Question from TSArandom

Asked: 6 years ago

Why won't my computer won't recognize my PSP?

I put in the usb cord and go into usb mode and the computer never shows the memory stick

Additional details - 6 years ago

It worked before, and everything is plugged in. It just stopped all of a sudden.

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Possibly, your computer isn't compatible with it, also maybe you should check your cables and make sure they are plugged in tight. is your mem card plugged in?

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If your computer isn't realizing the PSP is plugged in, you should get software for the PSP. The software in question is PSP Max Media Manager. You can find it in Gamestop. That might solve your problem.

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If you go to the playstation network website you can download media manager for free.

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If still a problem ......Try changing the cable you are using I had a bad cable wouldn't work but I changed it and it worked then.

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Try restarting the computer while plugged in with the USB mode on, occasionally some computers need to have access to the PSP during startup to recognize the system.

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