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My psp wont read the game disc what do i do?

Hi, my PSP is broken it works and truns on but it cant read the games for movies i put into it! whats going on? Do i need to buy a new one or can it be fixed? please help!

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Hazard99 answered:

You can replace the UMD drive yourself. However, doing this will void your warranty.

There are several videos on youtube on how to do this, as well as some guides that can be found by Google search. If you feel up to it, it'll be cheaper than buying a new PSP. This is the only option that I know of that will fix your problem.

Good luck :)
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XaerodyneX answered:

if its stuck loading then it could be as simple as dirt or the drive not catching. but if its not doing anything at all when a UMD is placed in then either you received faulty parts from Sony (warranty) or you dropped it/ had some sort of physical trauma with it that broke the motor
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