Question from mace_redhorn

Why doesn't my PSP work without the power cord?

one time after playing with my PSP, I accidentally dropped it. ever since then it has not been able to run on battery power.


Blaketoberfest answered:

Perhaps you damaged the battery as the result of dropping your PSP. Try buying a new battery.
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justme8800 answered:

Yeah, it could be anything as simple as the battery being knocked loose (open the back and reinsert the battery) to something as nasty as an internal connection. Check and make sure that all 3 pin contacts are intact. If it's not the battery (i.e. if trying a different battery doesn't work), then it's something in the system itself, and you'll need to have it repaired. You can send it to Sony for repair (which costs just under a hundred bucks), or you can try opening up the PSP and repairing it yourself, which will void the warranty.
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