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Why can't my PSP read the save file, it's different PLEASE Help!??

Well i've download the Final Fantasy Save file, and i save it in the right place SAVEDATA which every other game's saves is available here, so after that I disconnect the USB and go looking up for the save file in Save Data in my PSP, OH gosh it's fine, it's not corrupted or whatever, I almost can say even it's in the perfect condition, so I start the game (FF Dissidia) and going to load the save which i've download, suddenly OH CRUD!! it's corrupted, so i ask myself

itwizz asked for clarification:

Your question is incomplete, please finish it and provide any error messages.


awesomesauce13 answered:

So I ask myself... what do you ask yourself?
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codatwar answered:

Maybe your save game file been corrupted or if it is on a memory card if it got around a magnet it fries the memory card or you just have to much on it?
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codatwar answered:

Oh your game is corrupted not your psp take to wherever you got the game and get a new if it dosen't work on the new game your psp can't read your game when you put on there?
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