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Asked: 1 year ago

Question about the Desert Level?

While in the desert area there was a part in sector 2 that you couldn't go through because there were barriers that in order to open you had to go to the OTHER side...Now how do I get past them if the road is totally blocked?

Additional details - 1 year ago

Also in the Metro Station there are this burrowing guardians that I need to beat....can anyone tell me how do I do that?

Accepted Answer

From: Kuroiki 1 year ago

I've read your post, I'll also post it here.

Simply wait for them to get out (waiting next to them) or cause a battle to occur and wait them to infiltrate.

Regarding to those two dragons that are blocking simply head to Area 3 Checkpoint
go forward one area and check around, there should be a ladder that will allow you to go down.

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Could you specify what Chapter you're in? Its a bit confusing. With only Desert and Metro keyword.

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