's that?
Taichi: Whoever it is is coming closer.
Hackmon: Don't move!
Taichi: A Digimon! Who... are you?
Hackmon: That's my line! Now, what are you doing here?
Agumon: We're not suspicious! We just noticed we were here!
Hackmon: Is that so?
Hackmon: Hm, you guys are really strong!
Taichi: Wha-?
Hackmon: If you're that strong, why not have a duel?
Agumon: Y-You mean me?
Hackmon: Yes!
Agumon: T-Taichi...
Taichi: W-Wait a second! I don't think you should be so hasty.
Hackmon: I prefer you refer to me as Hackmon, not "you".
Taichi: Hackmon then.... why do you want to fight with Agumon?
Hackmon: Why? Because fighting strong guys gets my heart a pumpin'!
Hackmon: I don't know why I was brought here...
Hackmon: But I want to fight you!
Taichi: You were brought here?
Hackmon: Yes, I was doing some special training in the mountains before
coming here...
Hackmon: And when I opened your eyes, I was here!
Hackmon: I didn't see anything because I was drowsy at the time, so I though
someone must've been behind this.
Taichi: Someone planned this?
Agumon: !!
Taichi: What's wrong Agumon?
Agumon: I forgot to mention this...
Agumon: I got drowsy too, and I sensed someone was there before being
brought here.
Taichi: Wha- Why didn't you say anything?
Agumon: I thought it was just a dream.
Taichi: I guess it can't be helped...
Hackmon: In that case, we should stick together for now.
Agumon: Well, thanks!
Hackmon: No "thanks". I want a duel.
Agumon: Ah... yeah... Taichi?
Taichi: How about we look for an exit first?
Agumon: Yeah! We should do that first! Let's go look for it now!
Hackmon: Hmmm....
Agumon: Something the matter?
Hackmon: Some people might leave when out of trouble.
Hackmon: Are you really allies?
Hackmon: Because allies help each other right?
Taichi: What about it?
Hackmon: Well if you return...
Hackmon: Very well! After we get out I'll show you my strength!
Taichi: Well... I guess that's fine.
Agumon: I'm a bit worried...

Hackmon: Say Taichi, you're not a digimon right?
Taichi: Right. I come from the real world to visit to Digital World.
Hackmon: Why did you leave the real world?
Taichi: Well I couldn't go back to my own world for sometime, for various
Agumon: Hey Hackmon, what do you normally do?
Hackmon: I train to get stronger!
Taichi: That's it?
Hackmon: Yep! I want to fulfill my dream!
Agumon: What's that?
Hackmon: Ehehehe, that's a secret!
Agumon: Tch... scrooge.

Agumon: Look! The exit!
Hackmon: It's true!
Taichi: So we can leave now?
Hackmon: Say Agumon, come back some time.
Agumon: Say what?
Hackmon: I always fight someone I meet.
Agumon: Wha- Are you serious?
Hackmon: Absolutely! It's all to become stronger!
Taichi: Hahaha... looks like we'll have to watch ourselves.
Agumon: What are you saying, Taichi...
Taichi: Well, ciao, Hackmon!
Hackmon: Bye! Good luck!

The One with Golden Armor! Magnamon! [Z2]
Taichi: Hackmon! You're here too?
Agumon: That's impossible!
Hackmon: You couldn't get out of here?
Agumon: That's weird... I thought for sure we left...
Hackmon: I wonder if we're actually trapped...
Taichi: No way...
Agumon: Last time we talked, Hackmon, you said you were brought here by
someone else...
Taichi: Wha-
Taichi: ... Someone's coming.
Daisuke: Taichi~!
V-mon: Agumon~!
Taichi: Who the heck are you?!
Daisuke: I knew it, it is you Taichi! And you're with Agumon?!
Taichi: I can't understand you!
Daisuke: Tch. C'mon Taichi, remember me! Look, see these? These goggles here?
Taichi: Goggles?
Daisuke: These were your goggles before! I'm your junior, Daisuke Motomiya!
Taichi: ... This scratch... it's the same as mine!
Daisuke: Back in Odaiba, me, Hikari and Takeru are all 5th graders in the
same class.
Taichi: But... Takeru is a second grader.
Daisuke: What are you talking about? ... Huh? Aren't you a bit shorter than
Daisuke: V-mon, am I dreaming?
V-mon: You sure about that? {BAM}
Daisuke: T-That hurt..... I'm so not dreaming...
V-mon: Daisuke! I guess I put a little too much power into that...
Daisuke: Ugh... uh...
V-mon: Daisuke! You're awake!
Taichi: You alright, Daisuke?
Daisuke: Taichi... that you?
Taichi: V-mon told us everything while you checked out.
Agumon: You and V-mon came from 3 years into the future!
Daisuke: So... this is you 3 years ago?
Taichi: But what's this mean?
Agumon: Looks like this dimension connects to another time too....
Hackmon: Hold up, I'm not getting any of this.
Taichi: But Daisuke, what are you going to do now?
Daisuke: It's decided! We're going with Taichi!
V-mon: Go! Go!
Daisuke: Takeru and Hikari are going to be so jealous of our adventure here!
Taichi: Are you sure?
Daisuke: Now let's go make a bang! C'mon V-mon!
Vmon: Yeah!

Daisuke: So I was going home from school right, and then a black mist
appeared... I think.
V-mon: That's when we got here.
Taichi: It's the same story as Hackmon...
Hackmon: Hey, Taichi! Hey!
Taichi: What's wrong Hackmon?
Hackmon: I've been thinking...
Hackmon: Are Agumon and V-mon your servants?
Daisuke: V-mon's... my servant?!
Taichi: No no. Agumon is my friend, my partner.
Hackmon: Ah... where'd you meet them?
Taichi: Hm... let's see...
Daisuke: In my time, I went to the Digital World and released a Digimental.
Daisuke: And V-mon woke up.
Vmon: Yep yep.
Taichi: Me and Agumon met on File Island for the first time.
Agumon: I was a Koromon back then.
Hackmon: Well then Taichi, be my partner!
Taichi: Say what?!
Agumon: Uh, no! Taichi is MY partner.
Hackmon: Then I'll fight you for him. If I win, Taichi is MY partner!
Agumon: Like I'd agree to that!
Hackmon: How cruel of you, Agumon!
Taichi: Hey hey! I get a say in this too!
Hackmon: Tch. Where could he be? My partner!
Taichi: I wonder what kind of person they'd be, Hackmon.

V-mon: Ah, over there!
Daisuke: The exit!
Taichi: What in the...
Agumon: Taichi!

(Evil Clone Magnamon Appears)

Daisuke: That's... Magnamon?!
V-mon: That's my clone?!
Hackmon: What'll we do, Taichi?
Taichi: "What'll we do"? We'll beat him and keep going!
Hackmon: Then I'll sit back and watch!
Agumon: Huh? You're not fighting?!
Hackmon: I only fight really strong enemies, and that guy isn't one!
Taichi: Oh well, let's go guys!


Daisuke: How 'bout that! You twobit copy!
V-mon: We did it!
Taichi: Great job everyone!
Agumon: Now we can go home!
Daisuke: Wait a sec! Taichi!
V-mon: Uoof!
Daisuke: What's up with this? Are we stuck here?!
Taichi: What's going on?!
Agumon: I don't get it, but maybe it's because the door doesn't stay open
once someone goes through?
V-mon: Aw!
Hackmon: I guess you guys are trapped here too?
Daisuke: Aw, no way! I thought I was going to have an epic adventure with
Taichi: It was nice working with you, Daisuke.
Taichi: But we'll find out why we came to this dimension.
Taichi: We'll definitely meet again if we keep on digging deeper!
Daisuke: You think it'll work out?
V-mon: Can you believe in him?
Daisuke: ... Yeah. Yes I can! We'll believe in your words, Taichi!
Taichi: Alright. We'll meet again!
Daisuke: Taichi~! Be careful~!
Taichi: You too!
Daisuke: He's still the same old Taichi, no matter what age he is.
Daisuke: V-mon, let's go our own way.
Vmon: Yay! Let's go!

The Crimson Knight! Dukemon! [Z3]
Guilmon: Takatooooooo I'm hungryyyyyy.
Takato: Shhhhhh Guilmon, they'll hear us!
Taichi: What's your name?
Takato: I-We are... well...
Hackmon: He asked for your name.
Guilmon: I'm Guilmon!
Takato: Um. I'm Takato Matsuda. You're traveling with Digimon too?
Taichi: Yep! I'm Taichi Yagami, and this is Agumon!
Agumon: Nice to meet ya~
Takato: Taichi Yagami?! Agumon?!
Taichi: ?? Something wrong?
Takato: Not really... but you have the same name as a famous Tamer.
Guilmon: Hey Agumon, Takato is big fan of your Tamer.
Takato: Guilmon, shhhhhhh!
Taichi: Hm?
Takato: W-We were just talking. Hahaha....
Hackmon: So why were you hiding?
Guilmon: Who're you?
Hackmon: I'm Hackmon! I love fighting strong guys!
Guilmon: I love eating Takato's yummy bread!
Hackmon: What kind of attitude is that?
Taichi: Anyways, what are you guys doing here?
Takato: Umm... After school, I was bringing some bread from home to Guilmon's
Guilmon: I was gonna eat some yummy bread, but then a swishy swish darkness
Takato: And the next thing I knew, we were here.
Taichi: A dark mist.... So it's here too.
Takato: There it is!
(Black mist is behind them)
Black mist: ... Go...
Agumon: It's really here!
Taichi: What is it saying?
Black mist: Go... further inside.
Hackmon: What do you want? We're already here!
Taichi: Yeah! What more do you want?!
Black mist: Fight.... defeat your enemies, go further if you want to go home.
Taichi: W-Wait! Who are you?!
(Black mist is gone)
Takato: He's gone...
Taichi: Dangit.
Hackmon: O~~~~i. You can run, but we'll get you!
Agumon: Defeat our enemies and go onward... that's what it said.
Taichi: We don't need to listen to what it says.
Agumon: But if we want this to end, don't you think we should keep going
Hackmon: Well, he did say to beat our enemies, even if they aren't real.
Taichi: Well we can't do anything standing around here. If we want to get
back, we'll have to do it.
Hackmon: Let's go everybody!
Takato: Um... We'll go too!
Guilmon: Yeah!
Taichi: Sure. It'd be reassuring to have you.

Guilmon: Hey, Takato?
Takato: What's up, Guilmon?
Guilmon: Why are you keeping it a secret we've seen Taichi and Agumon before?
Takato: Do you think they'd believe me if I said that?
Guilmon: Yep!
Takato: If I said that, I think I'd just confuse them.
Guilmon: Think so?
Takato: If I told them that Digimon was super popular in our world, they'd
be super shocked.
Takato: Besides, I'm happy enough just adventuring with someone I admire.
Taichi: Oi! Takato!
Takato: Yes, Taichi?!
Taichi: Break's over, we're leaving!
Takato: Alright, we're coming!
Takato: The kids back at school are never going to believe this.
Guilmon: Takato, you look really happy!
Takato: Remember, this is a secret, boy.
Guilmon: Kay! 

Guilmon: Takato, there's the exit!
Takato: Alright!
Guilmon: Yay!
Hackmon: W-Wait Guilmon!
(Evil Clone Dukemon appears)
Guilmon: Wha? There's more than one of me?!
Takato: Is that Guilmon's clone?
Agumon: I knew it! It happened again!
Hackmon: Taichi, Guilmon needs help!
Taichi: Yeah, let's do it!


Guilmon: Well we won, but that was weird....
Takato: Yeah, we're pretty worn out.
Hackmon: Well, you guys weren't expecting that were ya?
Taichi: Hey, this isn't a game here!
Hackmon: It's fine!~
Taichi: Well, guess it's time to go. I guess this is where we say bye,
Takato: Wha- But why?!
Taichi: Well... I want to keep on going, to explore the lower levels and
meet others.
Takato: I see... Well then, Taichi, can you do me one favor?
Taichi: A favor? What is it?
Takato: Can you shake my hand?!
Taichi: Wha-
Takato: Please! I'm begging you!
Taichi: Well... Okay.
(Handshake occurs)
Guilmon: Good for you, Takato.
Taichi: Don't know what that was about, but I'm glad I could help!
Taichi: Whelp, time for us to go!
Taichi: Find a way out of here, okay?!
Takato: You got it!
Hackmon: Good luck~!
Guilmon: I wanna eat your yummy bread now!
Takato: Okay! We'll definitely find a way out, boy.

The Dragon Warrior! KaiserGreymon! [Z4]
Agumon: Aww... we keep going and going, but it all looks the same.
Hackmon: Darn black mist... what is it planning?
Taichi: If we just sit here, we can't do anything. Let's try and find some
clue or something.
Agumon: !! Who's that over there?!
Agnimon: There you are.
Agumon: Y-You mean us?!
Agnimon: Playing dumb? This time I'll settle things!
Agumon: I have no idea what you're talking about!
Hackmon: Agumon, run!
Agnimon: Take this!
Agumon: Uwaa!
Taichi: S-Stop!
Agnimon: A... human?!
Taichi: I don't know your deal but... Are you sure you got the right guys?
Agnimon: .....
Hackmon: Taichi, get away from there! I'll be his opponent!
Taichi: It's okay, Hackmon. I can see it in his eyes. He doesn't really want
to fight.
Taichi: He has kind eyes, I think.
Agnimon: .... Looks like I was wrong about you.
Takuya: I'm Takuya Kanbara, thought you were evil.
Agumon: You're a human?!
Taichi: A human who can turn into a Digimon?
Takuya: Yeah, more or less.
Hackmon: Why'd you suddenly attack us?
Takuya: Sorry about that. You looked like the Digimon and human who attacked
Agumon: There's two of me too....?
Taichi: So there's a copy of Agumon running around this dimension too?
Hackmon: When you're here, expect the unexpected.
Taichi: I'm just glad we avoided fighting each other.
Takuya: I'm pretty happy 'bout that too.
Taichi: So are you trapped here and can't escape too? Wanna join us?
Takuya: You too? ... Alright, sure!

Taichi: Hey, about what you said before... what kind of guy attacked you?
Takuya: Um... I think the guy with the Agumon was in middle school, maybe.
Taichi: But were you a Digimon when you were attacked?
Takuya: Yeah, I was.
Taichi: A middle-schooler who attacks Digimon...
Hackmon: What kind of guy do you think he is?
Takuya: Well, he had one mean punch.
Takuya: I haven't gotten punched that hard since I got punched by our
Taichi: Wait, you play soccer?!
Takuya: You too?
Taichi: Yeah, I'm in the soccer team.
Takuya: Cool!
Taichi: I'm a striker on the team, and sometimes our keeper punches me too.
Takuya: I hear ya.
Hackmon: What is soccer? Is it a human martial art?
Agumon: No, it's not.

(Evil KaiserGreymon appears)

Takuya: W-What the heck is he?!
Hackmon: Another clone's appeared...
Taichi: We can beat him together!


Takuya: Phew... That's a relief.
Hackmon: We're making good progress through this dungeon.
Agumon: But now we have to say goodbye to Takuya....
Takuya: It was pretty brief, but at least you helped me get some good info.
Taichi: It was nice meeting you, Takuya!
Takuya: Yeah! Talking about soccer with you was pretty fun.
Taichi: Later!
Takuya: See ya! Maybe we'll meet up again!
Takuya: Someone else went ahead too. Do your best, ya hear?!

The Dragon of Light! ShineGreymon! [Z5]
Hackmon: I wonder how long it's been since we came here... I don't know.
Agumon: But I don't feel hungry or anything.
Taichi: Time probably flows differently here.
Taichi: Even then... how much longer do we need to continue in this
Hackmon: That black mist... next time I see it, I'm definitely gonna blast
it to hell.
Taichi: If you wanna fight, it's better to fight him together.
Hackmon: I'm not going to look like a weak opponent!
Taichi: That's not what I meant...
???: Oi, you dudes!
Agumon: Hey, another human!
Agumon (Savers): Boss, lookie here! He's just like me, from head to toe!
Taichi: W-What?! There's 2 Agumons?!
Masaru: You got an Agumon clone? What're you up to?
Agumon (Savers): Boss, maybe these guys are working with that black shadow?!
Hackmon: And the story just took a strange detour.
Masaru: You're gonna regret bringin' us here! If you're a real man, you'd
fight fair and square, fist to fist!
Agumon (Savers): Here I come Mr. Clone!
Agumon: Uwaaa!


Taichi: Wait! Hold the phone!
Masaru: You can't come between 2 men and their match!
Taichi: You're the ones who attacked us without listening! You just THOUGHT
we were the bad guys!
Hackmon: Listen up, we're been trapped here by that black mist too!
Masaru: !!
Agumon (Savers): B-Boss...
Masaru: ... It's true we were brought here by that black mist.
Agumon: So were we!
Masaru: .....
Agumon (Savers): ...
Masaru: Looks like we were wrong huh?
Agumon (Savers): Sorry...
Hackmon: Looks like you're got some humans with some fight in 'em too.
Masaru: Whaaaaa, say that to my face!
Taichi: Anyway, I'm Taichi Yagami. And this is Hackmon.
Masaru: Yo. I'm Masaru Daimon, the best street fighter in Japan!
Hackmon: A street fighter? Taichi, what's that?
Taichi: Um... I think it's someone who works on their fighting 24/7...
Hackmon: What admirable training! I'm Hackmon, nice to meet you!
Agumon: I'm-
Agumon (Savers): An Agumon right? Nice to meet ya!
Taichi: If we want to find the real enemy, we can't stay here anymore. We
can talk while we walk.
Masaru: Sure! I was about to go crazy if someone else didn't show anyway.
Agumon (Savers): Let's go Boss!
Taichi: W-Wait up!
Hackmon: That training sure looks fun.
Agumon: Yes... fun.

Agumon (Savers): Boss, I got a whiff of the enemy over there!
Masaru: Alright, time to take it to him!
Taichi: W-Wait a sec!
Masaru: What's up Taichi?
Taichi: You need to stop being reckless! It might be dangerous up ahead.
Masaru: It's not like me to be sneaky or anything.
Agumon (Savers): Aww... the enemy ran away boss.
Masaru: What?! Damn.
Taichi: You're just too much...
Agumon: Hey, how come he calls you "boss"?
Masaru: Well, Agumon's my follower!
Agumon: "Follower"?
Agumon (Savers): The first time me and the boss met, we had a good ol' fight.
Taichi: You fought a Digimon the first time you met him?!
Masaru: That's right! I liked Agumon's great punch!
Agumon (Savers): The boss's punch was a whammy too!
Masaru: Bwahahahaha!
Agumon: Bwahahahaha!
Taichi: What am I going to do with both of you...

(Evil ShineGreymon Appears)

Masaru: It's the real clone this time!
Agumon (Savers): Yeah! Let's get 'em boss!
Hackmon: Good luck guys! Take him down!
Taichi: C'mon Agumon, we're helping too!
Agumon: Right!


Masaru: Booyah! Did ya see that! That's our power baby! Ehehe, Taichi's not
half bad either!
Taichi: Yep, you're real good.
Agumon: Now we can move on again!
Hackmon: !
Agumon: What's wrong Hackmon?
Hackmon: Someone's watching us.
Agumon: Where?

(Mysterious Digimon appears)

Gankuumon: ....
Taichi: He's...
Agumon: Is he the one who brought us here?!
Masaru: He's just standing there... but he looks intimidating...
Agumon (Savers): Is he an Ultimate level digimon?!
Hackmon: ... There you are, Gankuumon!
Taichi: Gankuumon?!
Hackmon: Rawr!
Taichi: Come back Hackmon!
Gankuumon: ... Amateur.

(Hackmon gets thrown back)

Hackmon: Ofph...
Masaru: Hackmon!
Taichi: Are you okay, Hackmon?!
Hackmon: N-Not yet... I'm not done...
Taichi: How dare you do that to Hackmon!
Agumon: Now you're gonna get it!
Gankuumon: Your roles here have not yet concluded.
Masaru: What'd you say?!
Taichi: Why are you trying to trap us here?!
Gankuumon: I won't explain, for there is only little time left.


Taichi: H-Hold it!
Agumon: And he's gone.
Masaru: Oi Hackmon, hang in there!
Taichi: How is he?
Agumon (Savers): Looking good. His body is strong and it wasn't
life-threatening. He'll be okay!
Taichi: Really? Thank goodness.
Agumon: Hackmon, why'd you try to fight him all by yourself?
Hackmon: ....
Agumon: He's called Gankuumon, right?
Taichi: What's their connection?
Masaru: If you're going to recover, you need to rest.
Masaru: Anyway, that guy... there's more to him than meets the eye.
Agumon (Savers): Yeah, that guy seems pretty strong. I wanna fight him!
Masaru: Taichi, take care of Hackmon.
Taichi: And you?
Masaru: We're chasing after Gankuumon! I'll beat him in one shot and make
him sorry!
Agumon (Savers): Me too! Me too!
Taichi: I see.
Taichi: We're not going to listen to him. And we're definitely not going
back now.
Agumon: That's right Taichi!
Masaru: I guess it's time to say goodbye.
Masaru: Listen up! I lost our match, but don't let that get to you, I'm
ending that losing streak right quick!
Taichi: Yeah! We won't lose either.

Shout it Out! OmegaShoutmon! [Z6]
Taichi: Well? Can you pick up Gankuumon's aura?
Agumon: I can't sense anything here.
Taichi: I see... Hackmon, how's your injury?
Hackmon: ....
Agumon: Looks like we'll need to go a little more.


Taichi: Oh no!
Agumon: Watch out!
Taichi: Can Hackmon run with that injury?
Agumon: What'll we do?


Shoutmon: Toryaaaa!

(Begins to delete the Chrysalimon)

Taiki: Hey, you okay?
Taichi: Who're you?
Taiki: I'm Taiki Kudou!
Shoutmon: And I'm the great and powerful Shoutmon! The Digimon King!
Agumon: Digimon king?!
Taiki: For right now, let's get out of here. I'm counting on you, Shoutmon!
Shoutmon: This way!
Taiki: Now's our chance!
Taichi: Y-Yeah!

Taiki: Well, whatever that was...
Taiki: We were trapped in this dimension by Gankuumon.
Agumon: We think Hackmon knows the truth about Gankuumon but...
Hackmon: ....
Taichi: He must have something in mind... but what?
Taiki: Since we were trapped here, we tried to gather some info but...
Taiki: Thanks to you guys, we have a pretty good grip on the situation.
Taichi: No problem.
Taiki: Let's work together and find a way out of this place.
Taichi: Sure! Nice to have you.
Shoutmon: Team Xros Heart, formed and ready!
Agumon: Xros... Heart...?
Taiki: Yup. That's our name. You need to have a team name afterall.
Shoutmon: And Taiki is my General. He commands our allies in battle!
Agumon: Really?
Taichi: Everyone likes Digimon I guess.
Shoutmon: We need to find that guy or we'll never leave.
Taiki: Yeah. I think we'll go mad if we stay here.

(Evil OmegaShoutmon appears)

Shoutmon: This time the enemy is... me?!
Daiki: Don't be careless, Shoutmon!
Shoutmon: R-Right!
Taichi: Let's go Agumon!
Agumon: Here we go, Taichi!


Shoutmon: See that?! That was the true power of the Digimon King!
Taiki: We did it!
Taichi: Agumon did his best too!
Agumon: Yep!
Taichi: Well, I guess this is where we say goodbye. Thanks for all your help!
Taiki: Same here!
Shoutmon: Hackmon hasn't said a single thing this entire time.
Agumon: It's alright. He'll be fine. Never give up!
Shoutmon: Yeah, that's the spirit!
Taichi: Well then...
Taiki: Ah that's right... we came here with a friend of ours.
Shoutmon: Where'd he run off to?
Taiki: If you see him, can you help him too?
Taichi: You got it! Thanks for the tip!

The Feral Dragon! Arrestdramon! [Z7]
(Taichi and co walk in, see a battle)

Taichi: That's... Gankuumon!
Agumon: Who's he with?
Tagiru: Awesome! It's a fight with the best heavyweights around! Go get 'em,
Arrestdramon: RAAWR!
Gankuumon: ... Nuisance.

(Attacks back)

Arrestdramon: Graah!
Tagiru: Arrestdramon!
Taichi: Found you, Gankuumon!
Gankuumon: ...


Agumon: Aww... gone again.
Taichi: We have to go after him!
Tagiru: Dangit. He ran away!
Arrestdramon: Sorry, Tagiru.
Tagiru: It's fine, it's fine. We'll just look for him again.
Taichi: Hey, are you Taiki's friend?
Tagiru: Taiki... Ah... AH!
Agumon: Whoa!
Tagiru: Oh man... I forgot all about Taiki!
Tagiru: Arrestdramon, let's head back.
Arrestdramon: Tagiru... what about them?
Tagiru: Oh shoot, I forgot. You guys wanna come with?
Taichi: Uh, sure!

Tagiru: I'm Tagiru Akashi, and this is Arrestdramon.
Arrestdramon: A pleasure to meet you, Taichi and Agumon.
Taichi: Same here!
Agumon: Nice to meet ya!
Tagiru: I'm Taiki's junior as a Digimon Hunter!
Taichi: Wha-?
Agumon: A Digimon... Hunter?!
Tagiru: Oh it's fine, it's fine! We don't hunt other people's Digimon.
Agumon: T-That's good.

(Evil Arrestdramon appears)

Arrestdramon: That's my clone!
Tagiru: It really is! Just like you said!
Taichi: Let's do this, guys!


Arrestdramon: We did it Tagiru!
Tagiru: That's what I'm talking 'bout, Arrestdramon!
Taichi: We beat him, Agumon!
Agumon: Yeah, but that was tough...
Tagiru: Now Taichi can go home!
Arrestdramon: !!
Agumon: !!


Gankuumon: Your efforts are in vain, Chosen Children.
Taichi: !! Gankuumon!
Agumon: You hurt Hackmon, our friend!
Tagiru: This time we're gonna catch you!
Arrestdramon: Prepare yourself!
Gankuumon: ....
Hackmon: Ugh.... uh...
Taichi: Hackmon!
Hackmon: Taichi... Agumon...
Gankuumon: You've finally recovered? Have you trained properly?
Hackmon: Did you fall for my powerful punch(line)?
Gankuumon: ... Hahahahaha!
Hackmon: Muhahahaha!
Agumon: What's going on here? You're talking like you're friends!
Hackmon: Well... Gankuumon is my guardian and just wanted to test me.
Taichi: Wait what?
Agumon: Then when you fought him...
Hackmon: Old instinct of mine. And I'm a man of instinct.
Hackmon: I attack whenever I see something coming. It's who I am.
Gankuumon: That is correct.
Taichi: But if you fight each other whenever you meet, what else do you do?
Tagiru: Hey hey, you're not an ordinary guy, are you?
Hackmon: Gankuumon is one of the Royal Knights who protect the digital world.
Taichi: Royal Knights?
Hackmon: That's right! And someday I'll be strong enough to be like him,
just watch!
Taichi: ... So then, why were we brought here?
Gankuumon: In order to correct all distortions in the digital world:
Gankuumon: I had to collect those with the mightiest of powers before
invaders came to this dimension and made it collapse.
Gankuumon: And you need to keep moving onward, to defeat the enemies, as I
could not.
Agumon: What is this distortion?
Gankuumon: This dimension is a distortion in the digital world. A gathering
of fragmented data.
Gankuumon: This gives rise to evil Digimon "clones". With no purpose, they
began to proliferate.
Gankuumon: And so, this place is now filled with the clones of Digimon.
Gankuumon: The impostors began to fight over and over again with their
doubles and their power increased.
Gankuumon: It would eventually overflow from this dimension into the digital
world, blanketing it.
Hackmon: N-No way...
Taichi: If that's true, then it could also have a negative effect on our
world too!
Gankuumon: As it stands, there is only a few moments before this dimension
Gankuumon: Go forth and open the door to the core that controls this
dimension, chosen children.
Gankuumon: I will remain here and try to stall the collapse.
Gankuumon: Hackmon, come!
Hackmon: Gankuumon...
Gankuumon: You still have much to learn, but I will say this: you have
unique potential.
Hackmon: Y-You really think so?
Gankuumon: Lead the chosen children to this dimension's control core and
take down the mastermind behind this.
Hackmon: Yessir! Leave it to me!
Agumon: Taichi!
Taichi: Yeah, there's no time to hesitate!
Tagiru: We're going too!
Arrestdramon: Whatever it is, we'll use teamwork!
Hackmon: Let's go guys!
Tagiru: I'll show you the fruits of my Hunter training! This is going to be
my best hunt!
Gankuumon: Whatever your reasons may be, save the digital world! Now go!
Agumon: Taichi, I'm sure everything will turn out fine!
Taichi: Of course! We'll do it, definitely!

The Big Gathering! The Final Battle! [Z8]
Hackmon: There! The dimensional core is at the end of this area!
Agumon: Taichi, look!

(Screen shifts to all the goggle boys, and Masaru)

Taichi: Daisuke! Takato!
Hackmon: Takuya and Masaru too!
Agumon: Taiki, as well as Tagiru!
Taichi: Everyone's all together!
Daisuke: While you were talking with Gankuumon, we came here because we
figured this is where it ends.
Takato: We all just came together on our own!
Takuya: Well, we met each other various ways, but it's time to sink or swim.
Masaru: Yeah, sorry about that Takuya.
Daiki: Overcoming this obstacle is what's important here.
Tagiru: Let's do it guys!


Taichi: We can't get through!
Masaru: Should we all go at once?
Daiki: No, we can't wear ourselves out here.
Takato: Well how about we break up into 2's?
Taichi: Even if we split into teams, we'd never get to them in time.
Daisuke: Go on ahead Taichi!
Taichi: Daisuke...
Takuya: You're the real leader here Taichi!
Taichi: Takuya....
Agumon: Let's go Taichi!
Taichi: Let's protect the Digital World and our worlds with our own hands!
Everyone: Right!

(And scenery change)

Taichi: This is the control core?
Hackmon: It's coming!

(Evil WarGreymon appears)

Taichi: WarGreymon this time?!
Agumon: He's the very last one!
Hackmon: Guys, he's the final enemy! The core will stop if we beat him!
Taichi: Right! Let's go guys!


Hackmon: You did it!
Hackmon: Er, there's no time left! I'll stop the control core myself!
Taichi: Hackmon!


Hackmon: N-No way! It shouldn't have any power left!
Taichi: Hackmon!
Hackmon: Taichi! Everyone!
Taichi: Hackmon!
Hackmon: Tell Gankuumon this: I fulfilled my duty.
Hackmon: UWAAAAAH!


(And flash to a more stable digital dungeon)

Taichi: It's okay Hackmon.
Hackmon: Taichi? What about the control core?
Agumon: It's okay. There won't be anymore clones.
Hackmon: Thank goodness.
Gankuumon: You performed splendidly, chosen children. As did you, Hackmon.
Hackmon: Y-Yes sir!
Daisuke: Now the digital world is safe right?
Takato: I think we all wanna go home now.
Takuya: No way, this is a big chance.
Masaru: I wanted to rampage a little more too...
Daiki: You're all friends I care about.
Tagiru: Aww... this means school again.
Gankuumon: As thanks for your splendid deeds, I shall give you a reward.
Everyone: Really?!
Gankuumon: A battle with a Royal Knight!
Everyone: WHAT?!


Taichi: W-We actually did it!
Gankuumon: Splendid! The power between Digimon and humans is strong indeed.
Hackmon: It looks like we need some special training, huh?
Gankuumon: Indeed.
Taichi: So... does this mean we can go home now?
Gankuumon: Of course, except...
Agumon: What, there's more?
Gankuumon: In a moment, all the data in this dimension shall disappate.
Gankuumon: If you return, your memories of this dimension will be lost as
you cross through space-time.
Gankuumon: For those memories may eventually disturb the order of the digital
Hackmon: It's a shame we had to meet under these circumstances.
Daisuke: Ah well, can't be helped.
Takato: It's okay. I met Taichi after all.
Takuya: Too bad Taichi. Now we can't play soccer...
Masaru: Some lost memories won't get in the way between 2 men and their
Taiki: I'm sure we'll meet again.
Tagiru: This isn't really "goodbye" after all.
Taichi: Yeah! We'll see each other again someday!
Everyone: That's a promise!

GLOSSARY - Sub to Dub [SGA]
Digimon Terminology:
Baby I - Baby
Baby II - In-Training
Child - Rookie
Adult - Champion
Perfect - Ultimate
Ultimate - Mega
Evolution - Digivolution

Names (Humans):
Taichi - Tai
Yamato - Matt
Koushiro - Izzy
Jou - Joe
Takeru - TK
Hikari - Kari

Names (Digimon):
Pyoccomon - Yokomon
Piyomon - Biyomon
Yukidarumon - Fridgimon
Cockatrimon - Kokatorimon
Piccolomon - Pixiemon
Nanomon - Datamon
PicoDevimon - DemiDevimon
TonosamaGeckomon - ShogunGeckomon
Vamdemon - Myotsimon
Tailmon - Gatomon
Mammon - Mammothmon
DeathMeramon - SkullMeramon
VenoVamdemon - VenoMyostismon
Pinocchimon - Puppetmon
Mugendramon - Machinedramon
Piemon - Piedmon
Anomalocarimon - Scorpiomon
Jureimon - Cherrymon
Evilmon - Vilemon
HolyAngemon - MagnaAngemon
Diablomon - Diaboromon
Omegamon - Omnimon
Dukemon - Gallantmon
KaiserGreymon - EmperorGreymon